St. Clair County Census Data



St. Clair County, Missouri


Enumerators for the 1880 St. Clair County, Mo. Census

Osceola Sun
20 May 1880

Below we give names of those who have been appointed by Supervisor Duke
enumerators of the census for St. Clair County:

Appleton township: F.H. Woodbury.
Taber: A.C. Davidson
Speedwell: J.W. Knott
Roscoe: John Breeden
Monegaw: Chas. W. Nesbit
Chalk Level: R.F. Barr
Butler: G.W. Wright
Osceola: W.W. Warren
Jackson: J.G. Miller
Polk and Dallas: J.R. Johnston
Doyal: Jas. S. Nance
Washington and Collins: John J. Hawkins