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Cases Brought by the National Stock Yard Bank

Plaintiff DefendantCauseCourt OrderBkPgDate
Nagle, Geo. W. Metro. Life Ins.Policy Judgment for Pltf 12 266 4 Jun 1934
Narlman John A. New Lisbon TwpBond Dismissed 15 4957 Apr 1941
Nash, E.H., etalJ.H. Miller, etalDeedJudgt for $3.93426715 Oct 1919
Nash, F.F. St. L.S.F. Ry Co.Damages Judgment for Pltf for $65.00 17315 Apr 1913
Nash John Graham, Hugh P., etalQ.Title Judgment18 457 1 May 1950
Nasser, Mary C., etalHomer Poe, etalDebtVerdict for Pltf for $60.00349922 Mar 1918
Nations, James, Oscar & Silas D., etalLennie DayQ.T.Dismissed712515 Sep 1925
Nations, James, Oscar & Silas D., etalAlonzo DayQ.T.Dismissed715424 Sep 1925
Nations, James, Oscar & Silas D., etalR.F. TarpleyQ.T.Judgment75374 Oct 1925
Nations, James, Oscar & Silas D., etalOllie B. HarrisQ.T.Judgment Title vested in Deft.85730 Mar 1927
Nations, JohnJop Allen, etalEject.Judgt for Pltf10996 May 1930
Nations, John Bloomfield Bk & TrClaimPreference denied 11 27 6 Oct 1931
Nations, John, etal Bland, Elanra & Logan Q.Title Deft. to Pay Plaintiff $50.00 14 1959 Aug 1937
Nations, Verdie Aldrich, Roy Acct.Dismissed 18 177 16 Feb 1949
Nave, FrankTucker Transp. Co.DamagesJudgt for $400.001036219 Jan 1931
Nave, J.H.W.C. DickmanDebtVerdict for Pltf $121.0032435 Apr 1917
Neal, L.H.L.L. & Florence GarnerNoteDismissed5581 Sep 1921
Neal, L.N.G.W. Zwilling, etalNoteJudgt for $591.20511628 Sep 1921
Neal, Louie H.Henry Sargent, etalQ.TitleDecree for Pltf61281 Oct 1923
Neal, Louie H.J.W. WellmanDebtDismissed 95577 Dec 1929
Neil, B.M.St. L. S.W. Ry Co.DamagesDismissed1032618 Dec 1930
Nelson, Mildred O.School Dist. No. 112ContractJudgt for Pltf for $380.001032417 Dec 1930
Newby, Claude Farmers Bk of Essex ClaimOffset Allowed11612 25 Feb 1933
Newell, F.V.J.A. NewellContractDismissed55167 Dec 1922
Newell, John A.Walter Phelan, etalQ.TitleDecree for Pltf420323 Sep 1919
Newhouse, S.E., etalL.R. MillerContractDismissed229228 Sep 1915
Newhouse, S.E.Joe Myer, etalAttachDismissed362511 Dec 1918
Newhouse, S.E., etalBen KruseInjunct.Dismissed416210 Sep 1919
Newhouse, S.E.H.B. BoxUnlawful DetainerVerdict for Pltf716728 Sep 1925
Newhouse, S.E.Wm. DeiterDesolve PartnershipDismissed747215 Sep 1926
Newhouse, S.E.S.A. SweeneyAttach.Dismissed 856516 Apr 1928
Newland, C.W. Farmers Bk of EssexClaimPreference Allowed11 360 1 Sep 1932
Newland, Chas W., etalA.O. Hartwock, etalQ.TitleDecree for Pltf 357930 Sep 1918
Nichols, Dora M. Nichols, Lige, etal Partition Sheriff ordered to sell property 18195 7 Mar 1949
Nichols, Effie, etalC.H. Hobbs, etalQ.Title Decree rendered in Cape Co.D?33911 May 1914
Nichols, J.A.Ephriam ElsworthContractVerdict for Defendant41458 Sep 1919
Nichols, W.J.Drainage Dist. No. 37ExceptionVerdict for $526.5062317 Apr 1923
Niswonger, O.A. Thompson, Guy A. Damages Verdict $600.00 14 34125 Jan 1938
Nobles, Dan. A.Mo. Pacific Ry Co.Q.TitleDecree for Pltf 35992 Dec 1918
Noel, Arthur L.Mahala Ragsdale, etalQ.TitleDecree for Pltf436330 Mar 1920
Noland, WalterChas. R. Groomes, etalQ.TitleDecree for Pltf460031 Mar 1921
Nordman, John A. School Dist. #15 Bonds Judg. for Pltf $3,672.2714 29 10 Mar 1937
Norman, AsaCharles LilesDeedDecree for Pltf529610 Apr 1922
Norman, ElizabethCharles LilesDeedDecree for Pltf529610 Apr 1922
Norman, F.M. St. L.S.W. Ry Co.Damages Judgment for one cent148822 Sep 1914
Norman, F.M.Sarah Riddle, etalInjunct.Dismissed226420 Sep 1915
Norman, F.M.Charity Woollard, etalPartitionDismissed5641 Sep 1921
Norman, F.M., etalStella & James DuggerPartitionDismissed59320 Sep 1921
Norman, F.M.S.E. Newhouse, etalDamages to landDismissed539811 Sep 1922
Norman, F.M.Wm. & Emmer GillNoteJudgt for Pltff $352.48540712 Sep 1922
Norman, F.M.J.I. WigginsNoteJudgt for $1,508.3363019 Apr 1923
Norman, Ira Sofronia Price, etalTitleDecree216623 Apr 1915
Norman, J.N., etalSherman Hartts, etalWarrentDismissed334619 Sep 1917
Norman, JohnNora Norman, etalDeedDecree for Pltf531513 Apr 1922
Norman, W.W., etalIdalia R & D Co., etalInjunct.Dismissed226922 Sep 1915
Norrid, FarrisRobert LivingstonJudgt.Judgt revived in sum of $329.50418617 Sep 1919
Norrid, W.P.W.W. Creath, etalQ.TitleDecree216723 Apr 1915
North, Marcus, etalMattie C. GammelDeedJudgt. $200.00316221 Mar 1917
Norwell, ClifftonH.E. HensonDamagesVenue to Cape Girardeau823510 Aug 1927
Noys, R.R., etal SH. BolesAcct. Dismissed148322 Sep 1914

