St. Francois County Civil War Index


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St. Francois County, Missouri.

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ABNEY, James Calvin
BARKER, Steven J.
BEAUDIN, Alphonse
BLUE, John (includes photos)
CARVER, Wesley
CHANDLER, Columbus
DODSON, James Riley
DOUTHIT, Thomas E.
GAMBLIN, William Marion
HUGON, Joseph

PEAK, Isaac (letters)
PIGG, William Carl
RICE, Thomas Jefferson
REEDER, John Clinton & Henry Clay 
SHUMAKE, William G.
THURMAN, William B. -   Obit #1
THURMAN, William B. - Obit #2
WASHBURN, George James
WATERS, F. M. (Letters Home)
WELCH, John Richard
WILSON, George M.
WILSON, Jasper G.
WOOD, Paris E.


St. Francois County, MO
1883 Pensioners on the Roll
1890 Veterans Enumeration


St. Francois County, MO. ---- 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate No


Post Office

Cause for which pensioned

Monthly rate

Original date

143151 Willam Sheridan Bismarck gsw head 18.00 Jan 1877
176857 Preston C. Harnell
[Darnell ?]
do chr. diarr., dis.
of abd. viscera
6.00 Oct 1880
27406 Temperance Harris Bonne Terre surv. 1812 8.00 Oct 1879
12137 Champion Taylor do do 8.00 Nov 1878
140054 David Johnson do gsw left leg 4.00 Aug 1876
109552 John W. Warden do loss of sight l.
4.00 Apr 1871
30039 Margaret Dungan do widow 1812 8.00 Jul 1880
166302 Isaac B. Halsey
[Hulsey ?]
do gsw thro' l. side 12.75 --
180250 Lydia Flora do dept. mother 8.00 Mar 1878
134830 Jesse M. Elvins do gsw lft. arm 4.00 Jul 1875
156598 John Merritt do gsw of head 4.00 --
163892 Eliza Garrett do dept. mother 8.00 Jan 1874
71033 Catherine Helber Farmington widow 17.00 --
141801 William Wellis do gsw left side 4.00 Oct 1876
140053 Frederick Rickus do injury to abdomen 8.00 --
157820 Platt Pearsall do gsw rt. arm 4.00 Mar 1879
151915 Henry Maddox do do 2.00 Mar 1878
137924 Thomas Dipper do gsw through abd 6.00 --
189689 Anna M. Zimmer do widow 14.00 Sep 1880
223051 Thomas J. Goodfellow do dis. of lungs 18.00 Dec 1882
52322 William H. Copass do loss rt. leg 18.00 --
173347 Seward Burke do chr. rheumatism 18.00 --
94535 Ira Howe do gsw rt. side 8.00 --
175235 Nicholas Burlbaw do gsw left thigh 8.00 --
122044 George M. Wilson do gsw left leg 2.00 Mar 1873
9817 Achilles Smith do surv. 1812 8.00 Dec 1871
27127 Elizabeth Mason do widow 8.00 --
141045 Fanny Jones do do 8.00 Mar 1870
133212 Alice Johnson do do 8.00 Aug 1869
218841 Amos Yeager do dis. lungs & eyes 6.00 Sep 1882
83401 Nathan T. Jackson do w. l. thigh 6.00 Jan 1869
146649 Vinton Melloy Iron Mtn. gsw rt. leg 2.00 --
157719 Frederick Deyherle do shell wd. of head 2.00 Mar 1879
115470 Louisa Sinclair do widow 8.00 --
222730 James F. Bennett do chr. diarrhea 8.50 Dec 1882
198101 John Meeker do minors of 12.00 Dec 1882
192071 Peter Coogan do gsw lft. should 4.00 Jun 1881
162894 Asa Bennett Knob Lick minors of 10.00 Oct 1873
6985 Mary Ann B. North do widow 1812 8.00 May 1878
5528 Adam Ham Libertyville surv. 1812 8.00 Oct 1871
189775 Elizabeth Williams do widow 8.00 Sep 1880
121184 Malissa Ann Scott do do 8.00 Nov 1868
22189 Rachael Ballard do widow 1812 8.00 Apr 1879
87719 Daniel Davidson Scono wd. rt. leg 4.00 --
158959 Sarah S. Davis Valles Mines widow 8.00 Jul 1872
29500 Eliza Appleberry do widow 1812 8.00 May 1880
13835 Francis Jones do do 8.00 Jan 1879

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. June 30, 2000.  All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred. For information on pensioners in other Missouri counties, click HERE.

Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers
Click HERE to View History of Provost Marshal

Records of the Provost Marshal
The Provost Marshal Papers for the state of Missouri are part of Record Group 109, War Department Collection of Confederate Records in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Although they are records of the Union Army, they were associated with Confederate records in the War Department because they relate, in part, to Confederate citizens and sympathizers. The National Archives refers to this collection as Union Provost Marshals’ File of Papers Relating to Individual Citizens. This national collection is three hundred rolls of microfilmed documents, 1861-1866. The online database created by the Missouri State Archives is an index of the Missouri portion of the collection. There are similar documents that refer to more than one citizen, Union Provost Marshals’ File of Papers Relating to Two or More Civilians – this latter collection, however, is not represented in the Missouri State Archives index but is available for research at the Missouri State Archives.

The microfilm collection contains thousands of pages of documents detailing the way the provost marshal affected the lives of Missouri citizens who came into contact with the Union Army. The office of provost marshal generated much paperwork which offers a unique look at a state divided in loyalty and beliefs, and the war society that resulted. Far from being solely a resource for military research, the provost marshal papers provide information about the role of women during the war, its effect on Missouri’s slavery institution, and the difficulties experienced by war refugees.

The documents on film include correspondence, provost marshal court papers, orders, passes, paroles, oaths of allegiance to the United States, transportation permits, and claims for compensation for property used or destroyed by military forces. Charges could be initiated by anyone, civilian or military. Statements by accusers or witnesses were taken down as evidence; citizens could be arrested, however, simply on suspicion.

Provost Marshal Database Index Project
The Missouri State Archives database index is an ongoing project that began in 2000. Volunteers and student interns extract discrete information, such as name and subject matter, from a review of microfilm with the goal of creating a finding aid for the Missouri portion of the document collection. Currently, the database index represents work in 170 of the 300 rolls. It is estimated that over 40,000 documents relating to Missouri exist within the national collection. This represents a virtually unknown manuscript collection detailing the national experience in the trans-Mississippi West. Provost Marshal records contains thousands of pages of documents detailing the way the provost marshal affected the lives of Missouri citizens who came into contact with the Union Army.

The database index below for St. Francois County provides a microfilm reel number where researchers can locate the original record. Views of the records are not available online at this time.  For information about obtaining copies of the records from microfilm, please contact the Missouri State Archives Reference Room at 573-751-3280, and refer to "Reel Number" below in last column of document you're interested in receiving a copy of.   

