Stoddard Co., Missouri Bonds and Letters of Administration Abstracts

Bonds and Letters of Administration Abstracts

The information below was provided by LeAnn Kelley. They are abstracts and some are incomplete, merely notes she jotted down for reference. The actual records may yield more information in those cases. Books and pages are not listed, but I'm sure you will be able to find the original and complete entry by the date.

BACHELOR, Joseph estate - Terry Poe, admin; Ferd. Kitchns, sec; 1899; Amanda Bachelor, mother, Jennie, Dora, ___ Bachelor
BARHAM, James A. -S.L. Barham, widow, principal; Nellie, Ruby, daughters; James son, all of Stoddard Co.; d. 5 Jul 1918; sec. by A.T. Welborn, H.S. Greer, & M.S. Magee.
BARHAM, John L. - Minnie Barham, widow; Lillian, daughter; 8 Nov 1918; G.M. Barham, A.W. Bess, sec.; W.J. Barham, principal
BARTLETT, Orson - Bartlett, Elizabeth Hill, Anna Slack, Louisa Carter, Cora Hill, etc.
BIRCHFIELD, Jeremiah - application for letters of admin. filed 15 Jun 1887; heirs Robert E., Joseph, George W., Wm. M., Mary, James, infant girl, and Paralee Birchfield, widow; John Howell principal; E.P. Howell & A.L. Dowdy, bond of $400.
COOPER, John L. estate - Mary A. Cooper, widow; Marion R., Hubert O., Robert L., Jacob Alonzo, Roxie and Rachel V. Cooper; recorded 30 Dec 1893; Joseph M. Cooper & J.B. Rawlings, sec.
COOPER, Joseph M. estate - Mayme M., daughter, principal; heirs Mayme Cooper of Stoddard Co.; Etta Toole, daughter, of Mississippi Co. AR; Aid Cooper, son, Stoddard Co.; Elsie Wammack, daughter, Stoddard Co.; Joseph d. 24 Sep 1922; sec. by V.W. Moran & J.A. Chiles.
COOPER, William - Jane, widow; Luther, son; 13 Aug 1921; sec by C.Z. Cooper & T.A. Smith
COOPER, Wm estate - Joseph Cooper, principal; Salamanda Cooper, widow (her real name was Sarah Amanda LK); heirs, all of Stoddard Co. were Nola A., James A., Albert A., and Joseph F. Cooper. 21 Mar 1888; sec. By Salamanda Cooper and Reuben Horton, $1200.
CRYTES, Louisa estate - (widow of James Cryts and Henry C. Douglas) Edward Weber, principal; Charles Runyon, Lawrence Co. IL heir; Stella Cox, Lawrence Co. IL, heir; d. 15 Aug 1925; sec. C.O. Biggs & Frank LaRue; $3000
COOPER, Dabney S. - Sarah Cooper, widow; heirs all of Stoddard Co., Wm. H, Joseph M., S. Albert, M.E., Marcus, Dabney, Allace; filed and recorded 6 Feb 1888; sec. by A.F. Cooper, Wm. Cooper, Joseph M. Cooper; bond $3000.
CRYTES, Wm. F. - d. 1874 in Stoddard Co. MO; heirs Almyra B. Crytes, child, and Margaret E. Crytes, widow, both of Stoddard Co.; Margaret Crytes prin.; Wm. P. Knox & Robert J. Jackson, sec. $100. 1 Mar 1875
DOWDY, Richard - Mary L. Dowdy principal; heirs J.J. Dowdy of Stoddard Co.,A.L. Dowdy of Stoddard Co. Mary L. Dowdy, Stoddard Co., Sarah E. Copeland, Stoddard Co. 31 Oct 1887; Andy F. Cooper and Thos. J. Ulen sec. $4000
DWIGGINS, Robert - John P. Barham, admin; heirs James J. Dwiggins, Robert H. Dwiggins, Martha McElwrath, grandchildren Rumley, Andrew J. Lewis, Victoria A. Lewis, Martha J. Barham, Mary E. Barham, Louisa J. Barham, Myra A. Barham, Victoria E. Griggs, Mary A. Griggs, Robert L. Griggs; 23 Apr 1877.
