Clark-Whitworth Cemetery


Low Wassie, Shannon County, MO


Low Wassie Community



Low Wassie also Low Wossie - It is a village and post-office in Pike Creek Township since 1891.

First named Pomeroy after James Pomeroy, pioneer.

It was changed to Low Wossie in 1892, and Low Wassie in 1925.

 Named because of a sink hold close to the village.

A Wassie is a dialect term for a rain wash or swamp. (--Place Names.)

It is 5 miles southeast of Winona, near the Carter Co. line. (--The State of Missouri, in 1904, p. 517.)

Located at Sections 23 & 26, Township 27 N, Range 3 W, on Highway DD, north of 60.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.9902992, Longitude: -91.2300034


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DOUBLE: Married 02 May 1886 Shannon Co MO.
Allen, Jessie      07 Mar 1861 - 03 Dec 1943.     Son of Thomas Allen (MO) & Sarah Jane Laxton (IL).  MO Death Cert.#43963. Born at Eminence; died in Shannon County.
Allen, Lucinda Caroline Pomeroy     16 Aug 1867 - 18 Nov 1944.     Daughter of William Nathan Pomeroy (TN) & Nancy McWhorter (TN). Born at Howell Co M O. MO Death Cert.#42241. Parents of Nancy Clementine 'Clemma' Allen; Mary Lily (m. Phillip Richard 'P. R.' Hollis); Bessie Maude Allen; Thomas E. Allen (m. Mary Lee Elizabeth Van Winkle); Flossie B. (m. Clarence William Grandstaff); Thelma Allen; Frances V. Allen and Earl D. Allen (m. Daisy M. Roberts).


Baker, Mary      3 Aug 1878 - 16 Dec 1894.     Daughter of James F. Baker & Tennessee Smith.

Baltz, Elizabeth Katherine Norton     16  Dec 1908 - 13 Dec 1952.     Daughter of James David Norton & Icy Ellen Norton. Married 1st Robert Leslie Hale. Married 2nd Varus Baltz. MO Death Cert.#44288. Died at Cabool Texas Co MO.


Bristol, Elsie & Infant      3 Oct 1894 - 4 Jan 1918.     Wife & baby of C. T. Bristol.

Clark, Alex     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, Alma     No Dates.     Daughter of of Robert Basham Clark & Nancy Caroline Cockman.

Clark, Ely     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, Floyd A.     9 Oct 1924 - 1 Oct 1925.     Age 11 mos 21 dys.     MO Death Cert.#32001: 'Floud A. Clark.'   Son of Thomas B. Clark (Shannon Co MO) & Cora Williams (MO). Died from burns received by being scalded by hot coffee. Born at Kansas City Jackson Co MO; died at Winona Shannon Co MO. Burial Oct. 2, 1925. Informant Thomas B. Clark, Winona MO.


Clark, Gladys     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, Hayes     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.


Clark, Howard Wayne     Sep. 25, 1936 - Feb. 8, 1937.     Four month old son of C. H. Clark (Van Buren MO) & Alpha Miller (Carter Co MO). Born & died at Fremont. Burial Feb. 9, 1937. MO Death Cert.#11507. Informant H. C. Clark, Fremont.

Clark, Infant      30 Mar 1913 - 16 Apr 1913.     Son of John Thomas Clifton Clark (Thayer Oregon Co MO) & Alta P. Story.

Clark, James N.      29 May 1851 - 17 Feb 1928.     Son of George W. Clark & Susanna Baker. Husband of Laura Wilson. MO Death Cert.# 7431. (Could it be Laurie Ann, listed below?)

Clark, Jarrett     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, Jerry Douglas      7 Feb 1934 - 31 Mar 1934.     Son of Harold Clark (Midridge Shannon Co MO) & Bobbie Jean Reed (Huntsville AR). MO Death Cert.# 11589. Born & died at Midridge Shannon Co MO. Burial Apr. 2, 1934.

Clark, John Thomas     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 25 Nov 1907.
Clark, John Thomas Clifton      04 Dec 1885 - 09 Aug 1967.
Clark, Alta P. Story      20 Apr 1889 - 29 Jun 1974.     Born at Gila MO; died at Ironton Iron Co MO. Parents of Adria A. (m. N. R. Wood), Paul E., Vernis Street, Ollie M. (m. Vernon Goforth), Clifton (m. Edith Reed), Horace E., Artie I. (m. Clyde Goforth), Hazel Gertrude (m. Walter Wallace), John C. (m. Ella Mae Baker), Ruby Lou and an infant who died in 1913.


Clark, Kenneth Reed      18 Jun 1940 - 20 Nov 1940.     Son of Clifton Clark (Rat ShannonCo MO) & Edith Viola Reed (Huntsville AR). MO Death Cert.#44055. Born . Born & died Moore Twp Shannon Co MO. Burial Nov. 21, 1940.

Clark, Laurie Ann     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, Mary Coleman     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, Melba A.      04 Jul 1933 - 06 Sep 1934.     Daughter of Clifton Clark & Edith Viola Reed.

