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Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri

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Salem Methodist Church (Circa 1967) - The above photo and following listing are courtesy of Sandy Mackley.  This listing was originally prepared in 1974 by Commodore Perry Hill and his wife.    Spouse and parent information has been added by Sandy.   Please EMAIL us with any additions.

The Salem Cemetery which was established on land donated by James M. Bradley is located in Union Township, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, approximately 10 miles north of Farmington, Missouri, on Salem School Road just off of Highways D and HH.

AGNEW H Archibald April 30,1858 July 20,1928
AGNEW Henry Archibald Dec 2,1835 Jan 19,1892
AGNEW Malinda Jane April 8,1861 Mar 29,1920
AGNEW Maude E May 13,1873 Oct 31,1891
AGNEW Milton M Nov 3,1826 Dec 12,1900 md Mary Williams 9 Nov 1879
AGNEW Susan 1836 1920  
AGNEW Thelma Frances Feb 5,1932 Feb 5,1932 d/o Linzy & Maude Agnew
ARNDT Gustave A Sept 3,1899 Apr 16,1922
BABB Sarah Elizabeth Sept 15,1827 Mar 8,1918 md.  1-- Hardy Wiggins, Dec. 22, 1849  in St. Francois County (Hardy died 1871); 2-- Abel O Babb, Feb 25,1877;  daughter of John and Sarah Straughan.
BALL Jerry B Feb 16,1887 June 23,1949 md Susie Griffin June 10,1907 s/o John H & Margaret (Burks)
BALL Jerry Earl Dec 5,1909 Aug 1,1932 s/o J. B. & Susie
BALL Kennett P Oct 5,1914 Dec 14,1940 s/o J. B. & Susie
BALL Susie Griffin 1887 1953 md J. B., d/o George H.
& Martha Griffin
BOYD Grace Darnall Apr 30,1886 Apr 14,1925 md Frederick Boyd d/o Tho H & Molly (Woodard) Darnell, old record said b. 1866?
BOYER Pearl 1887 1926  
BRADLEY Edward M July 7,1872 Dec 2,1916 md Rhoda Pinkston Oct 9,1894
BRADLEY Elizabeth Apr 14,1850 Jan 13,1935 md John F Bradley
BRADLEY Elizabeth Oct 1,1824 Aug 28,1853 md James M Bradley
BRADLEY Elbert Linn June 16,1872 Dec 13,1901 h/o Maude A
BRADLEY Harriett 1852 1922 w/o Thomas Perry Bradley
BRADLEY Henry A May 29,1860 Mar 1,1886 md Ida M Agnew 13Aug1882
BRADLEY James M Dec 25,1822 Feb 28,1876 md Elizabeth & Harriett F
BRADLEY James Russell Sept 19,1879 May 26,1902 s/o Thomas & Harriett
BRADLEY John F Nov 18,1847 Jan 15,1903
BRADLEY Luther Aug 10,1863 June 25,1937
BRADLEY Rhoda F Pinkston Nov 13,1873 Nov 17,1954 md Edward M d/o Wm H & Mary F (Janis) Pinkston
BRADLEY Thomas Perry Nov 21,1845 Mar 24,1905 h/o Harriett
BREWER Mary E Feb 23,1861 Dec 4,1866 d/o J.R. & N.A. Brewer
BREWER Nannie A Dec 17,1840 Jan 11,1908 w/o J.R.Brewer
BRYAN Nancy Ann Mar 4,1840 Feb 12,1904
BUXTON Nancy M 1850 1931  
BUXTON John A 1852 1888  
COUNTS Fannie Oct 22,1871 Feb 12,1930
COUNTS Thomas H May 13,1869 Dec 1,1964
COVINGTON Edith Sept 22,1893 Dec 14,1896 d/o M.A. & J.Covington
COVINGTON Emory Nov 6,1895 May 26,1898
COVINGTON Grace Apr 12,1891 May 22,1894 grd/o John & Jane Covington
