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Guardian Bonds

NameDateOther Surnames ListedPageImage Link
Kee, G.A.7 Sep 1908Edwards, Tucker, Edmondson23Image
Kee, Grant A.23 Apr 1912Koch, Barton, Headley198Image
Keller, Floda19 Nov 1934Wilson490FImage
Kelley, Jesse J.16 Sep 1932Long, Barham430FImage
Kelley, John10 Feb 1920Miller96FImage
Kelley, Laura19 Nov 1908Biggs, Douglas35Image
Kelley, Laura9 Dec 1910Hart, Douglas134Image
Kelley, Laura27 Jul 1914Cook, Shaw314Image
Kelley, Wm.10 Aug 1917Tucker, Reynolds457Image
Kern, Norman12 Apr 1919Greer, Bland, Millstead53FImage
Kesling, E.G.7 Sep 1931Wammack, Cooper401FImage
Kidd, John17 Oct 1925-265FImage
Kile, Mary14 Nov 1916Hill, Humphrey434Image
Kilmer, J.H.6 Jul 1931Woody406FImage
Killmer, Janie2 Jun 1909Cook, Baughn65Image
Killmer, Laura9 Apr 1925Eason247FImage
Killmer, Laura17 Apr 1926Eason276FImage
Kimbrell, Della27 Jul 1939Reed, Corlew604FImage
Kimmel, Leona9 Feb 1920Hampton, Crane96FImage
Kinder, Ida MillerApr 1936Miller524FImage
Kinnaman, S.S.12 Jan 1926Daniels, Leonard269FImage
Kinney, W.G.1 Oct 1913Block, Shiley287Image
King, Henry17 Jan 1920Hays, Omchundro, Hancock92FImage
King, Henry17 Jan 1920Hays, Omchundro93FImage
King, Martha M.16 Apr 1928Chasteen329FImage
Kirgan, Bessie16 Jun 1925Day, Dillingham252FImage
Kirk, Otis25 Apr 1921Cookson, Gaines, Smith128Image
Kitchen, Almonta10 Aug 1931White397FImage
Kitchen, George S.11 Dec 1918Clodfelter, Punch37FImage
Kitchens, Lewis O.16 Dec 1929-358FImage
Knapp, H.B.8 Jan 1916Harty, Liles, Thomasson392Image
Knight, Herschel2 Feb 1925Harty, Biffle239FImage
Knodell, Luzettie Chaney16 Mar 1925Hodges, Farris, Hickman, Elmore, Chaney243FImage
Knotts, William21 Jan 1911Smith, McFarlan, Riddle, Allen414Image
Kruse, Gracie28 Apr 1930Temples, Robinson, Anderson368FImage
Kruse, Gracie18 Apr 1933Anderson, Aslin451FImage
Kuhn, Mada25 Oct 1935Morrison510FImage
Kyle, Clara Burke19 Apr 1937Hyslop, Burke559FImage

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