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Lacewell, Jas. M. vs. Amanda Jane Lacewell, Judgt for Plt., BkD, pg98, 15 Sep 1866
Lacewell, Rachael vs. Joseph Lacewell, Decree, BkE, pg173, 2 Dec 1873
Lackey, Rosetta vs. Simeon Lackey, Dismissed, BkN, pg403, 16 Sep 1891
Lacy, James M. vs. Missouri Lacy, Decree granted, BkK, pg126, 22 Sep 1882
Lacy, Margaret vs. Geo. Lacy, Dismissed, BkR, pg91, 17 Mar 1899
Lacy, Missouri vs. James M., Decree made mutual, BkK, pg560, 10 Sep 1884
LaFlure, Mary A. vs. Louis G. LaFlure, Decree made final, BkM, pg381, 7 Mar 1889
Lancaster, Effie vs. C.H. Lancaster, Granted, BkS, pg543, 20 Sep 1900
Lane, Rosa vs. John Lane, Decree Granted, BkN, pg166, 12 Sep 1890
Langford, Myrtle vs. Marsh Langford, Decree for Pltf, BkW, pg477, 23 Dec 1908
Langly, Belle vs. Wm. Langly, Dismissed, BkO, pg271, 8 Mar 1893
Lamb, Ella vs. George Lamb, Decree Granted, BkN, pg211, 20 Nov 1890
Lampley, Ruby B. vs. W.C. Lampley, Decree, BkY, pg203, 11 Sep 1911
Large, David vs. Mattie Large, Granted, BkR, pg137, 29 Mar 1899
Larsen, Edith vs. L.C. Larsen, Dismissed, BkX, pg197, 10 Aug 1910
Larsen, Martin J. vs. Edith Larsen, Decree for Pltf, BkU, pg546, 2 Nov 1907
Lasseter, Robt. W. vs. Nannie Lasseter, Final Judgment, BkO, pg587, 7 Mar 1894
Laughlin, H.E. vs. Sam'l H. Laughlin, Decree made final, BkL, pg312, 9 Sep 1886
Laurne, Henry M. vs. L.M. Laurne, Dismissed, BkP, pg152, 15 Sep 1894
Laws, Annie vs. A.C. Laws, Dismissed, BkU, pg175, 27 Oct 1905
Layer, Mary C. vs. William Layer, Decree made final, BkM, pg380, 7 Mar 1889
Layton, Geo A. vs. Juliana F. Layton, Decree, BkX, pg304, 15 Sep 1910
Layton, Iris M. vs. G. Layton, Decree for Pltf, BkX, pg15, 9 Apr 1909
Layton, J.L. vs. Retta Layton, Granted, BkR, pg410, 23 Mar 1900
Layton, John M. vs. Eliza Layton, Decree granted; made mutual, BkI, pg171, 23 Sep 1880
Layton, Nancy S.E. vs. Nicholas R. Layton, Granted, BkO, pg490, 16 Sep 1893
Leathers, Welbon W. vs. Martha Leathers, Decree, BkX, pg293, 4 Sep 1910
LeMaster, Mary vs. John LeMaster, Decree, BkX, pg406, 28 Sep 1910
Lemming, T.C. vs. I.C. Lemming, Granted, BkR, pg636, 14 Mar 1901
Lenson, Martha vs. John Lenson, Dismissed, BkZ, pg107, 4 Apr 1912
Leonard, L.B. vs. M.d. Leonard, Decree Granted, BkY, pg199, 26 Apr 1911
Lester, Martha vs. Wesley Lester, Granted, BkC, pg55, 24 Mar 1854
Lewis, Allen vs. Della Lewis, Dismissed, BkS, pg554, 21 Sep 1900
Lewis, Nancy C. vs. A.V. Lewis, Granted, BkD, pg177, 21 Jun 1867
Lewis, Wm. E. vs. Pattie Lewis, Dismissed, BkX, pg119, 29 Mar 1910
Light, Albert vs. Corine Light, Dismissed, BkY, pg64, 6 Apr 1911
Ligon, G.J. vs. H.M. Ligon, Decree Granted, BkO, pg346, 11 Mar 1893
Ligon, Nola vs. William Ligon, Granted, BkR, pg338, 9 Mar 1900
Ligon, Wm. A. vs. M.P. Ligon, etal, Dismissed, BkT, pg215, 12 Sep 1904
Like, Malinda vs. William Like, Decree, BkE, pg298, 9 JUn 1874
Like, Missouri vs. Miles Like, Dismissed, BkR, pg209, 15 Sep 1899
Liles, Amanda C. vs. John E. Liles, Decree granted & made mutual, BkI, pg144, 16 Sep 1880
Lindsay, Dollie vs. Louis Lindsay, Decree for Pltf, BkW, pg475, 23 Dec 1908
Lindsay, Jas vs. Laura Lindsay, Dismissed, BkT, pg392, 11 Mar 1905
Lindsay, Rebecca E. vs. James Lindsay, Decree, BkX, pg292, 4 Sep 1910
Lipford vs. Lipford, Decree for Deft., BkV, pg616, 13 Dec 1907
Little, Maggie J. vs. Geo. R. Little, Dismissed, BkN, pg423, 17 Sep 1891
Little, Mary J. vs. Geo. R. Little, Decree granted, BkI, pg259, 14 Mar 1881