COVINGTON John E Oct 19,1829 Nov 9,1901 md Margaret J Cunningham Apr 16,1854. S/o Wm & Sarah
COVINGTON John H Aug 9,1903 May 15,1905 s/o A. & J.A. Covington
COVINGTON J J Jan 15,1874 Nov 4,1899
COVINGTON Leona A Feb 14,1903 Dec 27,1901 d/o T.J. & Laura Covington
COVINGTON Margaret J Cunningham Mar 2,1836 Feb 27,1901 md John E
COVINGTON William E Mar 12,1868 June 22,1910
CUNNINGHAM Mary E Sept 12,1827 Apr 28,1902 md A.L. Cunningham
CUNNINGHAM Nancy L Jan 11,1822 Mar 26,1889 md A.L. Cunningham
DARNELL Addie Conkling Oct 22,1863 Jan 14,1888 md T. H. Darnell/Darnall Feb 2,1882
DARNELL Margaret A Nov 14,1853 May 18,1879 md T. H.Darnell/Darnall
DARNELL Molly Woodard Jan 19,1869 Oct 7,1923 md T. H. Darnell d/o Thomas & Margaret (Mills) Woodard
DARNELL Thomas Haywood Sept 14,1843 Mar 10,1908
DARNELL Uriel Bryan Aug 1,1900 Aug 8,1907 s/o T.H. & Molly
DOHERTY Lovie D. Marie Mar 5,1911 Sept 11,1911 d/o W.J. & Emma Doherty
DOSS Alfred Yates Mar 1,1824 Oct 29,1909 md Mary Ann Williams Mar 26,1846
DOSS Ellis F Aug 19,1867 Nov 11,1932
DOSS Evelyn Viola Apr 21,1907 Apr 29,1907 d/o Ellis F & Mattie (Thurman) Doss
DOSS Mary Ann William Jan 13,1828 Nov 9,1904 w/o Alfred Y
DOSS Mattie Thurman Aug 19,1867 June 30,1927 w/o Ellis F Doss d/o Perrin F & Martha A (Andrews) Thurman
DOSS Thomas B Sept 8,1864 Oct 22,1866
DUVAL Washington R 1812 Oct 9,1882
EDWARD Sarah Jane Apr 21,1829 Feb 15,1860 w/o W.Edward
EDWARDS Angelette June 26,1825 Aug 25,1888 w/o E.G. Edwards
EDWARDS Edward G Apr 18.1821 Mar 3,1892 h/o Angelette
EDWARDS Erasmus Napolean Oct 19,1847 Jan 22,1940 md Samantha J Doss,Nov 25,1869 s/o Jessie J & Prescilla (Straughan) Edwards
EDWARDS Frances Williams July 22,1830 Apr 13,1884 w/o W.J. Edwards
EDWARDS Hiram Vergil July 4,1873 May 12,1902 s/o E.N. & Samantha
EDWARDS Infant son s/o E.G. & E. Edwards
EDWARDS Jesse J May 5,1852 Mar 17,1916
EDWARDS John Oliver Mar 2,1828 July 30,1910
EDWARDS Lucinda Virginia July 9,1852 Nov 7,1934
EDWARDS M B Feb 12,1872 Oct 9,1873 d/o John O & M.A.Edwards
EDWARDS Marena Roberson June 2,1828 Dec 2,1891 md Thomas Edwards Oct 28,1863
EDWARDS Margarette Oct 24,1810 Aug 15,1860 w/o T.F. Edwards
EDWARDS Martha Elizabeth June 26,1834 Jan 2,1908
EDWARDS Minerva Bradley Dec 3,1838 Sept 25,1905
EDWARDS Samantha Jane Doss May 9,1850 Mar 26,1881 md E.N. Edwards 25Nov1869,d/o Alfred Y & Mary A (Williams) Doss
EDWARDS W.J. Washington Mar 2,1826 Apr 17,1907
FORSHEE W E Jan 31,187? Sept 7,1884
FORSHEE M J Sept 8,1869 Sept 3,1880
FOWLER Charles R July 17,1863 Oct 16,1937
FOWLER Della D 1875 1897  
FRY Anna C Edwards Apr 20,1854 Jan 1,1885 md James W Fry 10May1874
FRY J B Aug 21,1884 Nov 10,1884
FRY James W May 17,1834 Feb 19,1907 h/o Anna Caroline (?Edwards) Fry s/o Barnet & Nancy Ann (Horton) Fry
GILLESPIE Gary D Oct 14,1945 Oct 14,1945 s/o Delmar & L.Irene (Johnson) Gillespie
GOSSETT James S Apr 1811 Nov 25,1889
GOSSETT Nancy Oct 9,1813 May 31,1871
GOSSETT Rachel Feb 23,1810 jul 26 1893 w/o James S Gossett
