Lindsey Cemetery



Lindsey Cemetery


a/k/a John Lindsey Cemetery


Winona, Shannon County, MO

Directions: From Winona Mo., take Hwy 60 West about 2 miles to county road 609,

turn left (South) and go 1.3 miles turn left at R. L. Douglas sign.

Stop at the house and get permission to go on to cemetery behind house on small hill.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.97937, Longitude: -91.38255


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Atkins, Fred DeWeese     02 Jan 1921 - 19 Feb 2003.     Son of Harley Otis Atkins & Thelma DeWeese. Husband of Glenda Sue 'Susie' Turner. He married first Mabel Smith in 1942. Daughter Shirley Jean Smith (div). Fred & Susie have three children: Angela, Mark & Nicholas Brian.

Bell, Della Miley and Infant Son Bell      Dec. 4, 1897 - Nov. 10, 1916.     Daughter of Wols Miley & Mary 'Ann' Yearwood. Married Perry Bell 06 Sep 1914 Shannon Co MO.

Bell, Infant      Nov. 10, 1916.     Child of Perry Bell & Della Miley.

Galenor, Virginia Kate     May 14, 1866 - Apr. 15, 1949.     Parents names not known to informant (records at Soldiers Home). Widow of John Galenor. Born in Virginia. Died at Soldiers Home Hospital St James Phelps Co MO. Usual residence Winona Shannon Co MO. NOTE: There is a family of Golenor's buried at Baptist Hill Cemetery in Winona).

Lancaster, Green C.     Aug. 10, 1865 - Dec. 3, 1944.     Son of Samuel & Polly Lancaster. Married Patsy McBride 01 Nov 1891 Shannon Co MO. Born in Illinois. Died in Butler Co MO. MO Death Cert.#40745.

Lindsey, James Longstreet     Mar. 5, 1875 - Sep. 11, 1925.     Son of George Roush Lindsey and Martha Jane Ball. Married Mary Ellen Melvina Price 25 Sep 1910 Shannon Co MO. Born & died at Winona Shannon Co MO. Cause of death shotgun wound, self inflicted. 'Top of head blown off'. MO Death Cert.#29028-a; informant Mary Ellen Lindsey. Father of Susie & Mary Rozilla Lindsey.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Apr. 20, 1918 Carter Co MO
Lindsey, John L.     Mar. 5, 1881 - Jan. 1, 1960.     Son of George Roush Lindsey & Martha Josephine Ball. He married three times: Estella Lingo, and Louella Duncan 25 Sep 1910 Shannon Co MO.
Lindsey, Minnie Taylor     Mar. 7, 1887 - Dec. 19, 1960.     Parents of Della C. Lindsey (twin of Perry, died young); Perry R. (m. 1st Ollie Price; 2nd Gearldean G. Parcel Farris); Nancy (m. 1st Jesse E. Johnston, 2nd Everett Carter); John James (m. 1st Unknown; 2nd Nancy Ann Brawley Redman) & Marvin Lucian 'Boots' (m. Lucy Carol Hollis).

Miley, Flurra      Jun., 1900 - Aug., 1908.      Daughter of Wols Miley & Mary 'Ann' Yearwood.

Miley, Mary 'Ann' Yearwood     Jun. 25, 1865 - Jul. 9, 1939.     Daughter of William R. Yearwood & Rhoda Short. Died Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#26998. She was murdered in a robbery at her home.
Miley, Wols May 30, 1860 - Nov. 22, 1940.     Son of William Miley & Hester Rogers. Died Ripley Co MO. MO Death Cert.#43686. Parents of Halla Berneice (m. 1st Noble F. Miley; m. Harless Parmer Byrd) & Rhoda Miley Ehrhart; Della Miley (m. Perry Bell) & Flurra Miley.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1925
Price, Allie Pearl Yearwood     Feb. 13, 1908 - Jan. 7, 1995.     Daughter of Samuel Yearwood & Sarah E. Anderson. Died at Mountain View Howell Co MO.
Price, Dee         Jan. 8, 1894 - May 6, 1962.     Son of C. L. 'DeForest' Price & Rosena Jane 'Rosie' Lancaster. 'MO Pvt 110 Trench Mortar Batry. WWI.' Parents of Emery, Pete, John, D. R., Charlie & Josie Price.

Price, C. L. 'DeForest' Price     Feb., 1864 - May 11, 1944.
Price, Rosena Jane 'Rosie' Lancaster     Jan. 2, 1868 - 1934.     (aka Rozilla).

Price, Earl 'Pete'     Mar. 12, 1929 - Nov. 15, 1990.     Son of Dee Price & Allie Pearl Yearwood.

Price, Emery Lee     Aug. 1, 1926 - Nov. 8, 1953.     Son of Dee Price & Allie Pearl Yearwood. 'MO SSgt. 3310 Motor Veh Sq. AF WWII.'

Price, Pamela Jones      Born & Died Sep. 16, 1959.

Price, Samuel D.      Aug. 12, 1891 - Nov. 26, 1975.     Son of George H. Price & Mary Unknown. Married Ola Mae Bird. 'Pvt. US Army WWI.' Father of Goldie Elizabeth (m. Rufus Nathan Norris), Roscoe & Mary Price.

Voyles, Bertha Lindsey     Jun. 9, 1907 - Aug. 8, 1930.     Daughter of John L. Lindsey & Estella Lingo. Wife of Marion Voyles. MO Death Cert.#15054.

Watts, Claude     Jan. 2, 1903 - Aug. 16, 1975.
Watts, Lillie     Mar. 10, 1906 - May 29, 1961.

Watts, Infant      No Dates.     Child of Claude & Lillie Watts.

Watts, Infant      No Dates.     Child of Claude & Lillie Watts.

Yearwood, Mary Evelen     No dates.

Yearwood, Pearl Nadine     No dates.

Yearwood, Rhoda 'Rhody' Short      Mar. 18, 1830 - Aug. 21, 1905.     Born in middle Tennessee. Mother of Sarah Ann Yearwood Cooper (wife of Thomas C. Cooper).
Yearwood, William R.     1801 - 1907.     Born in South Carolina.

Yearwood, Samuel Bartley     Nov. 9, 1859 - Jul. 19, 1913.     'Father.'     (Tombstone says born 1858).     Son of William R. Yearwood & Rhoda Short. MO Death Cert.#28668 states married but wife's name not provided. Died of cancer on his face. DC says buried at Yearwood cemetery. Informant H. F. Anderson, Winona.

Yearwood, Shannon     Feb., 1927 - Dec. 27, 1927.     Daughter of Frank Yearwood & Lucy Taylor. Born & died Winona Shannon Co MO. Died of bronco-pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#39167-b; informant John Lindsey, Winona.




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