Long, D. vs. Egerton Long, Decree, BkT, pg399, 11 Mar 1905
Looney, Crawford vs. Jennie J. Looney, Decree, BkY, pg255, 11 Sep 1911
Looney, Stephen vs. Susan Looney, Dismissed, BkO, pg576, 7 Mar 1894
Low, Elizabeth vs. Edgar M. Low, Granted, BkC, pg165, 27 Nov 1856
Loyd, Ollie vs. French Loyd, Decree for Plaintiff, BkZ, pg146, 9 Apr 1912
Lucas, S. vs. John E. Lucas, Decree, BkX, pg418, 28 Sep 1910
Lutes, J.P. vs. Joice Lutes, Granted, BkS, pg13, 15 Mar 1901
Lynch, Walter vs. Emma Lynch, Decree, BkY, pg397, 4 Oct 1911

1913 -1951

Lacomb, Amy L. vs. Edward J. Lacomb, Decree to Pltf; custody of child; $42.50 support per mo., Bk18, pg34, 7 Jun 1948
Lacy, Cora vs. Dan Lacy, Decree to Pltf; custody of children, Bk7, pg585, 13 Oct 1926
Lacy, Marian vs. Chalres Richard Lacy, Decree to Pltf; custody of children; $100.00 support, Bk18, pg69, 2 Aug 1948
Lafferty, Sherman vs. Cora Lafferty, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk3, pg14, 29 Sep 1916
Lafferty, Orval vs. Lucille Lafferty, Decree to Pltf, Bk15, pg619, 7 Aug 1941
LaGrand, Louise vs. Lester LaGrand, Decree to Pltf; $50.00 per month support of minor children, Bk17, pg333, 5 Aug 1946
Lamb, Luvetta vs. Laurence W. Lamb, Decree; restoration of maiden name of Cummings, Bk16, pg374, 3 May 1943
Lamb, Ruth vs. Vernon Lamb, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg144, 17 Dec 1948
Lambert, Effie vs. George Lambert, Dismissed, Bk16,pg694 1 Jul 1944
Lambert, Margaret P. vs. Rex Lambert, Decree to Pltf, Bk14, pg492, 9 Nov 1938
Lancaster, Edward vs. D.A. Lancaster, Decree for Pltf; custody of child, Bk2, pg345, 19 Oct 1915
Lance, Ruby Goforth vs. Hazel Lance, Decree to Pltf; restoration of maiden name Goforth, Bk17, pg114, 21 May 1945
Landess, Norma vs. Robert Landess, Decree to Pltf, Bk10, pg43, 16 Apr 1930
Landon, Mary Virginia vs. Gerold U. Landon, Decree to Pltf; custody of child, Bk17, pg547, 18 Aug 1947
Lane, Clover vs. John L. Lane, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk3, pg59, 18 Dec 1916
Lane, Elbert E. vs. Edith Lane, Decree to Pltf; custody of Rilier Louise Lane to Pltf, Bk18, pg527, 18 Sep 1950
Lane, Ellen vs. Clarence Lane, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk1, pg273, 12 Oct 1913
Lange, Mary Alice vs. Bartill R. Lange, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk16, pg151, 21 Apr 1942
Langley, Elbert vs. Corbit Langley, Decree to Pltf; custody of children; $35.00 for Pltf & $50.00 per mo. for children, Bk18, pg343, 21 Nov 1949
Langston, Thelma vs. Solomon Langston, Decreee, Bk17, pg371, 7 Oct 1946
Lankford, Fern vs. Edward Lankford, Decree to Pltf; custody of minor child, Bk18, pg395, 6 Feb 1950
Lankford, Harry Lee vs. Dean Vivian Lankford, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg528, 9 Dec 1938
Lankford, Opal vs. Benson Lankford, Decree to Pltf; former anme Dohehno, Bk18, pg508 7 Aug 1950
Larkin, Adelle vs. W. Carrol Larkin, Decree to Pltf, Bk10, pg313, 10 Dec 1930
Larsen, Earle vs. Martin Lemon Larsen, Decree to Pltf; custody of children, Bk17, pg620, 5 Jan 1948
Larson, James vs. Marie Larson, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg228, 24 Aug 1942
Larson, Norma vs. Charles Larson, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg544 3 Apr 1944
Larter, Fannie vs. Nathan? Larter, Decree to Pltf; custody of minor child; $40.00 per month support of child, Bk17, pg124, 18 Jun 1945
