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Located on the old Mose Bland farm.  From Winona, MO take Hwy. H northeast about 8.5 miles to Hwy. NN turn right. Hwy NN will turn into a gravel road in about 4 miles, (toward the mouth of Rocky Creek at the Current River); continue on to a low water bridge, as soon as you cross the bridge turn right. Take this road until it tees and turn left. Follow this to its end at the cemetery, about 2.5 miles, the cemetery will be on the left and hard to see it's overgrown with brush. A four wheel drive high clearance vehicle would be needed.  It is not known how many actual graves exist here and there is some question to a couple of the  names here. Until further proof is obtained one way or the other, the people listed will be assumed to be buried here.

Many thanks to Gwen Saylor, Don Norris & Bob Stauffer for their invaluable assistance in compiling this list. Please contact me with any additions, deletions or corrections. Thanks to Brenda Roberts Counts for providing correcting information and for the directions to the cemetery.

NOTE: Mose Bland (1905 - ) was the son of Warren Bland (1882-1966), who was the son of James Wesley Bland (1842-1901).

Rev. Feb. 20, 2011

Bland, Grover Amos     Oct 26, 1927 Sep 26, 1992.       Son of Richard 'Dick' Bland & Minnie Elizabeth McDannald.

NOTE: My name is James Allen Bland. I am the youngest son of Grover Amos Bland and Diane Christine (Zimmerman) Bland. I only recently decided to look up my father's name on the internet and found The Bland Family Cemetery and my fathers grave which I have never seen as he was cremated in California, where he died and my Aunt Pearl brought his remains to the cemetery for burial. I did notice that his birth date is incorrect. Grover was born on October 26, 1928 not 1927. It's a shame that his grave marker reflects the incorrect date also. Please notify me at the above web address of receipt of this message. If possible, I would love to find out any other information about my ancestors if you have any or can point me in the right direction. Thank You. Feb. 20, 2011


Bland, James Cecil     1926 Unknown.     Son of Richard 'Dick' Bland & Minnie Elizabeth McDannald.


Bland, James 'Wesley'      Mar., 1843 Feb 10, 1901.      Son of Jesse Bland & Mary 'Polly' Lawrence. Born Highland Greene Co IN; died Bowlan Twp Shannon Co MO. Married 1st Laura H. Dilts, Feb. 21, 1870, Fayette Co IL. Daughter Sarah Jane (Mrs. Isaac 'Sherman' Norris). Married Nancy Drucilla Matthews Aug. 28, 1879, Shelby Co IL. Children of his marriage to Nancy Drucilla Matthews were Warren Bland, Grover Cleveland 'Cleve' Bland, James 'Wesley' Bland, Jr., Richard 'Dick' Bland, Isabella Bland (Mrs. William Fordie 'Ford' Duncan) and Mary Eliza Bland (Mrs. John Chronister).    Death Notice

Bland, James Wesley, Jr. 'Wes'     Dec. 25, 1892 Dec 15, 1913.      Son of John 'Wesley' Bland and Nancy Drucilla Matthews.  MO Death Cert.#41626: Died at Bowlan. Son of Jas. Wesley Bland (IN) & Nancy Mathews (IL). Informant G. C. Bland, Deslet, MO. Burial Dec. 16, 1913 at Bland Cemetery.

Bland, Lester Leroy      Born & died 1935.      Son of Richard 'Dick' Bland & Minnie Ann Elizabeth McDannald

Bland, Nora Lavada      Mar 15, 1921 Apr 23, 1921.      Daughter of Richard 'Dick' Bland & Minnie Ann Elizabeth
McDannald. MO Death Cert.#11217: Informant Warren Bland, Deslet, MO. Burial Apr. 27, 1921 at Bland Cemetery.

Bland, Oze       NOTE: I wonder if this is Mose Bland? He was born 1901. Date of death unknown. NOTE: Another source has Mose Bland born 1905. I think it is likely this is he, as he would probably be buried in this cemetery on what was his farm.


DOUBLE:  Married Feb. 1, 1918 at Shannon Co MO.
Bland, Richard 'Dick'      Feb 20, 1895 Mar 16, 1968.      Son of James 'Wesley' Bland and Nancy Drucilla Matthews. 
Bland, Minnie Ann Elizabeth McDannald      Apr 24, 1897 - Oct 11, 1946.     Daughter of Rolander O. McDannald and Rachel Adeline Davis.  Their children were Vester Lee Bland, Dorothena Bland (Mrs. Frank Douglas), Janie Virginia Bland (Mrs. Albert Kenneth 'Tinker' Huett), Josephine Bland (Mrs. Clyde Davis), John Wesley Bland, Simon C. (or Sigmon) Bland, Nora Lavada Bland (died in infancy), Iva Myrtle Bland (Mrs. Lee Lyle Brawley) Pearl Bland (Mrs. Arnold Dale Alcorn, Sr.), Edith Lucille Bland (Mrs. Albert Tipton), Grover Amos Bland, Roy H. Bland and Lester 'Leroy' Bland. 

NOTE: Minnie's death certificate indicates she is buried at Spring Hollow, but as her name is on the tombstone she is listed here. Also, her father's name on the death certificate is given as R. O. McDaniel. According to a family member, the correct spelling of the surname is McDannald.


Bland, Vester Lee      Aug. 11, 1920 - Nov. 6, 1920.      Son of Mary Esther (or Eliza) Bland. MO Death Cert.#35860: Son of 'Unknown' & Mary Bland. Born and died at Bowlan. Informant Warren Bland. Burial Nov. 7, 1920 at Bland Cemetery.

Wallace, Nancy Drucilla Matthews Bland     Jul 2, 1859 Apr. 6, 1920.      Daughter of John William Matthews & Drusilla 'Drewsey' Beck. Married James Wesley Bland 28 Aug 1879 at Shelby Co IL. Married George D. 'Cobb' Wallace 17 Oct 1911 at Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#18501: Nancy D. Bland. Widow of George Wallace. Age 60 yrs 8 mos 4 dys. Died at 4 p.m. Born in Illinois, daughter of William Matthews (Ireland) & Drewsy Beck (VA). Informant Warren Bland, Deslet MO. Burial Apr. 7, 1920 at Bland Cemetery. 


Woodworth, Mamie Neva Bland      May 5, 1907 Jan 18, 1951.      Daughter of Warren Bland & Hattie E. Huff. Married James Andrew Woodworth. Mother of Virginia Rose Woodworth. MO Death Cert.#3504. Informant J. A. Woodworth, Winona. Burial Jan. 20, 1951 at Bland Cemetery.

Woodworth, Virginia Rose     Jul 10, 1935 May 29, 1937.      MO Death Cert.#19684: Rosie Virginia Bland. Born Jul. 10, 1937, died May 28, 1938. Daughter of Andrew Woodworth & Mamie Bland. Informant A. Woodworth. Burial May 29, 1938 at Bland Cemetery.


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