EZELL, Simon - had a daughter, Alice Harty
FRANCIS, Alfred - had a daughter named Jane A. Moore; 1874
FRITTS, Noah - J.F. Winchester, admin; widow of Dunklin Co. MO; son Ramen F. Fritts of Dunklin Co. MO
GOFORTH, Delia - Zachariah Goforth, admin; heirs Charity Jackson, Sarah Arterberry of Arkansas, Missouri Pentergrass, Susannah Wilkerson of Dunklin Co. MO, Seria Arterberry, Jane Kelso, Margaret Wright, Alson Goforth all of Stoddard Co.
GRAY, James, dec'd - heirs Polly Ann, Joseph A. in Kentucky; Tilmon, C., Welborn. H. & Wm. C. Gray of Stoddard Co.; 19 Apr 1873; Wm. C. Gray prin; John Baker & Mahugal Howard sec. $1000.
GROSS, August - heirs Julia Tropf, August Gross Jr., Gustav Gross, Ludwig Gross, all of Stoddard Co.; 3 Sep 1877; Martin Tropf admin; Jacob Koppler, Jonathan Rose, sec. of $500.
HAGY, John - Henry Hagy, admin; heirs J.M., Thomas, Greenberry, George, Elizabeth, Robert Hagy all of Stoddard Co.; 8 May 1884; sec. Robert Neal & Joseph Howell
HARRIS, George, dec'd - heirs John & George Harris, Caledonia Sitz, Ruthy Ann Cowlin of Stoddard Co.; Thomas Harris, Elijah Harris, & Sophronia J. Welborn of Denton Co. TX; 13 Jan 1872 - John Harris, prin.; J.W. Sitz & J.F. McDonald security.
HARTY, Andrew J.; Wm. C. Harty, admin; widow, Elizabeth; heirs Amanda J. McDowell, Franklin Harty, Sarah, Sophia, and Wm. C. Harty, all of Stoddard Co; 16 Dec 1876 sec. Thomas J. McDowell and Samuel Cooper
HARTY, Elizabeth A. - heirs, George R., James C. and Samuel D. Harty of Stoddard Co. - 28 Oct 1872
HARTY, George - heirs - Wm. Lee Harty 12 Oct 1883
HARTY, Jacob - heirs Thomas J., Henry C., Sarah & Marion C. Harty, Carroll & Nancy C. Harty prin; Wm. M. Harbin & S.A. Martin sec.- 4 Mar 1874
HEWETT, Ann - d. 17 Mar 1920; J.F. Winchester, admin.
HEWETT, James - d. 14 Mar 1920, J.F. Winchester, admin.
HICKMAN, J.M. - Huldah J. widow; heirs all of Stoddard Co. - Ora Lee Crabtree, duaghter, Nola V. Bilbrey, Arthur J., Elsie May, James, Dulsie V. Hoseapple, Vader, Dena Allen; J.M. Hickman d. 30 Oct 1922; sec. by J.M. Shoemate & T.S .Hickman
HILL, Green B. (son of Robert - LK) widow Lizzie B; recorded 25 Nov 1902; John W. Hill, Amanda V. Culberton nee Hill, $5000; John W. & Lizzie Hill, security.
HILL, Wm. A., dec'd; John W. Hill - Henry Miller executor 29 July 1867 - John Buck, Daniel B. Miller, Henry E. Miller - see will.
HOBBS, Samuel F. estate -Sol. E. Hobbs, principal; Sarah J. Hobbs, widow (nee Miller-LK), Jesse A. Hobbs and Sol. E. Hobbs all of Stoddard Co., sons; d. 13 Mar 1927; family posted security of $1600
HOPKINS, Andrew A. - Marcus Hopkins, prin; heirs Ada L. Henderson, daughter of Butler Co. MO, and son, Marcus Hopkins of Stoddard Co.; 26 Feb 1925; sec. Ada Henderson, L.D. Parmenter, G.E. Brown.
