The Gibson Cemetery, St. Francois County, Mo



(Located off of Hovis Farm Road)

     This simple wooden cross marker was recently erected at the entrance to Gibson Cemetery.  This cemetery is on property which was supposedly originally owned by Greenberry Gibson and which was then subsequently purchased from him by his son, William Riley Gibson.   It is thought by descendants that Greenberry and William may be buried in this cemetery in graves which are now unmarked.   The cemetery has been in a sadly neglected state for over 80 years and has suffered significant vandalism mostly because of a rumor of a vampire being buried there which has made it a target of young people of the area, especially at night and on Halloween.   It has been reported that Gibson Cemetery covers approximately 3 acres of ground and that there are over 300 persons buried there, but there are only a few markers scattered here and there that remain today.   Melanie and I visited this cemetery on August 16, 2003, and took most of the pictures which appear on this page and which are linked to from the list below.  There are many rock markers with no inscriptions, broken tombstones, and many depressions (unmarked) where it appears that graves have sunken.  There are also numerous plots, both fenced and blocked off, which are obviously family plots but which contain no identifiable markers.  We also saw at least one large overturned tombstone (face down) which was too heavy to lift.   This cemetery is accessible only by foot.  It is located on property formerly owned by A. L. Vineyard, but now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Douglas.  We are planning a trip in the near future to try to scout out more tombstones.  We've also included names on the list below for which we have obits or other sources of information that indicate burial was made in Gibson Cemetery, and we will be supplementing this list as further names are discovered.    The cemetery is very weedy and wooded and markers are spread out over large area so it's entirely possible that we'll find some tombstones that we missed when we make our next trip.  

  See below for additional photos/newspaper articles pertaining to Gibson Cemetery.