Clark, Ruby Lou      16 Mar 1926 - 03 Jun 1929.     Daughter of John Thomas Clifton Clark (Thayer Oregon Co MO) & Alta P. Story.


Clark, Van     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, Viola     No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

Clark, William Bascom 'Bass'      27 Jan. 1882 - Unknown.     Son of Robert Basham Clark & Nancy Caroline Cockman. Married Grace Frances Jenkins.

Despain, James     ca. 1845 - ca. 1864.     Killed in Civil War - dates unclear. Married Susan Birlew, daughter of John Birlew.

Fry, Ivan      15 Nov 1919 - 28 Jan 1920.     Son of Talmadge C. Fry & Myrtle Grandstaff.

Goforth, Clyde     14 Apr 1912 - 24 Jul 1940.     Husband of Artie I. Clark. Father of Ronald Goforth.

Goforth, Ronald     20 Dec 1936 - 10 Feb 1937.     Son of Clyde Goforth & Artie I. Clark.

Going, Allie      24 Jun 1884 - 1 Nov 1890.     Possibly 'Mary A. Going', a daughter of James Going & Martha Unknown.

Going, James E.      8 Aug 1837 - 12 Feb 1919.
Going, Martha A.      14 Mar 1849 - 6 Dec 1907.     Parents of Mary A., John W., James L. (m. Maleta Jane 'Mattie' Alley), Othor Francis (m. Cora Chestina Norton), Cora C., Lora, Lucinda & P. L. Going (m. Alsie Unknown).

Going, Laura E.      1 Oct 1878 - 23 Oct 1890.     Daughter of James Going & Martha A. Unknown.

Going, Ossie O.      15 Jun 1886 - 15 Dec 1886.      Probably a son of of James Going & Martha A. Unknown.

DOUBLE: Married 31 Aug 1884.
Grandstaff, Eliza Ellen Norris      4 Oct 1865 - 9 Jan 1929.     Daughter of Joseph Martin 'Joe' Norris & Mary 'Frances' Harrison.
Grandstaff, John Howard     26 Oct 1861 - 31 Dec 1937.     Son of William O. Grandstaff & Margaret Daw. Parents of Edward Garfield (m. Maude Elizabeth Remby), William 'Clarence' (m. Goldie Summers, m. Florence Routh, m. Flossie Bell Allen), John Oran (m. Opal Anthel Oliver), James 'Arthur' (m. Rosetta Perkins), Cora (m. Joseph E. 'Joe' Copeland, m. Shirley Meeks), Ernest (m. Louella Devore, m. Mary Murphy), Gladys Edna (m. Edward Devore, m. Goldman Phelps), Myrtle (m. Talmadge C. Fry), Lewis Leroy (m. Cora Sartin).

Grandstaff, Flossie Bell Allen      13 Mar 1898 - 16 Mar 1929.     Daughter of Jesse Allen & Cyndia Pomeroy. Wife of Clarence Grandstaff. Mother of Mary, Wanda, Opal, Lola, Oran Oscar, Merle Alvin and Nadine Grandstaff.

Heffner, J. W.      19 Aug 1925 - 4 Nov 1926.

Julian, Bessie      19 Apr 1887 - 3 Aug 1895.

Laxton, J. D.      No Dates.     Known to be buried here.

McAdams, Eliza Jane Norton      14 Nov 1872 - 31 Aug 1959.     Daughter of John Preston Norton & Mary A. Elizabeth Kinnard.
McAdams, Robert Andrew      24 Mar 1860 - 28 Feb 1931.     Son of Andrew Jackson McAdams & Harriett Jane Simmons. Parents of Ernest, Edna Edith, Inez D., Charles Robert, Mary A., Anna L., June E. and Dora Elizabeth McAdams.

McAdams, John 'Ernest'      26 Aug 1891 - 28 Jun 1912.     Son of Robert Andrew McAdams & Eliza Jane Norton.

McAdams, Inez D.      08 May 1904 - 12 Apr 1925.     Daughter of Robert Andrew McAdams & Eliza Jane Norton.

McAdams, Willie      No Dates.     Son of Robert & Eliza Norton McAdams.

Norton, Icy Ellen      20 Sep 1882 - 9 Apr 1938.     Daughter of James Franklin Norton & Missouri Katherine Whitworth.
Norton, James David 'Jim Dave'     10 Sep 1875 - 31 Aug 1943.     Son of John Preston Norton & Mary A. Elizabeth Kinnard. Parents of Elizabeth (m. Robert Hale, m. Varus Baltz) and Mildred Cora (m. Knox Quinn 'K. Q' Lewis).

Norton, J. Bryan      29 Sep 1896 - 29 Mar 1898.     Son of John Preston Norton & his first wife Electa Evelyn Laxton. Brother of Jesse Horner Norton.

