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Guardian Bonds

NameDateOther Surnames ListedPageImage Link
Gaines, Cassie Cassairt3 Jul 1936Cassairt528FImage
Gaines, Cassie Cassairt3 Jul 1936-530FImage
Gaines, George W.16 Aug 1922Howell, Lane178FImage
Galey, Florence11 Feb 1935Chase, Rawley499FImage
Gann, T.G.14 Feb 1918Piatt, Hopkins474Image
Gardiner, U.G.8 Apr 1922Adkins, Welch171FImage
Garner, Flora2 Feb 1928Roper, Smith325FImage
Garner, H.R.8 Apr 1933Dunning, Cook450FImage
Garner, John J.25 Feb 1924Edmonds, Howell, Batten209FImage
Garner, John W.6 Dec 1913Rhodes, McKearly, Armstrong292Image
Garner, L.L.27 May 1909Hopper63Image
Garner, Nancy21 Nov 1910Fields, Jenkins127Image
Garner, W.J.16 May 1908Foster, Wammack, Goodin12Image
Gellespie, John A.11 May 1908Grant, Curd5Image
George, Arthur3 Jun 1910Hobb, Page, Frye104Image
Gerardi, Emil L.19 Feb 1912-193Image
Gibbs, Pearl McDowell9 Feb 1937Poe, Hearn, Phillips, Holder545FImage
Gibbs, Roy19 Oct 1932Morgan, Yount, Bechtel, Carlton442FImage
Gibson, Sadie E.9 Nov 1938Roberts, Ingleton591FImage
Gillespie, John A.13 May 1912Baker, Jones, Fawsett208Image
Gladden, Charles13 Mar 1914Miller, Howell305Image
Gladden, Sanford19 Jun 1917Slayden, Miller, Hill453Image
Glenn, S. Wiley12 Nov 1909Hodge, Christian85Image
Goad, W.M.20 Oct 1924Cole, Barham, Doran228FImage
Good, W.H.21 Jun 1909McDougal67Image
Goodman, A.U.16 Feb 1922Garner, Wilkerson, Layton, Surface166FImage
Gould, Harold F.7 Dec 1935Bolin, Jackson514FImage
Gould, Robert O.7 Sep 1931Reed, Brown402FImage
Grace, Tommy29 May 1934Ford, Farris478FImage
Grampp, Stella25 Jun 1940Penrose, Golden, Wilson613FImage
Granger, J.R.24 Sep 1915Barber, Nelson384Image
Grant, Florence20 Sep 1910Curd, Punch, Tucker115Image
Grant, G.W.27 Aug 1915Cook, Cummings, Woodard, Launis379Image
Grant, Margaret A.13 Feb 1913Shelton249Image
Graves, Daisy May30 Jun 1930Gill372FImage
Gray, Sam'l D.Sep 1914Simmerman, Medcalf, Crank326Image
Green, Albert C.26 Feb 1940Wilson, Gwin630FImage
Green, H.S.24 Jan 1921Harty, Aslin, Capps, Pasley124FImage
Greer, Drew22 Mar 1921McKinley, Jenkins, Sheridan127FImage
Greer, Drew20 Sep 1921McKinely, Sheridan143FImage
Greer, Edith Veatch28 Dec 1929Meritt, Veatch359FImage
Greer, Edith V.9 Jan 1931Hearn, Beal, Veatch381FImage
Grevel, Dorothy13 May 1913-261Image
Grisham, M.G.4 Dec 1913Matthews, Malcolm, Stansberry291Image
Grojean, D.E.23 Oct 1919WinchesterF76Image
Grojean, David E.27 May 1908Langley, Winchester13Image
Gwaltney, Daisy Wilfong14 Nov 1940Harrison, Wilfong622FImage

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