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Kail, W.H. vs. Ora Kail, Non Suit, BkO, pg453, 14 Sep 1892
Kane, Sarah D. vs. James D. Kane, Dismissed, BkZ, pg126, 5 Apr 1912
Kays, Amanda vs. James Kays, Decree Granted, BkY, pg387, 3 Oct 1911
Keaton, C.L. vs. F.E. Keaton, Venue to Cape G., BkP, pg404, 5 Mar 1896
Keen, Francis H. vs. Martha Keen, Granted, BkD, pg167, 21 Jun 1867
Keller, Hattie E. vs. John Keller, Dismissed, BkR, pg78, 17 Mar 1899
Kelley, Wm. O. vs. Kate Kelley, Decree Granted Plff., BkK, pg437, 11 Mar 1884
Kilgo, Fannie vs. Matthew Kilgo, Decree Granted, BkO, pg88, 14 Mar 1892
Killgore, Fannie vs. William Killgore, Dismissed, BkM, pg185, 3 Sep 1888
Killelion, Tamie vs. William Killelion, Decree Granted, BkN, pg168, 12 Sep 1890
Killian, Ana vs. Robert Killian, Granted, BkR, pg399, 22 Mar 1900
Kimbell, Mary A. vs. W.H. Kimbell, Decree Granted, BkN, pg47, 3 Mar 1890
King vs. King, Decree Granted, BkS, pg452, 18 Mar 1903
King, Cassie vs. Joseph King, Decree Granted, BkS, pg609, 2 Oct 1903
King, M.C. vs. Billie King, Granted, BkR, pg610, 8 Mar 1901
King, R.P. vs. Eda Jane King, Granted, BkP, pg340, 4 Mar 1896
Kinney, W.G. vs. Jennie Lee Kinney, Decree; $25 per month, BkW, pg535, 28 Mar 1909
Kinrick, A.F. vs. Iona Kinrick, Dismissed, BkU, pg294, 18 Apr 1906
Kirkland, Mollie vs. J.M. Kirkland, Dismissed, BkU, pg157, 23 Oct 1915
Knee, Solomon vs. E.J. Knee, Decree Granted, BkO, pg17, 8 Mar 1892
Knight, Mary vs. David Knight, Non-suit by Plaintiff, BkK, pg388, 4 Mar 1884
Knight, Millie vs. Jas. Knight, Granted, BkX, pg109, 18 Mar 1910
Kovmts, Margaret vs. Geo. W. Kovmts, Plaint. suffers non suit, BkC, pg46, 11 Mar 1854

1913 -1951

Kasinger, L.A. vs. Connie Kasinger, Decree to Pltf; custody of children, Bk18, pg525, 18 Sep 1950
Kavorik, Virginia vs. Jacob Kavorik, Decree to Plaintif, Bk17, pg526, 7 Jul 1947
Keating, Dallas vs. Sylvia Keating, Dismissed, Bk14, pg430, 3 Aug 1938
Keaton, Edna A. vs. Jesse Keaton, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk3, pg21, 29 Mar 1917
Keaton, Wendell C. vs. Harrietta Keaton, Decree, Bk16, pg231, 24 Aug 1941
Keen, Thomas A. vs. Edan M. Keen, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg178, 21 Feb 1949
Keller, Flodia vs. Gus Keller, Decree to Plaintif; custody of minor daughter and $30.00 per month, Bk15, pg630, 15 Aug 1941
Keller, Ola K. vs. Vewell Keller, Decree to Plaintiff; $50.00 per month, Bk15, pg623, 15 Aug 1941
Keller, Sam vs. Imogene Keller, Decree to Pltf., Bk15, pg380, 24 Sep 1940
Kellett, Theola vs. Royal Kellett, Decree; restoration of maiden nam Theola Karner, Bk15, pg176, 5 Jan 1940
Kelley, Elijha vs. Arvilla Kelley, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg554, 4 Apr 1944
Kelley, Eliza Bell vs. Eff Kelley, Decree for Pltf, Bk4, pg231, 16 Apr 1914
Kelley, J.W. vs. Wanda Kelley, Decree to Pltf, Bk15, pg27, 12 Jun 1939
Kelley, Venita vs. Elisha M. Kelley, Decree to Pltf; custody of 3 younger children; $35.00 per month suppt., Bk17, pg295, 6 May 1946
Kelly, Dalpha vs. Theodore Kelly, Decree to Pltf; restoration of maiden name Dalpha Potter, Bk15, pg265, 17 Apr 1940
