Son of Michael Gold

The second son of Michael Gold was born in 1788 and Union County, S.C. Michael and his family went with the tide of western migration to Kentucky. It is not clear how long they remained there. Records shows that the Michael Gold family was still in S.C., in 1801. Lincoln County, TN. was organized in 1809, it appears that they arrived in Lincoln County in about 1810, and settled west of Petersburg on Fishing Ford Road. The first mention we have of Johnathan Gold in that county was on November 27, 1812. He appeared before the County Court of that county and signed and affidavit, stating to the satisfaction of the court, that William Proctor did kill two wolves over four months of age in the county of Lincoln. It was ordered by the court to pay said Proctor six dollars for the same. Issued November 28, 1812.

Johnathan Gold fought in the War of 1812 against the Creek Indians, under the command of General Andrew Jackson. He was honorably discharged May 10, 1814. He returned home and married Sarah Ryalls, who was a sister to Hettie Ryalls who married Zachariah Gold.

To Johnathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold were born three boys and eleven girls. In the census of 1830, it shows; under 5 years of age is listed 2 males, 1 male over 10 years of age, 1 female under 5 years, from 5 to 10 years old were 3 females. This accounts for all the children who were born up to the date the census was taken in 1830. During the 1830’s they lost one of the sons. He was not shown on the census of 1840.

Their children were; Esther (Hester or Hettie) born 1817, Thomas Gold, born August 12, 1819, Winnie Gold born February 20, 1825, Rachael Minerva Gold born January 31, 1826, William C. Gold born April 21, 1827, Infant son born in 1828 or 1829 and died during the 1830’s, Louisa Gold born 1830, Sarah Jane born 1832, Mary M. Gold born 1833, Nancy Elizabeth born 1834, Martha Dilla Ann Gold born 1836, Sophia Almedia born April 28, 1838, Margaret L. Gold born 1840, and Amanda Emaline Gold born in 1842.

Esther (Hester or Hettie) Gold married Joseph Wright in 1840 in Lincoln County, TN. Rachael Minerva Gold was listed in the 1850 census in the household of Timothy and Winnie (Gold) Cavner. Winnie was married to Timothy Cavener in 1844. Thomas Gold married Mary Jane (Cavner) in 1846. The rest of the children are accounted for in the census of 1850.

William Riley Gold was born February 24, 1850. He was 2 years of age when the Wagon Train went to Missouri. Uncle Tommies Application for Pension states that he was a resident from of Christian County from 1852 to 1866 at which time he moved to Stone County, Missouri.

The record shows that Johnathan Gold settled in Greene Valley, Porter Township near Boaz in Christian County, MO. That he was 69 years old and a farmer in 1860, His total real estate valuation was $352, and his personal assessed valuation to be $593. This personal property valuation may include the valuation of Johnathan, Thomas, William C. and Louisa (Gold) Creasy. It appears that they all lived on the land. Sophia Almedia and Amanda Emaline were still at home in 1860.

Sometime after the 1860 census was taken and before Uncle Tommie and Wm. C. Gold moved to Stone County in 1866. Both Johnathan and his wife Sarah (Ryalls) Gold had died and both buried east of the James River Bridge on Highway 14, in the old Gibson Cemetery.

In January of 1866 Uncle Tommie sold his 40 acres in Greene Valley to Henry Maples for $75, and moved to Stone County. Wm. C. (Uncle Billie) Gold came to Stone County at about the same time.

Sophia Almedia married Ervin Perkins, we have no record of what happened to him. On February 15, 1865 Amanda Emaline married Francis Marion Smart and moved to west of Clever in Polk Township of Christian County, MO. Sophia Almedia went to stay with her sister, Amanda Emaline who had married Francis Marion Smart, where she met and married his brother, Lafayette “Fate” Smart, June 23, 1867.

Rachael Minerva Gold and her husband Wm. Patrick Cavener (son of Patrick) Cavener were married in October of 1853 in Tennessee, and came to Boaz, Mo. and settled down before their oldest child was born in April of 1855. They left Christian County and went to McDonald County and settled near Tiff City which is on the Oklahoma and Missouri State Line. (See Wm. Patrick Cavener, son of Patrick and Keziah Cavener).

Family records tell us that while traveling by buggy or wagon from Polk Township, west of Clever to Ozark (County Seat), Martha Dilla Ann (Gold) Garrison would always point out to her children where her father and mother (Johnathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold) were buried, Later her daughter Mary Elizabeth (Garrison) Arndt told her son Claude the same story, and Claude Arndt told me where they Johnathan and Sarah Ryalls Gold are buried. This old abandoned burying ground is east of the James River Bridge, between Clever and Nixa on Highway 14. It is back of the farmhouse that sets on the curve of the road about 200-ft. back in the field. At one time this old cemetery was called the Gibson Cemetery, according to records found in the Library at Ozark. They both died before their two sons, Thomas and Wm. C. Gold came to Stone County, Mo. in 1866.

Memorial for Jonathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold
By Ray Gold

At the Gold Reunion held August 8, 1993 in Crane, Mo. It was voted on, and decided to have Mr. Denzil Garrison to order a Military Marker for Johnathan Gold, who was a Veteran of the War of 1812, and the father of 2 sons and 11 daughters, who all came to Christian County, Missouri, except 2 of the daughters, who married and stayed in Tennessee. It was stated that Johnathan and his wife had died in the early to middle 1860’s in Green Valley near Boaz, Missouri, and both were buried in the old Gibson Cemetery. At Delaware Town, Missouri. Our ancestors have handed down the record that this is where they were both buried. The Old Gibson Cemetery was abandoned many years ago. Many of the head stones were moved to the Delaware Cemetery, Which is about one mile west of the old Gibson Cemetery. We have found no trace of a marker for the graves of Johnathan and his wife Sarah (Ryalls) Gold. Therefore it was voted on and decided to put a Memorial Marker in the White Cemetery, where many of their descendants are buried.

On November 8, 1993, Denzil Garrison who is a great-great-grandson of Martha Dilla Ann (Gold) Garrison wrote a letter to Ray Gold, which reads as follows; At long last I have prepared the application for Johnathan Gold’s Military Marker. Please find enclosed. Please sign your name and date in the place provided. Then mail the form in the enclosed stamped envelope, as the marker would be shipped to me, and be placed in the White Cemetery, in Stone County, MO.

On November 13, 1993 the order was mailed to the office of Memorial Programs (403A). Dept. of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. 20420.

On January 17, 1994 the Order was given to the Yellow Freight Systems, Inc., for delivery to Billings, Mo. The Freight line called Ray Gold, and he met them at Billings on the 27th of January 1994 and took delivery of the marker. There was no freight due on the order.

On January 28, 1994, Ray and Kenneth Gold took the marker to the Nixa Monument Company for additional lettering. The person in charge there told us that there was enough room for Johnathan and his wife and all of their children.

On the front side of the stone it reads; Johnathan Gold, 1788-1866, War of 1812, West Tennessee Militia. In Memory of Sarah (Ryalls) his wife, 1801-1865.

Louisa C., Sarah Jane, Nancy Elizabeth, Mary M., Martha Dilla Ann, Sophia Almedia, Margaret L., and Amanda Emaline Gold.

The additional lettering and actual setting of the marker in White Cemetery was done for $75.00. It was paid for from a special fund that was for that purpose. This memorial for Johnathan Gold and his family was put in White Cemetery, next to the marker of their son Thomas Gold, whose stone is also a Military marker. This Marker was put there on March 24, 1994.


That Johnathan Gold of the County of Lincoln and the State of Tennessee. Have and do truly confide, and appoint Joseph Greer of the County and State aforesaid. Any action for me and on my name, and I ask to with demand and receive of Joseph Coleman as paymaster of the District or whoever may be authorized to pay the same. All such sums an credits are due and given to me from the United States for my services performed as a private under Captain Chitwood, Company of Militia, under the Command of General Andrew Jackson, agreeable to the foresaid discharge from the Lieutenant and Col. Robert Steele and on receiving the same to respect for it as fully as I could as myself were I personally questioned, In Witness whereof; I have hereunto set my hand an seal this 23rd day of November 1815.
State of Tennessee
County of Lincoln

His  X Mark

Johnathan Gold personally appeared before me, John H. Moore, Acting in and for the County of Lincoln and acknowledged the Execution of the above Power of Attorney to Joseph Greer, to do his act of deed for the purpose herein mentioned. Given unto my hand and seal, this 28th day of November 1815.

John H. Moore

This is to certify that Johnathan Gold, a Private in my Company of the Tennessee Militia, has served on an expedition against the Creek Indians under the Command of Major General Andrew Jackson, three months and twenty days and is hereby Honorably Discharged. Fayetteville, May 10th 1814--Wm. Collins 4th Regt. Tn. Militia.

Robert Steels C.C. OF 4TH. REGT.

i.     ESTHER3 GOLD, b. 1817, Lincoln County, TN..
ii.     THOMAS GOLD, b. August 12, 1819, Lincoln Co. TN.; d. August 14,
1894, Billings, Christian Co. MO.
iii.    WINNIE GOLD, b. February 20, (abt) 1825, Lincoln County, Tennessee;
d. September 03, 1912, Stone County, MO.
iv.    RACHAEL MINERVA GOLD, b. 1826, Lincoln County, TN.; d. August
25, 1899, Tiff City, McDonald County, Mo. Cummings, Cem..
v.    WILLIAM C. GOLD, b. April 21, 1827, Lincoln, Co. TN.
vi.    INFANT SON GOLD, b. Abt. 1828.
vii.    LOUISA C. GOLD, b. 1830, Lincoln County, Tennessee.
viii.    SARAH JANE GOLD, b. 1832, Lincoln County, Tennessee; d. Texas.
ix.     NANCY ELIZABETH GOLD, b. 1833, Lincoln Co. TN.;
m. JAMES C. ROBERTSON, October 05, 1855, Greene Co. MO.


Esther Gold, the oldest child of Johnathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold was born in about 1817 at Gold Hill in Lincoln County, TN.She is accounted for in the census of 1830 with the Johnathan Gold family. She married Joseph Wright, who was the son of Solomon Wright, He was born in about 1817. In the marriage records of Lincoln County we find listed there; Joseph Wright married Esther Goode, October 10, 1840.

In the census of 1850 in District #8 reads: Joseph Wright 32, Esther 32, Solomon Wright, 3, Johnathan Wright 1. In the 1820 census of Lincoln County and also in the 1840 census , listed Solomon Wright with his family. It shows several children and living as close neighbors of the Gold family.

They may have named their first son after Joseph’s father: Solomon Wright, and the next one after her father; Johnathan Gold. It appears that this family may have migrated west, probably into Arkansas or Texas. We have no further information on them.


He was born August 12, 1819 in Lincoln County, TN., at Gold Hill west of Petersburg on the West Fork of Cane Creek. He died August 14, 1894 in Billings, MO. He married Mary Jane Cavener, February 12, 1846 in Marshall County, TN.She was born May 1, 1827 in Lincoln County, TN., the daughter of Patrick Cavener and Keziah (Tucker) Cavener. She died October 30, 1877 in Stone County, MO., and was buried in the White Cemetery near Union City, MO.

Thomas and Mary Jane lived at or near Gold Hill. Three of their children were born in that area. This family was on the Johnathan Gold Wagon Train that left Gold Hill, March 20, 1852 for Boaz, Missouri. They resided next door to Johnathan Gold in Green Valley near Boaz, until 1866 at which time Thomas moved his family to Stone County, Missouri, and settled 2 miles south of School (Union City) MO. Thomas and Mary Jane had their next 6 children born in Christian County , near Boaz. Their two youngest children were born in Stone County, MO. Mary Jane died October 30, 1877. On August 22, 1878 Uncle Tommy married Catherine Wright, who was born February 21, 1832 in Tennessee. She was the daughter of Aaron and Nancy Wright, Uncle Tommy and Catherine lived at his home in Stone County until about 1890, at which time they retired and moved to Billings, MO. In Christian County, MO. where they spent their remaining years. When he joined the service August 18, 1861 he was 43 years of age, 6’1” tall, dark hair, brown eyes, and his complexion was fair. Special Federal Census for Union Veterans and Widows of Veterans of the Civil War. Shows, Thomas Gold, 1st Arkansas inf., Lost left eye, 8th MO. Ca., Crank, MO. Union City was 1st named Crank, The post office was at Crank, MO. One mile south of where the present Union City is located. . Union City was 1st named Crank. The name was changed to School, MO., and still later the name was changed to Union City. In the Christian County Court House we find; General Warrantee Deed, From Thomas Gold. Lots #31, 32, and 33 in the Purdy Addition in the city of Billings, MO. This conveyance is made to Catherine Gold, for her use during her life time, and at her death then said property to become a part of my estate for the benefit of my heirs.

His X Mark, Thomas Gold.

The three oldest children of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold; Margaret Jane Gold, born June 25, 1847, James Thomas Gold, born April 22, 1848, and William Riley Gold, born February 24, 1850. All three were born in Tennessee. Frances Gold, born May 22, 1863, Martha Ann and Mary Jane Gold (twins) were born January 29, 1855. Silas Gold, born October 9, 1857, Lorenza Dow Gold, born February 14, 1861, Allen Gold, born September 26, 1865, all born in Christian County, MO.
Joseph Gold, born December 26, 1867, and Missouri Elizabeth Gold, born July 13, 1872, both born in Stone County, MO.

The second wife of Thomas Gold was buried at the Wright Chapel Cemetery, about 4 miles east of Hurley, in Stone County, Missouri.

Will of Thomas Gold

I; Thomas Gold, of Stone County, State of Missouri, being of lawful age and of sound mind and knowing that all mankind must die, and in view of approaching death, do make and publish this Last Will and Testament. 1st; I Will and bequeath that my just debts be paid. 2nd. I Will and bequeath to my wife, Catherine Gold, one wagon and first choice of team of horses or mares and two choice milk cows and their calves, and two choice sows and their pigs, and all my farming implements. 4th. I Will and bequeath to my wife Catherine Gold for one years provisions from the date of my death, and all of my household and kitchen furniture. 5th. I Will and bequeath at the death of my wife Catherine Gold all of my real and personal estate to be sold and equally divided between Margaret Pruitt or her legal heirs. James Thomas Gold or his legal heirs. William Gold or his legal heirs. Mary Layman or her legal heirs. Martha Manley or her legal heirs. Silas Gold or his legal heirs. Frances McKinley or her legal heirs. Joseph Gold or his legal heirs. Missouri Elizabeth Gold or her legal heirs. 6th. I Will and bequeath that the last two heirs receive each fifty dollars more to their part than the other named heirs. 7th. And I do appoint my wife Catherine Gold and William Gold my executors of my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name. This November 1, 1887.

His X  Mark
Thomas Gold

R.S. Holderby
W.L. Sexton
C. Barber

The foregoing instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Thomas Gold, deceased, was filed in my office and duly submitted to probate on the 15th day of August 1894 and is recorded in Will Book “B” at page 108 Probate records of Christian County, Missouri. Witness my hand and the seal of Said County hereto affixed at my office in Ozark, Missouri, this August 18th, 1894.

John P. Collier
State of Missouri, County of Christian

In the Probate Court of Christian County, Missouri. Be it remembered that on this 15th day of August in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-Four. Before me, John P. Collier, Judge of the Probate Court held in and for Christian County and State of Missouri. Personallly appeared R.S. Holderby and C. Barber who being duly sworn upon their oath depose and say that they were present and saw Thomas Gold sign the foregoing instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of him the said Thomas Gold, and heard him publish and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament, was of sound and disposing mind and that these deponents and W.L. Sexton the attesting witness subscribed their names hereto as witnesses to the same in the presence of the testator and of each other and at the request of the said Thomas Gold, Sworn to and subscribed before me, John P. Collier, Judge of the Probate Court of Christian County, Missouri, the day and year first aforesaid.

John P. Collier, Judge
Copy of Land Patent

To all to whom these presents shall come greeting

Graduation F & C       Certificate No. 23618

Whereas, Thomas Gole of Greene County, Missouri has deposited in the office of the United States a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Springfield, whereby appears that full payment has been made by the said Thomas Gole according to the provisions of the Act of Congress the 24th of April 1820 entitled an act making further provisions for the sale of public lands for; The North East Quarter of the South East Quarter of Section Twenty Three in Township Twenty Seven of Range Twenty Three in the district of lands subject to sale at Springfield, Missouri. Containing forty acres according to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General which said tract has been purchased by the said Thomas Gole.

Now, know ye that the United States of America in consideration of the premises and in conformity with the several act of Congress, in such cases made and provided, I have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant to the said Thomas Gold, and his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony whereof I, James Buchanan, President of the United States of America have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to by hereunto affixed. Given under my hand at the City of Washington the first day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, and the year of Independence of the United States the eighty-third.

By the President, James Buchanan
J.N. Granger, Recorder of the
General Land Office
Department of the Interior
General Land Office
Washington D.C.

I, Wm. Sparks, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Do, hereby Certify and annexed Copy in favor Thomas Gold founded in Springfield, Missouri. Cash entry. MO23628 is a true and literal Exemplification from the record in this office. In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and caused the seal of the office to be attested at the city of Washington DC on the day and year above mentioned.

Wm. A.J. Sparks
Commissioner of the General Land Office
Filed for record January 11th. 1899, at 4 o’clock
Frank Edwards, Recorder

County of Stone

June 1, 1880—My place of residence has been in Christian and Stone Counties, and State of Missouri, during and since the Rebellion of 1861. My Post office address is and has been Billings, Christian County, Missouri since 1872. Prior to that time my Post office was in Greene County on Wilson Creek, P.M. John Ray. Post office now abolished, name not recollected.

My occupation was that of a farmer, preceding and since the War of the Rebellion. I have never had any other occupation. I was a resident of Christian County since 1852 up to the year of 1866 when I removed to Stone County, where I now reside.

I was first afflicted with hemorrhoids in 1863. I believe said disease was caused by hard riding as I never was afflicted with said disease prior to that time. Said disease has continued unabated ever since 1863, and have been treated exclusively by Dr. R.S. Holderby, who now resides at Delaware Town, Post Office in Christian County, Missouri. I have not had or suffered from any acute disease since 1863. Have performed some manual labor but always accompanied with greater or less suffering. I believe I have done about one half the labor of an ordinary healthy man. My labor has been that of an ordinary farmer, avoiding strains and heavy lifting as much as possible.

The changes of said disease from better to worse and visa versa has been so often that it is impossible for me to recollect dates so as to state them clearly, but have been often compelled to refrain from labor for many days together on account of said disease.

His Mark
Thomas X Gold
George C. Reed
R.C. Viles
Clerk of the County Court

Washington DC, February 28, 1877


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your office of application for pension No. 227,816 and to return it herewith, with such information as is furnished by the file in this office.

It appears form the Roll on file in this office that Thomas Gold was enrolled on the 14th day of August, 1862 at Springfield, in Co. “G”, 8th Regiment of the Mo. Cav., Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war, and mustered into service as a Private on the 15th day of September, 1862 at Springfield, in Co. “G” 8th. Regiment for the months of Muster in to April 30, 1863, absent, sick at Clarendon, Ark. , August 17, 1863, September and October 1863, present, November and December 1863, reported absent sick on “Rolls to June 30, 1864, July and August 1864, Discharged July 28, 1864.

Certificate of Discharge reports him discharged at Brownsville, Arkansas, July 28, 1864.Your Obedient Servant. C.W. Benjamin—Assistant, Adjutant General, Washington DC


In the matter of Pension claim of Catherine Gold, Widow of Thomas Gold, Co. “G” 8th. Regiment, MO. Calvary, Volunteers. On this 1st day of September 1894, personally appeared before me, in and for aforesaid count, duly authorized to administer oaths, W.W White age 49 years, a resident of School in Stone County, Missouri. And D.C. Morgan, age 33 years, a resident of School in the county of Stone and state of Missouri. Whose address is School, MO. Well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who being duly sworn, declares each himself, in relation to aforesaid case, as follows; They have personally known Catherine Gold, the Claimant for thirty years and four years respectively. And her property and affects consists of the following; One cow valued at $12, six head of hogs valued at $12. Household and kitchen furniture valued at $40., and has a dower interest in 120 acres of land in Stone County, Missouri; being the S, ½ of the SW, ¼ &W ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 16, Township 26, Range 23. Worth each year to her about $20., after paying taxes and repairs. And has a house in Billings to live in during her life time only, when it goes to the heirs of her husband. Which is of no value to her only to live in. She has no income from any other source for her support and has no one legally bound for her support, and she is dependent on her labor for support. This is our oral statement, made to John Walker, at Billings, MO., September 1, 1894, and reduced to writing by him in our presence, and we was not aided or prompted in any way. We further declare that we have no interest in said case, and are not concerned in its prosecution.

WW White
DC Morgan


In the matter of claim of Catherine Gold, widow of Thomas Gold. Co. “G”. 8th Regiment, MO., Cavalry, Vol.

On this 15th day of September 1894, personally appeared before me, A Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths; J.F. Coffer aged 34 years, a resident of Billings, MO, in the County of Christian and State of Missouri, well known to me to be reputable and entitled to aforesaid case as follows; Also Wm C. Gold, aged 67 years a resident of Billings, Christian County MO. Well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit.

They both declare that they were both personally acquainted with Thomas Gold during the time he lived with his first wife. And that they remember well of her death, and that they were both present at her funereal. They cannot give the date of her death, but it was about two years before the last marriage of said Thomas Gold to Catherine Wright.

The above is an oral statement made from our personal knowledge to John Walker at Billings, MO., September 15, 1894, and reduced to writing by him in our presence and read over to us, and we were not aided or prompted in any way. the Post Office address is Billings, Christian County, MO. They further declare that they have no interest in said case and are not concerned in its prosecution. Signed--- J.F. Coffer Wm.    C. Gold


In the Pension Claim, No, 600,460, of Catherine Gold, Widow of Thomas Gold, late of Co., “G” 8th Regiment, MO. Cav. Vol.

On this 6th day of October 1894, personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace, in and for the aforesaid County, Duly authorized to administer oaths. Susannah McHenry aged 76 years, a resident of Billings, in the county of Christian and State of Missouri. Whose post office address is Billings, in the County of Christian and State of Missouri. And D.W. Hammond, whose address is Billings, MO. Well known to me to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being duly sworn, declare the relation of the aforesaid case as follows; That they have been personally acquainted with Catherine Gold, and that they know of personal knowledge that the claimant. Catherine Gold has not re-married since the death of her late husband Thomas Gold. We live near neighbors to Claimant and if she had re-married we would have known the fact. This is our statement made to John Walker at Billings, MO., on October 6, 1894, and reduced to writing by him in our presence, and read over to us. We were not aided or prompted by any recital or statement from any person or persons.

Susannah McHenry
D.W. Hammond Signed---John Walker


In the Pension Claim, NO, 600,460, of Catherine Gold, widow of Thomas Gold, late of “G”, 8th Regiment, MO., Vol.

On this 6th day of October 1894, personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace, in and for the aforesaid county, Duly authorized to administer oath of Susannah McHenry, aged 76, a resident of Billings, in the County of Christian and State of Missouri, whose post office address is Billings, MO., and J.C. McGuire aged 64 years, a resident of Otto, in the County of Stone and State of Missouri, whose post office Otto, Stone County, MO., Well known to me to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who being duly sworn, declare in relation to the aforesaid case as follows; That we have been well and personally acquainted with Catherine Gold for 22 years, and 20 years respectively, and we know of our own knowledge that the claimant; Catherine Gold and whose maiden name was Catherine Wright, was never married until she married Thomas Gold, who is now deceased. And we further know that they; Thomas Gold and Catherine, his wife lived together continually as man and wife from the date of their marriage to the date of Thomas Golds death. We know the above facts from personal knowledge and acquaintances with them from the time stated above. The above is our oral statement made to John Walker at Billings, Mo., October 6, 1894, and written by him in our presence. We were not aided or prompted by any written statement or recital by any person or persons.

Susannah McHenry
J.C. Guire Signed----John Walker

9945 Litzsinger Road (Brentwood) St Louis, Missouri 63144

Mr. Finis E Gold:
Box 176
Nixa, Missouri 65714

Dear Mr. Gold:

Pardon the delay in answering your letter regarding Lula Shriver. Our records shows that she was born February 15, 1889. She was placed with Mrs. Catherine Gold (widow) of Thomas Gold, deceased of Billings, MO., on September 7, 1900 and adopted by her on December 17, 1900. Lula was returned to the home by Mrs. Gold and the adoption was set aside on June 5, 1901. Our records does not show that Mrs. Gold provided for her from time to time after she was returned to the Home.
We are enclosing a copy of a group picture taken in 1898. These magazines are bound in a brochure which tells of the work we are now doing.

We hope that we have given you the information you desired. If at any time you are in St. Louis we would be glad to have you visit us.