ANDERSON, Vada - daug. of C. E. & Gussie (05/31/08 - 10/28/08)
ARNOLD, Cora - died June 22, 1934; nee LaRue /La Rue; wife of Edward Arnold.  No stone found.  View obit.  
ARNOLD, Elizabeth - died Sept. 15, 1927; nee Loones; wife of Ed Arnold.  No stone found. 
View Obit.
BAKER, Amos Lee - died Feb. 15, 1941; husb. of [1] Myrtle (Fitz); [2] Lillie E. Radford / Redford; son of Joseph Baker.  No stone found View Obit
BAKER, John Lee - 17-month old son of Mr. & Mrs. Amos Baker; died Sept. 1, 1934.  No stone found. View Obit.
BAKER, Lillie Ellen - died Dec. 24, 1937; nee Radford; wife of Amos Lee Baker.  No stone found. View obit [Note: Obit has her maiden name as Redford.]
BARNES, Curtis B. - No stone found; son of William & Josephine (Harris) Barnes, died Aug. 22, 1969.  View Obit. 
BARNES, Missouri Frances, wife of Martin Barnes.  No stone found.  Born Feb. 1859; Obituary indicates that she died May 3, 1903, but since it was published June 11, 1903, her date of death may have been June 3, 1903, instead.   She was a daughter of John and Caroline Snyder of Knob Lick.  She was survived by her husband and seven children.   Cause of death:  abscess of the lungs.
BEYATT, B. L. - No stone found.   Died Jan. 2, 1927, husb. of Cora (Hill).  View Obit.
BROOKS, Eula (broken stone) b. June 6, 190? - d. Dec. 23 (or 28), 190?
BROWN, Mattie.  No stone found.  Wife of Frank Brown.   According to obituary she died Aug. 30, 1915, after an extended affliction of tuberculosis.  She was born and reared in Madison County.  Survived by husband and 3 children.  
BURNIA, Waive - Wife of Frank Burnia; daug. of John Rollins.  No stone found.  View Obit.
BURT (child) - child of Charles, d. Sept. 1917 - Diphtheria epidemic.  No stone seen .  View Article   
CHRISCO, Barbara Joan - Infant daug. of Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Chrisco.  No stone found. 
  View Obit.
DALTON, Joseph - No stone found.  Died Sept. 4, 1917; killed by bread truck in Festus.  (Source:  newspaper article published in Daily Journal on November 10, 2002 & Obituary  
DAVIS, Susan - wife of J. R. Davis (01/24/1838 - 03/16/06) - a/k/a Clara Susie (Link) Davis
DOWNARD, James   01/22/05 - 02/10/1905 (will take better pic next trip)
DOWNS, Charles Leslie - Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Downs.  No stone found.  View Obit.
ELLIS, Georgia Ann (nee Stockwell) - No stone found.  Wife of  Clarence Ellis, born Feb. 22, 1881; died Apr. 6, 1941, aged 60y, 1m, 14ds; mother of 14 children.  View Obit.
ELLIS, Joseph Lavern "Jake" - son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ellis, b. Sept. 14, 1925; died June 21, 1942; aged 16 years; drowned in Columbia Creek.  No tombstone found.  View Obituary
ELLIS, Rosie Ann - Wife of Frank, daug.  of William & Eliza (Shrewsbury) Sullivan. 
     No stone found.    View Obit.
ELLIS, William Riley - Son of Irvin.   No stone found.  View Obit.
ESTES, Charles L.  "HUSBAND" (1865 - 1938)
FISSEL/FISSELL, Jimmie Dale - Infant son of John.   No stone found.  View Obit. 
FORD, Evelyn - Daug. of Mrs. Marvin Marler.  No stone found.  View Obit. 
FREEMAN, Goldie (nee Christopher) - No stone found.  Born Feb. 1906; died July 4, 1928; daug. of R. L. Christopher.  View Obit.  
GUITAR, James Earl - son of James & Rosa (08/03/07 - 01/04/08)
HEDGECORTH, Earl, born Aug. 28, 1895 in Iron County;  died June 10, 1910; son of Jesse P. and Ada B. Hedgecorth.  No tombstone found.   Burial at Gibson Cemetery confirmed by death certificate.  Cause of death:   Bright's disease.
HOGG, Charles, born May 20, 1913, died January 10, 1920, aged 6 years, 7 months, 20 days; son of Frank and Cora (Weston) Hogg (information from death certificate/no stone found).  
HOUSE, Samuel - Husband of Nora (Ray),   son of George House.  No stone found.  View Obit.
HULSEY, Olda S. (broken stone - obtained full name from other source) 02/22/07 - 06/06/07(?)
O.S.H. - Footstone (misplaced, but probably belongs to Olda S. Hulsey)
HEITMANN, Dessie (or Jessie) May - daug. of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Heitmann
                          10/15/1912 - 02/11/1914
HOUSE, Samuel - born March 6, 1881; died Feb. 11, 1934; husb. of Nora Ray; son of George House. No stone found. View Obit.
HUGHES, Cora  - Wife of J. G.   (Died Dec. 24, 1907, aged 24y, 11m, 6d)      
      View Inscription       
HUMPHREY, William - No stone found.  Died Sept. 20, 1923, aged 20y., raised by Mr. & Mrs. Amos Whaley.  View Obit.
IRA, Elisha - No stone found.  View obit.  
IRA, Nancy Ann - daug. of Thomas J & Jennie Ira.   No stone found.  View Obit.
JONES, Archie S. - son of Mr. & Mrs. William Jones.   No stone found.  View Obit.
KANE, Mary E. , wife of William Kane
LAMAR, William - No tombstone found.   According to family member, he was husband of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Conley.   They were married July 24, 1894.  According to death records, William Lamar was born 12 Nov 1873 and died 10 Feb 1913 in St. Francois County, Missouri, and was buried in Gibson Cemetery.  He is related to the family of  Joseph Price Link
LAWLESS, John - No stone found.  Died January 1909 as a result of an accidental shooting. (Source:  newspaper article published in the Daily Journal on November 10, 2002) 
LAWSON, Maude (nee Lahay) - No stone found.    View Obit.
LAWSON, Peggy Jane - Infant daug. of Earl Lawson.  No stone found.  View Obit. 
LEE INFANT  - This burial is documented by an entry in the family Bible of Jasper Lee and Rosa Bell (Womack) Lee which reads as follows:  "Our darling baby was born Dec 28, 1904, died Feb 17 1905, Friday. Age 7 weeks, 1 day. Our darling little girl rests in our lord we trust. Buried in the old Gibson Cemetery." Information provided by Gene Lee.