HOPKINS, David N. estate - $800; bond - J.H. White & Wiley Hopkins; recorded 9 May 1876 - Mary Hopkins, admin; on 22 Jan 1877 Robert Cate was named admin d-b-n; J.H. White & Wm. C. Harty bond $100. (from book, Application for Letters of Administration)
HOPKINS, J.A. estate - d. 19 Dec 1898; B.M. Hopkins, son, adm.; Alice Hopkins, widow; heirs, all of Stoddard Co. were M.V.B. Hopkins, B.M., L.F., Marshall, Louis, Herman, May, Ethel, Viola & Cora Hopkins; 1899; D.C. Langley, prin; $1600; sec. by F. McMillen, Ran G. Langley
HOPKINS, Jonas - d. 10 May 1929; Frank Hopkins, prin; Victoria, Otto, Anderson Hopkins securities - $10,000
JENKINS, Jacob - Elijah Jenkins, admin. - heirs, Susan, widow; sons George & John Jenkins, of Stoddard Co.; 13 Feb 1867
JENKINS, James H. - Elijah Jenkins, prin; Mary E., widow; Elijah B., Cora A., Wm. James, Jackson, Lora E. Jenkins of Stoddard Co.; 28 Nov 1885.
JENKINS, Thomas - 24 Nov 1877 -widow, Louisa; Staggs, Lockhart, Bockmiller & Tull, Securities.
JORNDT, A.A. - J.J. Dowdy security
JORNDT, Helen estate - Charles Liles, prin; Hattie Drifoos, daughter of Craighead Co. AR; George Jorndt of Cook Co. IL; Ida Ott of Highlands, FL; Ray Buchanan, grandson of New Madrid Co. MO; & Glynn Buchanan, grandson of Cook Co. IL; estate filed 24 Nov 1927; sec. by Hattie Liles, T.E. Hubbard, & Charles Clowe, Jr. $76,000.
LEONARD, Joseph F. - Lavina A. Leonard, principal; heirs Daniel M. Leonard, Minerva J. Uphorn, Martin Leonard heirs of ___in the state of IL; Josephine S. Hopkins of Stoddard Co.; Pleasant A.J. Leonard, and Ulysses Sherman Leonard of Stoddard Co.; 15 Mar 1887, $500; Daniel M. Leonard & Caleb Hopkins, sec.
LEWIS, David L. estate - James L. Magee, Wm. Magee, Sowell Barham, Zelma Barham, Willie Buchanan, heirs of Ellen Barham; M. Magee, also names additional Lewis, Bobbit, Layton and others - 1897; J.Y. Evans, prin; C.H. Barham & Geo. W. Bobbitt sec.
LINK, John, dec'd - Henry H. Braford, prin; $80. 13 Jun 1882
LINK, Wm. McClellan estate - Sarah E. Link, widow; daughters Bessie, Icey, and May; sons, Evert, Roy?, Jesse, John, and Riley - 1908; $1000.
MILLER, Almonta estate - Robert J. Jackson, prin. and admin; heirs (mother) Mary Ann Jackson, all of Stoddard Co.; Henry E. Miller, Lizzie Jackson, Zelma Jackson, Murtie Jackson; filed 24 Aug 1893; security Martin Larsen & Moses Proffer, $8000.
MILLER, Andrew J. - 24 Dec 1873; heirs Amanda and John Miller, Stoddard Co.; William M. Jenkins, admin., J.W. Miller & Wm. F. Crytes sec. $1500
MILLER, George W. - heirs Joseph J. Miller, Amanda C. Liles, Louisa Williamson, mother Belona Miller, widow Mary Ann Miller, Dolly Buck, Robert Buck, Alice Buck, Dora D. Miller minor heir of Wm. W. Miller dec'd, & Albert A. & Henry E. Miller minor heirs of Henry E. Miller dec'd. John L. Buck principal; Jas E. Buck sec. $600; J.E. Boyt witness.