LaRue, Louis vs. Stella May LaRue, Dismissed, Bk6, pg93, 19 Sep 1920
LaRue, Walter, Opal LaRue, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Lemons, Bk18, pg401, 20 Feb 1950
Lasater, Regina vs. Clyde W. Lasater, Decree to Pltf; custody of minor child, Bk15, pg448, 3 Jan 1941
Lassiters, Ruby vs. John F. Lassiters, Dismissed, Bk17, pg392, 2 Dec 1946
Latham, Pear vs. Martin Latham, Decree to Pltf; custody of children, Bk17, pg282, 15 Apr 1946
Latimer, Helen vs. Harold Latimer, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Helen Young, Bk18, pg212, 4 Apr 1949
Laurance, Blythe vs. Charles F. Laurance, Decree to Pltf; Bk16, pg528, 28 Jan 1944
Laurance, Kenneth D. vs. Marie Lenore Laurance, Dismissed, Bk16, pg96, 5 Feb 1942
Laurance, U.D. vs. Catherine Jewell Laurence, Dismissed, Bk18, pg92, 7 Sep 1948
Lavan, Rena vs. Chas. Lavan, Decree to Pltf, Bk7, pg305, 16 Mar 1926
Law, Anna vs. Edgar Law, Decree for Pltf, Bk3, pg311, 26 Mar 1918
Layton, Alice vs. Willie Layton, Decree for Pltf, Bk6, pg115, 25 Sep 1923
Layton, Dollie vs. Clarence Layton, Dismissed, Bk17, pg130, 2 Jul 1945
Layton, Doris vs. Raymond Layton, Dismissed, Bk17, pg469, 21 Apr 1947
Layton, J.L. vs. Bessie Layton, Decree for Plaintiff, bk1, pg390, 3 Apr 1914
Layton, Mary May vs. Joe C. Layton, Decree to Pltf; maiden name restored, Bk10, pg206, 15 Aug 1930
Layton, Mattie Renebol vs. Albert Layton, Decree; custody of children; $10.00 per month, Bk14, pg220, 13 Sep 1937
Layton, Raymond vs. Doris Layton, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg124, 15 Nov 1948
Learne, Jessie Lee vs. James A. Learne, Decree to Pltf; custody of children; $50.00 support for self; $10.00 for children,
     Bk17, pg652, 1 Mar 1948
Leathers, Harold vs. Edna Leathers, Decree to Pltf, Bk15, pg550, 6 May 1941
Leathers, Iva vs. Elmer Leathers, Decree to Pltf; custody of minor child, Bk8, pg367, 9 Dec 1927
Leathers, Lura vs. Alfred Leathers, Decree, Bk11, pg480, 14 Dec 1932
Leathers, Raymond Elijah vs. Sara Leathers, decree to Pltf, Bk17, pg632, 19 Jan 1948
Ledbetter, T.C. vs. Osborn Ledbetter, Decree for Pltf, Bk4, pg256, 7 Oct 1920
Lee, Benjamin vs. Anna Lee, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg39, 21 Jun 1948
Lee, Birdie A. vs. Paul Lee, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk16, pg32, 31 Oct 1941
Lee, Christine vs. Jack Lee, Decree to Pltf, Bk10, pg54, 21 Apr 1930
Lee, Frances vs. Willard Lee, Dismissed, Bk17, pg352, 4 Sep 1946
Lee, George R. vs. Ella Lee, Decree for Pltf, Bk5, pg113, 27 Sep 1922
Lee, Helen C. vs. William L. Lee, Dismissed, Bk17, pg617, 18 Dec 1947
Lee, Ruby vs. Troy Lee, Dismissed, Bk12, pg451, 5 Oct 1934
Lee, Thomas vs. Edith Lee, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg452, 30 Aug 1938
Lee, Virginia Vivian vs. Charley Milton Lee, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk18, pg35, 7 Jun 1948
Lee, Vixie vs. William A. Lee, Decree to Plaintiff; maiden name of Wood, Bk17, pg152, 20 Aug 1945
Leffel, Myrtle vs. Everett Leffel, Decree to Pltf, Bk13, pg518, 11 Sep 1936
Leffell, Henry vs. Willie Leffell, Decree to Pltf, Bk7, pg310, 18 Mar 1926
Lemarr, Airis L. vs. ?va Herbert Lemarr, Dismissed, Bk17, pg551, 18 Aug 1947
Lemmons, Pearl vs. Leslie Lemmons, Decree to Plain.; custody of children, Bk10, pg409, 9 Apr 1931
Lemons, Alma vs. Wm. Raymond Lemons, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Harmon, Bk18, pg255, 17 May 1949
