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Guardian Bonds

NameDateOther Surnames ListedPageImage Link
Laird, Golda G.13 Apr 1926Lorenz, Kennedy275FImage
Lale, Lillie8 Nov 1921Binding, Coats152FImage
Langley, R.G.10 Aug 1908Spence, Cone19Image
Lankford, Virgia15 Jan 1934LaRue467FImage
Lanpher, Etta14 Oct 1918Rhodes, Jenkins28FImage
LaPansy, Mary10 Dec 1934Baker494FImage
Lape, Cooper15 Feb 1937McKinney, Croy550FImage
Larsen, Effie24 Jan 1920Moran94FImage
Larsen, J. Preston27 Dec 1915Ezzell, Jones, Sifford391Image
Larsen, J. Preston15 Feb 1924Parks, Razer, Anderson, Edwards, Sifford219FImage
Lasater, E.W.15 Dec 1919Harlan, McColganF86Image
Launius, Elisha Y.19 Aug 1931McQuary398FImage
Lawrence, Charles F.9 Sep 1937Capps569FImage
Lawson, Arlie3 Jan 1941Wren, Bender, Wise628FImage
Lawson, Geo. W.20 Apr 1912McNiel, Corlew, Jameson214Image
Layman, George18 Jan 1915Farris, Huggins346Image
Lee, Charles16 Nov 1940Baker, Gibbs629FImage
Lee, G.L.17 Jan 1917Sitz, Garner, Hutchason, Fisher439Image
Lee, Lesley E.10 Apr 1922Congleton, Pulse172FImage
Lewis, Cecil M.17 Mar 1938Reynolds579FImage
Lewis, G.C.7 Aug 1914Cagle, Cox, Keating316Image
Lewis, Lily23 Nov 1917Dunkin, Scism466Image
Light, Albert18 Apr 1908Seeburger, Weber14Image
Like, Miles1 Jan 1917Morgan, Stacy436Image
Liles, Charles20 Jul 1908Richardson, Moseley, 18Image
Liles, Charles9 Jul 1909Carter, Little, Sprinkles69Image
Liles, Charles24 Mar 1919Welborn, Evans, Lawton49FImage
Lincoln, E.B.2 May 1914Eaton, Moore281Image
Lingo, J.A.17 Jan 1912Montgomery, Gaines, Fields190Image
Lipe, Vester10 Mar 1930-364FImage
Lipe, Vester18 Feb 1932Bruton, Cates416FImage
Looney, David L.23 Dec 1922-186FImage
Looney, Martin L.Aug 1914Cains, Hughes323Image
Looney, Victor14 Dec 1926Bacon, White, Cookson290FImage
Logan, Mary L.12 May 1909Punch, Tucker, Spiva57Image
Long, D.J.7 Nov 1919Tate, Edwards, NorrisF84Image
Long, W.A.4 Mar 1931-387FImage
Lovett, J.W.3 Dec 1928-339FImage
Lovett, J. Walter19 Nov 1932Williams439FImage
Lowery, Omha Brown24 Oct 1934Meins, Cannaday, Brown488FImage
Lucas, Lloyd H.17 May 1910Miers, Clark, Jones102Image
Lucas, Lloyd H.Aug 1912Spence, Neal, Ladd217Image
Lufey, Anna19 Aug 1911-167Image
Lufey, Annie20 Jun 1925Harty, Weber, Warren254FImage
Lyon, Jesse21 Apr 1911Sanders, Swain, Boyt, Lacy153Image
Lyon, Nancy12 Nov 1929Vieth, Dickerson357FImage
Lyter, W.M.22 Jul 1912Jones, Baker, O'Heren, Flanary, Davis223Image

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