MILLER, Henry - 18 May 1872 - heirs, Joseph J. Miller, George W. Miller, Amanda C. Liles, Louisa E. Williamson, Dora D. Miller, (minor heir of W.W. Miller, dec'd), Almonta & Henry E. Miller, (minor heirs of Henry E. Miller dec'd), & Dollie A., Robert L., and Alice A, (minor heirs of Francis M. Buck, dec'd) of Stoddard Co. MO. Joseph J. Miller, prin.; John L. Buck, Joseph R. Williamson, & J.M. Hobbs, sec. $40,000 (widow was Belona - LK)
MILLER, Henry E. dec'd - 19 April 1872; heirs Albert A. & Henry E. Miller, John Buck, prin.; James A. Cooper & A.D. Hill, security. (This was the man who went by the name "Elijah" and was first married to Emily __, and second married Mary Ann Cryts, daughter of David & Sibby Dowdy Cryts. -LK)
MILLER, Jacob B. - 1874, Stoddard Co. MO; Joseph J. Miller, admin d-b-n; no heirs listed.
MILLER, Jacob W. estate - Mollie, widow; John, Riley, Marshall, Rufus, Bertha Beckham, granddaugther, Ona Singleton, granddaughter. D. 30 Nov 1923; sec by Sanford Gladden, E.L. Casey, W.T. Southerland, and Henry Hill. $3000.
MILLER, John A. "Pad" estate - Mary K. Miller, widow; heirs all of Stoddard Co. except John E. Miller of White Co. AR - Ethridge Miller, Eunice Greer, Iva Miller, Oden Miller, Samuel H. McDowell, grandson, Alfred L. McDowell, grandson; John A. Miller d. 20 Oct 1923; Eunice Greer principal; Mary K. Miller, H.C. Hyslop, Wiley Walker, security.
MILLER, John C. - 9 Feb 1875; d. 1871, Stoddard Co.; John N. Miller, admin; Andrew Jackson Miller, John Newton Miller, Sarah Elizabeth Miller, William Miller & George Washington Miller, all citizens of Stoddard Co.; sec. by Martin V.B. Dilman (should be Diarman-LK) & Wm. P. Knox.
MILLER, Joseph Wilborn - Mrs. Ellen J. Miller, widow, principal; heirs Claud Wilborn Miller, Cape Gir. Mo; Wm. Bert Miller, Walnut Ridge, AR; Ernest Ronald Miller, in military service; Russell Allen Miller, son in naval service; Ethel W. Miller Dieckmann, daughter, of Stoddard Co.MO; Aileen M.Miller, daughter of Stoddard Co.; d. 26 Jun 1918; sec. by H. Dieckman & J.F. Raney, $2000
MILLER, M.E (female). - George F. Miller, adm.; heirs Clarence R & E. Slack, minor heirs; 5 mar 1883; Hall, Ellis, and G.W. Miller, security.
MILLER, Stephen d. 1875 at Nortonville, KY; John Miller, admin.
MONTGOMERY, James A. - Alfred Montgomery, admin; widow, Lydia; heirs James T., Mary G. Ross, Robecca, Wm. H, Hattie, Mintie, Dora, Mentora, all of Stoddard Co.; 17 Nov 1876; R.B. Brumfield & D.C. Colley, Sec.
MOORE, Andrew J. - application for letters of administration filed 29 Oct 1883
MOORE, Ellin H. - Chiles M. Dowdy, admin; heir Sarah F. Dowdy of Stoddard Co.; 13 Sep 1880; sec. by Wright & Nichols.
MOORE, George W. - Nora C. Moore divorced wife, Hallie O. Moore, son; d. 6 May 1918; sec. by Grant King, J.W. Manion, and W.E. Myers - $7000
MOORE, John H. estate - Albert Moore, prin; heirs Roxie M. Moore, widow; heirs all of Stoddard Co., Lucinda Cooper, Albert Moore, Alonzo Moore, Letha Barham, Minnie Baskerville, Edward Moore, Charley Moore, Frederick Moore; recorded 24 Nov 1899; sec. Ed Moore & H.E. Miller $1000 (This is John Henry Moore, son of Andrew Moore and Margaret Evans - first wife was Nancy E. Reed, second wife was Roxie Welborn. LK)
MOORE, Larkin L. - d. 1877 - John L. Moore admin; Martha, widow; heirs John J., Josephus G., Abner C., Emerson E., Robert H., Larkin L, Pantha E. Moore, Nartitia Welch, Marcus A. Welch & Tennessee Welch.
