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The following was found on the web site Haunted Missouri:

Upper Blackwell Road - Many people think this road is evil. There is a restaurant located on this road where Satanism is believed to be practiced. Disappearances have frequently occurred here. On a bridge named Black Tram, legend states that if you drive across it and flash your lights three times, a ghost car will chase you away. There is also a sign that vanishes into thin air as you drive past it and even a ghostly couple who tries to flag down cars. Whenever a car slows down however, the couple vanishes.

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The following was found on the web site for Missouri Ghosts:

Haunted Road, Upper Blackwell Road.    From where I-55 meets US 67, take  US 67 south for 6.3 miles to SR 110. Turn right or west on SR 110 and go  down it  4.5 miles to SSR 21A (also called Fountain City Road). Then turn left  or south on Fountain City Road and drive 1.9 miles south. This road will change it's name to South Main Street in the town of DeSoto and then dead end. The  street it dead ends on is West Miller Street. Turn left or east on  West Miller Street and go down it .2 miles to State Hwy E. Turn right or south on  State Hwy E and drive for 8.1 miles to Upper Blackwell Road. Turn right or west on Upper Blackwell Road. [Note:  These are directions from St. Louis.  From Bonne Terre take Highway E which is also known as Old DeSoto Road.  Upper Blackwell Road crosses Highway E a few miles out from Bonne Terre.  Turn left on Upper Blackwell Road to get to the town of Old Blackwell.] This haunted road is 3.6 miles long and runs to the  town of Blackwell. A phantom couple has been seen to vanish on this road, and at the Black Tram Bridge a legend says that  if you park on it at at   midnight and yell "come and get me" three times, a car will come to try and run you down.    

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Old Tram Bridge at Blackwell


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