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Stoddard Co., MO
Guardian Bonds

NameDateOther Surnames ListedPageImage Link
Eaton, Carson L.16 Oct 1913Walker, Spence286Image
Eaves, D.M.22 Dec 1920Kirby, Tankersley122FImage
Eaves, J.Y.25 Jul 1916Welch, McCollum414Image
Eaves, J.Y.1 Aug 1916McCollum, Hopkins415Image
Edmonds, Lottie17 May 1928Black326FImage
Edwards, Asa24 Sep 1921Talley, Lampher146FImage
Edwards, Ellen23 Apr 1920Bloodworth, Taylor104FImage
Edwards, J.E.12 Nov 1921Langley, Brown, Rice150FImage
Edwards, Marion26 Jun 1913Larsen269Image
Edwards, Rosa27 Aug 1934Atherton, Harris484FImage
Edwords, Everett3 Sep 1910Larsen, Parks, Palmer113Image
Elder, W.T.3 Jun 1912Lingo, Gibbs213Image
Emerson, Jack12 Mar 1937McGowen, Crank556FImage
Emory, Arthur R.26 Jan 1909Darby, Wilson, Haney50Image
Emory, Stella24 Oct 1925Weber, Hux262FImage
Erwin, J.P.20 Oct 1916Berkam, Kamplain424Image
Escue, M.F.24 May 1923Stanfield193FImage
Estes, Leona C.9 Nov 1908Norman, Blankenship32Image
Estes, Mrs. L.C.30 Jun 1917Norman, Blankenship454Image
Evans, Earl W.20 Nov 1925Conyers267FImage
Evans, George A.2 Apr 1935Morgan, Bailey501FImage
Evans, Grover C.6 Apr 1934Bates, Knowles, Sample473FImage
Evans, James W.20 Jul 1914Bowman, Hopkins, Nelson313Image
Ezell, Dona Mae21 Apr 1939Small, LaRue600FImage
Ezzell, John27 Aug 1926Harper, Scism289FImage
Ezzell, John R.27 Apr 1921Cleveland, Sifford130FImage

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