Lemons, John vs. Gertrude Lemons, Decree, Bk12, pg556, 8 Jan 1935
Lemons, Russell vs. Ruth Breed Lemons, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk15, pg546, 5 May 1941
Leoffler, Tracye R. vs. William J. Leoffler, Decree to Pltf., Bk12, pg326, 7 Apr 1933
Lewis, Geroldine vs. Joe Lewis, Decree to Pltf; custody of child; $30.00 per mo. support, Bk17, pg548, 18 Aug 1947
Lewis, Gladys D. vs. Billy W. Lewis, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg614, 19 Feb 1951
Lewis, John vs. Elna Lewis, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg346, 31 Jan 1938
Lewis, M.A. vs. Albert Lewis, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk2, pg470, 21 Mar 1916
Lewis, Nelia vs. G.L. Lewis, Decree; maiden name Snider, Bk17, pg392, 2 Dec 1946
Lewis, Ruth vs. Donald Lee Lewis, Decree to Pltf; custody of child, Bk17, pg514, 19 Jun 1947
Liles, Virgil I. vs. Mary Jane Liles, Dismissed, Bk17, pg148, 10 Aug 1945
Lillard, Sallie vs. J.M. Lillard, Decree to Pltf, Bk7, pg156, 24 Sep 1925
Limbaugh, Mary vs. Henry J. Limbaugh, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg167, 7 Feb 1949
Lincoln, Sybil M. vs. Odie Floyd LIncoln, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Jackson, Bk17, pg140, 6 Aug 1945
Lindley, Glady vs. Luther Lindley, Dismissed, Bk18, pg117, 5 Nov 1948
Lindsay, Beatrice vs. Breman Lindsay, Decree, Bk10, 626, 3 Sep 1931
Lindsay, Clora vs. Byrl Lindsay, Decree, Bk11, pg228, 21 Apr 1932
Lindsey, Detsil vs. Edward Lindsey, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk15, pg247, 4 Mar 1940
Lindsey, W.A. vs. Alice Lindsey, Dismissed, Bk1, pg251, 5 Dec 1913
Lingle, W.E. vs. Etta (Patterson) Lingle, Decree to Pltf., Bk13, pg100, 2 Sep 1935
Lingo, Pansy vs. Charles LIngo, Decree to Plaintiff; care & custody of children; maintence & support $15.00, Bk14, pg447, 30 Aug 1938
Link, Dinah Walker vs. Riley F. Link, Decree to Pltf, Bk9, pg62, 18 Sep 1928
Link, Dorothy vs. E.C. Link, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk16, pg567, 8 May 1944
Link, Jamina vs. Clifford Link, Dismissed, Bk17, pg294, 6 May 1946
Link, Jonas vs. Dollie LInk, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk13, pg57, 1 Jul 1935
Link, Lina vs. Edgar Link, Decree, Bk10, pg593, 25 Aug 1931
Link, Riley vs. Ayme Link, Decree, Bk10, pg594, 25 Aug 1931
Link, Walter Clifford vs. Jamima Rebecca Link, Dismissed, Bk16, pg398, 2 Jun 1943
Linsman, Guy vs. Wilma Linsman, Decree to Pltf, Bk17, pg355, 16 Sep 1946
Linsman, Guy T. vs. Allsie Linsman, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk16, pg456, 15 Oct 1943
Linson, Martha E. vs. John Linson, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk1, pg298, 30 Mar 1914
Linson, Ruth vs. John Linson, Decree to Pltf, Bk6, pg126, 1 Oct 1923
Lintz, Ethel vs. Leslie Lintz, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg59, 19 Jul 1948
Linville, Lula vs. Fred Linville, Decree to Pltf; custody of one child to pltf & one to deft; judgt vs. deft for $6.00 per month, Bk7, pg581, 12 Oct 1926
Lipe, Vester vs. Ida Lipe, Decree to Pltf, Bk7, pg16, 30 Mar 1925
Litchfield, Henry vs. Clara Isabel Litchfield, Decree to Pltf, Bk10, pg203, 15 Aug 1930
Little, A.J. vs. Rosa Little, Decree to Pltf, Bk8, pg321, 13 Sep 1927
Little, Leta Mae vs. Joe Little, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk11, pg121, 1 Jan 1932