MOORE, Letha d. 19 Apr 1876 in Stoddard Co.; no heirs known; Wm. R. Simpson, prin.; Ligon, Keaton, Hambleton put up security.
MOORE, Wm. A. -d. 10 Jun 1875 - Larkin A. Moore prin; Moses Proffer, John J. Moore sec of $300; heirs, all of Stoddard Co. were Larkin L, Charlotte, John J., Josephine, Abner C., Edward E., Robert H., Larkin L. Jr., Elizabeth P. Moore, Marcus Welch, and Newton & Tennessee Welch.
NATIONS, Andrew - Milberry Nation, widow; 1874; Day, Kitchens, George put up securities.
NATIONS, Caroline -Virginia A., Wm. Thomas Nations of Stoddard Co.; Thomas Herron, prin; Martin Canady & John H. Smith - 2 Jan 1872
NATIONS, George R. dec'd - Margaret E., widow; Addie & William Nations, children.
NEAL, Francis Marion - John Hagy, admin; heirs Nina Neal; 19 May 1882; John Hagy, Henry Hagy, Robert Neal sec.
NEAL, Francis Marion estate (from book, Applications for Letters of Administration) - John Hagy, prin; Irma Neal, heir; filed 19 May 1892; Henry Hagy, Robert Neal security, $1000
NEAL, George C. - d. 1874, Stoddard Co. MO; heirs Willard, Henry, Annette, Adaline & Alice Neal; Robert Neal prin; Wm. A. Neal sec. 6 Feb 1874.
NEAL, Henry Albert estate - Zelma Neal, widow; Clyde Neal, son, Mohave, AZ; Mina Hoffman, daughter; Mildred Young, daughter; Alberta Neal, daughter, all of Stoddard Co.; d. 22 May 1928; sec. by John Bingham, Mina Hoffman, & Mildred Young
NORMAN, Thomas J. - M.J. Norman, adm.; 28 Oct 1878; Wm. A. Neal, J.E. Boyd, sec.
NORMAN, Thomas - 25 Oct 1875 - Heirs Mary F.B. Norman, Martha L.C. Norman, John R. Dowdy, admin; James A Cooper & T.S. Dowdy, sec.
NORMAN, Wm. W. - Sarah A. Norman, Terry Poe, admins.; heirs Christian Norman, Mary Jones, Margaret C. Brown, Henrietta Dabney, Marg. B. Sitton all of Stoddard Co.; Sarah A. Beggs of Central City, CO; Daniel S. Norman & Nelson H. Norman of Indian Territory; Wm. A. Norman of Stoddard Co.; Dona (Leona?) P. & Sarah C. Norman of Stoddard Co.; 7 Jun 1886; witnesses E.H. Holderness, C.L. Keaton and George Houck
RANDALL, Wm. C. dec'd - heirs Martha J. Hollis, John F. Randall, Carroll V. Randall, Orlando D. Randall, Sarah E. Macom, Eliza Ann Cryts - 5 Jul 1871 Martha Hollis, principal, C.B. Crumb, Wm. P. Renner, security.
RANEY, J.F. dec'd - Lucy E. (nee Welborn, daughter of Moses Welborn - LK) widow; (no children) heirs, Claud Miller of Cape Girardeau, MO; Bert Miller of Rock Island, IL; Mrs. Ethel Dieckman of Stoddard Co.; Mrs. Charles Dorrah of Pemiscott Co. MO; Ernest R. Miller of Cape Girardeau Co. MO; Russell L. Miller of Cape Girardeau Co. MO; Mrs. Pattie Pritchett Sprinkles of Flint, MI; Lillian Pritchett Brown of Stoddard Co., John Pritchett of Stoddard Co.; d. 18 Jan 1929, at Dexter, MO
REED, M.O. , dec'd - bond for partnership of Reed & Young (J.R. Young, partner) 1912
REED, Peter N. estate - c. 9 Jan 1892 - M.O. Reed prin; Amanda Reed, widow; heirs all of Stoddard Co. were Anna Reed, Dolly Clark, Ethel Reed, Sarah, Louis, John and Foster Reed. Sec. by Louis E. Reed & J.R. Barham
SHIPMAN, Wm. J. - d. 1874; sec. C.T. Welborn, G.W. Blunt, L.C. Jorndt; Elizabeth Shipman principal; heirs included Shipmans, Garners, and Mary A. Norman.