Plaintiff DefendantCauseCourt OrderBkPgDate
Nat'l Bk 1st - C. Girar.O.L. Pulse & W.R. OverbeyNoteJudgt for Pltf $524.43545716 Oct 1922
Nat'l Bond & Inv. Co. Ward, Ross NoteDismissed 12 53 29 Apr 1933
Nat'l Cash Reg. Co.Fagan & BealNoteDismissed259630 Aug 1916
Nat'l City BankA.L. Noell, etalNoteJudgt for $1,166.40714021 Sep 1925
Nat'l City BankEsther Christian, etalForeclose DeedDecree & order of sale747015 Sep 1926
Nat'l City BankF.A. Finley, etalNoteDismissed824311 Aug 1927
Nat'l City BankCharley Siler, etalNoteDismissed824411 Aug 1927
Nat'l City BankJ.B. Siler, etalNoteDismissed824311 Aug 1927
Nat'l City BankHenry Q. Siler, etalNoteDismissed824311 Aug 1927
Nat'l City BankD.F. Walser, etalNoteDismissed86231 Mar 1927
Nat'l City Bank Noel, A.L., etal Note Judgment 1055713 Aug 1931
Nat'l Cotton Seed Prod. Co. Bernie Gen Co. Note Dismissed 10 463 7 Apr 1931
Nat'l Union Fire Ins.Chas E. Snyder, etalAction BondJudgt for $304.56621815 Mar 1924
Neihof, Schulze Gro. Co.W.E. HillAcct.Verdict for Pltf $100.003324 Oct 1916
Neihof, Schulze Gro. Co.Anna BrandonAcct.Verdict for Deft.336424 Sep 1917
New York Store Mer. Co.J.M. CullinsTaxesJudgt for Pltf for $98.95335320 Sep 1917
New York Store Merc. Co.W.W. WilkersonAcctDismissed519730 Dec 1921
Nichoff Grocery Co.Nathan & Herbert BreeceNoteJudgt $321.20523621 Mar 1922
Nichoff Grocery Co.J.C. Williamson, etalNoteDismissed61382 Oct 1923
Nickolas Scharff Gro. Co.C.M. SmithAttach.Sheriff Ack. Deed225615 Sep 1915
Niece Groc. Co.J.W. Hobbs & Co.Acct.Judgt. for $400.00460031 Mar 1921
Niece Groc. Co.Burnett & SonAcct.Judgt. for Pltf for $41.00463831 Mar 1921
Norrid Bros. Citizens St. Bk. Claim Common Claim Allowed 10 6294 Sep 1932
Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co.Farmers Bk of Essex Claim Preference allowed 11 358 1 Sep 1932
N.W. Mut. Life Ins.John H. Schonhoff, etalForeclose DeedDismissed7222 Apr 1924
Naturalization of Edna Hazel Gordon Archibald, U.S. Citizen, Bk14, pg60, 5 Apr 1937
Norman, E.H., Appointed Deputy Sheriff, Bk6, pg56, 12 May 1923
Norman, J.H., Appointed Deputy Sheriff, Bk8, pg521, 22 Feb 1928
Cases brought by Norman's Lumber & Mfg. Co.
All cases were Quiet Titles with either a Judgement for the Defendant and all cases were found in Book 1 on the 28 Oct 1914
Baskin, Josephine, pg593
Biffler, Gentry, pg591
Bowers, Mattie M. & Clarence, pg602
Brorein, David, pg593
Bryan, Ida M., pg600
Burns Mfg. Co., pg592
Cantrall's & Luehrs, pg603
Cape Co. Land & Investment Co., pg601
DeLong, C.B. & S.G. Waggoner, pg609, 30 Oct 1914
Dickson, Wm. E., pg604, 29 Oct 1914
Dowdy, J.J., pg601
Eary, Chas D., pg596
Fisher, J.H. & Leo A., pg598
Graham, A.H., pg599
H.H. Lumber Co., Bk2, pg554, 16 Mar 1916
Hooper, Emma, pg590
Jorndt, Emma I., etal, pg600
King, Ed, etal, pg590
Murray, Geo. B., etal, pg600
Newhouse, Robert Stewart, pg594
Newhouse, Simeon E., Jr., pg594
Pulse, O.L., pg602
Robbins, O.H., pg591
Robinson, Frank, pg601
Robinson, Leota K., pg601
Salyer, J.P., pg591
Schnarr, Wm., pg594
Shelby, E.B., pg596
Singler, Chas. L., pg593
Smith, C.M., Sr. and J.D. Smith, Sr., pg599
Smith, Jas. W., pg594
Stone, J.W., pg594
Wallace, A.L., pg591
Weber, Carl, etal, pg602
Yount, W.S., Bk2, pg554, 16 Mar 1916

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