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1836 -1951


Plaintiff Defendant CauseCourt OrderBkPgDate
Inman, Don, etal Great So. Coach Lines, etalDamages Judg. for Pltfs Bonnie, Don & Clodene Inman for $406.98 each 184705 Jun 1950
Inman, John E.A.L. Noell, etalForecloseJudgt for $2,554.34715924 Sep 1925
Ingle, John Franklin, etalAmerican Ins. UnionPolicyVerdict for Pltf for $2,090.001037023 Jan 1931
Ingram, W.F.Exparte[Win...]Stricken from DocketT58110 Sep 1905
Irby, J.R.H.D. Sneed & Vernon Hall; Sneed-Hall Motor Co. Collection Dismissed18 309 1 Sep 1949
Irby, Phillip G. Coss, Carl, etalDamagesVenue to Dunklin Co. 12 401 21 Aug 1934
Ireland, Frank N., etalWalden EvansJudgtJudgt for Plf $530.00226822 Sep 1915
Irons, Bernice Howell, etalW.Z. Howell, etalQ.TitleJudgt for Deft.102653 Oct 1930
Isaacs & Renhoutine J.W. LockhartCAJudgt for Pltf $250.00S 1701 Mar 1902

Plaintiff Defendant CauseCourt OrderBkPgDate
I.O.O.F. Lodge 556Stoddard TribuneRentDismissed22306 Aug 1913
Idelia Realty & Dev. Co.W.W. NormanEjectJudgt for DeftU44213 Dec 1906
Idelia Realty & Dev. Co.W.W. NormanEjectJudgt for Poss. & $700.00Z2728 Mar 1911
Idelia Realty & Dev. Co.W.W. NormanEjectDecree155922 Oct 1914
Idelia Realty & Dev. Co.Norman's S.E. Ry Co.Q.TitleJudgt and Decree220718 May 1913
Idelia Realty & Dev. Co.W.W. NormanEjectDismissed33007 Sep 1917
Illinois & Texas Land Co.Wm GusemanContractDismissedZ52311 Mar 1913
IllMo Brick Co., etalHarry L. Harty, etalCon. BondVenue to Miss. Co.713921 Sep 1925
Indiana D. Specialty Co.Thos. W. McDavidAppealJudgt for Deft for $2.50U29329 Apr 1906
Industrial Loan Co. Stanley, Frank Replevin Dismissed 17 2033 Dec 1945
Insurance Co., N.W. MutualJohn H. Schonhoff, etalForeclosureDismissed7222 Apr 1925
Insurance Co., Nat'l UnionSt. L.S.W. Ry Co.DamagesVenue to Scott Co.712114 Sep 1925
Insurance Co., PrudentialJohn A. GillespieDeedDecree558926 Mar 1923
Inter. Bk of St. LouisC.T. & Eliza Shoemate, etalNoteJudgt for $832.00664124 Mar 1925
Inter. Bk of St. LouisMarshall Green, etalNoteJudgt for $632.00664224 Mar 1925
International Harvester Co. James A. Evans, etalCAJudgt for Pltf S 3856 Mar 1903
International Harvester Co. E.F. KolleNoteJudgt for $139.00 3 1026 Mar 1913
International Harvester Co. W.R. BurkesReplevinVerdict for Plt 427625 Sep 1919
International Harvester of Am.Flontenia SayersNoteJudgt for $702.71647926 Sep 1924
Ireland Printing Co. Stoddard Co. WarrantsJudg. for Plaintiff 12 178 17 Aug 1933
Illmo Realty & Invest. Co., Dissolved, Bk4, pg454, 13 Sep 1920
Ingamell, Dwight, Enrolls from St. Louis, Mo. Bk13, pg71, 5 Aug 1935
Iron Mountain Presbytery, Incorp. granted, BkV, pg625, 21 Jan 1908

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