Norton, James Franklin      1 Sep 1839 - 12 Dec 1895.     Son of David C. Norton & Emily Davidson.
Norton, Missouri Katherine Whitworth      9 Mar 1835 - 17 Sep 1913.     Daughter of William Whitworth & Lucinda Hessley. Parents of Clementine Norton, Louis Norton, James David 'Bud' Norton, Emily Jane 'Emma' (m. John Edman Weaver), Nancy Elizabeth (m. George Brock Weaver), James Franklin (m. Elsie Alice Norton), John Norton, Cora Chestina (m. Othor Francis Going, m. Guilford B. Houston, m. Unknown Smith), and Icy Ellen (m. James David Norton).

DOUBLE: Married 19 Nov 1868 Carter Co MO.
Norton, John Preston      31 Mar 1846 - 2 Jan 1934.     Son of David C. Norton & Emily Davidson. Married 1st Electa Evelyn Laxton 01 Sep 1892 at Shannon Co MO, daughter of Jesse James Laxton & Nancy Duncan. Parents of J. Bryan and Jesse Horner Norton (m. Esther Catherine Lindsey).
Norton, Mary A. Elizabeth Kinnard      25 Aug 1847 - 1 May 1892.     Daughter of James Kinnard & Sarah E. Shields. Parents of Charles Sleete (m. Hattie E. Chilton), Sarah Emily (m. 'Dink' Bradford), Eliza Jane (m. Robert Andrew McAdams), Melissa Adeline (died age 2), Rosa Bell 'Dolly' (m. M. M. 'Dickie' Jones), Robert Lee (m. Mary 'Minerva' Davis), John William 'Bill' Norton, George Anderson 'Coot' (m. Nettie Rischer) and James David 'Jim Dave' (m. Icy Ellen Norton, 1st cousins).

Norton, Lois     Born & Died 17 Jan 1928.     Infant daughter of Jesse 'Horner' Norton and Esther Catherine Lindsey.

Norton, Louis     Born & Died 1860.     Infant son of James Franklin Norton & Missouri K. Whitworth Norton.

Washborn, Rector, Louis      22 Nov 1853 - 13 Jun 1891.     Info received from Dale Rector.

Sartin, Sgt. Luin W.      19 Jan 1912 - 8 Mar 1944.     'Missouri Tech. Sgt. 560 AAF Bomb Sq. World War II.'

Sartin, Mary E.     1869 - 1932.
Sartin, William N.     1865 - 1950.

Unknown, Nancy V.     No other name or dates.

Weaver, Charles      3 Oct 1896 - 27 Oct 1918.     Son of John Edman Weaver & Emily Jane 'Emma' Norton. Died at Great Lakes Naval Base, north of Chicago IL of Spanish flu.

DOUBLE: Married 15 Oct 1882
Weaver, Emily Jane 'Emma' Norton      27 Jan 1864 - 5 Jan 1939.     Daughter of James Franklin Norton & Missouri Katherine Whitworth.
Weaver, John Edman     19 Apr 1858 - 25 Dec 1940.     Son of Hezekiah Weaver & Mary Catherine Brock. Parents of Charles, James Hezekiah, Nancy Clementine Lawson and Oscar Edman 'Ott' Weaver.

DOUBLE: Married 23 Dec 1889
Weaver, George Brock      4 Dec 1860 - 27 Jul 1928.     Son of Hezekiah Weaver & Mary Catherine Brock.
Weaver, Nancy Elizabeth Norton     10 Jul 1868 - 5 Sep 1938.     Daughter of James Franklin Norton & Missouri Katherine Whitworth. Parents of Leonard Otto (m. Elsie May Pyrtle), Floyd Brock (m. Eleanor Nora Barkley) and Williah Agnes Weaver (died in infancy).

The Whitworth brothers were killed in the Civil War. One was shot while running through a fruit orchard, trying to escape from bushwhackers. They were brothers of Missouri K. Whitworth Norton.

Whitworth, Green      Born 10 Sep 1836. Son of William Whitworth & Lucinda Hessley. Born in Blount Co AL.
Whitworth, Martin      Born 26 Dec 1840. Son of William Whitworth & Lucinda Hessley. Born in Blount Co AL. He married Sarah T. Laxton. His son Martin P. Whitworth was born May 1864.

Whitworth, Sarah Theresse Laxton      10 Oct 1845 - 5 Dec 1931.     Daughter of Jesse James Laxton & Nancy Duncan. Wife of Martin P. Whitworth. Mother of Martin Putman Whitworth. MO Death Cert.#43097: Sarah Ann Whitworth, widow of Mart Whitworth. Born Kentucky; died at Winona. Daughter of Jesse Laxton. Informant J. H. Norton, Winona. Burial 7 Dec 1931.

Willis, John Robert      ca. 1843 - 13 Jun 1940.     Married Catherine 'Kate' Holmes. Parents of Rebeckah Emaline Lindsey, Lillie, Arnett, William Alan & Oscar Willis.

Wilson, B. F.      No dates.     Father of Laura Clark, died while on a visit from Kansas City, buried in Clark row.

Young, Infant      Born & Died Nov., 1929.


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