LILES, Mary Tennesse - No stone found.  View Obit.
LUTMAN, Carrie Edith - wife of Josiah (03/25/1874 - 01/26/1916)
LUTMAN, Irvin & Earl  - twin sons of Josiah & Carrie (both born Aug. 1, 1902; Irvin  died Oct. 9, 1902; Earl died Nov. 12, 1902)
LUTMAN, Priscilla May - daug. of Josiah & Carrie E.   (11/19/1898 - 12/17/1902)
MA_____, J. C. (broken stone) - This may be part of stone for J. C. Maier who is listed in the cemetery book as being buried here.  He was b. Feb. 11, 1867 & d. Mar. 4, 1908
MARLER, David - Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Heman Marler, died Thurs., Aug. 18, 1921, aged 28 days.  No stone found.  View Obituary.
MASON, Wesley - son of A & A.E.  (10/11/1904 - 08/14/1905)
MAYFIELD, Oris K. ( 05/11/1912 - 05/12/1912) - Twin brother of Orville, son of C. W. & Leola 
MAYFIELD, Orville S. (05/11/1912 - 05/18/1912) - Twin brother of Oris, son of C. W. & Leola
McELWAINE, Joseph - Died Dec. 11, 1906, aged 27y, 2m, 20d (husb. of Emily J.) 
MEADE, Mrs. Alphonia, aged 70 yrs.  Died July 21, 1920, at home of daughter, Emma Williams.  Survived by nine children, seven daughters and two sons.  No stone found. 
MIDDLETON, Bessie - No stone found. Daug. of George.  View Obit.
MIDDLETON, Carolyn Lee - No stone found.   Baby of Elmer & Peggy (Birdsong), aged 6 months, 24 days; grandchild of George Middleton.  View Obit.   
MIDDLETON, Eugene C. - No stone found.  Son. of George; husb. of Arline (Radford).  Died Aug. 31, 1951, aged 36 yrs.  View Obit.
MIDDLETON, George R. - No stone found. Son of Moses A. & Sarah Josephine (Barnes) Middleton, husb. of Maude (Tournbough),  aged 81y, 4m, 25 days.  View Obit.
MIDDLETON, Glenwood - No stone found, Died. Apr. 22, 1929, aged 12 years, son of George. 
View Obit.  
MIDDLETON, Helen Marie - Infant daug. of Mr. & Mrs. George Middleton.  No stone found. 
    View Obit.   
MIDDLETON, Linda Sue - born July 6, 1957; died July 8, 1957; daught. of Elmer & Peggy Middleton.  No stone found.  View Obit.
MIDDLETON, Moses - No stone found.   Click HERE for further informationAlso, newspaper article which was published in Daily Journal on November 10, 2002, indicates that he served in Civil War, Co. B. 50th Mo. Vol. Inf., and that inquest held on April 27, 1904, ruled he died in Big River near Bonne Terre, as a result of suicidal intent.  Husband of Sarah.
MILLER, Deltha - 09/06/1913 - 08/20/1915
MITCHELL, Clardy - No stone foundView Obit.
MITCHELL, Lunda E. - son of E. L. & Mammie Mitchell (04/10/1907 - 05/16/1910)
MOSS, Lucy Belle - daug. of G. M. & E.
NEWHOUSE, Adeline (nee Cole) - No stone foundView Obit.
T.C.P. - Misplaced footstone with no matching headstone - Note: There is supposedly a Rev. Thomas C. Puckett buried here (1837-1902).  We have not yet found a headstone for him, but this  could possibly be footstone which went with his grave.  
PARKS, Myrtle Annie - No stone found.  (d. July 22, 1920, aged 8y, 3m, 2d) - daug. of Jacks [Jack] Parks.  View Obit  Note: obit published in Lead Belt News has her last name as Burks.  
PRITCHETT, Betty Marie - No stone found (died March 17, 1929, aged 9 days, daug. of Mr. & Mrs. Nick Pritchett  - View Obit. )
PRYOR, Charles (03/31/1881 - 11/21/1913)
QUALLS, Leo - son of Lee & Celura (08/27/1907 - 04/04/1908).
     View Obit of Mother, Celura Qualls
QUICK, Mae Irene - daug. of Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Quick. No stone found.  View Obit.
RAMO, Ann (1875 - 1921) - funeral home marker mounted on concrete block
RAMO, Gus (1851 - 1922) - funeral home marker mounted on concrete block
RAMO, John  (1849 - 1930) - funeral home marker mounted on concrete block
RICE, Henry, Lulu & Louis (Note: This stone is broken with top half missing.  I don't know if this means that Lulu & Louis are also buried here, or if it means that stone was erected by them in his honor. ) 
RICE, Henry William - Born June 29, 1877; died April 2, 1941, aged 67y, 6m, 3d; husb. of Guss (Cain); son of Thomas & Margaret Odelia Rice.  No was stone found unless the broken stone above is his.  View Obit.     
ROBINSON, Harris - No stone found (yet).  Died 1908.   Click HERE for further information.
STEGALL, Virgil - No stone found.  Died Dec. 18. 1930, aged 16 days, son of  William Stegall.    
View Obit
SWYERS, Paul M. - (12/17/1906? - 10/18/1907)
TALLENT, William A. [Aaron] - Click HERE to read article pertaining to his death.
THOMPSON, Charles - son of J. A. & M. L. Thompson (12/20/1882 - 02/04/1905, aged 21y, 1m, 14d)
TRIPP, Claude (10/19/1891 - 02/03/1923) - Killed in Mine Accident
WALLACE, James E.  - No stone found.   Died. Oct. 6, 1917, aged 2y., son of J. H. Wallace (Source: newspaper article published in Daily Journal on Nov. 10, 2002)
WHALEY, Agnes Elsie - wife of George B. (02/11/1878 - 06/27/1911)
WHALEY, Delliah - No stone found. View Obit
WHALEY, Erastus (b. 1872 - d. Apr. 9, 1911); married Alice Inman on June 4, 1896, in Washington County, Missouri; divorced 1906.   No stone found. (information submitted by family)
WILLIAMS, Barton D. - no stone found.   View Obit
WILSON, Nettie - daug. of E. & Nora (4/5/08-8/9/08)
WILSON, Nora L.  - wife of Elbert (died March 25, 1915, aged 27y, 3m, 1d)
WOMACK, Emily - wife of J. W. (Oct. 5, 1846 - Dec. 20, 1914)
     Another View of Tombstone  
WOMACK, John W. (07/03/1851 - 11/09/1928)
WOODWARD, Melvin BABY (09/20/03 - 08/21/05)           View Inscription      

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