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Cemetery: TAYLOR Cemetery
In Town: 
Out of Town: YES
Nearest Town: Essex
Road Number: County Road 718
Directions: From Essex,travel 1 mile south on Highway 114. Travel 1.1 mile east on County Raod 718. Taylor Cemetery is on the south side of road.
Maulding, Charles R. ------- 29 Feb 1884------02 Sep 1914

Maulding, Sarah Ellen------- 01 Feb 1852------19 Feb 1933
Maulding, Harry A.    ------- 03 Apr 1885 ----- 07 Mar1942

Maulding, Arthur E.  ---------05 Jan 1923 ------28 Sep 1944--USN  S 2/C
Maulding, Mamie E. ---------17 Oct 1895 ----- 22 Oct 1980
Maulding, Alma       --------- 18 Jan 1919 ----- 18  Jul  1984--Mom

Submitter: SCHS
Cemetery: Tippen Cemetery
In Town: 
Out of Town: 
Nearest Town:
Road Number:
Directions: (Abandoned)
Tippen, Malinda A. ......04 Sep 1874--______1907- Mother of Samuel
Submitter: SCHS
Cemetery: Wm. Tippen Cemetery
In Town: 
Out of Town: YES
Nearest Town: Dexter
Road Number: County Road 724
Directions: From Hifgway 114 (old Highway 60) east of Dexter,travel 1 mile south on County Road 731. Turn west on County Road 724 and travel .4 mile, then walk 1/4 mile south on the east side of the drainage ditch.The only marker is fenced in with metal pipe. This lonly grave was marked by Dexter Troop No. 71 Boy Scouts of Ameerica as a Memorial to the Pioneers of Stoddard County, August 15, 1945.
 Tippen, Wm. ------12 Jan 1832--07 Jun 1855- Annis J.
Picture of Headstone
Cemetery: Triplett (South Pleasant Valley) Cemetery
In Town: 
Out of Town: YES
Nearest Town: Bloomfield
Road Number: County Road 527
Directions: From Bloomfield,at 4-way stop on Highway 25,travel east on Highway E to County Road 527. Turn south and travel 3 miles. Triplett (South Pleasant Valley) Cemetery is beside the church building.
Haley Lura Ann   ---______1904---______1952
Cecil H.    ---______1906---______1953

Submitter: SCHS
Cemetery: Tropf Cemetery
In Town: 
Out of Town: YES
Nearest Town: Advance
Road Number: County Road 318
Directions: From Advance,travel 1/4 mile south on Highway 25,to Highway O.Travel 1 1/2 miles east to County Road 309. Turn South and travel 1 mile to County Road 318. Travel 3/8 mile east. Tropf Cemetery is 100 yards to left.
Baker, Elizabeth A.*..22Feb1836- 27Dec1869-W/O John F.
Baker, Lurany I.*....._________- 28Dec1862-D/O J.F.& Elizabeth 5y 2m 
Tropf, Lillie R.*....._________- 06Dec1872-D/O M.& J.-2y 2m 29d 
Tropf, D. M.*.........28Dec1883- 27Feb1884-S/O M.& J. 
Tropf, Julia Edna*....02Nov1848- 08Jan1884-W/O M.
Tropf, David M.*......28Dec1883- 27Feb1884-S/O M.& J.
Tropf, August R. .....30Dec1875- 09Feb1891
Tropf, Susan M. Alsup.15Dec1827- 28Aug1896
Tropf, Edward A. .....22Apr1874- 12Jan1897
Tropf, Martin ........04Jul1833- 09Mar1899
Tropf, M. W. .........10Dec1871- 14Sep1899
Tropf, Infant ........18Jun1905- 18Jun1905-D/O Ovada & Amel A.
Tropf, Paralee Tabitha 30Mar1855-09Mar1912
Friedrich, Elizabeth ._________- 24Nov1920-Age 52 (No Stone)
Rhins, Malinda ......._________- 30Mar1890-       (No Stone)

Submitter: SCHS

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