St. Clair County Census Data



St. Clair County, Missouri


Pay of Census Takers, 1880

Osceola Sun
27 May 1880

Pay of Census Takers.
Dep’t. Interior, Census Office,
Washington, April 17, 1880.
Jno. P. Duke, Supervisor Census,
Sixth District of Missouri:

Sir – This office is now prepared to announce the rates of compensation which will
be paid to enumerators in your district, at the approaching census, viz: 2 ˝ cents per
name and 12 ˝ per farm, except in the following cities and towns, where the rate will
be 2 cents per name: Boonville, Cooper county; Butler, Bates county; Independence, Jackson county; Kansas City, Jackson county; Lexington, Lafayette county; Marshall, Saline county; Pleasant Hill, Cass county; Sedalia, Pettis county; Warrensburg,
Johnson county; Clinton, Henry county; Holden, Johnson county.
For each death reported, 5 cents; for establishments of productive industry, reported (manufactures) as follows: For each establishment returned on the general schedules
of manufactures, 15 cents; for each establishment returned on the special schedules
of manufactures, 25 cents.
The rates are all subject to the provisions of law, that no enumerator shall receive
in excess of four dollars ($4) the maximum per diem authorized in any case east of
the one hundredth meridian, for each day of actual service.
Inasmuch as the records of the ninth census (1870) show that in Missouri the average number of names enumerated per day in the cities was 200, and in rural districts 125
names and 13 farms, it is believed that at the rates authorized above, there should be no difficulty in an energetic and capable enumerator realizing the full amount allowed.
Very respectfully,
Francis A. Walker
Superintendent of Census.

In addition to the above, is the provision of April 20th, 1880, requiring enumerators to make and file in the office of the county clerk the names with age, sex, and color,
of all persons enumerated by him, and for which he shall be paid at the rate of 10 cents
per hundred names. He shall give notice by written advertisement at three or more public places in his district that he will be at the court house of said county on the fifth day
after filing said list for the purpose of correcting said list by striking out or adding to.
He shall be paid for such time collecting, a sum not exceeding $2.50.