Kelly, Velma Mae vs. James Douglass Kelly, Decree & Maiden name, Bk15, pg482, 3 Mar 1941
Kelso, W.E. vs. Fannie Kelso, Decree to Pltf, Bk9, pg80, 21 Sep 1928
Kendall, J.R. vs. Allie Kendall, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg439, 15 Aug 1938
Kennedy, Isabel M. vs. Robert N. Kennedy, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk3, pg18, 29 Sep 1916
Kennedy, Nathel, vs. Inez Kennedy, Decree to Pltf, Bk17, pg420, 7 Jan 1947
Kenshalo, Faye vs. Freddie Kenshalo, Decree to Pltf; maiden name Smith, Bk18, pg559, 20 Nov 1950
Kepner, Zenda vs. Elmer Kepner, Decree to Pltf; maiden name restored, Bk9, pg448, 6 Sep 1929
Kerley, Charles V. vs. Dollie Bell Kerley, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg371, 3 Jan 1950
Kern, Ora O. vs. Clara May Kern, Decree made final, Bk6, pg266, 14 Mar 1924
Kerner, Ralph R. vs. Mary Lou Kerner, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk15, pg358, 21 Aug 1940
Kersey, Dorothy vs. Ray Kersey, Decree to Pltf; custody of minor children, Bk18, pg58, 19 Jul 1948
Kersey, Naomi vs. Marshall Kersey, Decree to Pltf; maiden name, Bk17, pg435, 3 Feb 1947
Kersey, Wm. M. vs. Anna Agness Kersey, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg111, 11 May 1937
Keys, Thelma Celina vs. James A. Keys, Decree; alimony, Bk10, pg457, 23 Apr 1931
Kifer, Dawsey vs. Alene Kifer, Decree & custody of children, Bk17, pg311, 3 Jun 1946
Kifer, James R. vs. Ora Kifer, Decree to Plaintiff,Bk14, pg587, 3 Mar 1939
Kifer, Lucille vs. Homer Kifer, Decree to Pltf; custody of children, Bk9, pg293, 1 May 1929
Kile, Mary vs. Oren Kile, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk2, pg82, 20 Mar 1915
Killian, Berninard vs. Margorie Lee Killian, Decree, Bk17, pg18, 5 Nov 1945
Killingsworth, Connie vs. Miriam Killingsworth, Dismissed, Bk13, pg464, 15 Jul 1936
Kimbell, Francis vs. Wm. Hy Kimbell, Decree for Plaintiff, bk4, pg231, 29 Sep 1914
Kimbrel, Clara vs. Clarence Kimbrel, Decree to Plaintiff; care & custody of children; $500 gross alimony; $15.00 per month, Bk13, pg518, 11 Sep 1936
Kimbrel, Mose vs. Lena Kimbrel, Decree to Pltf, Bk6, pg467, 24 Sep 1924
Kimby, Jewell Marie Livingston vs. James Kimby, Decree of Annullment, Bk17, pg43, 21 Dec 1944
Kinder, Carrie vs. E.H. Kinger, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk2, pg546, 20 Apr 1916
Kinder, Effie vs. John Kinder, Decree to Pltf, Bk5, pg522, 14 Apr 1922
Kinder, Flossie vs. Herbert Kinder, Decree to Plaintiff; custody of child, Bk12, pg454, 5 Oct 1934
Kinder, Marie vs. Frank Kinder, Decree to Pltf; custody of children, $2,000 in gross; $100.00 per month, Bk17, pg494, 19 May 1947
Kinder, Wayne vs. Pauline Kinder, Decree, Bk16, pg461, 12 Nov 1943
Kindred, N.G. vs. Mable Kindred, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg198, 20 Jul 1942
King, Christine vs. Harvey King, Decree to Plaintiff , Bk13, pg325, 21 Jan 1936
King, Lavern vs. Floyd KIng, Dismissed, Bk18, pg321, 19 Sep 1949
King, Mina Loman vs. Levi H. King, Decree to Plaintiff; restoration of maiden name Mina Loman, Bk16, pg131, 9 Apr 1942
King, Novella vs. Virgil King, Decree to Plaintiff; maiden name restored, Bk16, pg629, 15 Aug 1944