GOSSETT Sarah F July 29,1849 Oct 4,1901 w/o S.A.Gossett
GRIFFIN Annie 1879 1945  
GRIFFIN Belle (Annabelle) Williams Jan 13,1878 Feb 6,1945 md Frank Griffin 23Dec1900 d/o John & Sarah (Groves) Williams
GRIFFIN Elbert B Feb 6,1907 Oct 17,1910 s/o Frank & Belle
GRIFFIN Frank Apr 2,1877 Nov 7,1964 md Belle Williams s/o Geo H & Sarah J (Haynes) Griffin
GRIFFIN George H Feb 1,1841 Jan 29,1915  md 1.Sarah J Haynes 2.Martha (Cunningham) Turley 1886
GRIFFIN Infant Feb 25,1881 Mar 18,1881
GRIFFIN Infant Jan 3,1885 Jan 3,1885
GRIFFIN James K Jan 1,1873 Mar 22,1888 s/o Geo & Sarah
GRIFFIN John L Nov 22,1837 Dec 14,1927 h/o Victoria Jennings
GRIFFIN Johnnie Sept 1873 Mar 16,1936 s/o John L & Victoria (Jennings) Griffin
GRIFFIN Martha A Cunningham Sept 18,1852 Mar 14,1909 Md. 1. Armenda Turley 1872;
2. George Griffin 1886
GRIFFIN Samuel G Nov 19,1881 May 9,1925 s/o John L & Victoria Griffin
GRIFFIN Sarah J Dec 7,1842 Jan 13,1885 w/o George H Griffin
GRIFFIN Susie 1883 1936 d/o John L. & Victoria Griffin
GRIFFIN Victoria Jennings June 30,1844 Aug 21,1907
GROSS Elgie A Jun 7,1873 Jan 29,1876 d/o Peter & M.E.Gross
HILL Alfred P Mar 26,1882 Aug 10,1882 s/o B. F.& Bernice(Doss) Hill
HILL B F Aug 7,1843 Aug 1,1925
HILL Bernice Doss Jul 19,1854 Jan 12,1884 md B.F.Hill 10Mar1875,d/o Alfred Y & Mary (Williams)Doss
HILL Williard L May 24,1880 Nov 8,1880 s/o B.F. & Bernice Hill
HINKLE Lyman Talmage Mar 29,1902 Oct 2,1910 s/o G.W. & Matilda (Meyer) Hinkle
HOLMES Della May Thurman May 2,1878 Jan 2,1907 md Jeff F Holmes d/o Perrin F & Julia H (McHenry) Thurman
HOLMES George D Sep 26,1888 June 21,1893 s/o James S & Mary E (McClanahan) Holmes
HOLMES Lizzie Fowler Apr 24,1870 July 7,1908 w/o J.W. Marvin Chapel Cemetery
HOLMES ? Julietta ? 25,1915 ? 31, 1915 d/o Alfred & Etta
HOOD Linda May 8,1953 May 8,1953
HOOD Robert Feb 6,1936 Feb 19,1936
HOOD William R May 26,1942 June 30,1942
HORTON Mary A June 16,1876 June 16,1906 w/o L.E.Horton
HOWE Runa L July 9,1897 Aug 13,1897 s/o F.E. & M. Howe
HOWE Vergel Oct 18,1898 Sept 28,1890 date on orig.record has to be wrong. S/o E. & M. Howe
HUTCHINGS E A Jan 15,1901 Jan 27,1901
JACKSON Jennie Fowler Feb 8,1867 June 24,1952
JACKSON Margureite Mar 27,1908 Jan 29,1909 d/o T.M. & Fannie Jackson
JACKSON Thomas M Jan 14,1860 Feb 2,1929
JACKSON Thomas M Jr. Apr 15,1910 Apr 15,1910 s/o T.M. & Fannie Jackson
JOHNSON Calvin King Oct 9,1863 Apr 19,1958 md 1.Alice Smith 19Nov1904 2.Maggie M Mills 01Feb1922 s/oWm A & Amanda (Yates) Johnson
JOHNSON Maggie Mabel Mills Aug 21,1891 Jan 25,1969 md Calvin d/o Samuel P & Lucinda (Summers) Mills
KEEL Claud Mathew Feb 17,1912 Jan 3,1919 s/o Wm & Letitia Keel
KEEL Donnie R Oct 26,1935 Jun/39  
KEEL Frank Feb 29,1892 Feb 18,1893 s/o Wm & Letitia Keel
KEEL Freda May Mar 30,1905 July 30,1907 d/o Wm & Letitia Keel
KEEL Infant Jan 27,1896 Mar 8,1896 s/o Wm & Letitia Keel
KEEL Jerry O'Leary Jr. Jun 30,1934 July 23,1964 Pfc.Mo.Inf.; Md. Retha June Summers
Killed in Auto Accident - VIEW OBIT
