St. Clair County Remnants Of The Past


St. Clair County
Remnants Of The Past

Jones/Hearn Family

The Hearn family had come to Iowa from St. Clair Co., Missouri, near Osceola, having been compelled to leave during the Civil War.

The Hearn family had come by wagon train to St. Clair County from Portland, Indiana. They had a log house, as most pioneers did, and cooking was done in a fireplace. The mother raised cotton, spun and wove cloth for the family clothes. The story is told that the family was planning to attend a Fourth of July celebration at Osceola, as it was the only such gathering for a year. They would take a basket dinner and leave early in the morning. The family was laying out clothes for the next day when, to their great consternation, they discovered there were no pants for one little boy to wear. The mother wove the cloth and made the pants, that night. All ended well.

While the family was in Iowa Nancy Ann Hearn and Grishington Spicer Jones, Jr. were married December 10, 1864. At the close of the war the Hearn family returned to Missouri and the young Jones couple joined them.