Name County City Subject Date Reel Number
Adkins, Robert St. Francois   Oath of loyalty 1865/04 F 1215
Arman, Henry St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance taken at Pilot Knob, Iron Co. 03-08-1862 F 1218
Arnold, Marshall St. Francois Farmington Order to release from Gratiot St. Prison 10-20-1864 F 1219
Ashburn, George St. Francois   Oath, sworn at Iron County courthouse 06-07-1862 F 1219
Ashburn, William St. Francois   Oath 07-12-1862 F 1219
Ashburn, William C., Jr St. Francois   Oath 07-15-1862 F 1219
Beal, J. G. St. Francois Farmington Letter to Col. W.P. Carlin explaining the treatment a negro girl received while in prison 12-24-1861 F 1227
Bequette, Augustus St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance with physical and character description 11-23-1864 F 1230
Bequette, Augustus St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance with physical and character description 11-25-1864 F 1230
Blankenship, Hampton St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 07/03/1862 F 1466
Blanks, Joseph M. St. Francois   Three pages (mentions Pilot Knob), "Ironclad" Amnesty oath 03/20/1865 F 1466
Blanton, Vincent St. Francois   $500 bond. Arrested for disloyalty 10/11/1863 F 1466
Blanton, Vincent St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance., Sworn at Pilot Knob and witnessed by Kellogg, 3rd Colorado Inf. 10/11/1863 F 1466
Brown, William St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 02-? - 1862 F 1286
Burgess, Wm. H. St. Francois Farmington Oath of Allegiance 03-28-1862 F 1288
Burtip (?), William H. St. Francois Farmington Oath of Allegiance 03-28-1862 F 1289
Byington, Ephraim St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance and description 11-29-1864 F 1290
Cantrell, B. F. St. Francois   Oath of allegiance 03-31-1862 F 1292
Carron, Peter Jospeh  [Joseph ?] St. Francois   Statement of Peter Carron that he was pressed by guerrillas to go with them to get a horse. Describes some of the events that occurred while he was with the guerrillas. 11-17-1864 F 1293
Cayce, M. P. St. Francois Farmington Letter from Cayce to Brigadier Gen Fisk that there is anxiety from a rumor that soldiers are "coming to carry off the blacks." Says one of his black men was encouraged by a soldier to leave. 10-01-1863 F 1140
Cayce, M. P. St. Francois Farmington Letter from Ross Jelkyl. Says Cayce was elected to State Convention as a Union man; was absent from a session; voted to let Price's returned men vote in next election; "systematically noncommittal". 05-07-1863 F 1140
Chapman, C. M. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 06-15-1865 F 1236
Chapman, James E. St. Francois   Bond 06-13-1862 F 1236
Chapman, James E. St. Francois   Bond, $1000, arrested for giving aid to the enemy 06-13-1862 F 1236
Chapman, James E. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 06-13-1862 F 1236
Chapman, James E. St. Francois   Oath of Loyalty 06-13-1862 F 1236
Clardy, M. L. St. Francois   Oath of allegiance 02-09-1862 F 1292
Cole, Joshing St. Francois   Oath 07-03-1862 F 1141
Cole, Joshway St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 07-03-1862 F 1141
Cole, Selatial St. Francois St. Francois Statement of Jesse M. Shaner, of St. Francois County, that Cole sold him ammunition without a permit. Purchase was made at Cole's store in Jefferson County. Notes Cole is a Southern sympathizer. 07-28-1864 F 1141
Colston, John St. Francois   Statement of William Eddington that Colston said if any U. S. soldiers bothered him he would become a bushwhacker and kill every man that looked black. N. D. F 1467
Cook, Peter St. Francois   Horse taken from John Coffman 04-20-1863 F 1187
Covington, John E. St. Francois   Letter from provost at St. Genevieve to St. Louis; reported voluntarily to take enclosed oath; thought it not necessary to take bond 02-20-1863 F 1242
Covington, John E. St. Francois   Oath 02-19-1863 F 1242
Crow, H. W. St. Francois   Requests return of gun; file notation: gun taken by sentry 10-08-1863 F 1245
Curtoisway, John St. Francois   Oath of allegiance 09-03-1864 F 1247
Dalton, William S. St. Francois   $1000 bond. Dalton, charged with rebellion, must report twice per month 09-18-1863 F 1294
Darrow, John R. St. Francois   Oath of allegiance 07-28-1862 F 1295
Day, Evan B. St. Francois   Bond in the amount of $2,000 12-14-1864 F 1297
Day, Evan B. St. Francois   Oath of allegiance 07-25-1862 F 1297
Day, Gabriel St. Francois   Statement of Day that he was conscripted by Shelby's command; escaped and was recaptured. Refers to the burning of the Osage Bridge. Sections of statement difficult to decipher. 10-10-1864 F 1297
Day, John C. St. Francois   Oath of allegiance 07-25-1862 F 1297
Dearing, Albin J. St. Francois   $1000 bond; Wm. H. Griggs, J. H. C. Phillips, sureties 05-10-1864 F 1298
Denning, Louis F. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 07-27-186? F 1299
Dent, William St. Francois   $2000 bond 02-21-1865 F 1299
Doggett, William St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 07-27-1862 F 1303
Dorton, Harvey St. Francois Farmington Report as required by parole 03-26-1865 F 1304
Dorton, Harvey St. Francois Farmington Report as required by parole 04-08-1865 F 1304
Dorton, Harvey St. Francois Farmington Report as required by parole 04-15-1865 F 1304