KEEL Jerry O'Leary, Sr.   Dec. 5, 1986 son of William & Letitia Keel
KEEL Leo Roy Feb 2,1895 June 20,1897 s/o Wm & Letitia Keel
KEEL Martha "Letitia" Griffin Nov 2,1870 Mar 29,1947 Md. William H. Keel 29 Sept. 1887,
d/o George H. & Sarah Jane (Haynes)
KEEL Nedra L Jan 27,1939 Sept 18,1946
KEEL Ruby Lucille Carver Mar. 12, 1915 Mar. 28, 1995 md. Jerry O'Leary Keel, Sr. d/o Calvin & Ollie (Chilton) Carver
KEEL William H Jan 8,1860 Mar 4,1942
MACKLEY Jessie Apr 15,1898 Aug 1,1898 d/o J.P. & J.E. (Turley) Mackley
MAURICE Lynn F Aug 17,1931 Apr 1,1932
MAURICE Willa Apr 21,1900 Mar 7,1951
MEYER Henry Nov 11,1831 Apr 2,1916
MEYER Henry R May 23,1866 Sept 10,1902 s/o Henry & Josephine
MEYER Josephine Dec 18,1836 Sept 25,1925
MEYER Lizzie 1875 1908  
MEYER Peter A Oct 22,1871 July 26,1911
MILLS Bessie Mildred Jan. 21, 1914 Oct. 21, 1914 d/o Calvin H. & Bessie (David) Mills
MILLS Lucille Geneva Jan 6,1910 Nov 24,1910 d/o Calvin H & Bessie (David) Mills
MILLS Lucinda Jane Mar 4,1865 July 18,1936 md Samuel P Mills 22July1883 d/o William & Mary J (Beaves) Summers
MILLS Patrick Jan 22,1813 July 21,1886 md Catherine Scott 23Dec1832 Hickman Co.,KY s/o Absalom Mills
MILLS Samuel Patrick Jan 14,1859 Jan 8,1943 h/o Lucinda Jane grson of Patrick and Catherine
MILLS Samuel Holcomb July 12,1886 Sept 24,1921 md Estelle Thurman 15Sept1912 s/o Samuel P & Lucinda
MILLS Catherine Scott 1815 Apr. 10, 1899 md Patrick Mills 23Dec1832 Hickman Co.,KY d/o Samuel M & Margaret (Crawford) Scott
MITCHELL Bessie R 1887 1967  
MITCHELL Casper June 26,1880 Aug 24,1955
MITCHELL James B Dec 27,1850 Dec 12,1908
McCLINTOCK Lelia Jan 10,1880 Jan 19,1883 d/o Wm H & L.A. McClintock
McCLINTOCK Lucinda Apr 12,1859 Mar 15,1881 w/o W.H. McClintock
PERRYMAN Frances July 8,1858 Jan 20,1895 w/o Wm A Perryman ?same Wm that md Lucinda Edwards in 1908-he is buried at Parkview
POTTINGER S H May 27,1852 Aug 16,1887
PRATTE Ida Bertha Dec 21,1884 Feb 25,1909 d/oTho Berry & Harriett (Bradley) Pratte
RUSSELL Charles H Sept 22,1847 Jan 10,1865
ROBERTSON F W May 24,1839 Jan 17,1915
SILVEY Carrie 1861 1882  
SMITH Pearl Adeline Griffin Sept 1891 Dec 13,1949 w/o Cecil Dewey Smith d/oGeo H & Sarah J Griffin
SMITH Cecil Dewey Aug 7,1897 Feb 26,1957 h/o Adeline
SMITH Cora A Aug 25,1871 Jan 18,1950
SMITH Eliza Zolman Jan 24,1824 Jan 25,1897 w/o William Smith
SMITH Eliza A McClary Sept 21,1861 Sept 2,1896 md Wm H Smith 03Nov1889
SMITH Ida B Oct 20,1862 Oct 29,1892
SMITH Joel L Nov 13,1859 Sept 25,1936
SMITH Leeman J 1895 1958  
SMITH Maude Jun 28,1909 d/o W.H. & Mary E Smith
SMITH Myrtle E Apr 30,1899 Aug 7,1899 d/o Stephen & Ella Smith
SMITH Pearl Adeline Griffin Sept. 1891 Dec. 13, 1949 w/o Cecil Dewey, Smith; d/o George H. & Martha Griffin
SMITH Richard Lee Jan 8,1937 Feb 1,1937 s/o Mr & Mrs Herbert F Smith
SMITH William Alfred Dec 21,1893 July 8,1941
SMITH William H Feb 11,1848 Aug 24,1925
SMITH William Wesley Mar 15,1820 Feb 6,1896
