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Guardian Bonds

NameDateOther Surnames ListedPageImage Link
Page, R.L.28 Aug 1914Cain, Flanary, Rice322Image
Palfreeman, W.R.11 Feb 1928Bark, Nations, Bird320FImage
Palfreeman, W.R.4 Jun 1932Friedrich440FImage
Palfreeman, W.R.4 Jun 1932Friedrich441FImage
Palmer, John27 Jun 1910Elmore, Kelley105Image
Parker, John H.11 Nov 1909Foley, Talley, Starr87Image
Parmentor, Annie12 Sep 1913Story, Welborn, Buck289Image
Parmentor, Fred10 Aug 1915-374Image
Parmentor, Fred28 Nov 1917Davis468Image
Parmentor, Fred25 Feb 1918Potter475Image
Parmentor, James A.15 Jan 1909Walker, Cooper, Story41Image
Parrish, O.W.1 Sep 1922Dowdy, Greer179FImage
Parrott, William B.6 Dec 1909Tucker, Jones, Barham89Image
Patrick, J.W.4 Nov 1918Hibbs, Weaver36FImage
Patton, Lotta S.29 Nov 1935Wilson, Colbert512FImage
Patterson, Clara E.Nov 1929Carlew353FImage
Patterson, George F.14 Nov 1910Carlew, McNiel123Image
Patterson, H.M.V11 Aug 1910Nash, Scaggs107Image
Pearman, L.I.14 May 1912Jaynes, Hickman, Doublin209Image
Pearman, Maggie24 Oct 1921Clodfelter, Harbin, White148FImage
Pemberton, Grace Christian20 Jun 1919Haskins, Chatman, Christian65FImage
Pemberton, James28 Mar 1922Davenport, Parker, Robinson168FImage
Pennelton, A.D.11 Aug 1913Pruitt, Barret275Image
Pepper, Chas. N.1 Feb 1913Pickins, Reburn245Image
Pepple, Dessie M.27 Nov 1933Holt463FImage
Pepple, Dessie M.12 Nov 1936-537FImage
Pepple, Dessie10 Feb 1938Holt576FImage
Pepple, Dessie M.16 Nov 1939-606FImage
Pepple, Dessie M.17 Feb 1940-608FImage
Peters, Nannie E.26 Jun 1926Madden281FImage
Peters, Nannie e.11 Jan 1937Alexander, Madden543FImage
Petty, Ed14 Mar 1912Reed, Moore, Lancaster201Image
Phillips, James E.11 May 1909Fortner, Pruett, Hester54Image
Piersol, Eva19 Feb 1920Edmonds, Tuttel97FImage
Pigg, Geo. W.29 Apr 1916Vaught405Image
Poe, C.C.13 Feb 1915Hardin, Bacon249Image
Poe, Terry1 Feb 1911Freeman, Buchanan, Bradley143Image
Poinsett, Thomas2 Mar 1911Flanary145Image
Polley, A.S.5 Feb 1913Worsham, Flanary242Image
Polley, A.S.23 Aug 1918anderson, Puckett, Kinneman27FImage
Polley, Ella21 Oct 1921Fish, Ramsey147FImage
Pouthies, August9 Nov 1908Sims, Jenkins, McKearly, Moore37Image
Powell, Edward16 Mar 1940Stanfill, Patrick, Oliver610FImage
Prather, J.C.3 Dec 1924Tilley, Jenkins236FImage
Presley, Lou V.22 Jun 1908Punch, Johns, Varble15Image
Proffer, David C.19 Feb 1937Green, Gwin, Wilson549FImage
Proffer, Lora13 Nov 1912Richmond228Image
Pruitt, William14 Nov 1940Palmer, Hulsman, Reak621FImage
Pry, Chas. F.17 Aug 1928Chiles, Henderson, Stafford331FImage
Pry, Loretta11 Dec 1922Farichild185FImage
Pulse, O.L.15 May 1909Norman, Smith, Purcell58Image
Pulse, O.L.27 May 1914Archer, Brantry, Congleton, Norman311Image
Punch, Jasper N.26 Jun 1908Miller, Harty, Richardson16Image
Punch, Jasper N.23 Nov 1910Buck, Harty, Richardson128Image
Punch, Joseph J.16 Feb 1927-295FImage

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