Dorton, Harvey St. Francois Farmington Report as required by parole 04-22-1865 F 1304
Dorton, Harvey St. Francois Farmington Report as required by parole 04-29-1865 F 1304
Eaves, Elisha St. Francois   Oath 08-20-1864 F 1309
Flore, Benjamin
[ Glore ?] 
St. Francois St. Francois Letter from Franklin Murphy stating that he has been looking to take affidavits regarding Flore's conduct. He knew Flore to be "stupid, timid and cowardly" and never heard him be disloyal. 10-11-1862 F 1319
Flore, Benjamin St. Francois St. Francois Statement of George W. Crump that he knew Flore and the Flore family. States he never heard Flore use any disloyal language or give any indication that he (Flore) was planning to go south. 10-11-1862 F 1319
Gale, D. Q. St. Francois Farmington Introduces Mr. Citto, a teacher from Ste. Genevieve, to Colonel Thomas C. Fletcher 04-15-1862 F 1237
Gutherage, John R. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 09-19-1864 F 1335
Harris, Fielding W. St. Francois   Intro of Harris making inquiry of imprisonment of a neighbor 12-31-1864 F 1191
Hull, Jacob N. St. Francois Farmington Oath of Allegiance, letter requesting a trial 03-28-1862 F 1147
Hull, M. C. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 03-31-1862 F 1147
Jelky (?), Ross St. Francois Farmington Property of a prisoner 06-10-1863 F 1237
Jelkyl, Ross St. Francois Farmington Request opinion of taking possession of land owned by Johnson B. Clardy in Ste. Genevieve County 06-10-1863 F 1237
Reed, John St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance with physical description of Reed 01-18-1862 F 1205
Reeves, James St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 06-12-1862 F 1205
Reisinger, Edward
[Resinger ?]
St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 05-21-1865 F 1205
Ritter, James Washington St. Francois   Oath of allegiance 01-30-1863 F 1391
Ritter, N. P. St. Francois Randolph Township Oath of allegiance 10-03-1863 F 1391
Ryan, Michael St. Francois   Oath of allegiance ??-??-1864 F 1397
Sebastian, Edwin C. St. Francois   Oath of allegiance and description 02-16-1864 F 1399
Sebastian, Edwin C. St. Francois   Oath of allegiance and description 09-11-1863 F 1399
Sebastian, J. V.; Gruner, P.; etc. St. Francois   Petiton on behalf of James Bennitt, arrested for violating his oath, imprisoned at Alton, Illinois. Request parole to assist his aging parents 11-26-1863 F 1230
Shannon, John St. Francois   Bond ($500) for rebellion against the United States 10-02-1863 F 1400
Shannon, Joseph St. Francois   Beverly S. Kenner and Christopher Walton state that Mr. Shannon is an honest man who means well 09-15-1862 F 1400
Shannon, Joseph St. Francois   Daniel Coffman states that Mr. Shannon let a bushwhacker named Samuel Hildebrand stay at his house out of fear but told Hilderbrand not to come back 09-19-1862 F 1400
Shannon, Joseph St. Francois   Henry Clay states that a bushwhacker came to Mr. Shannon's house but Shannon made him leave 09-18-1862 F 1400
Shannon, Joseph St. Francois   John Coffman states that Mr. Shannon harbored a bushwhacker named Samuel Hildebrand 09-15-1862 F 1400
Name County City Subject Date Reel Number
Shannon, Joseph St. Francois   John H. Headler states that Mr. Shannon is considered an industrious and honest citizen 09-18-1862 F 1400
Shannon, William P. St. Francois Perry Twp.  Bond ($500) 10-02-1863 F 1400
Shaw, William St. Francois   States that two men came to his house and threatened to kill him if he didn't give them money 06-20-1865 F 1400
Smith, Achilles St. Francois   Oath of Loyalty 07-28-1862 F 1209
Smith, J. R. St. Francois   Oath of Loyalty 07-17-1862 F 1210
Taylor, Dubart M. St. Francois   Bond of $2,000 11-28-1864 F 1402
Taylor, R. H. St. Francois   Parole 02-14-1863 F 1402
Taylor, William R. St. Francois   Statement that title to land owned by John E. Clardy of St. Francois County is valid 11-22-1864 F 1237
Townsend, John H. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 03-24-1862 F 1406
Tullock, Thomas T. St. Francois   Tullock states that two mules were taken from his father; Wm. Douglass was seen riding one of the mules; when questioned Douglass said his boys brought it in; Tullock believes he stole the mules 07-26-1863 F 1408
Turley, James St. Francois   Letter transmitting Turley's parole and stating that Turley died at the residence of Mrs. Serene Long of St. Francois County 02-07-1863 F 1408
Turley, N. P. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 07-17-1862 F 1408
Tyler, Benjamin St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 02-24-1862 F 1409
Tyler, George St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 02-31-1862 F 1409
Tyler, George W. St. Francois   Letter to Col. Fletcher stating he is sorry to report that his bond is still not filed and that he will faithfully live up to his oath; sentiments now with the Union; excitement in neighborhood as fed 04-02-1862 F 1409
Tyler, John V. St. Francois   Bond ($5,000) with Franklin Murphy and James Long as securities; obtained permission from Asst. Provost Marshal to sell items including quinine, patent medicine, wines, liquors, and salt 02-27-1865 F 1409
Tyler, John V. St. Francois   Oath of Allegiance 07-15-1862 F 1409
White, Lucinda St. Francois   John Coffman states that she is entitled to half the estate of her husband Thomas S. White 04-21-1862 F 1417