STARK Thomas Edgar Dec 15,1893 June 16,1956 s/o Robert & Rachelle (Bradley) Stark
STARK Jessie Lee 1919 1931  
STARK Luther Elmer Oct 28,1889 h/oLulu Darnell s/o Robert & Rachelle (Bradley) Stark
STARK Luann Feb 20 1890 Jan 21,1959 prob w/o Luther Elmer
STARK Rachel E Bradley June 3,1869 Dec 11,1941 d/o Minerva
STARK Robert Dec 17,1866 Nov 26,1944
STRAUGHN Alice 1852 1879  
STRAUGHN Ida L May 26,1869 Feb 16,1908 w/o James
STRAUGHN H Alonzo Nov 6,1846 Feb 4,1904
STRAUGHN John C Jan 26,1825 Feb 8,1892
STRAUGHN Luther 1872 1873  
STRAUGHN ?Marie 1874 1874  
STRAUGHN Mary E Mar 8,1838 Dec 14,1913
STRAUGHN Mary Elizabeth Nov 30,1861 June 20,1890
STRAUGHN Samuel G Oct 6,1877 Aug 1,1882 s/o J.C. & M.E. Straughn
STRAUGHN Samuel Haywood Aug 26,1884 Aug 23,1888
STRAUGHN Thomas H Jan 18,1905 Jan 31,1905 s/o T.B. & J.C.Straughn
SWEARINGIN Alpha F Aug 25,1875 Feb 4,1894 d/o T.V. & M.E. Swearingin
THOMURE Lulu July 3,1873 Sept 25,1903 w/o Alex Thomure
THOMURE Mary E Aug 20,1870 Aug 9,1914 w/o Philip F Thomure
THOMURE Philip F Feb 25,1865 Jun 2,1933
THOMURE Susie V Hill Apr 29,1876 Feb 9,1971 md Peter Meyer, Philip Thomure, James F Holmes (don't know order.d/o Benjamin Hill
THURMAN Bertha Ethel Oct 8,1896 Mar 21,1914 d/o J.B. & Lillian Thurman
THURMAN Eli June 11,1865 Feb 28,1921
THURMAN Hester Annie Jan 12,1909 June 30,1909 d/o J.B. & Lillian Thurman
THURMAN Julia McHenry Mar 1,1841 Jan 1,1917 md Perrin Fulton Thurman23Sept1875.-he bur @ Little Vine w/1st wife Martha Ann Andrews. d/o Elam & Nancy (Poston) McHenry
THURMAN Mary Ethel Nov 15,1901 Feb 26,1905
THURMAN Victoria Apr 20,1867 Nov 23,1947
TURLEY Anna Catherine Cunningham Mar 22,1842 Dec 18,1893 w/o Rufus P Turley
TURLEY Jasper Apr 10,1811 Feb 25,1884
TURLEY Jasper Jan 28,1841 July 22,1908 md Emma A Prichard 11Aug 1885.s/o Aaron P & Francis (Smith) Turley
TURLEY Martha M Miller Jun 12,1825 Jan 28,1877 Mother' md Wm H Turley Apr 1846.d/o David & Didamia (Cunningham) Miller
TURLEY Morris T or P Apr 21,1885 Feb 5,1888 s/o Ignatius & Eliza (Thurman) Turley
TURLEY Rolla Broadwater Jan 4,1809 Apr 14,1878 md Lucinda (Smith) 12Mar1833;
Note:  Lucinda (Smith) Turley is also thought to be buried in this cemetery but no stone has been seen for her.
TURLEY Rufus Penson Sept 13,1835 Sept 12,1894 md Ann C (Cunningham)   4July1861.s/o Rolla B & Lucinda (Smith)
TURLEY William H Sept 21,1824
TURLEY William M Mar 24,1873 May 28,1893
WALLACE Sarah Jan 17,1877 Nov 26,1877 d/o Elias & Elizabeth Wallace
WILLIAMS John Sept 29,1836 Feb 1,1908
WILLIAMS Sallie Oct 29,1848 Sept 2,1912 w/o John Williams
WILLIS Allen May 15,1824 Mar 6,1884 born in KY
WOOLDRIDGE Ella Marina Turley Dec 9,1862 Sept 27,1884 21-09-18 w/o Emmanuel Wooldridge.d/o Rufus P & Ann (Cunningham) Turley
YOUNG George Ellis Apr 8,1890 May 4,1955 Mo Pvt Co'H' Mo Inf.
YOUNG Henry Jan 9,1855 Apr 1,1921
YOUNG Isabell Feb 1,1857 Jun 28,1938
YOUNG Sallie Belle Jun 28,1883 Sept 19,1909 d/o Henry L & Isabell Young