Livingston, Harold vs. Vivian Livingston, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk15, pg177, 5 Jan 1940
Lloyd, Dorothy vs. Charles H. Lloyd, Decree to Pltf; custody of child, Bk9, pg224, 4 Apr 1929
Lock, Grant vs. Anna May Lock, Decree to Pltf, Bk7, pg149, 23 Sep 1925
Locke, James J. vs. Edith Locke, Decree to Pltf, Bk17, pg303, 20 May 1946
Loflin, Grace E. vs. Wallace E. Loflin, Decree to Plaintiff; custody of child; $30.00 per month, Bk17, pg82, 2 Apr 1945
Loflin, Wallace vs. Anna Loflin, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk17, pg256 4 Mar 1946
Lomar, Juanita vs. Elijha Lomar, Decree to Plaintiff; custody of minor child; $25.00 alimony; $25.00 support and maintance, Bk15, pg303, 13 May 1940
Long, Alice M. vs. Jesse O. Long, Decree to Plaintiff; custody of minor children, bk18, pg386, 16 Jan 1950
Long, Clyde vs. Bemus Long, Dismissed, bk18, pg430 20 Mar 1950
Long, Evelyn c. vs. Joseph B. Long, decree to Pltf; custody of children; household furniture; $80.00 per mo. support, Bk18, pg471, 5 Jun 1950
Long, Geraldine Bobbie vs. Charles H. Long, Dismissed, Bk17, pg293, 6 May 1946
Long, J.N. vs. S.A. Long, Decree for Pltf, Bk6, pg66, 28 May 1923
Long, Ray vs. June Love Long, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg13, 4 Feb 1937
Long, Ray vs. Cleo P. Long, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk16 pg559, 17 Apr 1944
Long, Virginia vs. Charles Long, Decree to Pltf; custody of child; $20.00 per month support of child, Bk16, pg635, 16 Aug 1944
Looney, Erastus vs. Nevada Looney, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk16, pg62, 19 Dec 1941
Loos, Dora vs. Ferdnanad C. Loos, Dismissed, Bk4, pg279, 29 Oct 1919
Losh, Allen vs. Louise Losh, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg498, 20 Dec 1943
Louson, Irene Durbin vs. Homer L. Louson, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg18, 3 Oct 1941
Louson, May vs. Cyril D. Louson, Decree to Pltf; $400.00 alimony, Bk17, pg249, 18 Feb 1946
Louvorn, Raymond vs. Vancie Louvorn, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg306 3 Jan 1938
Louvorn, Florence vs. ? Louvorn Decree to Pltf; custody of child, Bk18, pg583, 18 Dec 1950
Lovan, Edward vs. Ida Lovan, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk17, pg274, 1 Apr 1946
Love, Raymond R. vs. Edith Parker Lover, Decree to Pltf, Bk13, pg521, 11 Sep 1936
Lovett, T.D. vs. Opal Lovett, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg386, 16 Jan 1950
Lovett, William vs. Emma Lovett, Dismissed, Bk17, pg29, 4 Dec 1944
Lowery, Frank vs. Mildred Lowery, Decree to Pltf, Bk7, pg148, 22 Sep 1925
Lowrey, Ted vs. Madeline Lawrey, Decree to P., Bk11, pg461, 8 Dec 1932
Loyd, Mary vs. Lyman Loyd, Decree to Pltf, Bk15, pg314, 1 Jul 1940
Loyd, Viola vs. Anderson Loyd, Decree to Pltf; name changed to Buchanan, Bk7, pg529, 30 Sep 1926
Lucar, Myrtle J. vs. Ray Lucar, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg501, 20 Dec 1943
Luckett, Gladys vs. R.B. Luckett, Decree to Pltf; name changed to Wright, Bk6, pg285, 24 Mar 1924
Lufey, Nadine vs. Walter Lufey, Decree to Pltf; custody & support, Bk17, pg645, 16 Feb 1948
Lufey, Perry vs. Maude Luffey, Decree to Pltf, Bk13, pg460, 29 Jun 1936
Lumm, J.W. vs. Lucinda Lumm, Dismissed, Bk17, pg450, 17 Mar 1947
Lynch, Laura A. vs. Nathan Lynch, Dismissed, Bk1, pg444, 12 Aug 1914

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