St. Clair County Remnants Of The Past


St. Clair County
Remnants Of The Past

Vol. XXIII, No. 2
Summer 2001

George and Mary Estes Bible Records

Jo Ann Tracy, Aptos, CA submitted the records of her g-g-grandfather, George W. Estes. The Bible is in very fragile condition and is her possession. The title page reads: The Holman Comparative self-Pronouncing S.S. Teacher's Bible. The date of publication appears to have been 1902. On the last page of the records is written: Presented to Mr. George & Mary Estes by Mrs. John Nale, Dec. the 25, 1903.

George Washington Estes was born September 11, 1843 in either St. Clair or Ray County, Missouri. He was the son of Spencer Estes and Mary Massengill, who both died in St. Clair County, Missouri. He and Mary E. Lasater were married in St. Clair County in 1872. Mary was born in Arkansas to Hesikias L. and Elender Bottom Lasater. She came to Missouri with her parents in 1871. In 1905 George and Mary Estes moved to Lead, North Dakota. In 1908 they went west to Aberdeen, Idaho where they lived on a farm one mile north of town.

Although most of the families mentioned in the Bible records were in St. Clair County, Missouri, George and Mary Lasater Estes are buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Aberdeen, Idaho.

Spencer Estes was Borned Dec the 17, 1821
Polly Estes was Borned Oct the 3, 1821
Besa ann Estes was Born July the 15, 1842
Francis Estes was Borned Dec the 25, 1844
George Estes was Borned Sept the 11, 1848
A.J. Estes was Borned Aprile the 17, 1851
J.C. Estes was Borned Jan the 10, 1854
M.A. Estes was Borned June the 15, 1856
S.M. Estes was Borned Jan the 11, 1859
Eliza J. Lasater was borned November 18, 1860
George W. Lasater was borned January 5, 1863
Littleton G. Lasater was borned October 10, 1865
Frances J. Lasater was borned Aprill 2, 1868
Jasper W. Lasater was borned October 10, 1870

Hesikias L. Lasater died October 12, 1870
William M. Lasater died February 17, 1897
Jasper W. Lasater died Aprile the 16, 1901, Age 31 years
Elender Frances Bottom Lasater died August 27, 1905
Mary E. Lasater Estes, Wife of G.W. Estes Died February 6, 1925
Littleton G. Lasater Died March 18, 1935, Age 70
Francis J. Lasater Bowdell died March 14, 1935, Age 67
George Lasater died November 19, 1947, Age 84, 11 months, 13 days

Hesikias L. Lasater was Borned October 28, 1828
Elender F. Bottom was borned August 22, 1832
Mary E. Lasater was Borned September 27, 1854
Janithan M. Lasater was borned September 20, 1856
William M. Lasater was borned November 19, 1858
Susie Estes, Wife of Nathan S. Estes died April 22, 1922
Nathan S. Estes died October 10, 1927, Age 50 years, 6 months
William M. Estes died January 26, 1938, Age 64, 2 months, 26 days

Wife and child of Nathan Estes died February 11, 1897. Age 17 years, 4 months
Wife of John Bruebeck and baby died January 7, 1902, Age 15, 3 months, 3 days
Elender F. Lasater died August 26, 1905, Age 73 and 3 days
Mary E. Lasater Estes, Wife of George W. Estes Died February 6, 1925, Age 70 years, 6 months
George W. Estes died November 4, 1930, Age 82, 26 days, 1 month, 24 days (Note: Mrs. Tracy states the death date is correct for George W. Estes and is unclear as to the meaning of the additional information)
Pless P. Beare and Rebecca J. Estes was married February 2, 1903
Nathan S. Estes and Susie M. Sharp was married December 20, 1899

Marian F. Estes and Mary M. Steel was married December 23, 1894
John N. Nale and Nettie F. Estes was married December 4, 1898
Nathan S. Estes and Ina M. Steel was married August 29, 1895
Mr. John Bruebeck and Ellen S. Estes was married May 19, 1901
Nathan S. Estes was borned Aprill 7, 1876
Nettie F. Estes was borned October 27, 1878
Rebecca J. Estes was borned November 1, 1880
Ellen J. Estes was borned October 4, 1886

George W. Estes and Mary E. Lasater was married November the 6, 1872
George W. Estes was borned September 11, 1848
Mary E. Lasater was borned September 27, 1854
Francis M. Estes was borned January 14, 1868
William M. Estes was borned October 30, 1873