*The name Straughn is sometimes spelled Straughan

Is the Old Salem Church and Cemetery Haunted?

I found the following posting at:

"This location is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a male servant who died in a fire that burned the church to the ground. People have reported seeing a male entity standing at the gates to the cemetery as well as other hazy human figures walking through the cemetery. Some people have reported that their vehicles seem to get unexplainably stuck when they try to leave this location." 

[Note:  I'm assuming that this story is referring to a previous church building on this site which burned (possibly in the 1860's before slavery was abolished).   I've been told by someone who used to go to the cemetery with her grandmother that her grandmother told her that there were slaves buried at one end of the cemetery, but these graves were not marked with tombstones. We would appreciate it if anyone with further information about any ghost stories or legends pertaining to the Salem Church and/or Cemetery would click HERE and e-mail us.  Thanks! ]

Mon, 12 Sep 2011 -

Received the following email concerning the above article:

"I recently came across your article concerning the old Salem Church property, with its adjoining cemetery. I was totally surprised by the article, as I had grown up
with the church property bordering our back field. I grew up on what was known as the Salem Creek Farm, with our home place being just west of the church.
My family lived on this farm from the early 1950's to 1963. While growing up during this period, I would often venture back near the church where I could hear the
wonderful church music coming from within and sit and listen to it until services were over.
Although there was a lot of hard work connected with the farm, it was still a great place to grow up. At no time did I, or any of my family, have any occasion to believe
it to be "haunted". It always had a friendly, spiritual feeling about it."
G. T.


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