Sincerely Yours
AT/ha (Miss) Ann Thather


About the first of November, the fourteen children in this group were all brought to the Nursery at once by Rev. L.H. Shumate, our District Superintendent on the St Joseph District. Twelve of them were taken from one county and turned over to our Society by the Court. Many of them were County charges, and the rest, probably, would have been such before long if we had not received them. Some of them were living in the midst of immoral surroundings. Now all but one are in family homes. Look at them! They were all promising children and their prospects have wonderfully brightened in the last six weeks.

Two of these were stolen from us after having been surrendered to us by a worthless brother, and were afterward found, in a vile den where he had put them. The brother was arrested and jailed for kidnapping. We think this is the largest consignment to a receiving home at any one-time in any state in the history of the Society. If Anyone can tell a bigger story we would be glad to know who it is. Especially do we think it unparalleled in the number twelve taken from a single county at one time. One of these fourteen children was the stepdaughter of Catherine Gold, who lived at Billings, Missouri.

The Children’s Home in St. Louis, MO., cannot give any further information about the child.

Will of Catherine Gold

Born February 24, 1832
Died May 7, 1903
Married August 10, 1878

I Catherine Gold a single woman of Billings, Christian County, MO., being of sound mind and memory, blessed by almighty Gold for the same. Realizing the uncertainty of this mortal life do make and publish this my last will and testament in reason following; 1st I will that first of all my debts be paid together with funeral and expense of sickness. 2nd I give and bequeath unto my adopted daughter, Lula Shriver now in the children home society of Missouri, the sum of one dollar ($1.00). 3rd I give and bequeath to the Childrens Home Society of Missouri the sum of ten dollars. 4th I give and bequeath to W.T. Lankin the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) for the purpose of putting a tombstone at my grave and burying lot. 5th. I give and bequeath unto my two nieces, Catherine Parker, wife of John Parker, and Nancy J. Sander’s wife of John E. Sanders, all of the remainder of my property of whatever nature and kind including my household and kitchen furniture, money and all to be equally divided between my said two nieces above named.

I hereby appoint Henry A. Garber executor, to execute my last will and testament, hereby making all forms wills by me made.

In testimony whereof; I hereto set my hand and seal in Billings, this, the 5th day of June 1901.

Catherine   X Gold

The above consisting of one sheet and two pages was in our presence and in the presence of each other signed by mark by Catherine Gold the testator and at the same time was declared by her last will and testament and we at her request , sign our names as attesting witnesses.

J.H. Kohrs residing at Billings, MO.
O.J. Smart residing at Billings, MO.
St Louis, MO. August 6, 1905 received of Henry S. Garber Ex. of Catherine Gold died. Seven dollars ($7.00) in full of the request made to the children’s home society of MO., by said Catherine Gold in her last will now on probate in Ozark Christian County, MO. of $10.00).

The Children’s Home of Missouri
(can’t read name)


In Pension Claim, No.255787 of Thomas Gold. Company “G”. 9th. Regiment, MO. Cav., Personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the County of Christian, State of Missouri. Steven Carr, whose PO Box is Billings, County of Christian in the State of Missouri. Who being duly sworn declares in above case as follows: That he has known Thomas Gold for twelve years. That for the past fourteen months he has been personally acquainted with him. Seeing him about every day, and for the past fourteen months has been living with in one mile of his house, and have seen him at different times give out and lay down, while attempting to do ordinary work on his farm, and even while he would be feeding his stock and doing chores would five out and have to quit work, on account of piles, and troubles he would say of stomach. And have known him during this time, to be confined to9 his house, and not be able to do any kind of manual labor, and has not at any time been able to perform many hard work of any kind.
Steven Carr

Frances Gold

Frances Gold was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold. She was born May 22, 1863 in Green Valley, Porter Township, near Boaz, in Christian County, Missouri. She died July 8, 1948 at Aurora, in Lawrence County, Missouri. On February 4,1882 she married George McKinley in Stone County, Missouri. They are both buried in the Maple Park Cemetery, at Aurora, Missouri.


Margaret Jane Gold was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold. She was born June 25, 1847 at or near Gold Hill, west of Petersburg, in Lincoln County, TN., She married (1) James Kimberling April 17, 1867 by A.C. Steinert in Stone County, Missouri. He died about 1873 in Stone County, Missouri. She was four years old when she came with her family on the wagon train that left Gold Hill, March 20, 1852. The family lived in Green Valley near Boaz, in Christian County, Missouri, until 1866 when the Thomas Gold family moved to Stone County, and settled down 2 miles south of Union City, on the east side of the road, across the road from what is now known as the Kenneth Wright place. James Kimberling and Margaret Jane (Gold) Kimberling were the parents of 2 children; Bill Kimberling and Betty Kimberling. Bill Kimberling married Mary Wilson, Their children were; Vernice, Noble, and Efton Kimberling. Vernice Kimberling married Mary Jane Eaton, and they had 2 children; Dale and Eula Jean Kimberling. Dale never married. Eula Jean married Danny Riggs, they had 2 children; Carolyn and Michael Riggs.

James Kimberling died in about 1873 and Margaret Jane married John Pruitt, April 27, 1876, by T.S. Barnett, JP. Their children were; Sarah, Dave, and Francis Pruitt.  Sarah Pruitt married a Reeves, and they had one daughter; Marie Reeves, she was born June 2, 1898 and died in October of 1918. She is buried in the White cemetery 2 miles southeast of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. Her infant son is also buried there. She married Vincent Crumbliss, he is probably buried there also. Dave Pruitt married Julie Gardner, and Francis Pruitt married Bill Estes, who was the son of Amanda Jane (Cavener) and “Booty John” Estes.

After Margaret Jane (Gold) (Kimberling) Pruitt died, her daughter, Betty Kimberling, married John Pruitt, her stepfather, John Pruitt. Betty’s children to John Pruitt were; Fred (died young). Ben, Eliza Pruitt married Fred Cook. Mollie Pruitt went to Tennessee and Katie Pruitt died at an early age, she took her own life in Hurley, MO. It is said that she was single and got pregnant and took poison to end it all.
Ben Pruitt died in Springfield, in about 1951. Eliza Pruitt who married Fred “Pad” Cook, lived at Union City in Stone County, MO. They had three sons and a daughter. The boys were; Clarence, Kenneth, and Dillard. All of the family may have gone to Tennessee with Molly Pruitt.

Sarah (Pruitt) Reeves later married Thomas Benton Barnett, (See T.S. Barnett of further information on Thomas Benton Barnett’s first marriage). The children of Thomas Benton and Sarah Barnett were, Emlous, Donald, Osa, Margaret, Lois (who died as an infant), Lyndal, and Mildred Barnett.
Osa Barnett married Onus Anderson, their son; Gene Anderson married Georgia Garoutte, who is a daughter of Lloyd Garoutte and Ruth (Conrad) Garoutte. Gene and Georgia live in Aurora, Missouri.
Lyndal Barnett married Tom Mallonee, and they had one son and one daughter; Winfred and Ruby Margaret Mallonee.

Ruby Margaret Barnett married Harry L. Briggs, and they had three sons; Darwyn Harry Briggs, Donald Barnett Briggs and John Richard Briggs. Darwyn Harry Riggs married Katherine Myers and they had a son, Theadore Briggs. Then he married Susan C. Straka and they had children; William Robert Briggs, and Jeannie Ruth Briggs. Donald Barnett Briggs married Judy Rae, and they had 3 children; Patrick, Jeffrey and Kristin Jean Briggs. John Richard Briggs married (name unknown) they had a son Jason Briggs and 2 daughters; Jennifer and Jordana Briggs.

T.S. Barnett

Thomas Silas Barnett, was born May 5, 1812 in Tennessee and died January 8, 1888 in Stone County, Missouri. As a young man he met and married a Indian Lady in Arkansas, they had a daughter, Marinda Caldonia Barnett. She was born June 13, 1863. She married Peter Davis (no relation), they were the parents of two sons; George Thomas Barnett and Alonzo Alexander Davis. Alonzo was born March 22, 1892. He married Audey Reavis who was the mother of Glen Reavis, who was a Telephone Company employee in the Crane and Hurley area for several years. Alonzo was also a stepfather of Will Teague. George Thomas Davis was born July 8, 1889 and died in November of 1918. He married Susie Chambliss and they had three daughters; Ruth, Iva, and Mary. During the flu epidemic of 1918, George and Susie both died and left the three little girls. Ruth Davis was raised by a Ray family of near Crane and she still resides in Aurora, in Lawrence County, MO. (1999)

Iva Davis was raised by Martin and Birdie Mitchell of near Hurley, in Stone County, MO. Iva married Deverne Curbow, son of Dave and Reathel (Wright) Curbow. They live near Selmore in Christian County, Missouri.

Mary Davis was adopted by a Ellis family of near Crane, Missouri. She married Melburn Carney Mendenhall, who was a son of Nellie Gold and Harry Mendenhall. She resides in California.

George Davis and Susie (Chambliss) Davis are buried in the Molly Wright Cemetery, near Hurley. Their gravestone reads as follows; George Davis (1889-1918) Susie (1891-1918).

On December 11, 1867 Thomas Silas Barnett married Margaret (Steele) Davis, She was born October 26, 1838 and died November 21, 1911. They are both buried in the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, about one mile south of Clever, in Christian County, Missouri.

The first husband of Margaret Ann (Steele) was W.J. Joshua “Jeff” Davis, who was killed during the Civil War by Bushwhackers. Another story handed down, is that he was shot by his brother, George Washington “Wash” Davis who was for the North and Jeff was about to go sign up to fight for the South.

Joshua “Jeff” and Margaret (Steele) Davis had a son; Walter Jefferson Davis, who was born January 16, 1861 in Christian County, Missouri, and died November 15, 1946, in Stone County, MO. He married Tennie Gold in 1891 in Stone County. She was born December 26, 1876, near Hurley, In Stone County, MO. She was the daughter of Wm. Riley and Sarah Pauline (White) Gold. The children of Walter J. and Tennie were; Murtie M. Effie, Artie, Wm. Glen, Walter Curtis, Geneva, and Winifred Waldo Davis.

The children of T.S. and Margaret (Steele) Barnett were: (1) Marshall Asbury Barnett, born May 3, 1868 and died November 3, 1954. He was a half-brother to Walter J. Davis, and they married sisters. Marshall Asbury Barnett married Margaret Ann “Maggie” Gold, who was also a daughter of Wm. Riley and Sarah Pauline (White) Gold. “Maggie” was born September 30, 1877 and died February 9, 1954. They are both buried in the White Cemetery, southeast of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. Their children were; Charlie, Austin, Archie, Alfred, Leonard, Lillie, Daisy, and Logan Barnett.

(2) Margaret Ann Barnett, was born September 24, 1871, and died January 26, 1956. She married Donald Wilson. They were the parents of at least one child; Emmitt Wilson.

(3) Infant (twin) born September 24, 1871 and died September 27, 1871.

(4) Thomas Benton Barnett, born November 9, 1873, and died February 12, 1925 at Hurley, Missouri. On January 22, 1896 he married Jennie Sullivan, they had at least one child, whose name was Elsie Barnett, Elsie married Albert Dean, their children were born and raised around Hurley. They were: Edwin, Freddie, Donald, Paul and Jerry (twins), Bob, Mary, Jeanette, and Betty Dean.

After the death of Jenny (Sullivan) Barnett, Thomas Benton Barnett married Sarah Pruitt, on November 14, 1903. She was the daughter of John Pruitt and Margaret Jane (Gold) (Kimberling) Pruitt. Margaret Jane Gold was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold.

The children of Thomas Benton and Sarah Pruitt Barnett were; Emlous, Donald “Stormy”, Osa, Lyndal, Margaret, and Mildred Barnett. They all grew up at Hurley.

Thomas Silas Barnett and his wife; Margaret (Steele) (Davis) Barnett are both buried in the Mt. Carmel, Cemetery south of Clever, Missouri.

(5) The next child of Thomas Silas Barnett and Margaret Ann (Steele) (Davis) Barnett was Mary Elizabeth Barnett “Aunt Molly” Barnett, born April 19, 1877 and died September 22, 1966. She married Fred L. Steele on January 29, 1916, her third cousin. They had no children. Fred L. Steele was born August 6, 1883 and died June 9, 1964. Fred and Molly resided at Hurley. Both are buried at Marionville, Missouri.

Note- (Ed Davis—E-mail address— ecdavis@ writes the following)

George Washington “Wash” Davis was born February 16, 1826 in Tennessee, the son of Alexander and Mary (Gouge) Davis, from Claiborne and Hancock counties in Tennessee. “Wash” married Jane Lawson in about 1851 and they had a daughter; Mary born in 1852. “Wash” divorced Jane by 1859, when he was living Christian County, Missouri. Jane re-married to John Parky or (Perky). Wash said to have been 2nd or 3rd cousin of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. Alexander and Mary (Gouge) Davis had 4 children that married into the Pearson family. Alexander Davis was born in 1795 in NC. And died in about 1834 in Claiborne County, TN.His father was Joshua Davis, born in 1762 in Baltimore, Maryland. Seeking information on this family, especially, “Wash” Davis and “Alexander Davis.

Signed---Eddie Davis

Will of Davis Kimberling

Know all men by these presents, that I, Davis Kimberling do this day make my Last Will and Testament of my property, both real and personal and affects at my dwelling, have in the County of Stone and State of Missouri. Said Will to take affect at my death; to wit.

I do hereby give and bequeath to Elizabeth Kimberling my daughter five hundred dollars in money over and above the other heirs. I also leave and bequeath to Mary E. Kimberling and William Kimberling, son and daughter of my son James Kimberling the sum of one hundred fifty dollars each in cash, and for the mill property including 40 acres of land that the mill stands on, at my death to be sold and divided equally between Anna Kimberling my wife and Elizabeth Kimberling my daughter and at the death of said Anna Kimberling my wife, I want to said effects if any remain of the allotment made in the said will shall be divided equally between Elizabeth Kimberling and the heirs of James Kimberling. I want all of Real Estate including one hundred and twenty acres of land including dwelling house and out buildings and all the pertainers thereto except two acres where the present church now stands, said two acres to go to said church to hold forever, the said one hundred and twenty acres to be the home of Anna Kimberling my wife and Elizabeth Kimberling____, Said Ann Kimberling lifetime, then said real estate to be sold and divided equally between Elizabeth Kimberling and the heirs of James Kimberling, my son.   This August 27th AD 1886

His   X   Mark
Davis Kimberling

We attest the foregoing Will by subscribing our names thereto as witnesses in the presents of Davis Kimberling the testator this 27th day of August 1886.

John Inmon
J.C. Yoachum
State of Missouri
County of Stone

I, J.H. Steele a Justice of the Peace within and for Stone County, do hereby certify that Davis Kimberling signed and acknowledged within the Will in my presence.

Signed---J.H. Steele, J.P.

This Will was filled August 27, 1888 in the probate court.

The children of James Kimberling are; (1) Bill Kimberling, born December 25, 1870, Stone County, Missouri, and died June 10, 1965. He married Mary Wilson, (2) Elizabeth “Betty” Kimberling, born in 1872 in Stone County, MO. She married John Pruitt. (3) Samuel Kimberling, born in 1869, in Stone County, MO. (4) Melissa Jane Kimberling, born in about 1871, in Stone County, Missouri.

Melissa Jane Kimberling

She was born in about 1871, in Stone County, Missouri, and died in 1948 in Springfield, Missouri. She married Oliver Sherman Hambelton.  He was born in 1868 in Greene County, MO. Their children were; (1) Norvell Hambelton, born in January of 1895. (2) Oliver McKinley Hambelton, born August 29, 1896 and died January 23, 1923. He married Emma Obermeier. She was born January 4, 1900 in Morrisville, Polk County, Missouri (3) James Hambelton, was born October 18, 1898 in Jamesville, Missouri. He married Lois Lyndell Solomon, daughter of Everett Solomon. She was born February 4, 1916 in Clever, MO. They were the parents of Lynda Jo Hambelton, who was born March 31,1940. She married William Powell, and he was born January 15, 1932 in Springfield, Missouri. After the death of James Hambelton, Lois later married Jesse Wilson, she died in about 1997.

(4) Carl Hambelton (5) Ruby Ester Hambelton, born July 15, 1913, in Polk County, Missouri. She died August 6, 1913, in Polk County, Missouri.  The children of Oliver Mckinley Hambelton and Emma (Obermeier) Hambelton were; (1) Frances Louise Hambelton, born October 6, 1919, Bladesworth, Sask. Canada. (2) William Mack Hambelton was born October 16,1922, in Kansas City, MO. He married Wilma Beatrice Davis, in about 1943. She was born March 11, 1926 in Barclay, Osage County, Kansas.

The children of William Mack Hambelton and Wilma Davis were; (1) Cassandra Marie Hambelton born February 16, 1947, in Kansas City. She married 1st Richard Eugene Williams, who was born August 7, 1945, in Springfield, Missouri. 2nd. She married Robert Francis Ochs, March 12, 1977 in Shawnee County, Kansas. He was born June 3, 1945 at St. Charles, Missouri.

(2) Paul Douglas Hambelton, born June 11, 1948, in Butler, Bates County, Missouri. He 1st. married Norma Mae Bowdre. March 12, 1977, Shawnee County, Kansas. She was born November 23, 1949. 2nd. He married Judith Victoria Pape, June 17, 1988, in Kansas. She was born December 6, 1948.

(3) Nancy Elizabeth Hambelton was born December 1, 1949 in Butler, Bates County, MO. She married Donald Joseph White, who was born October 22, 1948 in Kansas City, Jackson County, MO.

(4) Donna Sue Hambelton was born March 25, 1953, at Butler, Bates County, Missouri. She married Neal Lavern Sawyer. He was born November 12, 1944 I Gardner, Johnson County, Kansas.

(5) John Joseph Hambelton, born March 16, 1957 at St. Charles, MO. He married Deborah Lynn Schoonover, June 23, 1984. She was born September 29, 1954.

(6) Timothy James Hambelton was born October 7, 1960, at St. Charles, MO. He married Kristal Judy Dyer, who was born January 8, 1961 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.


James Thomas Gold was the son of Johnathan and Sarah (Ryalls) Gold, born April 22, 1848 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He died July 27, 1909 in Christian County, Missouri. He married Delilah Paralee Luttrell, March 12, 1868. She was the daughter of Sanders Luttrell and Betty Boyd. She was born January 6, 1845 in Tennessee and died March 18, 1919 in Christian County, Missouri. They are both buried in the Gold Cemetery, on their old home place, south of Clever, Missouri.

He was only four years of age when he came to Christian County, Missouri, on the Johnathan Gold Wagon Train that left their home in Giles County, TN. which is near Gold Hill located about 2 miles west of Petersburg in Lincoln County, TN. That Wagon Train brought several members of the Gold and Cavener families to Porter Township of Christian County, and settled in Green Valley near Boaz, Missouri.

The parents of Delilah also came to Christian County, MO., from Tennessee in about 1856. James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold were known as Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Paralee.

In the 1870 census of Christian County, they are listed as living near Ponce De Leon, in Christian County, just east of the Stone County, Missouri, County line. Their three oldest children were born there. In about 1876 they moved to about 2 miles south of Clever, Missouri.

Where they finished raising their family of eleven children, and spent the remainder of their lives there.

Their children were; (1) James Harvey, (2) Andrew Thomas, (3) George Washington, (4) Cynthia, (5) Alice, (6) Millie, (7) John. (8) Greene Elza, (9) Elizabeth “Eliza”, (10) Jane, and (11) Pauline Gold.

They have many descendants in southwest Missouri. The Christian County, census of 1910 shows Paralee Gold, head of the household, age 63, a widow born in TN., Ottie B. Lent, Niece, age 9 born in MO., Ottie stayed with them from sometime before Uncle Jimmie died in 1909, until about the time that Aunt Paralee died in 1919. Then Uncle Green Gold moved there and Ottie stayed there with them for awhile.

Ottie says that the house was built in 1894, and a room was added in 1901. The old house is still standing. (1999) While Uncle Green and Aunt Lyda lived there they lost an infant son and he is buried there next to Aunt Paralee.

Uncle Jimmie liked to joke and cut up. He put up a regular sized hitch rack. When asked why he had a full sized hitch rack, he laughed and replied that he wanted the boys to have a place to tie their horses when they came to see his daughters. So he did have a sense of humor. You know he liked to joke and cut up. They said Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Paralee had a separate room to eat in. The kitchen was a separate building and he had sidewalk from the room of their abode to the Kitchen. The sidewalk was called a “Dog Trot”. This was not uncommon, some had two cabins to live in. One for the kids, and for Mom and Pop, and then a separate room to cook and eat in. They said he had some neighbors named Ketchum, and also some neighbors named Holder. He said one of them would catch her and the other would holder. And then just laugh. Uncle Green also liked to cut up and have fun.

In the Christian County, Land Records we find; James Gold—April 22, 1879 (sold for taxes) Tract #1 SE, ¼ of SE ¼ and NE 1/4of SE ¼-Section 23, Township 27, Range 19, for taxes $18.12, and tract #2 for years 1873, $3.54. For 1874, $7.57, and for year 1876, $7.00 and certain cost, Total $13.85. This is part of the place where they lived.

The following land is located on the Stone and Christian county line, In Christian County about 3 miles west of where James Thomas lived, Uncle Green lived on the land until Uncle Jimmie died in 1909 and then Uncle Green moved to the home place and lived there until about 1924. That is when Uncle Green moved to Hootontown on James River.

November 19, 1882 the St. Louis Railroad Company, sold to James Thomas Gold for $170.00, forty acres NE ¼ of SE ¼ Section 32, Township 27, and Range 23, West of the 5th Principal Meridian. This is the place where James Harvey and Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold lived after they were married in 1890. Two of their children were born there, Clarence Gold, and Lon Gold. James Harvey Gold sold to J.T. (James Thomas) Gold for $400.00 NE ¼ of SW ¼ Section #36 Township 27, Range 24, West of the 5th Principal Meridian, dated, January 1, 1895.


The 1970 US Census lists about 1950 households in the USA with the old and distinguished name of Luttrell, with 6045 people in the country having the name. It is believed to be derived from the French I’outre, meaning, The Otter, which became loutrel, perhaps translated “Little Otter”. The family was in Normandy before the Norman Conquest. One source states that William the Conqueror assumed the name soon after the conquest. The Luttrell’s have several Royal connections. They have a castle; Dunster, in Somerset overlooking Bristol Channel, which was in Luttrell ownership for over 600 years, from 1376 to 1976, when it was signed over to the National Trust.It is open to visitors. Many of the Luttrells came from Ireland, and some by the name of Luttrells were in prominence around Dublin by 1600. It is believed that the first Luttrell came to America was James Luttrell and settled in Virginia. They did not start their migration west until after the War of the Rebellion. Some of them went to Tennessee, they are found in the Cannon, Warren, and Lincoln counties in the early 1800’s . Sanders Luttrell migrated from TN. To MO in the 1850’s.

Tennessee Land Grants

Lot Luttrell—35 acres, Warren County, September 5, 1825, LG #2626. Bk 2, pg. 415 & book 3, pg. 934. Sanders Luttrell—52 acres & 74 poles, Warren County, November 19, 1838, LG # 15275, bk 18, pg 342.

Delilah Luttrell—50 acres, Warren County, July 6 1831, LB # 2128, bk, D, pg 99

Lincoln County, TN. Census of 1860

Luttrell Henry, 28, Adaline 21, Frances 4, James 2, Benjamin Sanders 70, Mary 65, Li-144-200.

This indicates that Benjamin Sanders Luttrell and Mary Luttrell were staying in the household of Henry and Adaline Luttrell in their later years and were the parents of Henry Luttrell. This also appears to be the same Sanders Luttrell that was in Warren county in 1838, and Delilah Luttrell was in Warren County in 1831 may have been a sister to Sanders Luttrell. These people are probably who the Sanders, Luttrell that was the father of Delilah Luttrell who married James Thomas Gold in Christian County, Missouri. Was named after. We are not certain whether Sanders Luttrell came to Missouri from Warren or Lincoln County, TN.No further research has been done on this family before they came to Missouri. It appears that they settled in Stone County in about 1856.


Cass Township

Sanders Luttrell 43 m TN.
Elizabeth      37  f  TN.
Jane          19  f  TN.
Laura A.      16  f  TN.
Paralee        14  f  TN.
Mary          11, f  TN.
Eliza          10  f  TN.
Elizabeth       7  f  TN.
Malinda        5  f  TN.
Robert         3  m  MO.

The children of Sanders and Betsy (Boyd) Luttrell, were; (1) Jane, married Pete Wolfe, (2) Laura (Lorena) married John Viles, they had a son, James born April 6, 1878 and died October 11, 1956, he is buried at the Garoutte Cemetery in Greene County, MO. Other children; Beatrice (Viles), Brittian and Hollis Viles. (3) Eliza, married Pete Wolfe (4) Mary, married Fate Pearce, (5) Nerva, married Frank Pearce. (6) Tilda, married Moses Bledsoe. (7) Lizzie, married Jim Hawk, (8) Caldonia “Callie”, married Charlie Gardner, (9)Robert “Bob”, Ellie Carpenter.(10) Paralee married James Thomas Gold.

