Medlock Graveyard


On Ira Chrisco Farm near Rector, Shannon County, Missouri

(Cemetery also referred to as old Gladden Valley Baptist Churchyard)


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.24598, Longitude: -91.31809


Currently searching for other graves in this cemetery.

NOTE: Other Medlocks are buried at the Street Cemetery and the Summersville Cemetery. It is not certain whether or not some of these cemeteries are known by more than one name, or if some of the burials listed are accurate. Anyone with information is requested to contact me.

"This graveyard is hidden, now, inside the treeline, perhaps a half mile from the nearest road. The graves are collapsing due to livestock and the encroaching woods. Restoration of the graveyard is urgently needed." - Mike Medlock


"The graveyard is on property once owned by Rev. John Adam Summers.  He was a minister of the Gladden Valley Baptist Church that was on the same property.  He is buried there along with his wife. There were multiple marriages between the Summers family and the Medlock family and it is a common burial ground for both families.   I descend from both the John Adam Summers family and the David Medlock family." - Janet Carlson

Update Aug. 22, 2011




Medlock, David     1806 - Nov., 1872     Born in South Carolina; died in Shannon Co MO.
Medlock, Rachel Adams     1809 - 1892.      Born in South Carolina; died in Shannon Co MO.

Parents of Lucy Caroline Medlock (b. abt 1829, SC); John S. Medlock (b. abt. 1831, SC); Jauritta Catherine Medlock (b. abt 1833, SC); David E. Medlock (b. abt 1835, SC); Nathaniel B. Medlock (b. 1835, SC); James Medlock (b. 1837); Walter Smith 'Brit' Medlock (b. abt. 1839, KY)  h/o Mary Summers; William Henry Medlock (b. 1841, KY); Silas Henderson Medlock  (b. 1842, KY, h/o  Salome Summers; Doctor Owen Medlock (b. 1844, KY); Dicianna Elizabeth 'Decie' Medlock (b. abt. 1845, KY)  w/o William Summers;  Rudolphus 'Dol' Medlock (b. abt. 1849, KY);  Luther Strum Medlock (b. Oct., 1850, KY) and  Anna 'Doxie' Medlock (b. abt. 1852, KY). Updated by Janet Carlson.

NOTE:  David Medlock's grave marker is still readable but just barely. Rachel's grave marker is no longer to be found. I believe it is still on site but due to collapsing of the cemetery rock walls, it is buried underneath. - Mike Medlock


Medlock, Mary Jane Bass    Jul. 6, 1833 - Jun. 4, 1916.    MO Death Cert.#23366: Daughter of Robert Bass (VA). Died at Cedar Grove. Informant Gus Medlock, Cedar Grove. Burial Jun. 6th 'On farm at home.'    

UPDATE: Mary Jane Medlock is not buried here; the Medlock Farm is not at this location.   The property that the graveyard is located at  was owned at one time by the Summers Family.   John Adam Summers who is buried in this graveyard was a Baptist Minister and the Gladden Valley Baptist Church that was also on the property.   Three children of David Medlock and Rachel Adams Medlock married children of John Adam Summers and Virginia 'Jane' Stonecipher Summers   [Walter Smith 'Brit' Medlock married Mary Summers;  Silas Henderson Medlock married Salome Summers;  Dicianna Elizabeth Medlock married William Adam Summers] thus making it a common burial ground for both families.  Updated by Janet Carlson.


Summers, Jesse     b.  abt. 1864 (MO).     Son of William Daniel Summers (b. Abt. 1828, TN) & Minerva Springer (b. 09 Dec 1842, TN - d. 12 Apr 1912 Shannon Co MO).      

UPDATE: The last census that Jesse was enumerated on was the 1880 Shannon County Missouri census, so his death occurred between 1880 and 1900. Because of the dates and styles of the other headstones in the cemetery, it is likely that he died in the 1880's. Updated by Janet Carlson.
Summers, Jane     b. abt. 1853 (MO).     Daughter of William Daniel Summers & Minerva Springer.      

UPDATE: Jane was last found on the 1870 Shannon County  Missouri census living with her grandparents, John Adam Summers and Virginia 'Jane' Stonecipher Summers.    The name on her grave marker is very readable, however no dates are visible.  Updated by Janet Carlson.


Summers, Virginia 'Jane' Stonecipher     1803 - Aug. 17, 1890     Born in Wilkes Co NC; died at Rector Shannon Co MO.  Daughter of Joseph Marion Stonecipher & Salome______. 
Summers, Rev. John 'Adam'     1805 - Jan. 11, 1879     Born in South Carolina; died at Rector Shannon Co MO.  Son of John Henry Summers and Maria 'Mary' ______. He was a Baptist Minister in Dent County, Missouri. Parents of Amos Summers, born 26 Aug 1826, Daniel E. Summers, born 1828, Joseph Summers, born 1832, John Summers, born 1834, Simeon Summers, born 1836, Salome Summers, born 1839, Jesse Winfield Summers, born 1838, Mary Summers, born 1842, Jane Summers, born 1844, Sarah Summers, born 1846, and William Adam Summers, born 1848.

Note: Virginia 'Jane' Stonecipher Summers has been erroneously attached to the Baumgartner family.  - Mike Medlock


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