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1890 Veterans Enumeration
For St. Francois County, MO


Miller, William F., 47 MO Inf
Fiottanar, _______, 40 NY Inf
Mell, Peter _., 47 MO Inf
Miller, George A., 6 MO Cav
Krollmeyer, William P., 47 MO Inf  [Kollmeyer ?]
Hertz, Peter, 47 MO Inf
Ruckus, Frederick, 47 MO Inf
Burlbaw, Nicholas, 37 IN Inf
Hopkins, Eli D., No Unit Given
Schmidt, Peter, No Unit Given
Doughty, David J., No Unit Given
Wilson, Geo. M., 2 Wisc Inf
Peers, Luther K., No Unit Given
Green, George, No Unit Given
Flora widow of Plesner, Herman, No Unit Given
Elvins, Ralph, 47 MO Inf
Burnett, John M., 47 MO Inf
McCormick, Jas. R., General
Canduff, Lewis J., 47 MO Inf  
Jackson, George W., No Unit Given
Meloy, Francis M., No Unit Given
Mary J. widow of Hammos, William, No Unit Given  [Hammors ?]
Williams, Thomas, No Unit Given
Lang, Thomas, 47 MO Inf
Odgers, Williams, No Unit Given
Treaster, Jacob C., 13 IL Cav
Vaugh, James E., No Unit Given
Story, Douglas F., No Unit Given
Frances E. widow of William L. Tolman, Surgeon, 10 MO Cav
Wescoat, John W., 1 Wisc Cav
Howell, James, No Unit Given
Sleeth (Heeth), Hezekiah, No Unit Given
Kellor, Henry, W., IL     [Keller ?]
Fannie widow of Jones, Jeremiah, No Unit Given
Robinold, John H., No Unit Given
Catherine M. widow of Helber, Christian, 47 MO Inf
Emma widow of Boswell, Robt. F. O., 6 Tenn Cav
Loring, William, 15 MO Inf
Burke, Seward, 149 IL Inf
Lorenze, Philip, 1 MO Light Art
Amanda widow of Duncan, Benjamin R., 3 MO State Militia Cav
Elizabeth Kelly former widow of Williams, ______, No Unit 
James Hill, No Unit Given
Sarah M. widow of Brann, McArthur, 47 MO Inf
Agnew, Milton M., 143 IL Inf
John E. Koester, 4 MO Cav
Thomas C. Goodfellow, 130 IL Inf
William G. Shumake, 2 MO Cav
Lucien Aubuchin, 15 MO Inf  [Aubuchon ?]
Francis E. Lahaz, 47 MO Inf
Morgan P. Smith, 10 MO Cav
Nathan Becket, 47 MO Inf  [Beckett or Bequette ?]
Thomas G. Lester, 58 MO State Militia
John B. Snead, 47 MO Inf
Francis M. Richardson, 49 Wisc Inf
William A. Kennedy, 8 KY Cav
Francis Janis, 15 MO Inf
Joseph Chaboude, 8 Co Sharpshooter
Charles C. Kanarawurf, 47 MO Inf
Silas M. Asbridge, 48 KY Inf
Lewis Aubuchin, 47 MO Inf  [Aubuchon]
William Kennedy, No Unit Given
Sarah D. Strain widow of U.S. Sol, No Unit Given
Johnson, David, 9 IL Inf, 1 US Vet Inf
Asbridge, Alfred A., 17 KY Cav
Harrison, John E., 47 MO inf
Patrick, Alfred, 27 MO Inf
Cornelius, Zacariah, 22 IL Inf
Dixon, Elizabeth widow of James R. Dixon, MO Inf
Ward, Annie formerly widow of 
  Sullivan, Sea-fride, 143 Ohio Inf
Walker, Ransom A., 102  IL Inf
Walker, Margaret formerly widow of Marler, John J., 31 MO 
Campbell, Sarah widow of Campbell, Joseph B., 31 MO Inf
Rinevelt, Johnathan R., 8 IN Inf, Boat-Tyler
E-lly, Everitt H., 142 IL Inf   [Early, Kelly, Alley ?]
Conover, W. H. C., 22 NY Cav
Rodgers, Catherine widow of William Rodgers, 5 MO Cav
Hoover, Martha formerly widow of Hancock, Wm., 24 MO Inf
Nolan, Mary A. widow of Peter Nolan, 31 MO Inf, 32 MO Inf
Isiac Mouser, 3 MO Cav  [Isaac ?]
Isaiah Baucom, 3 IL Cav
William H. Parkison, 8 Tenn Mtd. Inf
William S. Frvin, 31 MO Inf  [Ervin ?]
John Burdgette, 2 MO State Militia Cav
Anna Jaster widow of August Jaster, No Unit Given
Frank Arsenma_, 1 MO Lt. Art
Philip A. Wigger, 32 MO Inf
Sarah E. Scott formerly widow 
  of Joseph H. Hawkins, 4 MO State Militia Inf
Thomas Day, 13 MO Inf
William A. Cross, 10 IL Inf
Bernard C. Pittman, 154 IL Inf
Avaline Rodifer widow of James C. Rodifer, 31 MO Inf
William Rangey, 31 MO Inf  [Rongey ?]
James Carroll, 31 MO Inf
James M. Craig, No Unit Given
Stephen J. Barker, 29 MO Inf
Robert A. Campbell, 13 PA Cav
Charles East, 31 MO Inf
Alfred Henson, 27 Ohio, 2 Tenn Inf
William Whitte_, 20 NY Inf
Thomas P. Shumake, 10 MO Cav
George F. Wigger, 50 MO Inf
Elizabeth Beal formerly widow of Stephen Spaulding, 
    No Unit Given
David Spaulding, No Unit given
Joab B. Ringer, 4 MO State Militia Inf
Andrew White, 31 MO Inf
Michael Marler, No Unit Given
Edward Koettlin__, 75 MO
Michael Gerurns (?), No Unit Given
Ingaro widow of James Daugherty, No Unit Given
John W. Henson, 5 VA Vol, 1 VA Vol
John F. Bradley, No Unit Given
Oscar Denise, PA Vol
John Thurman, 47 MO Inf
George Hughes, 10 NY Vol
George W. Hugers, No Unit Given
George R. (A) Manning, 56 Col Inf
Joachim Ruslege, 26 PA Vol
Charles B. Parsons, 4 Mich Vol
Milton Gipson, 3 KY
Thomas H. Watts, Sol US
Thomas L. Oleary, 1 MO Lt. Art, 10 MO Cav [O'Leary ?]
Jerry C. Oleary, 80 MO Inf  [O'Leary] 
Mary P. widow of Frederick Hays, No Unit Given
Henry C. Reeder, 47 MO Inf
James M. Thompson, 33 Wisc Vol
Mary Mager widow of Davidson Mager, No Unit Given
Columbus C. Chandler, No Unit Given
Thomas J. Rile, 47 MO Inf   [Riley ?]
Charles B. Thurman, 47 MO Inf
Inessonia E. widow of William B. Reeder, 3 MO State 
   Militia Cav
William D. Herris, 5 US Vol  [Harris ?]
John Byington, 47 MO Inf
Hezekiah Ballour, 10 MO Cav, 2 MO Cav
___hill, D. Hamtrin widow of Stewart, No Unit Given  
   [Cahill ?]
Nathan J. Arman, 31 MO Inf   [Armon ?]
Henry L. Romyey, No Unit Given   [Roney ?]
George W. Maker, 10 IN Vol
James W. Trecker, 50 MO
Venture Meloy, 33 MO
A____Murphy, MO Militia
William Rulleur, 47 MO Inf
Robert Stockwell, Sailor # 143
Charles Koester, Sailor-Junetta
Mildred _. Parkerson widow of Henry Parkerson, No Unit 
William H. Bryan, 30 IL Vol
Andrew J. Dixon, OH Inf
John A. McClenahan, No Unit Given
Sela J. Bowie widow of Isaac Bowie, No Unit Given
John B. Hart, 47 MO Inf
John Merritt, 47 MO Inf
Hariah V. widow of Wm. A. Kendel, 156 Ohio
John (Jake) A. Connery, 15 MO Inf
Jonathan F. Smith, Independent Guards, 1 Ark Cav
Mathew Dunn, MO State Militia
James Halmes, Forgotten  [Holmes ?]
Augustus Lalamonlier, 11 MO Vol Inf    [Lalumondier ?]
William R. Gibson, 15 MO Inf
Jame Felgnn, 11 MO Res Cav
  Henry Co____, No Unit Given
George W. Fastkal, State Militia
Samel Creglin, State Militia
Francis A. widow of Frederick H. Sturgis, 1 MO Lt. Art
John M. Hetherly, 6 MO Inf
Charles Grotjohn, 21 ___Inf
John A. Wanpler, 47 MO Inf  [Wampler ?]
William H. Dooley, No Unit Given
William Stone, 5 Tenn Cav
Benjamin Herrington, 14 Mtd. Tenn Inf
Joseph William Thompson 11 (NH)
George N. W. Fucker, 117 Wisc Inf   [Rucker ?]
Milton R. Davis, 2 Iowa Battery
Mary J. Johnston widow of William L. Johnson, 47 MO Inf
John F. Maston, 7 New Ha--- Inf
James R_sel_, 5 Col  MSM   [Russell ?]
John M. Chamberlain, 47 MO Inf, 50 MO Inf
Jessie P. Marks, 47 MO Inf
William H. Marks, 47 MO Inf
Gondore, George W., Unknown
Amelia L. widow of Charles Sharpe, 31 MO Inf
Theresa J. widow of Owsley, George L., 31 MO Inf
Osborne, George, Unknown
Carver, George W., 31 MO Inf
Laura _, widow of Wm. H. Childs, 47 MO Inf
Hosentral, Herman, 2 MO Art
Hasentral, Wilhelmina widow of Osterhone, ____, No 
  Unit Given
Matthews, Elizabeth widow of Matthews, _____, No Unit 
Mary _. Widow of Noramon, Andrew J., 60 IL Inf
Coly___, Chas. U., No Unit Given
Murphy, William M. 47 MO Inf