He was born in about 1817. He married Elizabeth “Betsy” Boyd. She was born in about 1823. She was Called Betsy. Sanders Luttrell served as a Private, Co. B. 8th Regiment, MO. State Militia Volunteer Cavalry. In 1886 he filed a claim against the U.S. Quartermaster’s store for $200.00 for property taken from him during the Civil War. On April 26, 1886 he was instructed to meet Wiley Britton, agent Quartermaster Dept. in Billings, MO., to investigate this claim, Sanders Luttrell was to bring two witnesses with him. These witnesses were Parlee Gold and Lory Ann Viles, and Davis S.___. These witnesses were to be able to testify by their own personal knowledge to the taking of , or the use of the property by the U.S. Army. He was also to bring receipts for property taken by the Army, and such other papers as Oath of Allegiance, protection papers, military passes, which may now be in your possession. Wiley Briton was Agent Quartermaster Dept. north Springfield, Mo.

On July 17, 1890 Sanders Luttrell was approved for a Civil War pension, in the amount of $12.00 a month. This pension being for Rheumatism, disease of the kidney and general disability.

On August 12, 1895, F.T. Stockard was appointed administer and guardian for Sanders Luttrell’s estate and personal property, Sanders Luttrell being of unsound mind. Witnesses to this was; F.T. Stockard, T.B. Wilson, ( grandfather of Hazel Messenger) and Z, Acuff

A document; NO. 626562 dated July 20, 1891. Sanders Luttrell is listed on the Topeka Agency at the rate of $12.00 per month, stating that he has not been employed or paid in the Army, Navy or Marine service of the U.S. from the 4th day of February 1896 to the present time, on that date, two drafts were made in the amount of $36.00 each for 3 months pay.

Lyda Gold (gr-daughter-in-law) says he died in Ozark, Mo., poor farm in about 1900, and some of this family is buried in Mt. Carmel, Cemetery with no markers.

Laura A. Luttrell, was born September 15, 1844 in Tennessee, and died December 6, 1911, and buried in the Ponce De Leon Cemetery, in Stone County, MO.

   John Viles was born November 2, 1824 and died April 2, 1910. He was a first Lieutenant in the 14th Regiment of the Missouri Volunteers. He first married Martha Roberts from Tennessee, she died February 15, 1862. On May 10, 1863 he married Laura Ann Luttrell, they are both buried at Ponce De Leon, Cemetery, in Stone Co. MO.

The Children of John Viles and Martha Roberts were; Tom, Rachael, and Mary Jane Viles.

The children of John and Laura Ann (Luttrell) Viles were; (1) John Viles Jr., born in 1876 and died in 1943, Buried at Ponce De Leon, he married Betty Burchett August 8, 1894, in Stone Co.Mo.(2) William Sanders “Will” Viles, born July 12, 1864 and died February 10, 1937, buried in Spokane, Cemetery, Stone Co. MO. He married Nannie Jackson, October 29, 1885 in Stone Co. MO. (3) Mary Viles, (4) James Culberton “Cub” Viles, born April 6, 1878 and died November 10, 1956 in Ozark Osteopath Hospital, buried in Garoutte Cemetery, Greene County, MO.(5) Susie Viles, (6) Charles Franklin “Charley” Viles, born August 15, 1884 and died October 11, 1944 in Pueblo, Colorado, and (7) Eliza Viles.

John Jr. Viles born in 1876 and died in 1943, and buried in Ponce De Leon Cemetery married Betty Burchett, August 8,1894. Will Viles, born July 1864 and died in March of 1937, buried at Spokane, Christian Co. MO. married Nancy Jane “Nannie” Jackson in Stone County. Mary E. Viles married Andrew Jackson, Cub Viles born in April of 1875 married Nora Richardson, December 12, 1906 in Christian County, MO. He is buried in the Garoutte Cemetery in Greene County, Missouri. Susan Viles married Bailey Jackson who was a brother to Nancy Jane and Andrew Jackson. Charlie Viles, born August 15, 1884, died October 11, 1944, in Pueblo, Colorado, Buried in Pueblo Colorado, Memorial Gardens married Myrtle Marry Stewart in Marshfield, MO., in 1903, She was a daughter of Joe and Nora Stewart. Eliza Viles married W.L. Stewart, December, 1899 who resided in Spokane, MO.

The children of Charlie and Myrtle Marry (Stewart) Viles were; Mamie Ethel Viles, born December 12, 1905. They had an infant that died in 1911, Pauline Viles born March 17, 1908 and died in 1946.

Mamie Ethel Viles married Ernest Phillip Harpel, August 24, 1922 in Pueblo, Colorado. He was an electrician and was electrocuted while working on the job.

Mamie Ethel, (Viles) (Harpel) then married Albert Wilbert Wilcut, October 3, 1943. Her children were; Charles Oscar Harpel, Harold who died young, and Barbar Jean Harpel, who married Ernest Welch.

Pauline Viles married Homer Cochran, their children were; Bob, Jim, Nadene, and Mary Jane Cochran

Charley Franklin Viles was born August 15, 1884 in Christian County, MO., and died October 11, 1944 in Pueblo Cororado, buried in Pueblo, Colorado, Memorial Gardens. He married Myrtle Mary Stewart in 1903. She was born December 21, 1887 in Wesbter County, MO. and died July 38, 1911 in Reeds Spring, Stone County, MO. Their children; Mayme Ethel Viles, born Dec. 12, 1905, and Pauline Viles born March 17, 1908. Second—Charley Franklin Viles marrried Bertha Stultz, their children were; Loyd F.Viles, Jess L. Viles, Alfred Viles and Georgia Marie Viles.

Gold Cemetery Christian County, MO
By Ray Gold

This Gold Cemetery is located one a one fourth miles north and ¼ mile west of Union City, MO. On the north side of the Christian and Stone County lines, in Christian County, on the old home place of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold.

The old abandoned family cemetery was cleaned up in 1991 by Billy Joe, Ray Gold and Louella (Gold) Dulin. It is about 30’ by 50’ and lays east and west. We bought cattle panels for fencing and put around it at that time. At this date (1999) the land belongs to Dewey Nichols.

Some of the family buried there is; Uncle Jimmie (James Thomas) Gold, Aunt Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold, an infant of Green and Lyda (Crumpley) Gold, Alice (Gold) Wright and 2 infant children of hers. Cynthia (Gold) Stratton, and at least 3 of her children; Johnnie Stratton, Luie Stratton, and S.J. Stratton (infant) John Gold and his infant son, Murl Gold, also a infant son of James Harvey and Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold, whose grave is not marked. But believed to be buried toward the east end of the cemetery. Aunt Joyce says he is buried in the northeast corner of the cemetery, to the best of her memory.

James Harvey Gold
Son of James Thomas Gold

James Harvey Gold, was the oldest child of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold. He was born January 18, 1869 in Christian County, Missouri, and died September 6, 1940 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold, on April 15, 1891 in Stone County, Missouri. She was born February 6, 1872 in Greene County, Missouri, she died January 29, 1950 at Union City, in Stone County, Missouri.

They were married at the home of L.P. Crank, JP ¾ of a mile south and about ½ quarter mile west down the valley where Mr. Crank had a store and Post office for some time before moving it to where Union City is today. It was called Crank, Missouri.

Rozella Minerva Garoutte was the daughter of James Elva Dutton Garoutte and Charity (Richards) Garoutte. She was born February 6, 1872 in Pond Creek Township of Greene County, MO., and died January 29, 1950 at Union City. They are both buried in the Garoutte Cemetery about 6 miles north west of Republic, MO. Charity Richards was the daughter of David Richards and Rebecca Grove. She was born April 15, 1857 and died June 21, 1937 at Union City, Missouri.

When James Harvey and Rozella Minerva were first married they lived one half mile west and one quarter mile south of the Mt. Carmel Cemetery south of Clever, Missouri, in Christian County on the east side of the road about even with where the present day house is now located. This is where their two oldest sons, Clarence and Lon Gold were born.

The Harvey Gold family moved to Stone County in about 1894 or 1895 and settled on a 160-acre farm ¾ of a mile southwest of Union City. Harvey was a farmer and stockman. They lived out their lives there.

Their children were; Clarence, Lon, Virgil, Ida, infant son, and Joyce Gold. Clarence lived to be 98, Lon lived to be 97, Ida was 95, and Joyce lived to 97.

Harvey and Rozella also owned 52 acres two miles southwest of where they lived near Union City. This is where their oldest son; Clarence and his wife Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold started housekeeping, soon after their marriage December 26, 1916. Their two oldest sons; Cecil, and Ray were born there. James Ray purchased the 52 acres from the estate of James Harvey Gold, on September 30, 1942. James Ray is still living there (Nov. 11, 2000). James Ray and his wife also started keeping house at the same place in 1938. But moved away and later moved back in 1942.

James Harvey also owned 40 acres of land 2-1/2 miles east of Hurley. Clarence purchased it and another 40 acres joining that place, making a total of 80 acres in their farm, they lived out their lives there.

After Clarence died May 30, 1991, that fall James Ray purchased the 80 acres from the estate of Clarence and Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold. Now, (1999) both of these little farms is owned by James Ray Gold and his children. Both of these places have been in the Gold family for about 100 years.

My Gr-mother; Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold told me that when she as a girl at home, that her and her father, James E.D. Garoutte lived near Union City and one day he brought her down here to this very place deer hunting. She said he told her to wait here at the house place until she heard him shoot. Then bring the horses and come up the where she had heard the shot. After a few minutes she heard a shot fired up the valley from the house place, so she went up there, and sure enough he had shot and killed a big old buck. So, she said they tied it on behind the saddle and went home. That would have been in the 1880’s, she was married in 1890. So our family is no stranger to this neighborhood.

Emma L. Garroutte

Emma L. Garoutte 96 of Afton, Oklahoma, died Wednesday, February 28, 1996 in the Grand Lake Villa, Grove, Oklahoma, after an illness. Mrs. Garoutte was born June 2, 1899 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the daughter of Charles and Retta McCoy who both preceded her in death.

Emma married Jack Garoutte on March 4, 1932 in Springfield, Missouri. He preceded her in death on August 29, 1965. She was also preceded in death by two sons; Chuck Bush, on June 3,1985 and Edward Bush on February 25, 1994.

Mrs. Garoutte was a homemaker. Survivors include; one daughter, Elsie Cowell of LaMesa, California; seven grandsons; Charles bush of Afton, Oklahoma. Ronald Bush of Prescot, Kansas, David Bush of Kansas City, Kansas, Brad Cowell, Leon White, Don White, all of California. Five granddaughters, Diana Baughn of Mound City, Kansas, Linda Brown of Kansas City, MO., Colleen Cowell, Glenda White, Joyce Liddie all of California, 14 great grandchildren, 11 great-great grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

Services were held Saturday March 2, 1996 in the Worley- Luginbuel Chapel.

NOTE—Jack Garoutte was a brother of Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold. Dave “Jack” and his family lived at Union City, in Stone County, MO., during the 1930 and 1940’s.

Clarence Gold
By Louella (Gold) Dulin

Clarence was the first child born to James Harvey and Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold, born July 19, 1892, in Christian County, Missouri, and died May 30, 1991 in Stone County, Missouri. On December 26, 1915 he married Virgie Mae Houser, at School, Missouri. To this marriage was born four sons and one daughter. Two sons precede him in death.

Clarence was about 2 years of age when his folks moved from Christian county, just across the county line into Stone County, and he was raised near School (Union City) Missouri, about 2-1/2 miles south of Clever, Missouri. This is where Clarence attended school for a few years and finished the fourth grade. In about 1912 or 1913 he stayed near Lamar, Mo. with a family by the name of Howard, where he worked on the farm and Mr. Howard taught him to manufacture brooms. In making brooms and having to keep gasoline motor and machinery in working order, he became more and more interested in learning about motors and how they worked. He came home and ‘batched” on a place owned by his father, two and one fourth miles north of Hurley, where his son; Ray now owns and lives. Having bought his own machinery, in the winter of 1915-1916 he manufactured 100 dozen brooms. He was married December 26, 1915, and continued to make brooms. He soon decided to pursue the skills of mechanics and went to Kansas City, MO., and enrolled in the Rhea Automobile and Tractor School, from which he graduated and received his diploma April 3, 1919.

He continued to make brooms until about 1945, this aside from his occupation as full time mechanic.

He with his family, which now included two sons, moved to Hurley in about 1920 where he worked for a salary at the garage in town. “Cub” Parsons, and Eleven “Bigger” Spears were among the garage owners. He quite often worked late at the garage and came home and made brooms at night. His brooms were always in demand at the area store, including; Hurled, Union City, Possum trot, Crane, Brown Springs, Clever, Boa, and Janesville, and he delivered. The housewives were asking for a broom that Clarence Gold made. The regular brooms were made in two or three different weights, one being heavy duty.

On May 10, 1927, the family which now consisted of four children, moved three miles east of Hurley, where he had contracted Elm Logan to construct a four room house for $75.00 labor, on the 40 acres he was buying from his father. There the fifth child was born. He continued to work at Hurley and make brooms at home. He raised all the broom corn and cut, threshed and prepared it for proper use and the family helped in this preparation.

In about 1940 he erected a new shop building at his home in the country, where until he was 90 years of age, he was still working on automobiles, tractors, motors and lawn mowers. He quit making brooms in about 1945, and later sold his broom machinery.

Clarence was 5’9” tall, although his shoulders showed the weight of the burden he had borne in these 98 years. His top weight was 160-165 lb. His dark hair was frosted over by the many winters. For several years, he has had a beautiful silver gray hair with no balding, and his eyes were blue. He was a very kind and gentle person, a good husband and father, always read the Bible, and kept abreast in the knowledge of new automobiles, and always had the volumes of information at hand.

His wife, Mae, died March 18, 1973, Since that time he has lived alone, and managed exceptionally well. He really never farmed very much, but always had some nice cattle, using the land for pasture and hay. He took care of his land as though he would live forever, and lived his life as though he might die tomorrow.

The only law he ever broke in his life was driving his car without a license. In 1978 he had surgery on one eye for removal of a cataract, then couldn’t pass the test for his drivers license. Being a very independent person he continued until he was around 90 to drive his car to Hurley or Union City once or twice a week in good weather. He never used booze, and quit coffee at age 17, and gave up smoking several years later. At the time of his death it amazed the doctor that he had such a healthy body.

Although he was never active in politics, church or civic affairs, he was a highly respected citizen of Stone County, by young and old alike. Clearance’s nickname was “Terrap” (as in terrapin), he was not prone to high temper gossip or profanity. One regret he had remarked about is “ I wish I had got a better education”. He was blessed to have intelligence, and ambition, humor, wit, and wisdom. He was a very humble man. He believed “ For by Grace are saved, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God and not of works, lest any man should boast”. Eph. 2,8, and 9. We believe he was most certainly a child of God, and his spirit is now basking in Heavenly Glory in the arms of Jesus forever more. “ By their fruits we shall know them”.

He was “ the little man that lived in the house beside the road, and was at peace with mankind”. He lived his entire life in the Hurley and Union City Communities, and will be laid to rest about one mile from where he was born 98 years, 10 months and 11 days ago. He was predeceased by immediate family;

Father—James Harvey Gold. September 6, 1940
Son-in-law—Harold Belle Wright, February 3, 1945
Mother—Rozella, January 29, 1950
Great Grandson---Keith Gold
Son—Cecil Gold, Sept. 24, 1965
Son-in-law Ralph Hilton, May 2, 1967
Brother—Virgil Gold, June 6, 1967
Wife—Virgie Mae, March 18, 1973
Great Granddaughter, Mary Michelle Ellerman, July 6, 1973
Daughter -in-law—Ruby Gold, August 13, 1978
Son—Ellis Dale Gold, June 19, 1984
Brother—Lon Gold—June 9, 1991 (updated from here down)
Sister—Ida Burkhardt, July 2, 1994
Sister-in-law-Mary Gold, April 17, 1995

His survivors are:
Son—James Ray Gold, R#1, Billings, MO.
Son—Billy Joe Gold, Galena, Kansas
Daughter—Louella (Gold) Dulin, Brookline, MO.
10 Grandchildren
15 great-grandchildren
12 GR-GR- Grandchildren
The above record of Clarence Gold was written by his daughter; Louella (Gold) Dulin

Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold
By Louella (Gold) Dulin

Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold, wife of Clarence Gold and mother of Cecil, James Ray, Ellis Dale, Louella, and Billy Joe Gold.

As a wife and mother she certainly did her share. She had energy that just didn’t quit. Dad worked as a mechanic in the garage at Hurley, and was away from home long hours every day. So Mom had full care of five rowdy kids most of the time. That wasn’t always easy as the three oldest ones were boys. In the 1930’s during the rough drought years every body had a rough time. Dad did bring home his salary, but Mom did a lot of hard work also. Made a garden, canned everything she could come by. Made lye soap, hominy and mince meat to can. Picked blackberries, gooseberries and huckleberries to can and make cobblers and jellies. She made the best pie crust ever for cobblers and pies. She was an excellent cook and we were hearty eaters. Mom always worked in the tomato canning factory every fall to buy clothes for us to go to school. She also helped label the cans of tomatoes. They were labeled by hand and she was one of the faster workers. The weather was usually getting colder by the time they labeled to the cans to ship to market. I’ve seen her hands break open and bleed from the cold and the glue that would get on her fingers, I know that she paid for my high school class ring from money she earned doing that. Mom joined the Primitive Baptist Church in about 1925 and never wavered from her faith of “Salvation alone by the Grace of God.”

She was a member of the WPFA Farm Club at Hurled for many, many years. I think so many times about how she kept clean white sheets on all the beds. After each meal the dishes were washed and a clean white towel was hung up. After lunch every day the kitchen was mopped. Mom was a good neighbor, Always there to help out in sickness or when a new baby was to be delivered. If she heard of a family that had lost their home by fire, she would fill her car with quilts and canned food and go to their aid. She always had a car to drive and went whereever she wanted to go. She was able to take the lead and get things done. She always seemed to know what needed to be done whereever she was in the community. Whereever she was supposed to go she was NEVER LATE.

In about 1940 Dad built a garage at home and was self-employed. The kids were getting married. Dale joined the Army for the duration of World War 11. Rural electricity came. Dad helped in the garden and things got easier for mom. Billy, being five years younger, was there to help. He was a good boy. Ray was the one to do the carpenter work. They had a new car. Mom still went to the Farm Club and to the beauty shop every week and had money to buy clothes for herself and always looked nice when she went somewhere. She died March 18,1973. When I think of all that hard work. It seems hard to me. She got it done and never complained. I still hate to pick blackberries and stem gooseberries.

Cecil Gold
Son of Clarence and Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold
By Ray Gold

Cecil Gold was born November 18, 1917, two miles north of Hurley, In Stone County, MO., where Dad and Mom lived when they first married and started house keeping. Our parents never moved around very much. In about 1920 they moved to Union City and lived a few months then in about 1921 they moved to Hurley where we lived during the early and middle 1920’s. Then on May 10, 1927 we moved to the place where we lived and grew up 3 miles east of Hurley, and Dad and Mom lived out their lives there. Cecil went to grade school at Hurley for about 3 years. Then after we moved to the little farm east of Hurley, he finished grade school at Henry School, which was near our home. I believe he attended Hurley High School for a short time, but did not complete high school.

When Cecil was very young, probably around 3 years old we were at our Uncle Lon’s where he was cutting cane hay with a horse drawn mower. Cecil went into the edge of the cane field and was almost out of sight. Uncle Lon came around on the mowing machine and didn’t see Cecil in the cane until he mower had already hit him on the legs. He had real bad scars on his legs for the rest of his life. He never limped and if it ever bothered him after he grew up I never heard him mention it.

When we live at Hurley on the Ray Robb place. Cecil was bare footed and stepped on a garden rake that was upside down, one of the teeth nearly came out the top of his foot. It also healed all right.

Cecil and Gilbert Daum were real good friends and run around together. One night in about 11937 they were in Dads car coming toward Hurley from the west, as they rounded a curve they went in the ditch and the car turned over. That happened about one fourth mile west of the Hurley High school, Gilbert lost his life in that accident.

On July 16, 1938 Cecil married Lucille Sims. They lived most of the time in the Flood Settlement east of the Hooton Town Bridge in Stone County, MO. They had a son; Ronald Lee Gold, who was born September 22, 1941 near Union City, MO.

Ronald Lee married and had 2 children, Keith and Denise Gold. Keith died at about age ten and is buried in Springfield, MO.

Denise lives in Minnesota at this date, 1999.

Ronald Lee Gold was then divorce from his first wife and went to live in Kansas City, MO., where he married and had two girls; Tina and Cindy Gold. Ronald Lee then divorce his 2nd wife and resides in Springfield, MO. His two youngest daughters also lives in Springfield.

Cecil and Lucille were divorced and Lucille married George Stokes and they reside in Springfield.

Cecil later went to Idaho and worked with his brother, Dale, who had married and made his home there. They both worked building roads and dams in the area.

Still later Cecil came back to Missouri and stayed pretty close to Mom and Dad. He was a good mechanic and helped Dad in the garage there at home. He also helped Dad make brooms. He was the only one of us boys that learned to make brooms. He also had a sheep-shearing machine, and did custom work shearing sheep in the area. He was well liked by all who knew him. He liked to fish and often went to James River to set limb lines and stay all night on the river. ON September 24, 1965 Cecil and Blaine Long went fishing, they were in Cecil’s 1954 Chevy. It was late at night and a little chilly when they were turning around at the Purd Cox corner about 2 miles east of Hurley, the back wheels were in the ditch with the exhaust pipe against the bank. They went to sleep in the car and left the motor running. They both died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cecil is buried in the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, in the same plot with Mom, Dad, Virgil (Dad’s brother) and his wife Mary Gold.

James Ray Gold
Son of Clarence and Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold

James Ray Gold was born August 27, 1919 about 2 miles north of Hurley, in Stone County, Missouri. I attended grade school 2 years at Hurley, then we moved to about 3 miles east of Hurley, where I went to Henry School that was near where we lived. I finished the 8th grade there and entered High School at Hurley, and graduated from the 12th grade in May of 1937.
I married Ruby Robinson, November 23, 1938 at Clever, Missouri. She was born August 28, 1919. I was only one day older than she was. She was born and raised about 5 miles northeast of Hurley, Missouri. She died August 13, 1978 of a heart attack in St. Johns Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. She is buried in the Wise Hill Cemetery, one mile north of Clever, in Christian County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Michael Jay and Reathel Evelyn (Keener) Robinson. Their children were; Freddie Ray, Edwin Dale, and Dixie Lea Gold.

Ruby Robinson was the daughter of Michael Jay and Reathel Evelyn Keener. The children of Michael Jay and Reathel Robinson were; Goldie Robinson. Ruby Robinson, and Clovis Robinson.

Goldie Robinson was born in June of 1917, she married Homer Hair who was a gr.-grandson of Winnie (Gold) Cavener, who was a sister of Thomas Gold. Ruby Robinson married James Ray Gold who was a gr-gr-grandson of Thomas Gold. Clovis Robinson, was born August 19, 1921, he married Irene Lumley, who was born August 19, 1925. They had a son (Jay Vester Robinson, who married a gr-gr- gr- grand daughter (Wilma Hanafin) of Thomas Gold. So, all three children of the Michael Jay Robinson and Reathel Keener are connected to the Thomas Gold family in one way or another.

Reathel Keener was a sister to Edward Keener who married Grace Saltkill, and they were the parents of Fern Keener who married Paul Hood. Fern is descended through Clementine Cavener, whose father was James Cavener, and he was a brother to Mary Jane Cavener who married Thomas Gold.
Grace (Saltkill) Keener, had a sister (Thelma Saltkill) who married Everett Letts, they had a daughter, Una, who married Floyd Langley and they had a son (Teddy) who married Rhonda Michelle Johnson, the daughter of Dixie Lea (Gold) Johnson, and Dixie is a gr-gr-gr granddaughter to Thomas Gold.

Freddie Ray Gold was born July 3, 1941 about one mile east of the Arch on the Howard Inman farm on James River east of Hurley, in Stone County, Missourl. He graduated from the Hurley High School in 1959. He took a job with the Brookshire Dental Lab. in Springfield. and was married to Patricia Reffit, July 2, 1960. She was born February 25, 1942. They had two children; Catherine Rebecca Gold, born March 16, 1962, and married John Rice, and they had one child. Tasha Rice, born June 29, 1985. Then they divorced and Cathy married Charley Willbanks, he was born January 26, 1959. Charley adopted Tasha. They had a son; Callen Tyler Willbanks, born July 31, 1988, and Seth Cody Willbanks, born March 8, 1997 at Cox South Hospital, Springfield, MO. They reside in Springfield 1999. Freddie and Pat still runs their own dental lab. In Springfield. Patricia Refitt was the daughter of “Bud” and Martha Refitt, they are both deceased, Cathy also helps in the dental lab. (1999)

Freddie Ray Gold Jr., was born May 22, 1965 in Springfield, MO. He married Ruth Willbanks, June 3, 1988. She was born January 11, 1966. She is a sister to Charley Willbanks who married Cathy Gold. They have a daughter; Emily Rae Gold, born February 15, 1998 in Springfield, Missouri. And a daughter; Mallory Brook Gold, born September 14, 2000. They are making their home near Highlandville, in Christian County, MO.

