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Ulen, Loise and Jean
Under Age: 21
Real Estate: An undivided 2/5 of lands belonging to Estate of Dora Ulen, deceased and 2/5 of land inherited from J.N. Miller, dec.
Goods: To amount received of Sam Ulen, adm. of Dora Ulen, dec. On 1st Semi-annual Sett. due May 11" 1926, $4,000. To Amount received of Sam Ulen, adm. of Dora Ulen, dec'd on final settlement - Nov. 13" 1926 $156.96. Total $4,156.96.
Date: 13 Nov 1926
Guardian: Sam Ulen
Page: 2-386
Underhill, Maud
Under Age: 21
Real Estate:
Goods: Note of Stella M. Powell, J.A. Powell $113.46. Int. on note $5.25. Note Peter & Prety Jones $100.00. Int. $4.84. Note Poney & Edna Brock $700.00. Int. $41.04. Note W.L. Smith, et al $500.00. Int. $32.00. Note Louis B. Poplin $275.00. Cash from $191.54. Total $1963.13.
Date: 2 Oct 1907, Bernie
Guardian: W.W. Crutchfield
Page: 409
Unger, Chas. E.
Under Age: 21
Real Estate: 1/6 interest in and to the E 1/2 Lot 4 Ne 1/4 of Sec 4 Twp 27 North Range 10 East 40 acres in all situate in Stoddard Co., Mo.
Date: 27 Nov 1911
Guardian: Lewis Bruster
Page: 570
Varble, William (helpless)
Under Age:
Real Estate:
Goods: One cow $18.00, 4 head of hogs about $10.00, one Lot chickens about $3.00, one plow .25.
Date: 27 Jun 1901
Guardian: Tms. McCombs
Page: 251
Vaughn, Thomas & Chas.
Under Age: 21
Real Estate: S 1/2 NW SW Sec 2 Twp 24 R 11 E
Date: 29 Oct 1895
Guardian: Thomas J. Boyt
Page: 190
Vaughn, Kathleen
Under Age:
Real Estate:
Goods: Cash received from New York Life Insurance on Policy payable to minor $425.00, received in Nov. 1, 1904. This money is in the Bank of Advance drawing 4 per cent per annum.
Date: 23 Apr 1906
Guardian: Sarah E. Vaugh
Page: 366
Vaughn, Nancy L., a person of unsound mind.
Under Age:
Real Estate:
Goods: Amount of pension from State of Mo. deposited with the Stoddard Co. Trust Co. Feb. 16, 1922, $159.16, Similar deposit Apr. 10, 1922, $75.00. Interest on said deposits $1.20. Total $235.31.
Date: 6 Feb 1923
Guardian: G.M. Barham
Page: 2-285
Veatch, Velma and Lena Veatch Trammel
Under Age: 21
Real Estate: All of Lots one (1) and two (2) of block seventeen (17), in the town Luper as shown by the recorders plat thereof in the records office Wayne County, Missouri.
Date: 3 Jun 1929
Guardian: Eva E. Veatch
Page: 2-423
Veatch, Virginia Lucilla
Age: 10
Real Estate:
Goods: U.S. Veterans Compensation to dependent due ward in life of Alta M. Veatch, deceased. Estimated -
Date: 28 Dec 1929
Guardian: Edith Veatch Greer
Page: 2-433
Vieth, Lawrence, Elsie and LeRoy
Under Age: 21
Real Estate:
Goods: $1167.56 cash from Geo. W. Vieth Estate (father of wards).
Date: 12 Aug 1938
Guardian: Lydia Vieth
Page: 2-580
Vinson, William, Josephine and Vera
Under Age: 18
Real Estate: An undivided one third nominal interest as sole heirs at law of David vinson, deceased, in and to ten acres square in the Northwest corner of the Northeast quarter of Section eight (8) in Township twenty-five (25) North, Range Eleven (11) East, Stoddard County, Missouri. David Vinson, the father of said minors, sold and conveyed this land to James B. Buck, in his lifetime did receive full purchase therefore but by error in drafting the deed worng by described and located said land. Hence the interest of minors therein is only nominal.
Date: 14 May 1908
Guardian: J.K. Brown
Page: 425
Vought, Lucy J. and Wm. O.
Under Age: 14
Real Estate: Situate in Stoddard County, Missouri S 1/2 of SW 1/4 from Section 19.T.25.R.11 less 3 acres off of West end.
Date: 22 Oct 1900
Guardian: Monroe Vought
Page: 233
Vought, Lucy J.
Under Age: 18
Real Estate: As Child and sole heir of Emma Vought (nee Davis) deceased the South half of the South West fractional quarter of Section nineteen (19) in township twenty five (25) Range eleven (11) in Stoddard County, Missouri subject to the life estate of John B. Davis and Lucinda Davis containing 72.61 acres more or less.
Date: 21 Feb 1905
Guardian: W.M. Vought
Page: 328
Book 1 & 2, FHL #2031190

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