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Tripp Cemetery


Eminence, Shannon County, MO



From Eminence: South on Hwy 19 to Hwy F;

turn left and go 1/2 miles, take left fork in road to CR504;

go about 1.4 miles to CR504D, turn left into field and pass

through gate. Go straight to utility pole field and make sharp right.

Road to cemetery is cut into the woods and difficult to see.

Cemetery is on a small hill beyond the wooded area.

Cemetery is fenced and the gate is in clear site on the hill.

Cemetery is very overgrown and not maintained.


GPS Coordinates: Lat: 37.13846; Long: -91.3135


Rev. May 30, 2009


Brickey, Jesse      Born & Died 1897.    Son of William Wiley Brickey & Alpharetta O. Unknown. NOTE: William Wiley was the son of Isaac Brickey & Lucretia Julian.


Brickey, Thomas    Born & Died 1896.    Son of William Wiley Brickey & Alpharetta O. Unknown.


Brickey, Wiley    Born & Died 1898.    Son of William Wiley Brickey & Alpharetta O. Unknown.


Fansler, Anna M. Sears    May 6, 1862 - Oct. 22, 1950.
Fansler, Thomas David    Mar. 27, 1854 - Feb. 22, 1924.    MO Death Cert.#6489: Son of Austin Fansler & Hannah Jones. Born Gates City, VA; died at Eminence. Burial Feb. 23, 1924 at Tripp.


Fansler, Homer Henry    Feb. 2, 1888 - Feb. 1, 1943.    'Missouri, Pvt., 162 Dept Brig'.    MO Death Cert.#1638: died Shannon Co MO. Son of Thomas David Fansler & Anna M. Sears.


Fansler, Homer 'Luke'    Apr. 25, 1918 - Aug. 7, 1950.    Son of Roy Sears 'Bill' Fansler & Rosie Vie Nichols. Killed in a domestic dispute at his home. Never married. MO Death Cert.#29143.


DOUBLE: Married 14 Mar 1914.
Fansler, Rosie Vie Nichols    Born 1896 or 1899 - Unknown.      Daughter of James William Nichols & Margaret I. Newton.
Fansler, Roy Sears 'Bill'    Mar. 19, 1893 - Aug. 7, 1950. Son of Thomas David Fansler & Anna M. Sears. Killed in same domestic dispute as his son Luke. MO Death Cert.#29144. Parents of Ruth, Homer 'Luke', Ruby & Lola Jean.


Fansler, Ruby    Born & Died Nov. 14, 1919. Daughter of Roy Sears 'Bill' Fansler & Rosie Vie Nichols. MO Death Cert.#34956. Crib death. Burial Nov. 15, 1919. Informant H. H. Fansler.


Ferguson, Benjamin Leroy     Feb. 29, 1884 - Mar. 13, 1913     Son of Samuel Ferguson & Mary Tripp. Single. Occupation: Mining.


Ferguson, George    Dec. 1, 1892 - Feb. 13, 1928.     Son of George Ferguson (Nov. 30, 1843 - Feb. 18, 1931) and Rosa Dixon. NOTE: His father was born in Jackson Co TN, the son of Sam Ferguson and Mary Tripp. No death certificate found for this George. His father is buried at Ferguson Cemetery.


Hancock, Lot Wiley    1820 - 1890.     Inscription 'Full Blood Cherokee Indian Chief. Walked the Trail of Tears.' Married Hestor Tripp. Known to be buried here. Father of Mary Hester Hancock. Another source has his birth 1810 in Illinois.


Holland, John M.    Dec. 11, 1878 - Jul. 23, 1889.     'Son of J. C. & M. E. Holland.'


Julian, Anna 'Elizabeth' Corbet     Mar. 26, 1888 - Nov. 2, 1914.     Daughter of Jabez B. Corbett & Martha C. Unknown. Wife of Charles Harvey Julian, married Aug. 22, 1909. He is buried at New Eminence Cemetery. MO Death Cert.#38261: Born 1888, wife of John Julian. Daughter of Henry Corbet (SC) & Martha Corbet (MO). Burial Nov. 3, 1914. Mother of Pauline Ava (Mrs. John William Freeman) & Ella 'Mae' Julian (never married).