        Williams, William P., No Unit Given
        Naomi C. widow of Rouze Gifford, 52 IN Inf
        Smith, John, No Unit Given
        Miller, Frank B. NY Inf
        Warren, Thomas H., 2 Ark Inf
        Beard, Jesse, No Unit Given
        Langley, William B., 35 MO
        Stertaina, Frederick, No Unit Given
        Laterusie, John B., No Unit Given
        Hayes, Lucius, Mich
        Higgler, James P., 8 Tenn Cav
        Montgomery, ______, No Unit Given
        ________widow of St. Charles, Benjamin, 47 MO Inf
        Manning, James, 1 MO Art
        O'Bryan, William A., Little Rebel and W. H. B.
        Ada_h widow of Aylsson, McGeorge H., MSM Cav
        Eberhart, Frederick, No Unit Given
        Josephine widow of Und_boise, Charles, No Unit 
        McCoy, Wilbur J., Tenn
        Rebecca widow of Boatright, Thomas, 2 MO Lt. Art
        Beck, William, 41 MO Inf
        Shelton, Daniel, 3 MO Cav
        Mary widow of Briery   No Unit Given
        Mary widow of Scuddle, 5 NJ
        ________, David, No Unit Given
        K______, Joseph, 28 IL
        NOT LEGIBLE, 2 MO Inf
        Little, James, No Unit Given