SIMMERMAN, James estate - T.J. Simmerman; Sarah Simmerman, widow; heirs of Stoddard Co. - sons, T.J., & J.R., daughters Jennie Gallant and Dora Bond; Mary Bateman of Scott Co. MO; grandchildren all of Stoddard Co. Francis & Willie Reavis, (grandsons), Jamie & Edna Reavis, granddaughters, Clarence Reavis, grandson; 9 Jan 1909; sec. by L.C. Eason & J.W. Harbin $1200; 28 Jan 1909.
SIMMERMAN, James R. - T.J. Simmerman, principal; no widow named; Gertie, daughter; 24 Mar 1911; sec. by E.L. Elmore & D.H. Reavis; $1400.
SIMMERMAN, Sarah estate - T.J., son, principal; Jennie Traylor, Dora Bond, Mary Bateman, Gertie, daughter of son J.R. dec'd, Francis Reavis granddaughter, Willie Reavis grandson, Janie Reavis granddaughter, Edna Reavis, granddaughter, the four Reavis children were heirs of Ollie Reavis, dec'd daughter; Sarah d. 2 Jan 1914; sec. by D.H. Reavis & L.C. Eason
SITTON, John - James Sitton & Chas. M. Sitton made oath as executor of will of John Sitton in 1899
SLACK, Wm. R. - Margaret E. Slack, widow, admin.; heirs Theodore A., Annie B., Clarence A. & Elfreda Slack, all of Stoddard Co; 27 Jul 1877; $2000; L.C. Slack, Henry Bedford, and Wm. F. Scott securities; admin. d-b-n George Miller in 1878
SMITH, Amos, estate - Sarah Smith, widow, principal; son George W. Smith of Jonesboro, AR; Elijah, Willis A., and Peter C. Smith of Stoddard Co.; children of Amanda Tave?, a dec'd daughter, viz; and Arthur, Walter, Lora, Valley & Francis - children of Sarah McElearu?, a dec'd daughter, viz; Cora Heflin, Bennie McClearu? Leeman McCl., Amanda Summers, and Mary Strike of Williamson Co. IL; Amos Smith d. 27 Jan 1914; sec. Willis Smith & A.T. Welborn; $1200.
SOUTHERLAND, T.L. - Mollie Mille,r, daughter, principal; Ida Crane, Jasper Co. MO; Charles & Belle Gladden, grandchildren of Cape Girardeau, MO; 16 Dec 1924; sec. by James Hill & Ed Culbertson.
STEVENSON, Nathan S. estate - Jesse W. Moore, sec.; (Nathan m. Nancy Moore in 1873.)
VINEYARD, Stephen estate - F.B. Vineyard, widow, Stoddard Co. - see copy.
WELBORN, Albert H. -Zelma L. Welborn, widow; Heirs are Verna or Bernice E. Welborn, Gladys E., and R. Iona Welborn, all of Stoddard Co.; 18 Jan 1897; Zelma Welborn prin; J.L. Slaydon & Edward Weber sec. $1000.
WORSHAM, J.J. estate - Thomas Campbell, admin. D-b-n; heirs M.J. Polley (nee Worsham), Thomas W. Worsham, Jessie J. Worsham, 10 Dec 1904; Thomas Campbell, prin; J.A. Rough, J.H. Campbell, J.M. Harbin sec. $2000
WORSHAM, James - R.J. Worsham, widow; Thomas W. & Inez, heirs; Thomas Campbell, principal; 1899; J.W. Harbin & Jos. Rhodes, security.

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