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Guardians Inventory Records

Ingler, Perley F. & Verna May and Annie B. Price
Under Age: 16
Real Estate:
Goods: One note of the sum of ten dollars, signed by W.E. Grim and Elias I. Grim and Barnay dated Jan the 18, 1896 and payable ten months after date.
Date: 17 Aug 1896
Guardian: Henry Splittorff
Page: 207
Ingler, Vernie May
Under Age: 10
Real Estate:
Goods: Cash (Pension money)
Date: 23 Jul 1906
Guardian: J.M. Cook
Page: 373
Ingler, Vernie May
Under Age: 13
Real Estate:
Goods: Cash $906.52
Date: 4 Jan 1909
Guardian: W.T. Arnold
Page: 455
Ingleton, Edgar A., William R. and Mary Alberta
Under Age: 21
Real Estate:
Goods: Prospective pension from the U.S. Veterans administration under claim of Willie Ingleton XC417.048.
Date: 9 Nov 1938
Guardian: Sadie E. Gibson
Page: 2-587
Isaacs, Thomas W.
Under Age: 21
Real Estate:
Goods: One thousand dollars received from the Central States Life Insurance Co. Policy No. 1199 on the life of James Spencer Isaacs.
Date: 11 May 1912, Bernie
Guardian: Kert Adkins
Page: 581
Book 1 & 2, FHL #2031190

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