Dietz, George, No Unit Given
Gibson, James, No Unit Given
Julius Crader, 2 MO Art
Hasia H. Brown, 47 MO Inf
Frank Bower, No Unit Given
Henry _losterman, No Unit given
Charles Summers, No Unit Given
E___P. Cain, Confederate, No Unit Given
John McCarter, No Unit Given
Patrick Odonnl, New York  [O'Donnel or O'Donnell ?]
Numan, McFeolainck Hostana, Confederate, No Unit Given
Alpheus Beanstein, 96 NY
Frederick Deyherle, 3 NY
Elizabeth Maning widow of John Manning-veteran of 
  Mexican War
Mary Ottman widow of John Ottman, No Unit Given
Henry Kleesman, 1 MO Art
James Langley, No Unit Given
Morris, Gann, 3 MO Inf
Benjamin Weitzel, US Sol
Abraham Sypher, US Sol
Alferd Burch, 1 VA Lt Art
Henry Elsman, No Unit Given
Andrew T. W_la__s, No Unit Given
Abraham Elser, 47 Ohio
Catherine widow of _____Elder, veteran of Mexican War
John Myers, 3 MO 43 IL
John Bass, US Reserve home guard
Isaac M. Johnson, US
Frederich Le____age, No Unit Given
Thomas Oldham, US Sol Black Hawk War
John Wood, 174 OH Inf
Henry J. Baker, 27 IL Inf
Jame N. Wood, 36 OH Inf
Eli Hauk, 36 OH Inf   [Hawk ?]
Edmond W. Reavis, 24 mO Inf
Henry P. Pearsall, 30 OH
Thomas J. Forbis, 27 Pen (Ten) Cav
Moses P. Wadkins, No Unit Given  [Madkins or Watkins ?]
Susan Eavis widow of US Sold, NO Unit given
Phillip Yeagar, 35 MO Inf
Albert G. Eavis, 47 MO Inf
John C. Burton (Luston), No Unit Given
Parlee Absher widow,  No Unit Given  [Abshier ?]
Joseph A. Jones, No Unit Given
Elizabeth Beaver widow of US Sol, US Sold
Geo. W. B. Calloird, US Sold
Larkin N. McFarland, US Sold
Benjamin Prater, US Sold [Prather ?]
Joseph Wigger, US Sold
Alexander Kincaide, US Sold
Phillip Rush, US Sold
William B. Thurman, 47 MO Inf
Alfred Scaggs, 6 MO Cav
William R. Turpin, 6 MO Cav
John H. Moore, No Unit Given
Austin R. Kirkendall, 13 OH Cav
James M. Moser, 10 Tenn Inf
William Scaggs, 6 MO Cav
Henry E. Baker, No Unit Given
Andrew J. (G) Williams, 33 MO Inf
Minerva _. Brimm, wife, 5 Del Inf
James F. Yates, 6 MO Inf
George Wahlan, 18 US Inf   [Wallen ?]
Louisa widow of Thomas McLarney, No Unit Given
George Nash, 24 MO Inf
Fieldon Mackley, 144 IN Inf
Samuel J. Timmerman, sailor, Monongehala
August Henry, 50 MO Inf
Francis M. Beevis, 30 MO Inf
John H. Cullry, 18 IL Inf
Frederic A. Cline, 47 MO Reserve Corps
Jane B. Patterson widow of Abram Casey, No Unit Given
Ziekman Monrey, 6 MO Inf
Antonia Wyeges, No Unit Given
James R. Reuly, 1 US Vol E
Jesse M. Elvins, No Unit Given
Melvin R. Matthews, No Unit Given
James M. Maness, 5 MO Mtd Inf
Jefferson Milner, 33 MO Inf
Andrew J. Chapman, 63 IL Inf
Edwin C. Bloom, 21 MO Inf
James M. Toombs, 2 Ten Mtd Inf
John W. Smith, NY
Henry W. Meyer, 13 MO Inf
Caroline widow of Alexander Trecker, No Unit Given
William Spaugh, No Unit Given
James M. Hulsey, 5 IL Cav
Henry Doer, No Unit Given
Francis M. Miller, No Unit Given
John C. Eddington, No Unit Given
James Colston, No Unit Given 
Henry Zimmerman, 2 MO Inf
William M. Tollen, 42 IL Inf
James P. McFarland, 50 MO Inf
Peter West, 174 OH Inf
James H. Belmar, 1 Col Vol
Joseph Zimmer, 6 MO Cav
Henry Brineker, 22 OH Inf
Benjamin D. Warnick, 6 MO Inf  
Jacob Mehring, 21 MO Inf
Frederick Elser, 120 OH Inf
John L. Lovoarn, 50 MO Inf   [Lovvorn ?]
William Lulman, No Unit Given
Charles Wineburner, 5 US Art
Daniel Davidson, 5 Neb Cav
Moses Middleton, 50 MO Inf
Maleda Nennrish widow of Frederick Hern___, 1 MO Lt Art
Larkin A. McFarland, No Unit Given
John M. C__ardgard, 33 MO Inf
Louisa widow of Conrad Nieders, 47 MO Inf
Godfrey Birch, 59 OH Inf
Wm. J. Ritter, 32 Ken Inf
Jackson Shaner, No Unit Given
Wm. W. Shaner, 50 MO Vol
James R. Davis, 21 MO Inf
Susan widow of Radford Davis, No Unit Given
Alexander Williams, 15 IL Cav
Martha E. widow of Chas E. Crane, No Unit Given
Cyrus A. Loore, Marne Badger
Louis M. Hardin, No Unit given
Richard S. Forshe, 50 MO Inf  [Forshee ?]
Chas. Politte, 26 MO Inf
Robert F. Robinson, 50 MO Inf
Alia A. Paris former widow of ______Paris, No Unit Given
Wm. H. White, 50 MO Inf
Henry Cevrman, 85 IN Inf
Lon (Tom) Meiger, No Unit Given
John R. Kirkpatrick, 2 US Inf
George Banister, No Unit Given
James C. Smith, 33 MO Inf
Simon Baker, 5 Ark Inf
John McCombr, 3 US Cav  [McComber ?]
Isaac Serguet, 2 MO Cav
Hubert Moyne, 2 MO Cav
Wm. A. Scance, 28 US Inf
C. Scance, 37 MO Cav
Francis M. Forchee, 31 MO Inf
Daniel Taylor, No Unit Given
Samuel Kelley, under Gen. Steele
Minerva Birch former widow of Daniel Taylor, No Unit 
Sarah Fulton widow of Alexander Fulton, No Unit Given
Franklin D. Heaton, 31 MO Inf
George Baker, 3 Ark Inf
William D. Harris, 10 MO Cav
Jonathan Lewis, No Unit Given
John H. Franklin, 30 MO Inf
Elizabeth Trippe widow of Walter Tryppe, 24 MO Inf
Sarah Cooksey widow of David Cooksey, No Unit Given
James Murphy, 6 MO Cav
John Ferguson, 3 MO Cav
Levina Blackwell former widow of Harvey Pinson, No 
  Unit given
Lewis L. Buyer, 50 MO Inf  [Byer or Beyer ?]
George Marler, Inf
Nathan L. Day, 103 IL Inf
Monroe Shannon, No Unit Given
Susan Glore widow of US Sold, No Unit Given
John F. Cowan, Sol US  
William Pratt, Sol US
John Dosing, Sol US

