Round Spring Shannon Co MO


Location: North from Round Spring Park, 1.6 miles on Hwy. 19 to Shannon County Road 19.250,

turn right, go 3.8 miles, turn right on unmarked county road go 8.3 miles, cemetery is on the right.

There are several unmarked graves; some have been added from information obtained from death certificates.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.2431, Longitude: -91.3239


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Updated May 16, 2010


-HARA- (or -SHARA-) Richard?      Died Oct. 1847. This grave marker is mostly illegible. A photo is available upon request. It is a large stone hand carved and looks like maybe the first name is Richard and the letters H - A - R -A are some of the surname.

Bunch, Della Florence Wood      Jan. 28, 1903 - Oct. 22, 1927.  MO Death Cert.#32459: Wife of Luther Bunch. Daughter of Joe V. Wood & Martha J. Meade. Died at Eminence of lobar pneumonia, septic poisoning. Informant Mary E. Wood. Burial Oct. 23rd at Conway Cemetery.

Bunch, Judy Elaine      Feb. 22, 1944 - Mar. 26, 1944. Found two death certificates that are possible: MO Death Cert.#24667: Judith A. Bunch died Jul., 1944 at Springfield Greene Co MO; and MO Death Cert.#8776: Judy Bunch, died Mar., 1944 at St Louis MO.

Bunch, Mary Jane Conway      Dec. 4, 1875 - Jul. 2, 1915.  MO Death Cert.#23767: Married. Daughter of W. R. Conway (Shannon Co MO) & Eliza McCarty (Dent Co MO). Died at Moore Twp Shannon Co MO of acute dilatation of the heart; chronic bronchitis. Informant J. W. Conway, Dent Co MO. Burial Jul. 3rd at Conway Cemetery.

Ellerman, Glen C.     Feb. 19, 1932 - May 5, 1947.


Ellerman, Mary S. Washburn     Dec. 25, 1870 - Jan. 22, 1945. MO Death Cert.#7328: Widow of William Ellerman. Died at rural Current Twp Shannon Co MO. Daughter of Unknown Washburn. Cause of death chronic bronchitis. Informant True Ellerman, Eminence. Burial Jan. 23rd at 'Home.'
Ellerman, William H.     1855 - 1942. MO Death Cert.#42185 (not transcribed) died Dec., 1942 at Shannon Co MO.

Martin, John J.      Aug. 16, 1898 - Feb. 20, 1922. MO Death Cert.#7253: Aug. 16, 1899 - Feb. 25, 1922. Born & died at Eminence. Son of Thomas M. Martin & Ann Herron. Cause of death ulcer of stomach. Informant P. E. Holloway. Burial at Conway Cemetery Feb. 27, 1922.


Martin, Mary J.     Aug. 10, 1855 - Sep. 17, 1936.

Richardson, Laura M. Bailey      Jan. 7, 1879 - Feb. 20, 1922.  Wife of Samuel Richardson. Daughter of George W. Bailey & Ellen Fink. Sister of Richard Bailey, William 'Bill' Bailey and Mike Bailey.


Shoults, Janie      Jan. 9, 1900 - Feb. 12, 1900.  Daughter of Lilburn D. Shoults & Ruth Wood. (Ruth was the daughter of Joe V. Wood & Mattie Meade. She is buried at Flatwoods Cemetery).


Shoults, Silas       Mar. 7, 1910 - Mar. 8, 1910.  Son of Lilburn D. Shoults & Ruth Wood.


Williams, George T.      Nov. 6, 1922 - Jul. 13, 1924.


Williams, George W.      abt. 1881 - Apr. 3, 1948. Husband of Nora Williams. Son of John Williams (TN) & Nancy Tripp (Shannon Co MO). Informant Emmet Williams, St. Louis MO. Burial Apr. 4, 1948 at Williams Cemetery. MO Death Cert.#25153 and a second d.c.#18417.


Wood, Elizabeth      Jul. 14, 1895 - Jan. 5, 1922.  Daughter of Franklin Wood and Martha Williams.

Wood, Freeman      Dec. 25, 1859 - Apr. 8, 1909. Father of John Franklin 'Bud' Wood.


Wood, Joseph Vardy 'Joe'      Aug. 26, 1864 - Feb. 13, 1941.  Son of Franklin Wood & Martha Williams.
Wood, Martha Jane 'Mattie' Meade
      May 22, 1865 - Nov. 24, 1912.  Daughter of William Meade & Unknown. Obituary

NOTE from Ona Fern Warren: Freeman & Franklin Wood were brothers, sons of Varda Wood.
Joseph Vardy Wood was the son of Franklin Wood, and John Franklin 'Bud' Wood was the son of Freeman Wood.
John Franklin 'Bud' Wood married Mary Elizabeth 'Beth' Wood and they were the parents of Monte, Ivy, Emmott and Omett Paul Wood.  


Woods, Ethel Nash      May 15, 1900 - Jul. 9, 1920.  MO Death Cert.#26101: Wife of Sidney Woods. Daughter of Lemro Nash & Ollie McMillan. Died in childbirth. Burial at Conway Cemetery Jul. 10, 1920. (NOTE: Sidney Wood, born Jun., 1890, married Ethel Nash, born May, 1899, 05 Mar 1916 at Shannon Co MO.




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