Edwin Dale Gold was born March 23, 1945 on the old home place 2 miles north of Hurley in Stone County, Missouri. He completed high school at Hurley. That is where he met his future wife; Mary Ann Ware. She was born September 3, 1945. They were married October 23, 1964. They had 2 children; Duane Eddie Gold, born June 12, 1967, and Dana Ann Gold born October 27, 1977 at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She is presently working for a Doctor.

Mary Ann Ware was the daughter of John and Ollie Ware. After they were married, he worked for a couple years in Springfield. Then went to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where he took a job in plastics, he still works at the same job and makes tooth brushes. Mary Ann works at a store which deals almost entirely in Sports merchandise.
Duane Eddie Gold married Heather Kik in June of 1987. They have two sons; Collin Nicholas Gold, born September 16, 1997, and Austin Taylor Gold, born April 29, 1995 in Wichita, Kansas. Duane is employed by the Wichita Police Department and Heather is a schoolteacher.
Dixie Lea Gold, born August 28, 1948, at Aurora, Missouri. She married Roger Johnson and they were the parents of Rhonda Michelle Johnson, born August 8, 1966 in Springfield, MO. She resides 2 miles west of Hurley where she owns her home. Rhonda Michelle Johnson married Teddy Langley. They had two sons; David Langley born April 27, 1985 at Cox South Hospital, in Springfield, MO. Daniel Langley was born November 20, 1991. They reside 2 miles east of Hurley, in Stone County, MO. They own and operate the Highway 13, Tire shop in Crane, MO.

Second, James Ray Gold married Doris June (Hutchins) Cowen, June 21, 1979. They were divorced May 2, 1980.Third, James Ray Gold married Barbara (Crowe) (Lewallen) Parsons, June 29, 1981 at Hurley, MO., by Rev. Orie Wright. They were divorced May 4, 1983. They re-married January 10, 1984. Then divorced again August 17, 1989. James Ray lives on the old home place (June, 8, 3000) where he was born August 27, 1919.

Written by Rhonda Michelle (Johnson) Langley as it appeared in the Crane Chronicle:

Grandma Ruby

I was 32 years old on August 8, 1998 but one memory really stands out in my mind. When I was twelve, my Grandma Ruby made my 12th birthday cake, she was 58 years old and had a lot of heart trouble. On the 13th day of August 1978, she died just five days after my 12th birthday. I was really close to my grandma, and spent a lot of time with her. In the corner of her yard she had a Rose of Sharon tree. I remember the pretty purple bloom. It was one of her favorites.

As time went on I now have a family of my own. We have moved three times in 13 years. But every house we moved to, I always planted a Rose of Sharon tree. Always around the 8th of August that tree will bloom. Maybe just fate, but I always know grandma is smiling down on me.

I want to dedicate this story to my mom, whose birthday is on the 28th day of August, the same day as Grandma Ruby, her mom.

Love to Grandma Ruby, Rhonda Langley

Ellis Dale Gold
Son of Clarence and Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold

Ellis Dale Gold was born September 1, 1921 in the first house north of Primitive Baptist Church in Hurley, Stone County, Missouri. He died June 19, 1984 in Sandpoint, Idaho. His remains were cremated and his ashes were spread over the mountain overlooking Sandpoint, Idaho. He went to Henry School near where we lived here in Stone County, Missouri. He finished the 8th grade there and then attended Hurley High School for a year or two, but did not complete the 12th grade. He volunteered for the US Army in September of 1940. He served through the North African and Italian campaigns. He was later flown down over the “Big Hump” and served in China until he was returned to the States in the summer of 1945.

He married Wretha Young in Harper, Oregon in 1942. Their children were; Virginia Dale, Juanita Irene, and Eddie Dean Gold.
Virginia Dale Gold was born July 21, 1946 in Salem, Oregon. She married Jeffrey Randy Christensen, April 26, 1953, He was born December 6, 1939. They had a daughter; Karen Renee, born October 21, 1963. She married Wayrd Cady, and they had a son Zachary Wayrd, born in 1984.

Juanita Irene Gold was born October 20, 1949 in Salem Oregon. She married John Edward Knowles, December 25, `967. They were divorced and had no children. Second, Juanita Irene married George Robinson. He was born August 28, 1948 in Moscow, Idaho. They had two children; Vanessa Diane, born June 9, 1973 in Moscow, Idaho. And Jessica Dawn, born Aug. 29, 1978 in Moscow, Idaho.

Eddie Dean Gold was born August 5, 1952 in Weiser, Idaho. He married Susan Elaine Clofford, November 12, 1976. She was born July 21, 1956. They had Justin Levi Gold, born in November of 1979.

Elaine had a son by a previous marriage, Jerime Joshua Clofford, born December 3, 1973.

Dale was a hard worker, he was a good person, and well liked by all who knew him. I believe that it may have been our Dad, who nicknamed him “Brownie” when Dale was just a small boy. He carried that name and was seldom known by any other name all of his life, especially after he made his home in Idaho. He never made his home in Missouri after he volunteered for the Army in September of 1940. He only came to visit four or five times in the last forty four years of his life. Dale and Wretha were later divorced and he married Louise ____. They made their home in Sandpoint, Idaho. Dale worked on construction until he was injured on the job. and then was retired on disability insurance.

He had his own small engine shop at his home in Sandpoint. He ran the shop as long as he was able. He died of cancer June 19, 1984, His three children all still live in Idaho and Oregon. We keep in contact with Juanita by e-mail. She lives at Moscow, Idaho. Eddie Dean lives in either Oregon or Washington. And Virginia I believe lives around Boise, Idaho.
Louella Gold
Daughter of Clarence and Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold.

Louella Gold was born August 1, 1924 at Hurley, Missouri. Louella attended the Henry School near our home east of Hurley. Then completed high school at Hurley. She married Harold Belle Wright, who was born April 21, 1921 in Hurley Township, Stone County, MO. He died of wounds received in action defending our country February 1945. He had been wounded February 3, 1945, taken prisoner by the German Government and died three days later near Feissenham, France. He was brought home for permanent burial in November of 1948 along with the remains of his two brothers who had been killed in action in the European Theatre of World War 11. All are buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Crane, Missouri. Louella and Harold had one son; Stephen Earl Wright, born January 7, 1943 in Hurley Township. He married Judith Greer of Marshfield, MO., in 1963. They were divorced without issue. Second Stephen Earl married Ruth Joan Getty, November 29, 1969 at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. They had one daughter, Laura Elizabeth Wright, then they divorced, Laura Elizabeth was born February 4, 1976 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Louella later married Ralph Hilton of Crane, Missouri on May 21, 1946 in Columbus, Cherokee County, Kansas by Judge David C. Graves. Ralph was born August 12, 1912 and died May 2, 1967 in St. Johns Hospital in Springfield, MO., as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage. He is buried in the Masonic Cemetery, Crane, Missouri. They had a daughter; Jeannie Sue Hilton born at Aurora, Missouri. She married Terry Wayne Ellerman of Springfield, Missouri, August 24, 1969. Terry was born November 21, 1946. They had Matthew M. Ellerman, born March 22, 197o in St. Johns Hospital, in Springfield, MO. And Mary Michelle Ellerman born in May of 1973 and died in July of 1973. She is buried in the Masonic Cemetery, at Crane, MO.

Louella’s third marriage was to William Harold Dulin of Route 2, Crane, Missouri. Harold was born September 10, 1923 in Greene County, Missouri. They lived for many years at his farm on James River east of Hurley, in Stone County, MO. He is a cattleman and a heavy equipment owner and operator.

In about 1995 Harold sold his farm on James River, and he and Louella built a new home near Brookline, Missouri, where Harold still has cattle and some heavy equipment, but is about ready to retire.

Billy Joe Gold
Son of Clarence and Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold
By Louella (Gold) Dulin

He was the youngest child of Clarence and Virgie Mae (Houser) Gold. I was not yet five years old when I got up one nice spring morning. Grandma Houser was there and Dad had not yet left to go to work, and they ask me to come and see what had arrived during the early morning hours. They took me my mother’s bed and there in her arms was this little baby brother. Dr. Doggett was probably the attending physician. It was about mid morning when Grandma Gold came and Doggett the oldest boys as Dad had taken them to her house to spend the night. I can remember the night we were together to choose a name for the new baby. Our oldest brother, Cecil wanted to name him Clovis. After some discussion we settled on Billy Joe. I don’t know who chose the name. (Probably Mom) Billy was born April 20, 1929.

Since he was five years younger, he kinda had to fit in wherever he could. He was a little chubby, toe headed kid, and did get his share of attention. Mom always heated wash water outside in a big iron kettle, with a fire built under it. One wash day (which she always did on Monday) she had finished the wash, hanged the clothes on the line, shoved the kettle over and left the coals to die down. It was getting around 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Billy was a barefoot boy of about three years, playing around the yard, we were all outside when we heard Billy let out a terrible scream, and Mom found him where he had walked into that bed of smoldering coals and hot ashes. He was standing there until she lifted him out, and got his feet doctored. Seems they healed fast, and he says he hasn’t suffered any adverse effects from it over the years. We all went to the Henry Grade Country School. There were four in Billy’s first grade class that graduated from the eighth grade and went on to Hurley High School and graduated together. They were; Doris Jean Leath, Cleta Bell Wright, Elnora Gold, and Billy Joe Gold.

The rest of the kids were already married or gone from home when he started to high school. We were all wrapped up in our lives and didn’t really know much about what was going on with him. But he didn’t have it too rough there alone with Mom and Dad. Of course he was their baby boy. Times weren’t quite so hard and he had some things that the rest of us kids didn’t have. He was always a good worker. He was 17 years old in April and graduated from high school in May, and got married in August. That was in 1946, so you see he got his nose to the grindstone fast. But he never shirked his duty as a family man. If they had a house that needed fixing or remodeled he fixed it up. He always did his own carpenter work, also his own mechanic work.

He married August 29, 1946 to Margaret Easley, her folks had moved into the area. They were Lester and Nora Easley. Mr. ‘Easley was a Nazarine Minister and had accepted a call to pastor the (Little Racket) Crossroads Church, one mile south of Union City, MO., close to where we lived. Billy and Margaret lived for a short time on a place that Dad Owned, just down the road from where Mom and Dad Lived. It was during that time that he worked for the Hurley Farmers Exhange. He drove a truck and delivered feed. In September 1949 the Easleys had moved to Baxter Springs Kansas. Margaret had went to visit them and stay a few days. It was while she was there that their only child decided to make her appearance into the world. Billy got word and soon was on his way to be with them. Margaret Joe “Marjo” Gold was born in September of 1949. It wasn’t long before Billy and Margaret moved to Baxter Springs where her folks lived. That is where Billy has remained through his life, but he never forgot his family at home in Stone County, Missouri. He has never failed to come home on a regular basis. We are all thankful for that. There is only three of us left now and we all have become very close.

In 1950 Billy started to work for Eagle pitcher in Galena, Kansas, and worked there for 16 years. He worked one and a half years for Gulf Oil Company where he was a welder. In 1967 he started work for B.F. Goodrich Rubber Company, at Miami, Oklahoma, where he was in maintenance. In 1986 the plant closed, he had a good job there. He received a good retirement and health care plan. At the time Goodrich closed he was 57 years old and undecided for awhile what he wanted to do. He worked in Parsons Kansas a couple of years. That was a long daily drive and he soon decided to give it up and take retirement and work at home. He finds old tractors or some good classic cars, takes them apart, rebuilds and puts a new coat of paint on and he’s got a quick sale, however he does it more as a hobby than for profit. He makes garden, and keeps his place neat and clean.

Billy never smoked or drank, and I never heard him use profanity, but he does chew tobacco sometimes. About the only thing he ever done besides work was enjoy a motorcycle. He always had a nice Harley Davidson to ride to work. Or he and Margaret would go on short trips together.

Margaret unexpectedly passed away in her sleep October 16, 1980 and is buried in Baxter Springs, Kansas.

March 22, 1982 Billy married Carolyn Tauer. They built a new home and live just out of Galena, Kansas. Marjo lives nearby, she has two children and two grandchildren.

In the spring of 1994 Billy was told he had a cancer on his neck, the doctor told him that it to come out. He was operated on and believed it is taken care of. He took reaction and it caused Billy a lot of pain and loss of his taste, but now he is gaining back most of his taste and gaining back his weight and is doing quite well.

Margaret Jo “Marjo” Gold was born September 12, l949 in Baxter Springs, Kansas. She married Tony Baily, January 15, 1972 in Baxter Springs, Kansas. They have two children; Steven Keith Baily, born December 20, 1970. And Tracy Baily, born July 1, 1973.

Lon Gold
Son of James Harvey Gold

Lon Gold was the son of James Harvey and Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold. He was born October 2, 1893 in Christian County, Missouri. In about 1894 Harvey and Rozella Minerv Gold moved their family from one half mile west of Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Christian County, Missouri, to Stone County and settled down less than a mile west of Union City, Missouri. Where they raised their family and lived out their lives there. Lon was about six months old when they moved from Christian County.

He was married to Vest Jewel Melton, October 3, 1914 in Springfield, Missouri. Vesta was the daughter of Jess and Mary Francis (Cook) Melton. She was born January 12, 1900, and died January 20, 1983 and was buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, south of Clever, Missouri. Lon Gold died June 9, 1991 at the age of 97 years, just 10 days after his brother, Clarence Gold had died May 30, 1991 at the age of 98. Their sister; Ida (Gold) Burkhardt died July 2, 1994 at the age of 95, and their sister; Joyce died March 10, 1999 at the age of 97. Their brother; Virgil died June 6, 1967 at the age of 71, he had been in poor health since he returned from World War 1, and he died of service connected illness.

Lon and Vesta Gold lived their entire married lives ¼ mile west of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. Their children were; Wm. Everett, Bonnie Irene, Albert Wesley, Anna Lea, Zelda Louise, Jessie Mae, Mary Elfreida, and James Earl Gold. Lon and Vesta are both buried in the Mt. Carmel Cemetery south of Clever, Missouri.

Lon Gold – The Mule Skinner
By Ray Gold

Lon Gold was the son of James Harvey and Rozella Minerva (Garoutte) Gold. He was born October 2, 1893 in Christian County, MO., where he lived in the same neighborhood, around Union City, all of his life. He was a good man, and a good farmer, and has done a lot of hard work. He is probably the best teamster “Mule Skinner” that ever lived in these parts. He broke mules for his neighbors and they always got a premium for them at farm sales, etc. He was very highly respected by all who have met him. He loved to talk about, and tell stories of how he used to work his horses and mules. He also likes to talk about his younger days, and tell about his hunting trips and so forth.

In the winter of 1987-1988, I went to his home and told him I had come to see him, and to get him to tell me of his experiences as a “Mule Skinner”, and other old stories that he would like to tell me about.

He understood that I was recording what he said, so I let him do the talking. To fully appreciate what he was saying, you really need to know the man. He could tell it like no one else that I know of. He was 94 years old at the time, pretty sharp, and enjoyed telling how it was. I enjoyed it very much, I thought that younger people also might like to hear the way it was. I got him started talking by asking him a question and this is what he had to say;

Q. You plowed corn how long?

How long?

Yeah, when did you start plowing corn?

A.  Ever since I was 9, but I don’t know when I quit, probably when I was 85. I had corn right over here and the last time I sold it for a dollar a bushel, and I have sold corn for $2.25, and they hauled it. I mean in the shuck. The last I had I sold, I mean what I sold. I Sold Blansits 300 bushel and he wanted me to haul it, and he jest give me a dollar. Course I ask him more, but he wouldn’t give it. It cost to haul it to Ozark. O of course we don’t have to mention about the other feller on that I sold corn for $2.25 and Frank White hauled it to Will Cook form over there, and he gave him. 25. A bushel. But Blansit wouldn’t even pay the other dime.

Yeah, did you and Dad and Virgil all plow corn there together.?

Yeah—We have, but we was a gittin up maybe 12 or 13 then, when we all worked together. Maybe 10 or 14, or 15. One time we had 19 or 20 rows apiece a half a quarter long. Dad and me and Virg was a plowin’ with a double shovel, and Fred Gutherie come along, and he curled up over in the shade. I think we was a laying the corn by, it was big. He wanted dad to sign up to set grandma out, she was running the place there then, when grandma died. I guess Fred set there in th shade and talked to Dad for two hours. Away along in the evening, the sun was low, dad’s mule was a standin there in the shade. He said—you boys will have to help me, just on account of that one guy, of course that didn’t amount to nothin’, cause dad wasn’t a gonna sign up to set her out.                Who was it now, they were gonna set out.?

Grandma Gold—after Grandpa died. Greene was a commin’ in before long he said –to take the place over, he was supposed to have bought it. He stayed up there for several years. But that was on a Saturday evening that Fred come along, and he just pulled off his hat, and set back in the shade and talked to dad for two hours or more, So dad lost out on plowin corn.

Fred , who?

Fred Guthrie,--he married Pauline, younger than Eliza, not Eilza, Jane. Pauline was the last girl and I never did have any use of r Fred Gutherie. He lived right over there where Clarence Estes had that place, north of Burkhardt’s. He come over here and that is what he wanted. Anyway he was a wantin to divide up , dis move’er out and divide up. Dad wouldn’t do it.

You’ns helped him plow his corn.

Yeah, we helped ‘em and it was a gettin’ late when we got his twenty rows. The rows was a half a quarter long. I don’t guess he plowed over a half dozen rows. But we plowed ‘em after we got our’n done.

Didn’t you’ens useds to cut wood down where I now live. ?
Wood—ha, ha. We cut a lot a post and saw logs. We’d drag em up there where that woman lived along the hillside by the ditch. Dad would notch the trees and we would saw em down. We’d drag em with a team on wheels just hoist th end up, hook the chain up behind th axle, a tongue on that two wheels. That s the way we logged then, and I have helped haul a lot a logs. Put em on a wagon, you’d think how would you load em back then. Take two skid poles and hook a chain on em, we had the pole were it would stay where you put it—hook one chain over here and the other over on the other end. One end of th pole would stick off about that far. Hook the chain on to the log and it just go rollin up the skid poles. Th poles was about 12ft long er how ever long we wanted em. The poles wouldn’t sag much. An we loaded em on trucks that way, with a team. Down there at Marshall Barnett’s, we went down there to help em across the big ditch down there that goes past the Livingston Spring there. The ditch was big there, we was on the north side ,or northeast side of the ditch. They couldn’t get up there to load em, We put em across tha ditch, and it was about this deep, and they teamed em on down we loaded em on a high wheel wagon, but was unhandy, we used one low wheel wagon, and hauled three big logs, an it got awful muddy right in there, thaw’in out in th spring below th pond. GeorgeWhite, and  Uncle Bill White, and Uncle Billy Gold, and Childers and two or three more was there at th mill. Virg mired down to the axle before we got quite to where we was a goin. They said you’ll never get out a there, said they been lots of em hung up there. We said we’ll see whether we can or not, ha, ha. I took my team off of th one log rig—an my double trees I hooked em on front of him. We had two good pullin team, old Uncle Billy said he never seen nuthin like that , We pulled em on down to where he uz a goin. Course I had mine on wheels and I went right through it.

I can tell you a different tale than that. You knew Ellis Cloud , didn’t you, Yeah, He said he had farmed all his life, Him and Beard Inman was a settin in their big Studebaker, the springs set this away, across the front. He said if I’d go out yonder north of Schucks house, Theys a pond out by th road jest a little off, It was in February—thaw out and gets awful soft in there. That was back before the blacktop I was taken the team to Billings, I had sold um, I had th harness on em. I pulled in behind em. Ellis was mired to the axle. He said I’ll go see if I can borrow a pair of double trees, if you thin you can pull me out. I already had em harnessed, I was a sellin the team but not the harness . I said jest wait a minute, maybe you won’t have to borrow no double trees. I didn’t have single trees or nuthin but I had a big rope in th buggy we was a ridein in and a leadin the team . I led one of em around there and tied the end of the rope into the hame run it around through th car spring and back to the other hame an it in the ring. Didn’t have any single tree to hook with the tugs. They are still a settin in th car, it was all muddy there. He says, it’ll take two teams to get me out. Well I said, us see if it will. I hooked that mule on there without any single tree, right down pretty close, I think my rope was about twenty foot long. But I put it around through them springs. That proved to him that I knew something to try, His teams always went runnin up a hill, I’ve seen down there in a run, Big ole horses, they done lots a haulin’ I pulled him out of the mud. She was a pullin—jest dropped in th harness and went to see if it would move. Them ole Studebakers had a double windshield up there, ye know, up front. Ye could take up the lower part or lower the top one, I just tilted that one up, an drove em on in there with one mule, about to that house that used to be right over there. I think it burned down. I forgot who had that then. That;s where he was a goin to borrow a double tree –jest pulled em out with one mule. I said now ye can git your double tree. I pulled em into a garage in Billings that a way, jest drove right in. One mule pulled that heavy car outa that mud, then wouldn’t run, he couldn’t start it. But I asked him when I hooked on if he had any brakes, he said yes and I said we’ll need it to kinda hold it back. We pulled em on into Billings that way. The feller that bought th team, said I never seen anything like that. There was half dozen older guys in the garage, they said I never seen team come in ahead of a car. They was a seein things that they never had seen before.

Another time—we’ve had all kinds of wrecks an everything that was dangerous. I was down at Hurley, but I wasn’t a usin the team then- that day. Johnnie Carr Said they are goin to have a pullin’ contest down there at Hooton Town, Saturday and if you’ll come down and bring your team, I’ll show you that I can out pull you. If he hadn’t a said that one word I wouldn’t a went. well I jest went down there, Virg and me with the mares hooked to th buggy—had my double trees in the buggy—led th team. They pulled five teams—un none uv em pulled a wagon with 25 men in it with all our wheels locked—had a pole through th spokes, So th wheels wouldn’t turn, back en’s or front en’s. ye couldn’t turn it or nuthin—ye had to pull straight. When they quit they give me th money.

Frank Carr lived up here at Clever, and Johnny the old man said them mules won’t pull, when I drove around over th tongue-he was jest standin there-lookin-they (mule) wasn’t afraid of no one though, him and his son-in-law and another one was a standin right in front of em-maybe two feet, I guess he was gonna try to keep them from pullin. The team that he was gonna sho me—Frank was a driven. When they quit they give me th money, I pulled em maybe four feet, and nobody else moved it, Clarence Burton and Charlie Burton was th judges, there wasn’t no argument to it—they jest said give him th money and I give em three pulls. They’d get ahold of it, and feel of it before they started walkin, th other teams was a trying to walk with it. You’ve got to see what it is like, Johnny Carr—he said I come to see if I could buy your team. I said I need em right now, I need em to sow wheat- I was a workin wheat ground then. You know that feller lived in there west of Ponce-somewhere- he rode up here four trips- he offered to buy em again-he said he come to buy em/ they was sisters-on uv em was four and the other one was five, and I told him I still need em when he come. The fourth time he come I sold em to him. Frank Carr could tell today if he is still alive, I guess he is. But he is like myself—he can’t hear very good. He said that is the best team we ever had they had three teams then, and the one’s he was gonna sho me -one would shoot ahead and then the other one-they never done nuthin- they never got down to pulled it to see how heavy is was-he’ll tell you that. He said that was the best team he ever seen. They was jest alike, one uv em wasn’t Quite as heavy as the other one but was a year younger. I had another pair-but I never told him, that I was gonna work break em O, I had a good mare that I could hook on to help them young mules to get over them hills. You’d think what would you do between hills—I’d jest leave em hitched-she’d idle along goin down hill and when ever I’d hit the next grade she’d begin to tighten up-don’t you see?, and she could pull as much as the mules by her-she was th best un I ever seen, ye could hook er any where, an I broke them mules by her side. You could hook er anywhere. She’d hold—she was a cow horse-she’d pull by the saddle. Clarence was coming up th lane from the south of Burton’s on this side of Burton’s, he was down there at the foot of the hill, he might uv told you, he couldn’t get his car to run. He said if he could get it to where it started down hill, I might get it started. I was a horseback and had the saddle buckled down pretty tight. I says I can give ye a life-an I pulled him on u p the hill there to the road, put-near to it. An we pushed em on out in the road. To stay out of the way, and he had it started, He said that mare can’t pull that with her saddle. I told him if the saddle stayed on I could. But sold him the team too cheap, sold un for $400.00 the cost me three hundred when bought em. But I had to break em. I didn’t get enough for what I had done, when I sold em, but I got $400.00.