King, Rosa A. vs. Charles J. King, Inter Decree, Bk2, pg259, 19 Sep 1915
King, Ruth vs. Oscar J. King Decree to Plaintiff; restoration of maiden name Christman, Bk16, pg517, 5 Jan 1944
King, William Matt vs. Julia Edward King, Decree to Pltf, Bk16, pg252, 9 Nov 1942
Kinkead, Norma Lee vs. James E. Kinkead, Decree to Pltf, Bk10, pg321, 17 Dec 1930
Kinnaman, Sterling S. vs. Arminta B. Kinnaman, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk3, pg613, 9 Dec 1918
Kinney, Bertha May vs. Harold Charles Kinney, Decree to Pltf, Bk11, pg94, 18 Dec 1931
Kinnison, Agemira Kitchen vs. W.M. Kinnison, Decree of Annullment, Bk16, pg21, 3 Oct 1941
Kirby, Henry vs. Lucy Kirby, Decree to Pltf, Bk6, pg621, 16 Mar 1925
Kirby, Lyda vs. Zoad Lee Kirby, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk4, pg157, 9 Sep 1919
Kirby, Sallie vs. Zack Kirby, Dismissed, Bk16, pg360, 5 Apr 1943
Kirk, William vs. Verna Kirk, Decree to Pltf, Bk17, pg31, 4 Dec 1944
Kitchen, Dora vs. Geo. F. Kitchen, Decree to Pltf; custody of child, Bk7, pg338, 26 Mar 1926
Kitchen, Ivalle vs. Billy Lee Kitchen, Decree to Pltf, Bk18, pg486, 17 Jul 1950
Kitchens, Effie vs. Jeff Kitchens, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk16, pg84, 9 Jan 1942
Kitchens, Frank vs. Lillian Kitchens, Decree to Pltf, Bk17, pg72, 5 Mar 1945
Kitchens, Frank M. vs. Alma Kitchens, Decree to Deft.; custody of child $15.00 mo. for supt., Bk15, pg516, 30 Apr 1941
Kitchens, Maude vs. Lewis Kitchen, Decree; custody of child, Bk6, pg285, 24 Mar 1924
Kitchens, Virgil P. vs. Grace Vista Kitchens, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk17, pg150, 20 Aug 1945
Kleffer, Jas vs. Nora Kleffer, Decree for Pltf, Bk1, pg374, 30 Mar 1914
Klein, Wilma vs. Paul Klein, Decree to Pltf; restoration of maiden name of Pickens?, Bk17, pg358, 7 Oct 1946
Knight, Arthur vs. Laura Knight, Dismissed, Bk16, pg157, 5 May 1942
Knight, Gladys vs. Marshall Knight, Decree to Pltf; custody of child, Bk7, pg379, 9 Apr 1926
Knight, Magdalene vs. Arthur Knight, Decree to Pltf; custody of child, Bk6, pg497, 1 Oct 1924
Knight, Marshall vs. Della Mae Knight, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg566, 26 Jan 1939
Knight Sylvia vs. Wilber Knight, Decree for Pltf; custody of child, Bk5, pg278, 6 apr 1922
Knowles, Joe vs. Annie Knowles, Decree for Plaintiff, Bk4, pg231, 29 Sep 1914
Koethke, Isa vs. Louis Koethke, Decree for Plaintiff, bk3, pg219, 30 Mar 1917
Kory, Opal vs. Speros Kory, Decree to Plaintiff, Bk14, pg286, 10 Dec 1937
Kratser, Yula Mary vs. Everett Kratser, Decree to Plaintiff; restoration of maiden name Smith, Bk17, pg146, 6 Aug 1945
Krueger, Estol vs. Paul Krueger, Decree & specific alimony, Bk16, pg397, 1 Jun 1943
Kruse, Thomas charles vs. Pearline Kruse, Decree to Pltf; Deft awarded custody of child; $20.00 per month, Bk17, pg255, 4 Mar 1946
Kruse, Willie vs. Bertie Kruse, Decree, Bk11, pg354, 1 Sep 1932
Kyle, Ollie vs. Harry Kyle, Decree, Bk11, pg206, 8 May 1932
Kyle, Susan M. vs. Almond D. Kyle, Decree for Pltf; custody of child, Bk6, pg26, 18 Apr 1923

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