NOTE:  The names highlighted in red above are not part 
of the original transcription. Since the spelling of 
some of the names was questionable, these are merely 
suggestions of possible alternative spellings which 
are common to this area and which have been made to
facilitate them being found by the search engines. 

The following abbreviations were used above: MO for Missouri, NY for New York,
NJ for New Jersey, IL for Illinois, IN for Indiana, OH for Ohio, Inf for
Infantry, Cav for Cavalry, Lt. Art for Light Artillery, Sol for Soldier,
Sold for Soldier, Ken and KY for Kentucky, Ark for Arkansas, Tenn and Ten
for Tennessee, PA and Pen for Pennsylvania, VA for Virginia, Mich for
Michigan, Neb for Nebraska, Mtd for Mounted, Del for Delaware, Vol for
volunteer, Wisc for Wisconsin, Col for colored, and Co for either colored
or Colorado (Unknown).  The above was transcribed by Linda Green, and may not
be reproduced for commercial purposes.

** NOTICE  **
Need to be resident of one of the following Missouri counties: 
Iron, Madison, St. Francois, Washington,
Ste. Genevieve, Wayne, or Reynolds County



hangmanwee.gifThe Disappearance of August Schaefer - Early Civil War Mystery Solved.

Mystery of the Missing Civil War Cannons of St. Francois County

hildebrand_sm.jpg (2175 bytes)

Click HERE to read  the "The Confession of Sam Hildebrand", originally published in 1870, and now out of print.  Sam Hildebrand was a  notorious Southeast Missouri outlaw and bushwhacker, born and reared in St. Francois County, whose exploits during the Civil War and afterwards, give a unique view of that restless period in our history when opposing beliefs in this border state set neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother in mortal combat. 

bushwhacker_sm.jpg (1485 bytes)

A Civil War Memory of Bushwhackers as Related by "Old Timer" (1915)

confederate.gif (12676 bytes)
Confederate Flag Ordered Pulled Down at Fort Davidson Near Pilot Knob (2003)
Flag Removal Prompts Public Protest (2003)

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