Them that I had hooked on the car when they was marred up, one of em was afraid of a stranger-they had a half sister, and they was afraid of anybody-er that un was-if you ever come too close on a windy day. I had 60 bushel of shelled corn on up there at Union City. I was a goin to turn to go toward Elmer Estes- an I was a haulin fer him—that was up at th mill, Jack Hale and Will Cook was a buy’en mules-he had -it was awful windy and awful cold that time-blowin like everything, and he had a old overcoat on-an he walked up toward that mule—like he was gonna see how tall she was -he didn’t ever touch her, an I said stay back Jack, about that time she kicked at him with both feet-and as she came-with a narrow track wagon an it might nigh turned over-as she come around that other mule -an I was a settin thereon th spring seat-with a -she throwed that wagon I a lock-but I could hold em. I got em stopped. He told -in a few days after that -that he was awful glad he didn’t get that mule, he had on th old coat almost ripped it off uv him-but she missed him with both feet. I guess it was cause I was a holdin her. I knew what she’d do. He claims he was glad he didn’t get her. He liked $10.00 then a bidden what I ask em . But he had already seen em down at Hurley-he had me to take em in down there and weigh em there at the scales. They wasn’t nothin to that-cause he didn’t buy em. Then he come up here like he was gonna give me my price. I ask him $600.00. He was the cause uv em not buyin em. In walkin up there that windy time with that ole coat a blowin. Along that afternoon I was a startin on that field it is rough off down there too, make a drill wobble-th rocks-I said about a day and a half, ah he said you can never do that -it’s never been done on my place, drill sixteen acre a day with a eight hole drill a day and a half-of twenty four acres - would be one half of sixteen acres in it. He sewed part of a evening an I sewed all day the next day-you see he’d take two swathes to my one with the seeder. He told me when I started he didn’t tell him I’d drill sixteen acres a day-an I pulled out of there the next evening before sundown, an it was in the fore part of October He says I want to tell you one thing- I says OK-he says there ain’t a skip in it, he was a watchin me real close. Most of the people would herd the team-I was a driven em- I drilled that field when he said it never had been done in a day and a half. But I wasn’t supposed to drill it. I got Ben to harrow ahead of me-while I sewed twenty acres right over there. But when I went up there he said you hook on to the drill and I will harrow. That wasn’t the deal he made he said he’d harrow ahead of me and I’d harrow ahead of him. It kept him busy harrowing that was the heaviest drill I ever pulled- eight hole-an Bob said they ain’t a skip in it. You know-I know where to drive and most uv em don’t. I drilled it back and forth right up and down the way the road runs the way I come in. The wheel track you know ain’t got no grain in it , th mule goin that way -run his right foot- the right side of em-in that track, and when they come back the left hand mule would do th same thing. You see, that in order to put a seeder mark in the track drill it-not leave it-he said they ain’t a skip in it.I was jest a tellin ye that them fellers like that was a learnin things, He went around tellin people that I was the best hand to drill that he ever saw-course with a tractor you could do that-and a lot more.

I worked up there in Iowa for awhile-put near six months-workin for a doctor on a farm, the ole woman stayed out at the place, she was 70 something-she says you’ll have to watch them horses, they’ve not been worked for two weeks. An I said I’ll be watchin em. She put me to plowin with five head-three next to the plow and two in front. Thats what I done—an when I got that 140 acres plowed, she said now I want you to harrow it both ways—with a spike harrow—you can slope the teeth any way you want to,--a 20 footer—an she says I’ll get you a trailer to hook on behind it—to ride on. But she never did come out with it. I harrowed over 600 acres—twice, before I planted it and twice after, 75 acres of oats- as I harrowed it once before, and twice after sewed it and harrowed it again to cover the oats. They had endgate seeders then—you’d jest shovel in a hopper and start your team, th wheel had a sprocket on it-wagon wheel—I harrowed 85 acres a day-it wasn’t all together—I mean it wasn’t all six days in a row, but I put in six days a harrowin-an I planted th corn. She come out—said she had 15 bushels of seed corn. Planted from two to five grains to th hill, I used 17 bushell of seed corn.and I planted 28 acres a day—you can add that up, it took me five days –ye can divide that by 140 and you’ve got 28 acres a day, with a team. But all this other that was about—except th plowin—two bottom with five horses on it. Now I seen if you hit a tight rock up there you’re gonna go somewhere. You see a bare place out there in the field-you want to begin to hold em back , or get a hold of something too. But it throwed me on the double trees two different times—and that’ll put a kink in your back. I’ve seen th plow jest standin upon the rock jest wigglin- and would have turned either way.  got up-Course th team jest stood there. I wuz, jest tellin’ ye though how people is—was then. She never did bring me th cart to ride on.

Everbody else around –you cold see em-them—they was a ridin—I was a walkin, harrowing 85 acres a day. I think that is one reason my feet and legs played out, but they didn’t bother me then.

You’re already 94, ain’t you?

about 29

I mean how old are you , now.


Is your birthday October, 2?

October 2, yeah.

Be hard to get it done like that now, wouldn’t it?


Be hard to get it done like that now, wouldn’t it?

Do What?

Be hard to get somebody now.

You can’t get em, fer nuthin-they’ve learned a different way.

The ole lady had a daughter there-she’d been married -but not then. They cried when I left and there was two or three others come-from around there-come to see if I wanted to work any longer. I told em no I didn’t believe I would.

I went 80 rods right down th fence row and tree’s one at a time. Harve Wade wanted to go a huntin with me-right down there on th hillside where Charles Mitchell was on-th side of th ditch. The dogs tree’d in th ground. It was awful cold that night-frosty-an I could jest barley reach th skunks by gettin down in the wide part of the hole and reachin back in th hill side-get-down -reachin with that shoulder-get em by th tail-ha ha, they always had that end toward you-an I told him to hold that toe sack open an I’d bring em out and put em in -one at a time.-he was all worked up-an he says how many did you get, I says, six and a big opposum to boot-all in one hole. When we got up here, I emptied em in a big wooden box. I jest took th sack and poured em in. He was a mail carrier, I noticed he begin to sneeze and cough and then he got sick. He said don’t them things make you sick?, I said, no, but he was a gettin sick when I poured em out. He never went on no mail route the next day—ha, ha, ha.What do you think of that?--he wasn’t able-he really got a dose of it.

Right up south of your house-me and Virg was a cuttin timber—I might have told you—they was a big black oak about this big, maybe bigger-it was good for tree wood er something, it wasn’t any good fer a saw log, But away up there 25 or 30 feet they was a big holler place in the side of the tree. Th dog tree’d, but began to dig at the bottom of th tree. Virg said what is he barkin and diggin down there for,? I said, he’s tree’d. You know them things will go up there and come down and make em a bed right in there. We jest chopped a hole to the holler, and they was two of the biggest black lookin opposums, they wasn’t gray-ye ever seen an we pulled em out- I sold em Walt Davis , when he was a buyin furs. Th best skunk that he ever bought-he said-he jest had a little white about the size of your finger nail-in front-he was black-he was big-he was fat. He says I’m gonna give ten cents extra, and he never had paid over $1.00 he said. He was a buyin for that store there then.

What was the fellers name?

Where at-at Hurley?

Yeah-I often thought of that- a feller couldn’t give but a dime more. He said it was the best en he ever seen, and I sold to Charlie Wolfe when he was a buyin up at Clever.

That fellers name was Charlie Wolfe, wasn’t it.

NO, Charlie Hicks, an he give me $75.00 for what I had penned-he’d buy em an take em with him. I didn’t have to dress em. What do you think of that? NO I never did get sick on skunks-but I’ve had my eyes full.

Harve Wade, he got sick and begin to vomit—said don’t then things make you sick? I told him they never did. Ha, ha, ha.

One time I pulled a skunk out of a hole down here on the Livingston place-un they was two or three guys with me-one of um sided up to me and got a hold of me and says -get back- I’m sick and he fainted- he fell flat on his back-I’m sick and he fainted-he fell flat on his back. When I brought that skunk out-that was Fred Youngs’ brother-don’t guess you ever knowed him-Lawrence Young-he said get back and give me some air-he fell flat on his back-ha. ha.

But I seen the biggest coach whip one time-down at your dad’s along there they used to be a bluff there, before they cut it out a little along th road. Christmas Eve-what do you think about a snake a bein out then? He got in there before we got it. I was a cuttin a little tree about that big- I had tomatoes on the south end of Chastain’s place when he had that over-yander-by the rock house-on down-far and Dean-Sanford Dean was workin on the Molly Wright place-on th west side of her place. I was on the Chastain place, on th south end. I’d chopped my tree down-it was in th way about 10 or 12 foot from the fence on the Chastain place from where Dean was workin on the Molly Wright Place uh cuttin wood. The leaves was a cummin out pretty good, anyway that warm, I wuz jest wantin’ to cut it it out. I wuz jest a fixin to bull tongue that ground. But all at once -they wuz a big coach whip fell out of that tree-dis right down by me and th dog that was with me-an he bayed em. He kinda coiled up-when he got down, ole man Dean seen it, when he come out where I wuz. He said that thing wanted you to run-he wuz a coach whip-had about that much red on his tail. I wasn’t about to run. I jest reached over and chopped his head off about that far back from the end-that wuz all of it. But he said it wanted you to run-was the reason he done that- I didn’t know that he was in the tree an I hung em on th fence, and it was about 39 inches an a barb or two, and tail and head laid out on the ground. It must been four or five foot fence-but he wanted you to run, well I told em I wasn’t about to run, ha, ha, ha. But I seen , did you ever see a hoop snake?? NO, a hoop snake-got a horn on em-back there about that far from es tail. Ma (his mother) and me wuz a pickin some gooseberries or sumptin back yander-way back over on Hanafin (Leonard

Hanafin) where Hanafin was in there-kinda second growth-a lot of leaves on the ground. That darn thing came down by Ma-an jest kinda hit her dress an he had th leaves a buzzin-an I looked around and it was a hoop snake an his hoop was about that wide apart, I mean round.

About two foot?


About two feet?

About three or four-anyway was about this far off the ground-I mean th upper part of em, as he went by, and he went by- I mean th upper part uv em , as he went by he wus jest a buzzin. That one I didn’t get, ha, ha, ha. But I did get the coach whip. But they claim them things el horn ye, horn ye leg-but he jest hit er dress. An they make enough noise in th leaves that you can hear it. I heard em a coming and I looked around and he wuz past. He wuz a dark color-an that is all I know. They claim they got a horn-but I didn’t see th horn. If he wuz a wantin to horn her, he come close to gettin her-jest got er dress. He’s the only one I ever seen in a tomato patch, they don’t want to smell the vines, I guess.

Lon---Do you have any horses?

Ray—No, no I haven’t got any.

The reason I ast-if you ever had one er seen anybody that did, if a horse gets kicked an his leg swells up-let me tell ye how to cure it, if it ain’t broke-get ye some lye soap an plaster it o there-put it in hot water and kinda mush it up like chewing gum-and plaster th swollen part-all down-where th swellen is. I had a mare that had been kicked-an I put lye soap on it. Ye know th reason I done that-No, It draws the swellen out-an it won’t take th hair off-that’s the reason- liniment might.

Lon Gold died June 9, 1991 at the age of 97, just 10 days after his brother, Clarence, had died at the age of 98. A sister, Ida (Gold) Burkhardt died , July 2, 1994 at the age of 95, and Joyce Gold, their sister died at the age of 97, March 10, 1999. Their brother Virgil Gold died in 1967 at the age of 71, He was a veteran of WW1, and suffered from service connected illness.

William Everett Gold
Son of Lon and Vesta (Melton) Gold

Everett Gold was born April 7, 1917 near Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. He died April 23, 1985 in Stone County, MO. He married Ruth Ellen Tuttle, December 24, 1937 at Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. Ruth was born September 21, 1917, and died September 1, 1979. They are both buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery near Clever, in Christian County, MO.

They were the parents of two daughters. Barbara Joan and Doris Jean Gold.

Joan was born February 5, 1942, she married Carl Rex Cox. They had a daughter; Shawn Darby Cox, born July 30, 1979. Doris Jean was born August 29, 1948 at Aurora, Missouri. She married Dale Leroy Foster, he was born August 20, 1943. They were divorced. They were the parents of Larry Dale Foster, born March 18, 1964. Second, Doris Jean married Jerry Lee Arterberry, who was born September 21, 1943.

Bonnie Irene Gold
Daughter of Lon and Vesta Gold

Bonnie Irene Gold was born November 20, 1919 and died December 15, 1919, and is buried in the Molly Wright Cemetery, one mile south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri.

Albert Wesley Gold
Son of Lon and Vesta (Melton) Gold

Albert Wesley Gold was born November 20, 1920 and died December 12, 1979, he is buried in Molly Wright Cemetery, one mile south of Union City in Stone County, Missouri. He married Iva Rutledge at Ozark, Missouri, August 12, 1941, they were divorced without issue. Second Albert married Wilma Louise Letts, August 20, 1949. Their children were; Dorothy Louise, Linda Faye, Judy Ann, Brenda Kay, and Wesley Eugene Gold. Albert Wesley Gold was a veteran of World War 2, he served in the European Theatre of war.

Dorothy Louise Gold was born November 14, 1949. She married Dwayne Ralph Edwards, September 12, 1947. And they had two children; Keith Edward’s April 6, 1971 and Lisa Sheri Edward’s born September 2, 1973.

Linda Faye Gold was born August 18, 1952, she married Boyd Melvin “Cotton” Reavis, born September 29, 1931. They had one child; Craig Boyd Reavis, born July 31, 1971.
Brenda Kay Gold was born September 25, 1953, she married Daniel Clanton, born July 19, 1949. Their children were; Daniel Paul Clanton born May 30, 1976 and Belinda Louise Clanton born April 15, 1980.

Judy Ann Gold was born August 30, 1954. First; she married Mike Rauch of Billings, Missouri. Divorced; Second; she married Randy Lane, they had one child; Zachary Randall Lane, born March 21,1978. Third; she married Max Stephens of Crane, Missouri, divorced, no issue. Justin Richard Crume was born July 20, 1984. Judy later married Jim Adney of Republic, Missouri.

Wesley Eugene “Tommy” Gold was born August 3, 1955. He married Gayla Chase, born February 14, 1957. They have three children; Wesley Albert Gold, born September 2, 1977, Austin Dean Gold, Born August 11, 1979 and Calvin Eugene Gold born February 6, 1985.

Anna Lea Gold
Daughter of Lon and Vesta Gold

Anna Lea Gold was born September 29, 1923, she attended high school at Hurley, and on December 29, 1942 she married Neal McGinnis. He was born May 5, 1914 and died in March of 1963 and is buried at Selmore Cemetery, south of Ozark, Missouri.

They had three sons; Ronald and Roger (twins) born September 14, 1943, then they had Gerald Glynn “Jerry” McGinnis, born in March of 1951. Roger married Charlene Diane Saner, June 20, 1964 at Bisbee, Arizona. Charlene was born May 28, 1942. They had three children; Brent Andrew, born August 8, 1967. Diane Glynneal, born October 29, 1973, and Scott Monroe McGinnis, born August 3, 1974.

Ronald Lea McGinnis, was married to Joan Laverne Allen, February 6, 1963, she was born November 8, 1944, divorced, They had three children; Charles Lee, born August 8,1963,now serving in the U.S. Navy, based at San Diago, California. Christopher Lynn “Chris” August 31, 1965. And Cheri Lynn, born December 8, 1970.

Ronald married second to Shellia Thorn, June 20, 1971, Gerald Glynn “Jerry” married Sharon Marie McDonald, December 21, 1972, and Gerald Lynn Jr. was born May 29, 1976.
Second: Anna Lea married Thomas Scott, June 18, 1956. He was born April 18, 1913. They had a son, Thomas Scott Jr., born July 29, 1958.

Zelda Louise Gold
Daughter of Lon and Vesta Gold

Zelda Louise Gold was born January 6, 1926. She married Lloyd Jackson, January 11, 1947 at Columbus, Kansas. He was born May 30, 1925. They had three Children; Pamela Sue, born January 30, 1954, Dennis Lloyd Jackson, born November 27, 1956, and Debra Jean born May 26, 1959.

Pamela Sue Jackson married James David “JD” King, born August 27, 1951, and they h ad two children; Rina Jo King, born August 4, 1972, and Tanya Jean King, born October 23, 1975.

Debra Jean Jackson married Christopher Lynn “Chris” Mitchell, born August 22, 1944. They had two children; Crystal Dawn Mitchell, born April 6, 1983, and Courtney Don, born April 10, 1985.

Jessie Mae Gold
Daughter of Lon and Vesta Gold

Jessie Mae Gold was born September 9, 1928. She married Aubrey Stumpft. December 22, 1944 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Aubrey was born January 3, 1921, divorced. They had one daughter; Charlene Kay, born January 30, 1947. She married Ronald Dean “Ronnie” Phillips, born August 11, 1944, they had three children, Ray Dean, Born June 15, 1965, Kevin Charles, born February 24, 1968, and Rhonda Kay, born November 18, 1989, Jessie Mae second married Keith Schwandt, November 17, 1983. They reside at Butterfield in Barry County, MO.

Mary El Freida Gold
Daughter of Lon and Vesta Gold

Mary El Freida Gold was born February 12, 1931, She married Charles Glen Gibson, July 4, 1948. He was born August 21, 1921, and died July 6, 1960. He is buried at the Mt. Carmel, Cemetery, south of Clever, in Christian County, MO. they had one daughter; Garilean Sue Gibson, born June 3, 1949. She married Paul Edward Beard, June 24, 1966, divorced. Second, Garilean Sue married Raymond L. Miller of Republic, Missouri. They were married February 20, 1993.

James Earl Gold
Son of Lon and Vesta Gold

James Earl Gold was born April 5,1934. He married Rose Edna McGinnis, October 3, 1954. Rose was born May 5, 1935. Divorced. They had four children; Earl Eugene, born and died June 26, 1955. Steven Allen Gold married Donna Terrell, divorced. Second, he married Donna Mott, she was born December 2, 1953. They have four children; Shane Matthew Gold, born June 14, 1982. Ashley Rose Marie, born January 15, 1984, Stephen Chad Barnes, born May 3, 1973. And Stephen Travis Barnes, born May 21, 1975. Katherine Sue Gold had one child, Robin Renee Gold, born October 19, 1975. Kelly Lynn Gold married William Grant of Marionville, MO. March 18, 1983. They have one child, William Curtis Grant, born March 10, 1984.

Second; James Earl Gold married Betty Walton, June 20, 1969. They had Kimberly Earlene Gold, born December 6, 1969. Jimmy and Betty reside at their home one mile south and one mile east of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. Kimberly Earlene Gold married Aarlyn Tucker in Oceola, Mo., and they have a son, James Dakota Tucker, born June 29, 1992.

Ida Gold
Daughter of Harvey and Rozella (Garoutte) Gold

Ida Gold was born December 1, 1898 near Union City, in Stone County, Missouri, and died July 2, 1994 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. She married Fred Burkhardt, March 22, 1922 in Stone County, Missouri. Fred was born January 17, 1881, and died August 12, 1958. They are both buried in the St. Peters Evangelic Cemetery near Billings, Missouri. They had one son; George Burkhardt, born October 1, 1923. He married Mary Lou Schuch, June 15, 1951. Mary Lou was born April 18, 1933. They had two daughters; Judy and Linda. Judy was born January 23, 1953. She married Donald Reed, December 16, 1976. He was born July 11, 1951. They had one son; Nathan Reed, born July 20, 1980.

Linda Burkhardt was born June 29, 1954 and married Jim Baxter, September 6, 1980. Jim was born November 26 1954. They had one child Heather Hill, born February 12, 1975.

George and Mary Lou resides at their home between Clever and Billings, in Christian County. Missouri.

Joyce Gold
Daughter of Harvey and Rozell (Garoutte) Gold

Joyce Gold was born August 10, 1901 in Stone County, Missouri, and died March 10, 1999 in Republic, Mo., and was buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery near her first husband, Wm. Tella Harris. They were married March 2, 1929 in Stone County, Missouri. He was born October 26, 1886 and died October 14, 1951 in Stone County, Missouri. They had one daughter; Virgie Ellen Harris who was born March 10, 1930 in Stone County, Missouri.

Second, Joyce married Leonard Hanafin, July 29, 1952. Leonard was born July 23, 1908. He is buried in Floods Cemetery across James River from Hurley in Stone County, Missouri.

Third, Joyce married Raymond McFarland, September 9, 1963. He was born August 25, 1896, and died April 13, 1976. He is buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

Virgie Ellen Harris married Ottis P. Hanafin, he was born August 6, 1917. They had two children; Wilma Hanafin born March 6, 1948 and Dale Dean Hanafin born December 13, 1950.

Wilma Hanafin married Jay V. Robinson, March 14, 1964. He was born July 12, 1944. J.V. and Wilma had two children; Kimberly Kay, and Christopher Jay Robinson.

Kimberly Kay Robinson was born October 2, 1965. She married Christopher Wayne Cochran. May 30, 1987. He was born July 15, 1965. They have two son; Adam Christopher Cochran, who was born April 26,1993. And Jason Wayne Cochran, born September 5, 1999.   Christopher Jay Robinson was born July 6, 1968. He married Carma Lee Duvall, September 7, 1992. She was born December 24, 1964.

Dale Dean Hanafin married Kathy Lynn Beshears, November 17, 1972. She was born November 19, 1953. Their children; Valorie Lynn Hanafin, born February 8, 1977. And Bradley Dean Hanafin was born September 27, 1979.

In the Census of Stone County for 1910 we find listed as follows;
Seebren W. Harris, Head of house. 55, VA., Sweeney H. (Wife) 48, MO., Tella, son 23, MO., Tom A., son, 18, MO., Nellie M. Daughter,21, MO., Allie B. Daughter, 16, MO., Sarrah R. Daughter 13, MO., Amanda 1, Daughter 11, MO.

Son of James Thomas Gold

Andrew Thomas “Andy” Gold was born May 13, 1870, near Ponce De Leon, in Christian County, Missouri, and died December 5, 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He married Rhoda Evelyn Rhea. She died in Tulsa Oklahoma, in April of 1942 and is buried in an Indian Cemetery in the southwest part of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They were the parents of Nellie, Otis, Elmer, Artie, and Audie, Cecil, Nona, and Lynn Earl Gold. Lynn Earl Gold

He was born in 1913, and he married Jimmie _________.

From the Obituary Column

Lynn Earl Gold, died Friday, March 25, (abt.) 1998. Born in Hurley, Missouri in 1913. Served in the US Marine Corps. And worked at Mid-Continent Refinery for 13, years then went into partnership with his brother, Cecil, in Acme Wheel Aligning Co. for 40 years, an avid golfer, started as a caddy at 9 years old at the old Kennedy Golf Course. He was a member of Highland Mohawk in Page Belcher Golf Clubs. He won numerous golf tournaments, holds the course record for Oaks Country Club. He was a medalist in the Oklahoma State Seniors Tournament, Champion in 1964. Continued to be active in golf and bowling until the time of his death, then passed away while playing the 9th hole at Page Belcher Gold Course, Friday..

He is survived by his wife, Jimmie, of the home, 2 daughters, Carolyn Gant of Wild Horse, Oklahoma, and Jimmie Gaskins of Beggs, Service at 1;30 pm Tuesday, Ninde Garden Chapel, Internment, Beggs, Oklahoma, Contributions can be made to the Heart and Lung Society, Ninde. 742-5556.

They were the parents of Carolyn Gold, and Jimmie (f) Gold.

Artie Mae Gold

She was born August 11, 1896 in Stone County, Missouri, daughter of Andrew Thomas and Rhoda Evelyn Rhea. She died May 19, 1935. She married Hobert Jones. He was born April 23, 1896, and died May 26, 1949 in Stone County, Missouri.

To this union was born one son; Hobert Jr. Jones, who was born September 26, 1920 and died April 17, 1995. He was a veteran of World War 2, and served in the Pacific Theater of War. They are all buried at the Molly Wright Cemetery, one mile south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri.

Hobert Jr, Jones married Martha Jean (Meade) Drewery, They had no children.  Martha Jean first married William R. Drewery, and they had three children, Rita, Betty “Banty” and Michael Drewery.

Nellie Gold
Daughter of Andrew Thomas Gold

Nellie Gold was born January 2, 1892, in Christian County, Missouri, and died August 8, 1954. She married Harrah Bargdal Mendenhall, in Stone County, Missouri. He was born November 15, 1889 and died January 10, 1969. . They are both buried in the Molly Wright Cemetery, one mile south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri.