Julian, Terura Ann 'Rue' Smidth      1844 - Mar., 1888.     Born in Georgia, died in Shannon Co MO. (Name sometimes misspelled Smith).
Julian, William Dennis      Dec. 19, 1840 - Dec. 14, 1914.      Born in TN; died Shannon Co MO. Son of James W. 'Wiley' Julian Mary Unknown. MO Death Cert.#41115: Informant John Julian, Eminence. Burial Dec. 18, 1914. The tombstone has the date of death Dec. 17, 1916. Parents of James Levi (m. Catherine Cook); Eliza Lee (m. John Newman); Ella Ann (m. Joseph J. Allison); Mary (born & died 1869); Sarah Catherine (m. Charles Emory Campbell); Ava E. (m. John Crane); John Wesley (m. Mary Emmaline 'Emma' Myers); William (m. Mamie Unknown); Bessie (born & died 1880); Florence Geretta (m. William Jackson 'Will' Myers, m. James Isaac 'Ike' Sanders); Charles Harvey (m. Elizabeth Ann Corbet, m. Mary Jane Corder).


Nash, Alice Carver     No Dates.     Married William Harrison Nash 30 Dec 1883 at Dent Co MO. Mother of Rosa, Lula, Mae, a daughter who died in infancy, and Elva Lee (m. Adeline Land).


Rowlett, Ida Parilee Sinclair     Oct. 15, 1874 - Nov. 30, 1911.     Born in Kansas; daughter of George W. Sinclair & Elizabeth Cox. Died from burns. Married Thomas Jefferson Rowlett, 17 Dec 1891, Eminence. Burial Dec. 1, 1911. MO Death Cert.#40142.  She was the mother of an infant who was born & died 27 Feb 1893; Ethel S. Rowlett; Gertrude (Mrs. Veston Wofford); Thomas J. Rowlett, Jr.; and Luther Rowlett.


Self, James A.     Apr. 12, 1872 - Apr. 16, 1927.     NOTE: MO Death Cert.#15149 has James Self born Jul. 26, 1852; died Apr. 24, 1926. Husband of Lillie Self. Died of tuberculosis of lungs. Informant Albert Bressler. (Did not know parent's names). Burial at Tripp Cemetery, Apr. 25, 1926.

Alternate: James Franklin Self, abt. 1859 - 1927, born at sea. Married Lillian Mae Surber 19 Jun 1911 Shannon Co MO. Father of Franklin Elvis 'Frank' Self (m. Marie Bailey); Florence Mae Self (born & died 1914); Ed James Self (m. Jennie Alene Smith); and Mary Jane (m. Leonard Ray Burnett). Lillie is buried at Munsell Cemetery.


Summers, Edna I. Sweet     Jun. 8, 1882 - Oct. 4, 1931.     Married George Thomas Summers 23 Sep 1902 at Shannon Co MO. Mother of Oral Summers, Arthur Summers, Edith Summers & Fred F. Summers.  MO Death Cert.#35760 has her residence as Winona, MO, and burial at Winona. Widow. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dolph Sweet of IL. She was born in Illinois. Died of a post-operative toxic thyroid goiter. Informant Charles Rodenberg, St. Louis, MO. Burial Oct. 5, 1931.
Summers, Fred F.     Mar. 19, 1910 - Aug. 7, 1942.     MO Death Cert.#28261; died at St. Louis MO.


Tripp, Nancy C. Wren     1835 - 1873.     Born in Alabama; died in Shannon Co MO. Tombstone marks grave just inside the gate of the cemetery.


Tripp, Thomas Benton     1855 - 1905.     Born & died in Shannon Co MO. Son of George Washington Tripp & Unknown; father of Alpha Retta and Minnie. Second wife Frances Minor buried at Calvary Cemetery. NOTE: His father was married twice, the second time Oct. 5, 1903, to Frances 'Frankie' Wren & had a daughter, Margaret Frances 'Frankie' Tripp who married Arthur B. Ramsey. Thomas B.'s sister by his father & mother was Mary E. (Mrs. Samson Ferguson), & another sister, Lucy Malinda Tripp.




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