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Divorce Index 1836 -1951


O'Daniel, Minnie vs. Herman O'Daniel, Decree to Pltf, Bk8, pg298, 20 Dec 1927
O'Dell, Larson P. vs. Dorothy E. O'Dell, Decree, Bk11, pg422, 25 Oct 1932
Odle, Roy vs. Robby Odle, Decree to Pltf; Bk18, pg119, 15 Nov 1948
O'Donald vs. O'Donald, Decree for Pltf, BkS, pg392, 9 Mar 1903
Ogles, Anna May vs. Leon Ogles, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Baker, Bk18, pg534, 4 Oct 1950
Ogles, Maggie vs. M.S. Ogels, Granted, BkR, pg29, 10 Mar 1899
Ohara, G. vs. Gladys Ohara, Decree to Pltf, Bk14, pg634, 17 Apr 1939
Oldham, James W. vs. Cynthia Oldham, Granted, BkR, pg377, 17 Mar 1900
Oldham, William vs. Lucile Estes Oldham, Decree to Plaintiff; restoration of maiden name Estes, Bk15, pg360, 21 Aug 1940
Oliver, Dorie R. vs. Elmer L. Oliver, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Dubois, Bk17, pg573, 20 Oct 1947
Oliver, Dorie E. vs. Thelma Oliver, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg585, 18 Dec 1950
Oliver, Elizabeth vs. Samuel Oliver, Dismissed, BkR, pg403, 22 Mar 1900
Oliver, Ella vs. Wm. Oliver, , Decree for Pltf, BkW, pg254, 29 Apr 1908
Oliver, Emma vs. Tom Oliver, Decree made final, BkL, pg492, 6 Sep 1887
Oliver, Ida vs. John Oliver, Decree for Pltf, Bk2, pg302, 4 Oct 1915
Oliver, Ivah vs. Emma Oliver, Dismissed, BkW, pg217, 24 Apr 1908
Oliver, Orlo (Dike) vs. Selma Oliver, Decree to Pltf; custody of minor children, Bk18, pg585, 18 Dec 1950
Oliver, Pauline vs. J.J. (Jake) Oliver, Decree to Pltf; $300 awarded Pltf, Bk17, pg608, Dec 1, 1947
Oliver, R.A. vs. Lula Oliver, Decree for Pltf, Bk5, pg152, 12 Oct 1921
Oliver, Tettia vs. John Oliver, Decree for Pltf, Bk2, pg98, 7 Apr 1915
Oller, Iva vs. Barton Oller, Decree to Pltf, Bk9, pg392, 22 Aug 1929
O'Neal, John vs. Effie O'Neal, Dismissed, Bk17, pg394, 2 Dec 1946
O'Neal, Vivian vs. Charles O'Neal, Decree to Plaintiff; maiden name, Bk14, pg190, 9 Aug 1937
Orr, Lewis vs. Ella Orr, Dismissed, BkT, pg515, 5 Jun 1905
Oshea vs. Oshea, Decree Granted, BkS, pg435, 17 Mar 1903
O'Tool, John vs. Ann O'Tool, Granted, BkR, pg196, 14 Sep 1899
Ott, Luther vs. Reba Ott, Dismissed, Bk13, pg312, 14 Jan 1936
Overby, Dorothy vs. Vinson Overby, Decree to Pltf; custody of child; $40.00 per month, Bk17, pg175, 1 Oct 1945
Overby, Geneva vs. Ralph Overby, Decree, Bk16, pg307, 18 Jan 1943
Overby, Mildred J. vs. Benny Eugene Overby, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Hester, Bk18, pg620, 5 Mar 1951
Overby, Ora vs. Topsy Overby, Dismissed, Bk6, pg448, 26 Sep 1924
Owen, R.P., Jr. vs. Emaline Owen, Decree granted; made mutual, BkI, pg207, 26 Nov 1880
Owen, Wm. R. vs. Mary Owen, Dismissed, BkE, pg28, 10 Jun 1872
Owens, Carrie vs. Dewey Owens, Decree to Pltf, Bk9, pg170, 18 Dec 1928
Owens, Genevor vs. Ivan Owens, Decree to Pltf; restoration of maiden name, Bk13, pg521, 11 Sep 1936
Owens, Gray vs. Marshall Owens, Decree to Pltf; custody of child; $100.00 for mo. support, Bk17, pg1607, 1 Dec 1947
Owens, Violet vs. Willis Owens, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg534, 14 Dec 1938
Ozee, Pansy vs. Marion Ozee, Decree to Pltf; former name Limbaugh, Bk18, pg558, 20 Nov 1950
Ozment, Alfred vs. Ilene Ozment, Dismissed, Bk16, pg210, 3 Aug 1942

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