Harrah Bargdal Mendenhall was the son of J. Frank and Henrietta (Dedman) Mendenhall. J. Frank was born April 9, 1838 in Green County, Ohio, and died August 5, 1909 in Stone County, Missouri. Henrietta was born May 29, 1848 in Winslow, Indiana, and died August 5, 1917, in Stone County, Missouri/ They are both buried in Molly Wright Cemetery, one mile south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. Their children were; (1) Howard Mendenhall, born July 1, 1876 and died November 30, 1945. (2) H. Stanley, born February 16, 1879. (3) Gracie, born September 28, 1880 and died March 3, 1887. (4) Odie, born and died April 28, 1884. (5) Clara, born August 8, 1885 and died January 19, 1959 and is buried in the Crane Cemetery, in Stone County, Missouri. She married Samuel Tillman Robinson. They are the parents of Byron, and Lois Robinson. (6) Frank Jr., born August 30, 1887 and (7) Harrah Bargdal Mendenhall, born November 5, 1889 and died November 10, 1969.

Odie Mendenhall was born in 1884 in Stone County, Missouri. So they came to Stone County, Missouri in the early 1880’s. All of the children of J. Frank and Henrietta Mendenhall except, J. Stanley, J. Frank, and Clara are buried in Molly Wright Cemetery, in Stone County, Missouri.

The children of Harrah and Nellie Mendenhall were; (1) Gilbert, born January 3, 1911. And died June 11, 1991. (2) Millard, born August 12, 1912 and died November 19, 1915. (3) Oleta Irene, born April 6, 1914, and died June 1, 1981. (4) Elburn Posey, , born February 1, 1916 and died May 24, 1979 in Stone county, Missouri. (5) Melburn Carney, born March 10, 1918 and died March 28, 1993, Selma, California, and buried there. (6) Guyneth Lillian, born April 12, 1920, Stone County, MO. (7) Victor Scott, born September 12, 1922, Stone Co., MO. (8) Maxine Nelma, born November 4, 1926, and died July 7, 1974, Stone Co. MO, she married Joel Ailshie in Stone County. MO., They had no children. (9) Howard Lee, born November 9, 1936.

Gilbert Mendenhall
Son of Harrah and Nellie (Gold) Mendenhall

Gilbert was born January 3, 1911, and died June 11, 1991 in Stone County, Missouri. He completed high school at Hurley. He later married Virgie Anderson, They lived for many years on their farm about 5 miles southeast of Hurley. He was a farmer and stockman,l he was also a good carpenter, Virgie died in 1993. They had no children.

Obituary of Gilbert Mendenhall

Crane, Missouri—Gilbert V. Mendenhall 80, Crane, died at 7:40 p.m. Tuesday in Cox Medical Center South, Springfield.

He was a farmer and lifelong resident of Stone County, and attended View Point Church. He is survived by his wife Virgie. Three brothers; Howard and Carney, both of California, and Victor, of Kansas City, a sister, Gyneth Raper, Clever, and nieces and nephews.

Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday in Meadors Funeral Home, Clever, with Rev. Roy Wade officiating, burial will be in Crane Community Cemetery.

Oleta Irene Mendenhall

Oleta Irene Mendenhall was born April 5, 1914. She married Jake Flood. He died in December of 1936, and one child was born to this union; Jakie Irene Flood was born February 5, 1937. Oleta, later married Chester Van Buskirk, and to this union was born four children; Esther, Twyla, Ronnie, and Deborah Nell. Oleta died June 1, 1981.

Elburn Posey Mendenhall

Elburn Posey Mendenhall was born February 1, 1916 in Stone County, Missouri, and died May 24, 1979 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Jessie Raper, December 19, 1934. She was born in Stone County, Missouri. To this union was born four children; Shelby Jean , Lynn, Jimmy, and Bill Mendenhall. They made their home about 1-1/2 miles south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri.

Jessie (Raper) Mendenhall is a sister to Gene Raper who married Guyneth Mendenhall. Gene and Jessie were the children of Will Raper.

Shelby Jean Mendenhall was born February 9, 1937, near Hurley, Missouri. She married William Paul Ullom, June 17, 1956. They were the parents of three children; Reta Jean Ullom, born August 2, 1957. She married (1) Keith McCord, August 2, 1975 in Lakewood, California. (2) she married Donny Moreno, in October of 1990.

Christina Louise Ullom was born June 7, 1959. She married John Anthony Daoquisto, May 20, 1989. They had two children; Nicole Jean Daoquisto, born March 24, 1992. And, Brooke Payton, Daoquisto born April 7, 1994.

William Paul Ullom, 2nd. Born January 26, 1964. He married Nancy Elizabeth Wilson, June 17, 1989. Their children were; Cambria Laurin Ullom, born March 29, 1991, and Alexa Kaylyene Ullom, born January 8, 1994.

Melburn Carney Mendenhall

Carney Mendenhall, was born March 10, 1918, in Stone County, Missouri, and died March 28, 1993 in Selma, California. He married Mary Ellis. She was born November 12, 1917 in Stone County, Missouri, and died November 20, 1999 in Selma, California. They are both buried at Selma, California. Their children were; Gilbert Lee Mendenhall, and Mary Sue Mendenhall.

Guyneth Lillian Mendenahll

She was born April 12, 1920. She married Gene Raper, who was a brother to Jessie Raper who married Elburn Mendenhall. They lived one and one half miles east of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri, until they retired and moved to Springfield in about 1990, where Gene died March 12, 1995. He is buried at Molly Wright Cemetery, south of Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. Guyneth resides at her home in Springfield, (Dec. 16, 1999).

They were the parents of three children; Mary Evelyn Raper, Paul Stephen Raper, and David Eugene Raper.

Victor Scott Mendenhall

Victor was born September 8, 1933 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Ruby Fugitt in Stone County, Missouri. She was born in Stone County, and died August 20, 1969. Their children were; Janice, Sheila, Bradley, and Marsha Mendenhall.

Victor later married Gertie Carnahan, and they make their home in Kansas City. (1999)

Maxine Nelma Mendenhall

Maxine, was born November 4, 1926. She married Joel Ailshie, no children were born to this union. Maxine died July 7, 1974. Joel died in about 1998. They made their home one and one half mile east of Hurley.

Howard Lee Mendenhall

Howard Lee was born November 9, 1936 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Diana____. They were the children of two children; Laura Ann and Matthew Mendenhall.

Audie Jane Gold

Audie Jane Gold, daughter of Andrew Thomas and Rhoda Evelyn (Rhea) Gold was born July 2, 1901 and died July 30, 1968 in Christian County, Missouri. She married John Verch, June 22, 1919 in Christian County, Missouri. He was born November 19, 1889, in Christian County, Missouri. They were the parents of three children; Howard Verch, born in 1920. Gene Verch, and Phillis Verch.
Gene Verch married Lorene______. She had a son, Rick and Gene adopted him.

Elmer Thomas Gold

Elmer Thomas Gold was the son of Andrew “Andy” Thomas Gold, and Rhoda Evelyn (Rhea) Gold. He was born April 14, 1894 in Christian County, Missouri, and died in Stone County. He married Dulcie Gooding, May 8, 1915 in Marshfield, Missouri. She was born May 14, 1894 on Flat Creek in Barry County, Missouri, and died in Stone County. They are buried in the Crane Community Cemetery, in Stone County, Missouri. She was christened in Crane, Missouri at the Presbyterian church. Her father was Abraham Baazley “Baz” Gooding. He was born March 17, 1867 and died November 14, 1934. He parents were; James Riley and Isabelle Jay Gooding. “Baz”Gooding was Dulcie’s father, Her mother was Laura Ann Gooding. Laura Ann died in 1955.

Donald Elmer Gold

Donald Elmer Gold, son of Elmer Thomas and Dulcie (Gooding) Gold was born April 27, 1916 in Springfield, Missouri, and died April 16, 1990 in Millersburg, Ohio. He married Detta Long, January 21, 1937. She was born February 23, 1920. Their children were; Mary, Betty Joanne, Richard, and Daniel Gold.

From the Obituary Column, April 17, 1990

Donald E.Gold, age 73, of 19713 North Vale Ave., SW Beach City, Ohio, died Monday, April 16, 1990 in the Altercare Nursing Home in Millersburg, Ohio following and extended illness. He was born in Springfield, Missouri, and had lived most of his life in Beach City and Wilmot area. In 1977 he retired as a carinman from the former Republic Steel Corp. in Massillon, Ohio.

He is survived by his wife, Martha B. (Long) Gold; daughters, Mrs Ronald (Mary) Boyer of Beach City, and Mrs, Allen (Betty Joanne) Washburn o Apex, NC; Sons; Richard of the home and Daniel of Fairfield, California. 15 grandchildren; Sisters; Mrs. Herb (Marilyn) Zinter,  and Mrs. James (Dixie) Proe, both of Springfield, Missouri, Mrs. David (Charlotte) Pitts of Spring Mountain, Georgia. Brothers; Leaford of Marionville, Missouri. and Gene of Springfield, Missouri, Max of Creve Coeur, Illinois, Lynn of Kansas City,Missouri.

Leaford Gooding Gold
Son of Elmer Thomas and Dulcie (Gooding) Gold

Leaford Gooding Gold was born September 16, 1919 in Lawrence County, Missouri, and died November 22, 1994. He was buried in the Community Cemetery, Crane, MO. He married Lucille Mae Rapp. She was the second child of Albert B. and Hattie Williams. She was born July 30, 1921. Leaford and Lucille Gold farmed in Stone County, Missouri, until Leaford was inducted into the US Army in July of 1944, and stationed at Camp Robinson, Little Rock, Arkansas.

He was discharged as Technical Sergeant, July 1946. While Leaford was stationed at Little Rock, their first child, Deanna Mae, was born. While Leaford was serving in the Army in Little Rock, Lucille was employed at Berry Dry Goods. After being discharged from the Army, Leaford and Lucille moved back to the same farm. Which was the Everett Hair farm, near Bradfield, Missouri. The second child, Ronald Lee was both while they were living on the farm. In 1950 they purchased 40 acres of land on Highway “M” west of Browns Spring, MO. In November 1955 they purchased a store at Bradfield, Missouri for Mary Seabaugh. They called it the “Gold General Store”. They sold gas, groceries, feed, hardware, and some dry goods and other miscellaneous items. They operated the store for twenty-five years. Deanna and Ronald both attended and graduated from Marionville, High School.

In 1970 Leaford and Lucille had a new house built at Bradfield, and sold the old house to Charley Schaeffer of Billings, Missouri. It was moved to Parks Branch, south of Billings, in May of 1980. They auctioned the merchandise from the store and closed the store. The building is now used for a voting place in North Grant Township of Stone county, Missouri. It has been used for North Stone County Neighborhood Watch meetings, Leaford and Lucille began investing in more farming land, raising more cattle, alfalfa and other varities of grass hay. Leaford was also involved in trucking cattle to the market in Springfield for lots of farmers.

Leaford died November 22, 1994 at 11:00 p.m., and was buried November 25, at Crane, Missouri. Their new home was built just a few feet north of the store building at Bradfield. This is where Lucille still resides. Leaford and Lucille were always active and attended Shiloh Southern Baptist church located one mile east of Bradfield, Missouri. Their children and families attend church in Billings Missouri. They feel that through the years the Lord has abundantly, blessed them and their family.

Deanna Mae Gold was born March 22, 1946, and Ronald Lee Gold was born October 12, 1949.

Deanna Mae Gold married James Richard House, October 22, 1965. James “Jim” was born April 11, 1944, Deanna is a homemaker at the present time and James is employed at Harry Cooper Supply. Deanna and James live in a home they had built in 1973 north of Billings, MO. They have two sons; Craig Allen and Darin Keith House. Craig Allen was born July 15, 1969. He married Tasha Hartsell, January 5, 1991. Tasha was born August 6, 1970, Craig and Tasha live in Springfield in a new home they had built. Craig is employed at C. Meeks Lumber Co., in Springfield as an accountant. Darin Keith was born May 30, 1971 and is purchasing a home in Springfield and is presently employed at Cox Medical Center South as a Technician. (1994). They were the parents of Dakota James House, born Jan.13, 2000.

Ronald Lee Gold was born October 12, 1949. He married Carol Sue Jenkins, November 13, 1969. Carol Sue was born July 16, 1951. Ronald is working for Burlington Northern Railroad Company as a switchman, brakeman and conductor. Carol Sue is presently employed at Effingdale Nursing Homes in Springfield.They have three children; Carrie Lynn, born March 15, 1971. She married Timothy Pilkinton, August 27, 1993. They live in Springfield, Carried is a registered nurse at St. Johns Regional Hospital. Timothy is employed in construction. Brian Lance was born February 21, 1974. He is presently attending NEO College in Oklahoma, while being employed as a draftsman for the City Engineering Office in Miami, Oklahoma. He married Catena Krempges and they are the parents of Jerilyn Monisque Gold, born Novemeber 27, 1998. Chanda Rena was born December 24, 1975. She is active in sports and graduated from Billings High School in May 1994. Timothy and Carrie have two children; Kayla Marie Pilkinton, born Dec.3. 1994, and Kirstin Renee Pilkinton born January 11, 1998.

Gene Harold Gold
Son of Elmer Thomas and Duclie (Gooding) Gold

Gene Harold Gold was born September 20, 1924 in Lawrence County, Missouri, and died June 29, 1994 in Springfield, Missouri. He married Barbara Barnett, May 9, 1945. They had four children; Dennis, Phillis, Michael, and Kathy Gold. The two sons are deceased, and Kathy lives in Clever, Phillis probably resides in Springfield.

Second, Gene Harold Gold married Tena Elmor, and Barbara married a Riggs. She resides in Springfield. (1999)
Gene Gold lived in Springfield most of his life, he was in the construction business, and owned and operated the Gold Construction Company.


Gene Harold Gold, 69, Springfield, died at 11:45 a.m. Wednesday, June 29, 1994, in St. Johns Regional Health Center, after a long illness.

He was born September 19, 1924, in Aurora, Missouri. the son of Elmer and Dulcie God, moving to Hurley on January 1, 1925, he attended Hurley High school. He served in the U.S. Army Infantry during World War 2. After serving in the military, he worked for National Distilleries in Louisvile, Ky., before becoming an apprentice Carpenter in 1945. He became a journeyman carpenter in 1945. He attended Missouri State Teachers College in Springfield, from 1950-52. Following college, he worked for the following construction companies: Seth. Glen, Aton Bros., J.E. Pyle, and Aart Nordstrand. In 1956, he formed HoGo Construction, which remained in operation until 1983. He worked for McLean Enterprises as Superintendent of Construction for a 26-state area from 1987-89. He owned and operated Gold Realty Company since 1990.

He was a member of United Lodge #5, AF & A.M. Zabud Council #25 R&S.M. Springfield Chapter #15, R.A.M., & AA, Scottish Rite of Free masonry, Abou Ben Adhem Temple, St. John’s Commandery, #20 K.T.

He served on the Original Citizens Advisory Board of Urban Renewal, Southwest Missouri Council of Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America Board Capital Funds Drive for Girl Scouts, Board of Appeals for City of Springfield, one of the original organizer’s of Springfield Contractors Association serving as President in 1963, 1964, 1967, 1971, and 1976. Chairman of Sewer investigating Committee for City of Springfield, Board of Adjustments of City of Springfield. Optimist Club, Exchange Club serving as President several times. Chamber of Commerce, Ozark Literacy Council, Epilepsy Board of Springfield, Development Center of the Ozarks and Short winder’s Club.

He is also a Missouri Licensed Vocational Teacher at OTC, a licensed Missouri Realtor and Broker, a State approved Volunteer in Correction for State of Missouri, teaching construction to inmates at Fordland Honor Camp and a lecturer at SMSU.

He is survived by his wife, Tina LaVerne Gold, of the home; daughter, Phyllis Greismer, Joplin, MO., Daughter, Kathleen Kleir, Clever, Step-daughter, Janet Gardner, Highlandville, step-son, Charles Elmore, Springfield, Step-daughter, Ann Patricia Phillips, Kansas City, three Sisters, Dixie Proe and Marilyn Zinter, both of Springfield, and Charlotte Pitts, Atlanta, Ga., three brothers, Leaford Gold, Crane, Max Gold, Peoria, Illinois, and Lynn Gold, Kansas City, 10 grandchildren, a great-grandchild  and six step-grandchildren.

He is preceded in death by two sons, Dennis Glenn Gold, June 20, 1977, and Michael Gene Gold June 14, 1992, brothers and sisters, Donald Gold, Van Gold, Athalea Matthew, Marjorie Gold and Lowell Gold.

Services with Masonic Rites will be at 2 p.m. today in Gorman Sharp Brentwood Chapel, with the Rev. Mike Adamek officiating, internment with full Military Rites, will follow in Springfield, National Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, family requests donations be made to the Gene H. Gold Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o Springfield contractors Association, PO. Box 908 Springfield, MO 65801; American Cancer Society, or American Lung Association of Western Missouri.


Michael Gene Gold, 39, Springfield, died Sunday morning, June 14, 1992 in Bull Shoals Lake in Taney County, MO., near Cedar Creek. Having drowned as the result of a boating accident.

He is a native and lifelong resident of Springfield, and at the time of his death he was a president of Green-Gold Transportation Inc., freight forwarders. He was a member of the United Masonic Lodge No. 5, A.F. & A.M. and Abou Adhem Shrine Temple, He also was a member of the South Haven Baptist church.

He is survived by his wife, Linda Marie, two daughter’s, Lacy Marie and Tracy Michelle, all of the home, a son, Shane Erin, Republic; his father, Gene H. Gold his mother Barbara J. Riggs, both of Springfield, maternal grandmother, Jewel Barnett, of Crane, and two sisters, Phyliss Greisemer, of Joplin, MO., and Kathy Kleir of Clever, MO., He is preceded in death by his brother; Dennis Gold, who died June 20, 1977.

Services will be at 2 pm today in South Haven Baptist Church with the Rev. Paul Swadley officiating, Burial will follow in Mount Carmel Cemetery, south of Clever, under direction of Gorman Brentwood Chapel.

Memorial contributions may be made to a memorial fund established at Boatsman’s National Bank of Springfield, to benefit Shriner’s Crippled Children’s Fund.

Athalea Lyndal Gold

She was born March 14, 1921 in Christian County, Missouri, and died June 27, 1988. She married H.A. Matthews, September 19, 1947. He was born March 16, 1910.

Marilyn Virginia Gold

She was born October 11, 1922 at Hurley, Missouri. She married Herbert Zinter, December 1, 1945.

Marjorie Katherine Gold

She was born September 25, 1926, and died February 4, 1931.

Max Gerald Gold

He was born October 14, 1928 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Darlene Whitaker, September 29, 1950. She was born August 17, 1932.

Dixie Kathleen Gold

She was born September 3, 1930 in Hurley, Stone County, Missouri. She married Lee Preps. They were the parents of James Proe Preps, born in 1964.

Van Keet Gold

He was born February 10, 1933 in Hurley, Stone County, Missouri. He married Donna Sweeney, January 30, 1953. She was born May 8, 1934.

Charlotte Delores Gold

She was born December 10, 1940. She married David Laurence Pitts. He was born April 29, 1938.

Otis Gold

He was born in about 1895 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Oza Phillips. To this union was born 2 daughters.; Thenalee and Roxie Gold.

Roxie Gold was born August 7, 1919, and died June 29, 1989. She married Edgar Rogers. Their children were; (1) Joe Lynn Rogers, born July 24, 1946. (2) Vivian Louise, born December 20, 1942 and died June of 1943. (3) Woodrow Quinton, born May 1, 1936. (4) Leroy Walter, born October 12, 1940. (5) John Sherman, born April 18, 1944. (6) Billy Rue, born January 28, 1948, he married Sharon Skaggs. (7) Cecil Lavelle born January 19, 1956. (8) Ileen Elizabeth Rogers, born February 28, 1928.

Obituary of Roxie A. Rogers

Roxie A. Rogers 69 of Seymour, died at 9:30 pm. Thursday at Cox Medical Center, North, Springfield, after a long illness, (died June 29, 1989).

She was born August 7, 1919, to Otis and Oza (Phillips) Gold in Lawrence County, Missouri and was preceded in death by a son; Joe Lynn, a daughter, Vivian Louise, and her husband, Degar. She attended the Mansfield Assembly of God Church, Mansfield, and was faithful to God. She attended Church regularly as long as she was able. Mrs. Rogers is survived by five sons; Woodrow and his wife, Lona, Murry, Utah, Leroy of Montgomery, Illinois, John and his wife Jewell of Ozark, MO., Billy and his wife Wanda of Mansfield, Mo., Cecil and his wife Sherrill of Billings, MO. a daughter; Ileen Williams and her husband, John of Pasco, Washington; her sister, Thena Lee Gold of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 19 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.
Services will b at 2 p.m. Monday in Bergman-Miller Funeral Home, with the Rev. Jesse Phillips officiating. Burial will be in Cedar Gap, Cemetery. Visitation will be from 3;30 to 4;30 today in the funeral home.

By Lora Gold

George Washington Gold was the son of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold. He was born January 1, 1872 in Christian County, about a mile northeast of Ponce De Leon, MO., and died March 21, 1937 in Stone County, Missouri. He married Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell, December 3, 1893. She was born February 15, 1877 in Stone County, Missouri, and died February 20, 1952 in Stone County, MO. During the middle 1870’s his parents moved the family to about 2 miles south of Clever in Christian County, Missouri.

He attended the Taylor School, which was located one mile south of Clever, and one half miles west of the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, in Christian County, Missouri. He was needed to help with the farm work, and only attended school part of three years. At that time the 3R’s were the main subjects and he learned them well.

When he was a young man he met a girl name of Permelia Mitchell at the Mt. Carmel, Methodist Church near Clever. After keeping company (as it was called then) with Permelia for a time they decided to get married, but first he had to get her father’s permission as she was under age. Permission was granted and they were married, with her father in attendance, December 3, 1893. They spent their first few years farming and their first 3 children were born near Union City, in Stone County, Missouri. Money was hard to come by, so they moved to Aurora, in Lawrence County, Missouri, and worked in the mines. It was a dangerous job but paid good. While living in Aurora his daughter, Bessie was born. He continued working in the mines until one day there was a cave in, and he suffered a broken leg and head injury causing much pain. When he recovered they moved back to Stone County and lived in the little settlement of School Missouri. It had a post office, two general stores, a blacksmith shop, a small hotel, the upper floor was used for lodge meetings, and other meetings. He belonged to the Woodsman’s Lodge. An Elementary School, named Reynold’s School was nearby, this is where Permelia attended school. George run the blacksmith shop for several years and then they bought a farm one mile south and one mile east of School, Missouri. Where he continued to do blacksmith work and farmed as long as he was able. They joined the church in their early marriage and were baptized in the James River. They practiced their religion, faithfully and attended church regularly. George and Permelia are both buried in the White Cemetery, in Stone County, Missouri. They were the parents of eleven children. All but two of the children lived to be grown. Mada Caroline, Bertha Paralee, Bessie Beatrice, Sarah, Floyd Oscar, Brother, born November 17, 1907 and died December 3, 1908 and is buried in the White Cemetery. Wm. Howard, Rolla, Lora, and Ruth Lucille Gold.

(1) Charles Ervin Gold, born February 3, 1895 and died June 4, 1896.

(2) Mada Gold, born October 15, 1896, in Stone County, and died May 3, 1993, at Nixa, MO.

(3) Bertha Paralee Gold, born November 7, 1898, and died March 24, 1977.

(4) Bessie Beatrice Gold, born December 3, 1900 and died July 14, 1962, she married Jesse C. Robinson, He was born in Stone County, and died September 17, 1984 in Greene County, Missouri, Jesse and Bessie are both buried at the Wise Hill Cemetery. They had no children.

(5) Sarah Gold, born July 2, 1903 and died November 24, 1986, in California,

(6) Floyd Oscar Gold was born August 10, 1905 and died June 20, 1988, California.

(7) Brother, Gold, born November 17, 1907 and died December 3, 1908.

(8) Howard William Gold, born January 20, 1911 and died March 5, 1980, Lawrence County, Missouri. Buried in Smart Cemetery.

(9) Rolla Gold, born March 11, 1913 and died March 14, 1968, Oakdale, California.

(10) Lora Gold, born May 22, 1916, Stone County, MO., and died Jan.25, 2000.

(11) Ruth Lucille Gold, born May 13, 1923 in Stone County, MO.

Mada Gold
By Wilma (Meritt) Ridinger

Mada Caroline Gold was born October 15, 1896 at Union City, Missouri, which at that time was called School, Missouri. Her parents were George Washington Gold and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell. She was the second of eleven children. She attended school at School, Missouri. At that time the schoolhouse was a 2 story building. She married Heal Jefferson Meritt, son of Benjamin Franklin Meritt and Nora Melissa Mosher. They had eight children.

(1) Gordon Nathaniel Meritt, was born May 11, 1917. He married Mildred Johnson. Their children were; Karen Lea, Gordon Laverne and Betty June Meritt.

(2) Lois Irene Meritt was born December 18, 1919. She married Clinton King. Their children were; James Robert, who died in infancy, Wayne Douglas, Roy Allen, Dorothy Jean, Gary Lee, who died from an accidental drowning at two and half years of age. Connie Sue, Ray Eugene, Ralph Herall and Nelda Lea King.

(3) Glen Laverne Meritt, born December 1921, married Alice Marie Harmon Wolfe, they have one daughter, Judith Kay Meritt.

