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Guardian Bonds

NameDateOther Surnames ListedPageImage Link
Faith, Thomas16 May 1911Boone, Swift161Image
Falls, Rosa Lee15 Oct 1923Phillips202FImage
Falls, Rosa Lee11 Oct 1924Phillips, Liles, Hubbard229FImage
Falls, Rosa Lee30 Mar 1932Liles, Phillips423FImage
Fann, M.A.23 Nov 1922Walser, Blue182Image
Farris, J.W.23 Sep 1912Wilcox, Houck, Welch218Image
Ferrell, D.W.4 Mar 1915R.J. Smith, Geo. Munger357Image
Fields, Riley10 Feb 1912Hagy, Dowdy, Jarrell192Image
Fields, Thos. J.15 May 1915Sibale, Green, Majors367Image
Finn, Ernest19 Oct 1917Bess, Like, Berk462Image
Finn, ernest2 Apr 1918Like, Beck4FImage
Flanary, H.M.24 May 1916Henson, Bollinger411Image
Flanary, H.M.19 Sep 1921Jones, Hyslop, Wilfong142FImage
Fogel, Lizzie15 Aug 1929Priest, Summerfield349FImage
Fonville, Ibby17 Nov 1921Piatt, Edmonds151FImage
Fonville, Ibby12 Jan 1927Riddle318FImage
Fonville, Thomas A.17 May 1918Tippett, Ryan12FImage
Ford, Dr. Edward5 May 1910White, Bacon, Slotten98Image
Ford, Ewd.1 Oct 1928Grim335FImage
Fortner, John W.18 Nov 1938Miller, Gyger592FImage
Foster, Benj. E.Sep 1911Edmondson, Joyner, Burris, Hill184Image
Foster, James H.7 Feb 1912Adkins, Stanley, Issacs185Image
Fowler, Ernest T.11 May 1908Barnett, Bloys, Fortner10Image
Frailey, Sarah M.11 May 1915-366Image
Frank, W.B.3 Jan 1920Grain, MaupinF89Image
Freeman, Stella19 May 1916Bishoff, Elmore, Graves408Image
Freeze, Walter19 Dec 1910Ezell, Garner, Thompson136Image
French, C.L.7 May 1932McClard, Crain422FImage

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