(4) Ralph Leon Meritt was born July 20, 1925, and he married Betty (unknown) Their children are; Rebecca Lynne, Ann Elizabeth, and Greg Meritt, They were divorced, He is now married to Colleen Curbow Jay.

They have one daughter, Jeannette, Colleen has a son; James, from a previous marriage.

(5) Helen Marie Meritt was born September 24, 1927. She first married Clifford Pleake. Their children are; Donna Marie, and Ronald Pleake. Clifford had two children by a previous marriage. They divorced and she married Charles Sims, and he is deceased.

(6) Wilma Francis Merittt was born April 18, 1931, and she married Arnold Henry. They had one child Joyce Ann Henry. Then they divorced and she married Vaughn Floyd Ridinger. He has two children from a previous marriage Mary Francis and James Dean Ridinger.

(7) Paul Daniel Meritt was born September 9, 1935 and he married Wanda Adams, their children are; Michael, Deborah and Deidre Meritt.

(8) David Phillip Meritt was born October 18, 1942, and he married Colleen Curbow Jay, They were divorced and he married Martha Willbanks. They have one child; Carol Michelle Meritt.

After Gordon and Lois were born, Mada and Heral moved to the State of Washington, but she also lived in Missouri. They moved back to Missouri, and bought a farm about seven miles east of Hurley in Stone County, Missouri where the rest of the children were born. There is an abundance of water on the farm, and that is what she loved the most about it. Mada worked very hard on the farm. She always had a large garden and canned all the fruit and vegetables she could. One of the things she enjoyed was milking cows. While her husband, Rev, Heral Meritt would be away from home sometimes holding a revival service She would stay home with the children and tend the farm. When it was possible she went with him and took the children.

In later years, her mother came to live in Mada’s home. She took care or her, after she became unable to take care of herself, lifting her from bed to a chair and back several times a day. At the time there were still children at home to care for. Here mother died in 1952. Her husband, Heral, died in May of 1969. Her son, Glenn, died in September of 1974, and his wife died in 1980. Her daughter, Lois died in July of 1989. Her husband Clinton King, died in September of 1989.

After Heral died Mada lived alone for several years. She later lived with Ralph, then Lois, then Wilma. She suffered a stroke in May of 1989, which left her unable to talk or walk. She spent the last four years of her life at the Nixa Park Care Center. Nixa, Missouri. She died May 3, 1993 at the age of 96 years and 6 months.

Lois King 69, of Clever, died Monday, July 10, 1991 at St. Johns Regional Health Care Center, Springfield, Missouri.

Mrs. King was a longtime resident of the Union City, community, and a member of the Church of the Nazarene.

She is survived by her husband, Clinton, four sons, Wayne of Republic, Roy of Ozark, Ray of Clever, Ralph of Hurley, three daughters, Dorothy Maggard of Ava., Connie Vaughn of Buckley, Washington, Nelda Salkill of Clever, her mother Mada Meritt, four brothers; Gordon Meritt of Hurley, Ralph Meritt of Galena, Paul Meritt of Smithville, Kentucky, David Meritt of Diggins, two sisters; Wilma Ridenger, of Ozark, Helen Sims of Saudi Arabia, 22 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
Services will be held Thursday, July 13,at 9 a.m. at Union City church of the Nazarene with The Rev. Riley Hall Officiating, Burial will be in the Frazier cemetery under direction of Meadors Funeral Home.

Bertha Paralee Gold

Bertha Paralee Gold was born November 7, 1898 and died March 24, 1977. She married Herbert William Daum. He died December 13, 1977. They are buried at the Wise Hill Cemetery, one mile north of Clever, in Christian County, Missouri. They had two children; Gerald Ray Daum, born December 26, 1923, and Beverly Ann Daum, born November 22, 1931. Gerald married Marilou Newman. They adopted twin baby girls in 1957. Melinda and Dorinda Daum. Dorinda died December 31, 1991.

Beverly married Charles L. Jenkins, he was born March 13, 1930. They were married October 26, 1957. Beverly had a son Randall Gene Daum born December 23, 1949, he married Ginna Gayle King was born December 13, 1848. They were married December 4,1967 and had two children. Randy Gene Daum, born October 13, 1968, and Brandi Gayle Daum born August 20, 1974. Randy Gene married Jennifer Fay Hopkins, October 10, 1992. Brandi Gayle married Danny Lee McIntoch, July 10, 1993.

Roger Kay Jenkins was born February 2, 1957, he married Branda Fay Ginger, April 7, 1984. She was born January 27, 1963. Gregory Lynn Jenkins was born June 22, 1958. He married Cherly Joan Beitel, April 27, 1985. She was born June 6, 1966. They had two children, Andrew Ryan Jenkins, born October 23, 1987, and Courtney Nicole Jenkins born October 9, 1990. Barth Wesley Jenkins was born May 29, 1965.

Sarah Gold

Sarah Gold, the daughter of George Washington Gold and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell was born July 2, 1903. She married Fred Cooper. Fred died May 28, 1959. Sarah died November 24, 1986. They are buried in the Lakewood Cemetery, Empire, California. They were the parents of Marlin Ray Cooper and Ray Harold Cooper. Ray Harold Cooper married Norma Lee Joslin and had five sons born to this union. They all live in California.

Floyd Oscar Gold

Floyd Oscar Gold, son of George Washington Gold and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell was born August 10, 1905 and died June 20, 1988. He is buried in Empire, California. He married Ruth Phiffer and they had one daughter, Stella Lois Gold. Second Floyd married Vesta Brown and they had one daughter, Shirley. She married Michael Gray, and their children were; Tracy Gray born January 14, 1976. Shela Gray, born May 6, 1979. Kimberly Gray, born September 9, 1981, David Gray, born in 1986, and Aaron Gray. Shirley and her family live in Sacramento, California.

Floyd Gold
By Shirley Gray---July 30, 2000

My father, Floyd Gold, was born 10 August 1905 in School, Stone County, Missouri to George and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell. He had 10 siblings, Mada, Bertha, Sara, Charley, (died at age two), Howard, Little Brother (died an infant), Bessie, Lora, Rolla, & Ruth. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a homemaker. They had a farm and Grnadpa had a blacksmith shop in town. Dad helped with the farm until he was about 17 years old and then went to the state of Washington where his oldest sister, Mada, and her family was living. He worked in the lumber fields and married his first wife, Ruth Pheiffer, and had a daughter, Lois Stella. His marriage ended in divorce and he moved to California where he worked in the fruit and boarded with the Dayton Smith family. He was treated just like a member of the family and it was with this association that he met and married my mother, Vesta Arione Brown in 1938. He worked as foreman ona ranch for Mr. Tom Cooper for many years and then with the Waterford Irrigation District, where he retired in 1971 as superintendent. Dad loved to garden and he often loaded up the truck with produce from the garden and went “visiting” the friends and neighbors. He also loved to dance, I learned how to waltz, with my father in our kitchen. He was a wonderful dancer! He was active in the Grange in Waterford and held positions of responsibility within that organization. He loved fun and even took part in a play given during Waterford’s Centennial celebration in 1957.

Howard William Gold

Howard William Gold, son of George Washington Gold and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell was born January 20, 1911 in Stone County, Missouri, and died March 5, 1980 in Lawrence County, Missouri. He is buried at the Smart Cemetery in Christian County, Missouri. He married Ivon Ellen Rapp, January 18, 1933. Ivon and Howard have three sons; Wayne E., Joe D., and William Dale “Bill” Gold.

Wayne E.Gold was born January 8, 1934, south of Union City, Missouri. He married Juanita Aldridge, September 29, 1956. Their children; Debra Sue, Gary, and Larry.

Debra married Jerry Ribbing, February 11, 1977. They have two children, a daughter Stephanie, born December 18, 1980, and a son; Shane Dean, born November 22, 1984.

Joe Donald, son of Howard and Ivon Gold, was born February 22, 1942. Joe married Eileen Coker, January 11, 1963. Their children were; David Gold, born August 1, 1964. He married Carlo Houston, December 1992. Annette Gold, born December 16, 1966. She married Mark Vanderhoof, they divorced after being married a short time. Annette then married Andy McCullah, from Crane. They have a son, Luke born September 12, 1988. They were divorced and she is now married to Danny Schapler. She and Danny have a daughter; Bailey, born March 11, 1991.

William Dale “Bill” Gold was born November 15, 1944. He married Jeanne Praker, July 30, 1976. Jeanne had a daughter; Rose Ann Slavens by a previous marriage. Rose had a son, Hunter E. Beckwick, born November 22, 1991.

In the fall of 1942, William Howard Gold and family lived about two miles north of Hurley, in Stone County. They had a farm sale and moved to Kansas City, where Howard went to welding school and worked that winter as a welder. The spring of 1943 came and it was time to put out a crop. So we moved back to the farm.

We bought a farm in 1945 north of Marionville in Lawrence County, Missouri. Howard built a shop and done a lot of welding on farm machinery. I remember one time a man came with a leg off of an old sewing machine, and wanted to know if he could weld it back together. It was broken in so many little pieces he had it in a paper bag. Howard looked it over and said I’ll see what I can do with it. He got it welded back as good as new, and the man left happy.

He worked as a carpenter also. He built all the buildings on the farm that has been in the family for 48 years.

Rolla Gold

Rolla Gold, son of George Washington Gold and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell, was born March 11, 1913 in Stone County, Missouri, and died March 14, 1968 in Oakland California, and buried at Empire, California. He married Helen Peterson, and they had five children, Elizabeth Gold born June 7, 1934. Lena May Gold, born September 22, 1935, Orval George Gold, born March 8, 1937, Evelyn Gold, born July 13, 1938, and Geneva Gold, born August 14, 1939.

Lora Gold

Lora Gold was the daughter of George Washington Gold and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell. She was born May 22, 1916 in Stone County, Missouri. She married Robert Williams, June 30, 1933 in Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri. To this union was born two sons; John Max Williams, born November 1, 1940, and died February 11, 1952. He is buried in the Maple Park Cemetery, Aurora, Missouri. Jerry Gold married Connie Sue Hall. The have seven children; (1) Pamela Sue Gold, was born May 3, 1960. (2) Robin Denise, born June 12, 1961. (3) Robert Marian, born November 7, 1962. (4) John Max, born December 13, 1964. (5) Jennifer Lynn, born January 2, 1972. (6) Jason Don, born January 23, 1973, and (7) Stephanie Ann, born October 11, 1974.

Pamela married Rickie Wayne Bickford and they had two children; Rickie Wayne, born November 25, 1981. Lora Nicole, born January 17, 1984.

Second, Pamela married Charles Grimes, and they had, Taylor Michelle, born September 14, 1992. They live in Houston, Texas.

Robin Denise, married John “Pete” Eaton, January 1, 1983, and they live in Oswego, Illinois, no children.

Robert Marian married Kelli Stephens, June 5, 1992, and the live ion Rogers, Arkansas.

John Max, married Melinda Stellings, July 7, 1985. They had two sons; Trever Scott, born June 11, 1987, they living Cassville, Missouri, and have a son. Andrew Taylor was born August 25, 1990.

Jennifer Lynn married Marve Scott Stephens, June 6, 1992. They live in Spencer, Indiana. They have one daughter; Miranda Sloan, born August 18, 1993.

Jerry Williams is self-employed, doing general contract work, specializing in masonry work.

Ruth Gold

Ruth Gold was the youngest daughter of George Washington Gold and Permelia Elizabeth Ann Mitchell. She was born May 13, 1923. She first married Roy Cook, (no issue).
Second, Ruth married Marvin Markwick. (no issue) They adopted a daughter and named her Sharon. She married a Merriman and had two children; Brenda Merriman, born March 21, 1971, and Tracy Merriman, born July 7, 1978. 2nd. Sharon married a Glidden, and they had one daughter, Bridgette Lynn Glidden, born November 13, 1980, they live in the State of Maine.


John Gold was the son of James Thomas Gold and Delilah Paralee Luttrell. He was born August 13, 1878 at the old home place in Christian County, Missouri. He married Josephine Ellen Gardner in 1899. She was born April 2, 1886. She was the daughter of Jesse James and Ellen A. Gardner. They were the parents of Jesse James Gold, Henry Calvin Gold, Eula Gold, and Murl Franklin Gold.

Eula Gold was born August 24, 1904 and died May 27, 1904, She is buried in the Gold Cemetery, south of Clever, in Christian County, Missouri.

The other 3 children lived to be grown. John died July 7, 1917 and was buried in the Gold Cemetery.

John and Josie farmed several places in Missouri and in 1908 moved to Kansas where John worked in smelters. He began to have lung trouble, so he quit and moved back to Missouri. They rented 40 acres from Ed Gardner and then rented a place from Loaner Dean, and still later rented 40 acres one mile east of Mt Carmel Cemetery, next they bought 80 acres near Jamesville.

Faye (Gardner) Barnett says that John and Josie lived on the old Gardner place near Jamesville, and she believes that John and Josie built the house on that place. She says that they lived there when John died, and Eldon Hale drove the horse drawn hearse, which belonged to the Netzer’s in Clever. She also states that John’s funeral was held on the front porch of the Uncle Jimmie Gold house. (Uncle Green lived there at that time) the Gold Cemetery is also located on that place, and John Gold was buried there. John Gold was the son of James Thomas Gold who was the son of Uncle Tommy Gold, and he was a brother to Martha Dilla Ann (Gold) Garrison, and she was the mother of Nancy Almeda (Garrison) Chapman, who was the mother of Stanford Chapman who married the widow of John Gold; Josephine Ellen (Gardner)(Gold) Chapman.

After John Calvin Gold died in 1918, Josephine (Gardner) Gold moved to Republic, Missouri. Sons; Jesse and Henry worked for the railroad there. Jesse was a boxcar checker and Henry worked in the Harvey House Restaurant. Josie met Stanford Chapman during this time. Then Josie and her sons moved to Pauhuska, Oklahoma with Stanford to work in the oil field.

Stanford Roy Chapman and Josephine Ellen (Gardner) (Gold) were married at Pauhuska in 1920 or 1921. From there they moved to Graham,l Texas with Jesse, while Henry and Murl lived and worked at Ranger, Texas. They were there about 2 years, then the whole family moved to Kilgore, Texas, from there to Bristow, Oklahoma.

While there at Bristow, Henry and Murl met and married sisters. Elva Ethel and Alpha Omega Gregory. Then the whole family moved back to Kilgore, Texas. Then back to Bristo, Oklahoma. Then to the Seminole, Oklahoma oil boom in 1926.

Josie and Stan (also known as Chap) raised two of Josie’s nephews for several years. They were Jim and Henry Gardner, whose parents were Olsie and Travis Gardner. Later the adopted a baby girl and named it Josephine Ellen Chapman. She was the daughter of Jim Gardner. His wife had been killed in a fire. Josephine Ellen Chapman was born January 24, 1931. She married William Oscar Broyles on December 13, 1955. He was born March 223, 1934. They have one child; Jeana Kay Broyles, who was born June 22, 1977. They reside at Econteckla Road, Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Stan, Jesse, Henry, and Murl worked in Seminole for several years in the oil fields. Then Murl and his family moved to Oklahoma City and from there to several places in Texas, then to Gainsville, Texas. Jesse moved his family to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, on State Highway 99.

Henry Calvin Gold was born March 15, 1904 and died October 6, 1991. He married Elva Ethel Gregory, May 31, 1924 at Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Elva was the daughter of Frederick and Leona (Avory) Gregory. Frederick was born February 28, 1876 in Missouri and died December 19, 1920. Leona was born January 13, 1875 in Tennessee and died December 3, 1954.

Jesse James Gold, born December 26, 1900 and died May 11, 1964. He married Vera Jane Walker, Born August 4, 1918 at Seminole, Oklahoma. They were married August 4, 1941. Vera remarried and is now Vera Jane (Walker) (Gold) Anderson, and resides at 1325 east 48th Place, Apt. 282, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74105. Vera and Jesse had three children; James Don Gold, born December 9, 1941, Nancy Ray Gold, born November 27, 1942, and Susan Kay Gold, born September 18, 1948.

James Don Gold was born December 9, 1941, he married Joyce Maxine Hasting, on August 3, 1962. She was born February 20, 1942. They reside at 6842 East 76th. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74123. They had 2 children; Joe Don Gold, born January 18, 1962 and Jill Dawn, who died an infant of 5 months.

Nancy Ray Gold was born November 29,1942, she married Alvin Julian Hughs on January 22, 1971. He was born October 18, 1937. They reside a5 6207 Albervan Shawnee, Kansas, 66216. They have two children; Stacy Joe Hughs, born December 29, 1964, and Aaron Matthew Hughs, born February 23, 1974.

Susan Kay Gold was born September 18, 1948, she married Phillip Alvin Pierce on June 27, 1970. He was born February 19, 1947 and they reside at 6808 Falstone Drive, Frodrick, Maryland, 21702. They had 2 children; Jan Michelle Pierce, she was born February 20, 1972, and Matthew Phillip Pierce, born January 15, 1977.

Henry Calvin Gold, was born March 15, 1904, and died October 6, 1991. He married Elva Ethel Gregory, May 31, 1924 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, She was born March 22, 1908 and died August 12, 1983.

The children of Henry Calvin and Elva Ethel (Gregory) Gold were; H.C. Gold, Billy Gene Gold, and Erma Lee Gold.

H.C.Gold was born May 5, 1926 at 526 East 9th, Bristow, Oklahoma. He married Susanna Althea Donzelli on March 1, 1947 in the King and Queen Palace at Caserta, Italy. She was born in Pesaro, Italy on February 20, 1926. She was the daughter of Ciro Donzelli, who was born in 1896 and Elias (Corbelli) Donzelli, born in 1898. H.C. and Susie reside at 240 East Grand Teton. Yukon, Oklahoma, 73099, Phone 405-350-1300.

H.C. and Susanna Gold had a daughter, Sue Louise Gold, born October 31, 1948 at the Presidio Army Base, San Francisco, California. She died December 23, 1948, and is buried at the Little Cemetery. Two sons; Henry Calvin Gold Jr., born September 23, 1949 at Seminole, Oklahoma, and Billy Ray Gold, born November 2, 1951 at Seminole, Oklahoma.

Major Henry Calvin Gold, Jr. U.S.M.C. married Kathleen Ann Bounds on January 6, 1973 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They reside at various U.S. Marine Corps Bases, as he is a career Marine. They have two sons; Michael Wayne Gold, born May 19, 1977 at Oklahoma City, and Scott Christian Gold, born July 10, 1980 at Camp LeJuene Corps Base, North Carolina.

Billy Ray Gold married Sally Sally Kay Zacker on October 19, 1976 at Oklahoma City. She was born January 27, 1954 in Oklahoma City. They have 3 children; Christopher James Gold, born on September5, 1978 in Oklahoma City. Julie Suzanne Gold, born August 9, 1981 and Johnathan David Gold, born on November 22, 1985 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Billy Gene Gold (son of H.C. Gold) was born on December 8, 1928 at Bristow, Oklahoma. He married Barbara Mary Harvey on January 19, 1959 in London, England. She was born May 30, 1934 and died September 3, 1982. She was the daughter of Richard Harvey and Isabel (Jerrard) Harvey. Billy and Barbara Gold had one daughter; Lorainne Maree Gold, born December 11, 1959 at England Air Force Base. Alexandria, Louisiana. Billy Gene resides at R#4 Box, Box 105B, Seminole, Oklahoma. Phone 405-382-5739.

Loraine Maree Gold married Axel E. Neveira, born January 19, 1959 at Puerto Rico. They were married September 12, 1981 at Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have children, Amy Maree, born June 11, 1982., and Ian Enricque Naveira, born March 1, 1985. They reside at Wahiawa, Hawaii.

Murl Franklin Gold

Murl Franklin Gold was born May 17, 1906 and died May 17, 1968. He is buried at Little Cemetery. He married Alpha Omega Grefory, born March 3, 1903 and died December 31 1992. They were married in about 1924. They had 2 children; Fred Calvin Gold, born 5, 1925, and Lola Mae Gold, born on March 26, 1927.

Fred Calvin Gold, married Betty Jane Hill, born August 26, 1927. They were married March 17, 1946 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They reside at 4609 N.W. 65th, Oklahoma, City. Oklahoma, 73132. They had two children; Lee Gold, born August 31, 1947, and Stephen Bruce Gold, born January 27, 1931.

Michael married Susan Gale Phillips, born December 4, 1950. They were married December 22, 1973, and reside at Route 4, box 43, 19000 Banner Road, Okarche, Oklahoma. Michael and Susan’s children are; Michael Ryan Gold, born February 22, 1975, and Jamie Lee God, born May 15, 1978.

Dr. Stephen Bruce Gold, married Pamela Jo Brown, born April 9, 1953. They were married May 20, 1972, and reside at 11o25 Bluestem Back Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 73132. Their Children were; Allison Carol Gold, born December 25,1975 and Jonathan David Gold, born October 5, 1980.
Lola Mae Gold married Robert Howard Russell, born July 21, 1927, they were married January 3, 1947 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They reside at 1349 Marriweather, Desota, Texas 75115-2908. Their children were; Sandra Deanna Russell, born January 2, 1949, and Robert Howard Russell, Jr., born February 6, 1950. Sandra Dianne Russell married Dennis Lee Guest, born August 16, 1949. They were married December 28, 1968. They reside at 1130 Spring Brook, Desota, Texas, 75115. They have 2 children; Denise Leanne Guest, born September 29, 1976 and Robert Howard Russell, Jr., Marrie Anita Sabinski, January 20, 1972. Then he married Pamela Dawn Moore, born September 27, 1959. They were married September 9, 1982 and reside at 305 Halifax Ct., Cedar Hill, Texas. They have two sons Ryan.

Howard Russell, born February 14, 1983, Robert Kelly Russell, born November 1984, and died May 1985.

Erma Lee Gold

Erma Lee Gold was born April 8, 1937, 5-1/2 miles north of Seminole, Oklahoma. She married Carman Lee Allen on July 30, 1953 at Seminole, Oklahoma. They had two sons; Richard Lee Allen, born September 23, 1955 and Clyde Ray Allen, born December 25, 1959. Erma :Lee is currently married to Donald “Don” Holmes Northcutt. They were married December 19, 1983 at Semilnole, Oklahoma. Don was born April 3, 1934. They reside at Route 4, Box, 105A, Seminole, Oklahoma. 74868. Phone 405-382—0580.

Richard Lee Allen married Connie Harrison, born on January 7, 1961.They were married June 16, 1976, Richard Lee Allen resides at Route 4, Box 105B, Seminole, Oklahoma. 74868. Clyde Ray Allen, unmarried resides at 3309 Neighbors LN., Del City, Oklahoma.

Donald Northcutt, who married Erma Lee Gold, had children by a previous marriage to Jane (Coker) Northcutt, They had 3 children; Anthony Don Northcutt, born June 29, 1961. Margaret Kay Northcutt born June 25,1962, and William Randolph Northcutt, born April 3, 1972.

Anthony Don married Carolin (Hallam) Brook, born December 18, 1965. They were married December 30, 1987. Their children, Penni Lee (Brook) Northcutt, born August 18, 1987.

Margaret Kay married Troy Hennigh, born May 9, 1961. They were married June 27, 1980. Their children were; Carmencia Ann Hennigh, born December 14, 1980. Misha Susan Hennigh, born December 29, 1981, and Tabitha Dawn Hennigh, born February 26, 1983. Margaret Kay then married Donald Rippee, born April 13,1985.

William Randolph Northcutt resides at home when not at college.


Cynthia Gold was the daughter of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold. She was born June 22, 1873 in Christian County, Missouri. (she is buried in the old Gold Cemetery, near Clever, MO. ) On August 7, 1894 she married John Stratton, (buried in Ozark, MO.) and they were the parents of six children; (1) Jessie Stratton, who married Tom Chaffin of Ozark. MO. They operated the funeral home in Ozark for several years. (2) Herbert Stratton (He is buried in Kansas.)) (3) Nina Stratton was born May 8, 1906 near Clever, Missouri. She married Willard Kissee, June 7, 1925 at Jasper, Missouri. He died in 1958. They were the parents of Bill Kissee who resides at Ozark, MO. Bill and his wife Mary, had three children; Judy, Ron, and John Kissee. Nina (Kissee) Stratton died January 7, 1997 in Springfield, MO. She was buried in Hopedale Cemetery, north of Ozark.

(4) Infant, died May 13, 1913 (measles)(5) Martha Ann Stratton, died March 7, 1914, age 3 years, 8 months and 9 days, (diphtheria and croup) (6)Paul E. Stratton, died March 14, 1914 near Clever, MO. age 10 months and 26 days.

Cynthia (Gold) Stratton died April 10, 1913 (pneumonia and measles). Cynthia and at least 3 of her children are buried in the Gold cemetery, located on the old home place south of clever, Missouri.

NOTE—It appears that Cynthia may have died from childbirth, also two of these children were twins.

(See “Young Brothers Massacre” near bottom of page 13 is mentioned) Jessie, this is Jessie Stratton, daughter of Cynthia Gold and John Stratton. It appears that she courted one of the Young Brothers. Many years later one of Jessie’s rejected suiters said; perhaps too uncouth for Jesse’s taste, reported dejectedly that she had said; “ Paul is the only gentleman in town” Ultimately Jessie did not accept any of the Young blades, but married her steady, reliable fellow store clerk. In time they became the town’s first successful undertakers.

From the Obituary Column

Nina Kissee, Ozark—Nina Kissee 90, died at 10:25 P.M. Monday, January 6, 1997, in Cox Medical Center, South, Springfield, Missouri. She was born May 8, 1906 near Clever, the daughter of John and Cynthia (Gold) Stratton. In 1926 she married Willard Kissee, who preceded her in death in 1958. She was also preceded in death by three brothers and two sisters. She was a resident of Ozark most of her life, and worked as a nurse and later was a clerk for Kissee Department Store. She was member of the Ozark Christian Church. She is survived by a son and his wife, Bill and Mary Kissee. These grandchildren and their spouses, Judy, and Ted Chambers, and Ron and Pam Kissee all of Ozark. John and Denise Kissee, Marietta, Georgia. Six great-grandchildren; Scott, Beth, Angela and Marshall all of Ozark. Ron Watson, and Courtney and Angela Kissee all of Marietta, Georgia, and three gr-gr-grandchildren, Allie Lacie,l and Katie Kissee all of Ozark, Burial will be in Hopedale Cemetery.

A true story taken from the book “Tales of Bull Creek Country”
John Stratton
Raised by the Witten Bilyeu Family

John Witten Bilyeu sold his land in Greene County in 1866 and moved to Christian County, and settled on the Old Wilderness Road just south of Spokane, MO.
John Witten Bilyeu was known as “Dad” around the Bull Creek Country, “Dad” Bilyeu, the horse trader. He was the best there was. Also he was slave trader before the Civil War put an end to such dealings in human beings. Dad raised Blacks and sold and traded them just as people do cattle today.

John Witten Bilyeu was an accommodating man. He never turned anyone from his door. Sometime in the 1870’s a family by the name of Stratton was traveling through the country and became stranded on Bull Creek. John Witten Bilyeu let them have fodder for their animals and food for the family, and in turn they gave him one of their children. This Small Boy, was two years old, was taken into the Bilyeu home and raised as one of their own. But he kept his real name, John Stratton. In the 1880 census of Christian County, the J.W. Bilyeu family lists an adopted son—John S., age 7, This was the boy, John Stratton.

Another of John Witten’s adoptions didn’t turn out so well. He took in Alf Bolin as an orphan of some 12-14 years, and raised him to manhood. Someone shot Alf when he was still in his teens, it was never known who the ambushers was, but it was reported that he crowed like a rooster after he had fired the shot. Alf recovered and from then on he was a changed person, he turned bad and became the notorious Alf Bolin of the bushwhacker times.

This story about John Witten Bilyeu and John Stratton verifies the story handed down through the family that John Stratton’s parents gave him away when he was just a small child.

Dad Bilyeu had a prize stallion, worth a thousand dollars they said. The horse was mean tempered and they hadn’t let him out of the barn for six months. One day Alf Bolin and his gang appeared at the Bilyeu home and Alf Bolin told Dad he had come for the horse. He forced John Henry, Dad’s son, to bring the stallion from the stable. “Old Man.” Alf said to John Witten, “I know you have gold hidden around here and if it wasn’t for you having took me in and raised me, I’d just kill you and take it all. But for now I will just take the horse.” John Witten had an afflicted daughter and she was sitting on a rug which covered a trap door under which the Bilyeu’s had hidden their valuables.

Some strangers came to John Witten Bilyeu’s home on the Wilderness Road where they took sick and died. They gave no names,l and no one ever found out who they were. John Witten buried them on his farm, then set aside the adjoining land for a cemetery. It is now the Spokane Cemetery, Still known as the “Strangers Cemetery”. The oldest grave is that of William Abel, died in 1878. The stranger’s graves are not known, or even how many there were. The legend gives the number from one to three. There are three in the cemetery side by side, marked by fieldstones on which crosses have been carved. Are these the graves of the strangers. No one seems to know.

John Witten Bilyei was 96 when he died. He and his wife Sarah (Harp) Bilyeu. Are both buried in the “Strangers Cemetery at Spokane, in Christian County, MO. Along with many of their descendants. They were the parents of nine children.
John Strattion was buried in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri.


Alice Gold was the daughter of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold. She was born July 3, 1876, on the old h home place south of Clever in Christian County, MO. She died September 13, 1913, and was buried in the Gold Cemetery, located on the same place where she was born. On July 25, 1891 she married Thomas Wesley Wright. He was born December 27, 1872 in Stone County, MO. near Hurley, and died May 34, 1945 at Lamar, Barton County, MO. Their children were; (1) Grace Crystal Wright, born May 7, 1893 near Hurley, MO. On December 24, 1916 she married Russell Allen Hoggard, and they lived in Springfield. She died September 6, 1968 in Springfield. Russell A.Hoggard was born April 8, 1890, and died November 15, 1961, buried in White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Springfield, MO. (2) Fred Sherman Wright, born April 8, 1898 and died December 4, 1977, in Mindenmines, MO. he was buried in the Nashville cemetery, MO. He married Dill, in Marshfield, MO., she was born March 11, 1897, and died February 22, 1966 in Lamar, MO. buried in Nashville, Cemetery. (3) Virgil Odie Wright, born January 5, 1899, and died May 8, 1974, Great Falls, Cascade, M. USA. He married Alvenia Lenore Dykeman, born April 3, 1910, White Owl, Meade, SD, USA and died October 13, 1979. They were the parents of Viola May Wright, born June 8, 1926, in Great Falls, Cascade, M. USA. She married Steve Bass They were the parents of John Bass He married Denise Clavell, April 17, 1981 at Salt Lake City, Lake, USA. (4) Lester Loren Wright, born June 8, 1901 at Republic, Greene County, Missouri. He died February 22, 1948 at Monterey Park, California. His wife was Avis (maiden name unknown) (5) Lucy Marie Wright, was born August 18, 1904 at Republic, Missouri, and died March 4, 1952 at Springfield, Missouri. She married Daton Bade, April, 1929. (6) Vesta Bell Wright was born November 8, 1906. She married Joe M. Shelton April 4, 1926. She is still living at Lamar, Missouri. (1997) (7) Clifford Lee Wright was born January 14, 1909 at republic, Missouri and died January 15, 1965 at Steilacoom, Washington. He married Fern Schuler. (8) Alva Sheridan Wright, was born September 9, 1911 at Niangua, Missouri, and died March 15, 1966 in Jackson, Mississippi. He married Genelle Burnett.

Thomas Wright was the son of Robert Wright and Missouri Cox. He was the second of nine children, all deceased.

Viola Wraught, granddaughter to Alice Wright, 822, 6th, St. S.W. Great Falls, Montana

(1) Michael Gold                          (6) Virgil Wright, Sr.
(2) Johnathan Gold                         (7) Viola (Wright) Wraught
(3) Thomas Gold                           (8) John Bass
(4) James Thomas Gold                     (9) Michael, Melissa, Marila,
(5) Alice (Gold) Wright

Thomas Wesley Wright was descended through, Robert, Aaron, and Moses Wright. Was born December 27, 1971 in Stone County, MO., and died May 24, 1945 in Lamar, Missouri, and buried in the Lake Cemetery at Lamar. Alice (Gold) Wright died in 1913.

On February 24, 1918 Thomas Wesley Wright married Lydia Sullinger. She was born July 9, 1881, and died January 7, 1960 in Lamar, Missouri, she is also buried in the Lake Cemetery in Lamar, Missouri.

The children of Viola Wright and Steve Bass; (1) Jerry Lee Bass, born August 6, 1948. (2) Paul Dick Bass, born December 9, 1949. (3) Steve Allen Bass, born July 26, 1951.(4) Kathleen Ann Bass, born October 8, 1952. (5) John Michael Bass, born March 30, 1956, in Great Falls, Montana. (6) Thomas Wesley Bass, born May 9, 1959.

2nd Viola May married Frank Fames Wraught. He was born May 12, 1922 in South Bend, Indiana, and died January 23, 1983 in Great Falls, Montana, buried in Highland Cemetery.

Jerry Lee Bass married Jolene “Julie” Oakland, June 8, 1974 in Kalispell, Montana, She was born April 4, 1955. They were the parents of Jonathan Marshall Bass, born May 29, 1980., and Tifany Ann Bass, born July 16, 1983.

Paul Dick Bass married Katsuko, 2nd. He married Jenny (unknown). Paul and Katsuko were the parents of David and Nicholas Bass, and Paul and Jenny had Michael Paul Bass.

Kathleen Ann Bass married Lowell Fugal. Their children; Thayne and Chad Fugal.

John Michael Bass married Denise Clavel, April 17, 1981 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was born July 2, 1956. Their children are; (1) Marilee born January 20, 1982. (2) Michael John, born April 11, 1984. (3) Mark Alan, born March 30, 1986. (4) Melissa, born March 5, 1988. (5) Matthew Jeffrey, born August 27, 1991. (6) Milanie, born October 26, 1993. (7) Mitchell


Millie Gold was the daughter of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold. She was born December 23, 1876 in Christian County, Missouri. She died in 1958 in Stone County, Missouri. On February 19, 1895 she married John Greenway. By L.P. Crank, JP. He was born in 1866, and died in 1923 in Stone County, Missouri. Millie was the sixth of eleven children. Their children were; (1) Leonard, (2) Ella, (3) Florence, (4) Raymond “Jack” (5) Delphia, (6) Kenneth, (7) Gertie, (8) and Eldon Greenway.

Leonard Greenway was born March 29, 1896 in Stone County, MO. He married Bessie Stark, and to them were born 10 children; (1) Floyd Greenway, born August 29, 1913, (2) Myrtle Greenway, born September 19, 1915. (3) Eula Mae Greenway born May 30, 1919. (4) Gineth Greenway born February 7, 1921. (5) Helen Greenway, born July 15, 1922. (6) Orville Greenway, born December 21, 1923. (7) Carl Greenway, born 2936. (8) Eugene “Genie” Greenwayc born September 10, 1928, he married Darlene Essary. (9) Janice Greenway, born January 27, 1937. (10) Evelyn Greenway, born January 11, 1940, she married Robert Baker.

Ella Greenway daughter of John and Millie (Gold) Greenway was born May 22, 1899. She married Harrison B. McCord on March 11, 1914. He was born August 4, 1887. Their Children; (1) Lowell McCord, born about 1916. (2) Inez McCord, born about 1917. (3) Wilburn McCord, born about 1920, (4) Ruth McCord, born about 1925, (5) Dwight McCord born about 1934.

Florence Greenway was the daughter of John and Millie (Gold) Greenway. She was born May 27 1905 and died September 3, 1986. She married Marshall Wilson. He was a farmer and lived in Stone County, Missouri, where they raised the family. Their childrren; (1) Burnice Wilson, born May 26, 1921 and died an infant. (2) Leaford Wilson was born May 25, 1922 and died an infant. (3) Clymenia Wilson, born February 19,1924, she married Leonard Bowling. (4) Adrain “H.A. Wilson, was born August 24, 1925 and died August 14, 1993. He married Betty Moore. (5) Roy Wilson, born March 27, 1927 and died an infant. (6) Lorena Wilson was born April 25, 1929 and died August 25, 1963. She married Robert Blair. (7) Evelyn Wilson was born September 1, 1931, she married Gerald Layton (8) Eve Lea “Nell” Wilson, was born February 11, 1933, and died November 8, 1975. She married Wayne Johnson, they are the parents of Don Johnson the movie star (9) Onis Wilson, was born March 5, 1935, he married Mary____. (10) Bob Wilson was born December 15, 1936. He married Geneva Shumate. (11) Faye Wilson was born October 31, 1938. She married Cleveland Matney. (12) Jack Wilson was born May 12, 1940. He married Linda____. (13) Earl Wilson was born February 1, 1942. He married Janice____. (14) Ruth Ann Wilson was born September 18, 1947l. She married Lee Shelledy.

Kenneth Greenway, was the son of John and Millie Greenway, He was born January 1920. He was killed while working in the timber in the State of Washington, in July of 1950. He married a Philbeck. They had a son; Kenny Greenway, born October 6, 1949. He lives in Tacoma, Washington.

Gertie Greenway, daughter of John and Millie Greenway was born April 1, 1901, and died December 2, 1976. She married Clyde Clark, who was born April 1, 1904. Their children; Clyde Sylvester Clark Jr., born December 19, 1926 and died in 1989 or 1990. Homer Edward Clark, born February 4, 1928. They had an adopted daughter, Betty Lou Puffer, born April 17, 1938. Clyde and Gertie are both buried in the Molly Wright Cemetery, south of Union City, in Stone county, Missouri.

Eldon Victor Greenway, son of John and Millie (Gold) Greenway was born August 13, 1915. He married Iona Wallace in Stone County, MO., in the home of A.J. Daniels, J.P.

Their children were; Millie Lou, Joe F., James, John, Donald, Robert, and Rose Etta Greenway. Eldon died December 10, 1948. Millie Lou died at birth, Joe Frank Greenway first married Peggy Mary Romanda Boone, and she died young. Then he married Nellie Garner of Aurora, Missouri. Joe Frank died in 1990. James Elvin Greenway married Christine Mae Ellingworth on May 27, 1958 in Hutchinson, Kansas. They Had two sons and two daughters, they were; Rhonda Sue Greenway was born in 1959. Dexter Dean Greenway was born in 1961. Morgan Kelley Greenway was born in 1964, and Natalie Kay was born in 1966.

Rhonda Sue Greenway married Arnold Winnington Jr., and they had three daughters; Lacy Nicole, born in 1978. Ashley Lorene born in about 1987, Olivia Kathlene was born in 1990, Rhonda Sue and Arnold divorced, and she married Phil Gouar and they have a daughter; Savannah Marie, who was born September 24, 1993. Dexter married Vickie Ghun and they had four children; Christine Catherine Greenway was born in about 1978. Candy Sue was born in about 1983. Cassie was born in about 1986. Dexter Dean Jr. was born in about 1988. Morgan Kelley Greenway married Sherrie Hackbarth no issue. Natalie Greenway has a daughter, Melissa Marie, born December 1, 1982 and a son; Brian James who was born in about 1986.
John Greenway has two daughters; Debbie Sue and Brenda Sue Greenway, Donald Greenway married Edna Hicks and they have two daughters. They divorced, he re-married and has a daughter, Jill Ann Greenway.
Robert Greenway married Linda____. And they have four children; Regena, Cathy, Shella, and Jeff Greenway.

Rosetta Greenway married Martin Porter, they have three sons, and two daughters, Patricia married and had two boys and two girls. Josh, Adam, Yodie, and Evett Ione, Rose, Glen married Cherryl___. One son of hers, and one son theirs; Victor married Kim_____. Issue 6, Peggy married Fred Hamilton, no issue, Robert married Tina____. Two sons.

By Peggy Hamilton

I never really knew Millie (Gold) Greenway, but form what I was told, she was a grand lady. Honesty and truth was of her policy. She didn’t hide from good hard work. Through all the struggles and pain of this old world, she held her chin up and endured.

There is plenty of rain as well as sunshine in her life. She saw her husband and sons pass on from this life, leaving her behind in total grief to bear the world alone. I can imagine the mixture of joy, and sadness she must have felt, when she held her son Eldon’s little nine month old baby girl. For that was the year my mother, Rose Etta Greenway was born. Her father, Eldon Victor Greenway had passed on.

I have seen traits in my mother, Rose, and my five uncles, as well as my great-Aunts, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing. Florence is a woman of strength, honesty, and religious values. Delphia was bright, loving, kind and gentle, the fun one. While Aunt Gert was the outrageous daring one. All the boys were honest loving, stubborn gentlemen. Hard workers with a sense of duty to their country and God.

I believe the thanks all goes to Millie (Gold) Greenway, My hat is off to you great-grandmother, I thank you for the way you raised your children, and they in return have done so too. I stand today facing the future with honesty, truth, charity, and truly inspired by my ancestors. With love and gratitude Your Great grand-daughter, Peggy (Porter) Hamilton, (Eldon Greenway’s grandchild).

Floyd Greenway

Floyd Greenway was born August 29, 1913, and died May 3, 1987. He married Alice Grisham, daughter of Loren and Charity (King) Grisham, October 27, 1937. To them were born eight children; (1) Lois, (2) Loretta, (3) Betty, (4) Joyce, (5)Karen Fay, (6) Marilyn Kay, (7) Barbara Diane, and (8) Donna Charlene Greenway.

Lois Greenway was born October 21, 1938, she married Wayne Scott and had two children; Belynde Scott, born November 22, 1958, and Gary Scott, born April 10, 1963. They reside at Browns Spring, in Stone County, MO.

Loretta Greenway was born December 4, 1941, she married Tim Cox, December 10, 1960. Their children were; Kevin Cox, born November 29, 1961 and died August 18 1978. Timothy James Cox was born May 7, 1967 and died July 28, 1984. These two are both buried in the Galena Cemetery, Stone County, MO.

Betty Sue Greenway was born March 10 1943, she married Larry E. Clines, January 66, 1962. Their children were; Robert Clines, Robin Denise Clines, and Larry Dean Clines.

Joyce Alberta Greenway was born November 3, 1946 and she married Ralph Bradford, July 21, 1964. Their children were; Lisa, and Brandy Bradford.

Karen Fay Greenway was born August 16, 19449, she married Jimmy Henry, November 8, 1970, Their children were; Jeffrey Dale Henry, and Jason Allen Henry.

Marilyn Kay Greenway was born August 23, 1952. She has a daughter; Julie, born September 21,1975.

Barbara Diane Greenway was born September 4, 1955, she married Stanley Inman, September 3, 1977.

Donna Charlene Greenway was born September 4, 1957, she married Dennis Kimberling, December 7, 1974.

Myrtle Greenway, daughter of Leonard and Bessie (Stark) Greenway, She was born September 10, 1915, she married Jesse Russell., They were the parents of ; Wayne Russell.

Eula Mae Greenway, daughter of Leonard Greenway, she was born May 30, 1919.She married Bill Martin. They were the parents of; Forest Dean Martin and Patricia Martin.

Helen Greenway, daughter of Leonard and Bessie (Stark) Greenway was born July 15, 1922. She married Efton Livingston. They had a son, Chester Livingston.

Orville Greenway, son of Leonard Greenway, born December 21, 1923, He married Lorene Grisham. Their children; (1) Ruby Jean Greenway, born August 28, 1945. (2) Shirley Ann Greenway, born October 7, 1946. (3) Roy Greenway, born July 1947. (4) Lonnie Dean Greenway, born September 1950. (5) Rebecca Lynn Greenway, born January, 1953. (6) Donald Leon Greenway, born August 31, 1955. (7) Sharon Greenway, born December 16, 1957.

Carl Greenway, son of Leonard Greenway, was born October 1926. He married Frances Jones. They were the parents of Floyd Greenway.

Janice Greenway, son of Leonard Greenway was born January 27, 1937, she married Bill Bowles.

Evan Lea “Nell” Wilson was born February 11, 1933. She married Wayne Johnson)They were the parents of Don Johnson, the movie actor.

Rose Etta Greenway, daughter of Eldon Victor Greenway, She married Martin Henry Potter, July 13, 1957 in Stone County, MO., He was born November 17, 1928 in Stone County, MO., and died February 13, 1975. He is buried in Crane Community, Cemetery, Crane, MO. 2nd, she married Douglas Leon Denager, January 7, 1977. He was born May 25, 1953.
Ruby Jean Greenway, daughter of Orville Greenway, she was born August 28, 1945. She married John Metcalf.


Greene Elzie Gold was the son of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold, He was born February 15, 1880, south of Clever at the old home place in Christian County, Missouri. On March 20, 1907 he married Ann Lydia Crumpley. She was the daughter of John Samuel Crumpley and Nancy Annie Burchett, the gr-granddaughter of Joseph Burchett who was born in Kentucky in 1810. Greene and Lyda Crumpley lived on the Stone/Christian County line, about 2-1/2 miles west of where Uncle Greene was born and raised. Uncle Jimmy had died in 1909 and Aunt Paralee was left alone. They had their niece, Ottie Lent there to raise, she was the daughter of Missouri Elizabeth (Gold) and John Lent. Ottie stayed with Aunt Paralee until about 1917 when she married and moved away. Uncle Greene moved his family there to help take care of his mother and farm the land. She died in 1917. Uncle Greene and Aunt Lyda stayed there until about 1924 or 1925, when they moved to the farm they had bought on James River near the Hooton Town Bridge. They lived there and raised the children there, and live there until he died July 9, 1939. Aunt Lyda died in 1981. They are both buried in the Jamesville Cemetery, in Stone County, Missouri.

Their children were; (1) Gratus Gold, (2) Lela Gold, (3) Reba Gold, (4) Mary Gold, (5) Jimmie Gold.

Jimmy O. Gold, 77 Springifeld, passed from this life at St Johns Regional Health Center, at 2;50 a.m. Friday, April 19, 2002. The son of Greene and Lyda Gold, he was born November 11, 1924. He had worked at Lily Tulip 32 years and late was employed at Commerce Bank 10 years before his retirement. He was WW2 US Army Veteran and a member of the United Methodist Church. He is survived by his wife, Louise R. to whom he was wed November 10, 1944. Also 3 sons, Jim Gold Jr. and his wife, Elaine, Billings, Harold E. Gold and wife Vivian, Richmond, and William E.Gold, Bowling Green; 8 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Services will be at 12;30 p.m. Monday, April 22, 2002in Greenlawn Funeral Home South, with burial in Missouri Veterans Cemetery. Visitation will be from 4 to 5;30 p.m. Sunday in the funeral home, 441 W. Battlefield, Memorials are suggested to Richmond , MO. Or Billings, MO. United Methodist Church.


Elizabeth “Eliza” Gold was born January 18, 1882 in Christian County, Missouri. She was the daughter of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold. She married Luther Crumpley, February 15, 1903. He was born in February of 1877.

They were the parents of three children; Lucy, Mildred, and James William Crumpley.

Lucy Crumpley was born in 1907. She married Kenneth Mitchell, their children were; Freida, who married Howard Benefield, in Selma, California. Bernard of Fresno, California, Willis Ray, of Fresno, Donald “Junior” of Fresno, and Olan of Selma, California.

Mildred Crumpley was born in 1911.She married Elsworth Joe Burgin, Their children were; Eugene, of Orange Cove, California, Earl Burgin of Reedley, California, and Beverly “Betty”, who married John Harper, of Reedley, California.

James William Crumpley was born in 1916 in Stone County, Missouri. He died and is buried in California, He married Mable Jones, and they raised two sons in Modesto, California.

Luther and Eliza lived ¼ miles southeast of the Henry School House, three miles east of Hurley, in Stone County, Missouri, and raised their family there. They took their family to California in 1936 during the great depression. One year later while working as a farm hand, Luther was killed by a fall from the back of a truck. Eliza lived in Reedley, until her death in 1953. They are both buried in Reedley, California.


Jane Gold was the daughter of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold. She was born March 11, 1884 in Christian County, Mo., On February 2, 1909 she married Truston Crumbless. He was born in Stone County, MO. October 24, 1883. He was a brother to Andy Crumbliss, born in 1885 in Missouri. Hugh “Hugh Dad” Crumbliss, born November, 1893 and Vincent Crumbliss born in 1895, he married Marie Reeves, daughter of Sarah (Pruitt) Barnett. Marie was a half sister to the children of Sarah and Tom Barnett who lived at Hurley, in Stone County, Missouri. Sarah (Pruitt) Barnett was the daughter of Margaret Jane (Gold) (Kimberling) Pruitt and grand daughter of Thomas and Mary Jane (Cavener) Gold.

Aunt Jane and Truston lived one mile south and one mile east of Union City in Stone County, MO. They were the parents of Darrell Crumbliss and Lois Crumbliss. After Truston died November 12, 1933, Jane married Calvin Jones, and they lived at Branson, Missouri where she died January 16, 1958. She was buried beside her first husband, (Truston Crumbliss) in the White Cemetery, in Stone County, MO.

Darrel Crumbliss went to Florida when he was a young man and married a girl down there. Willard Jones told me today on the telephone that Darrell died in Florida in the early 1980’s.

Lois Crumbliss married Willard Jones (her stepbrother) who was the son of Calvin Jones who married Aunt Jane. Lois and Willard still live near Branson. She has been in real poor health for several years. (I called him, today, August 17, 1995). (RG)


Pauline Gold, was the daughter of James Thomas and Delilah Paralee (Luttrell) Gold, she was born October 20, 1885 on the old home place south of Clever, in Christian County, MO. She married Fred Guthrie. They lived at Fairland, Oklahoma, She died January 18, 1919. They are both buried in Fairland, Oklahoma.