Shannon Co MO

 Currently no information is available about this cemetery other than family members knowledge of burials here.
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Hedrick, Neoma     Aug. 19, 1898 - Aug. 27, 1911.     Age 13y 8d.     Daughter of Zimriah Hedrick (MO) & Syntha Emeline Lane (Reynolds Co MO). Died at Bowlan Shannon Co MO. Burial Aug. 28, 1911. Informant on d.c. Edward Martin Bowen (Syntha Emeline's 2nd husband).


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married ca. 1865.
Morris, Joshua    Born ca. 1810 - 1814, KY; died 1897 Shannon Co MO. Son of Moses Morris & Susanna Unknown. Grandson of Robert Morris of Philadelphia PA. Married 1838 Luvey Hyatt. Children Susan (1852), Mariah (1856) and Martin (1864).
Morris, Martha Lorene (Parcus?)     Daughter of Walking Rain, an Osage Indian Chief. Born ca. 1835 MO. Children Sarah 'Caroline' (1867), Mercy E. (1868), Hettie (1868), Sadie (03 Jun. 1869 - m. James Collier), Sabra (Jun. 1870), Alfred (1872), Julia A. (1876) Ruth (1878) & Sira Morris (Sep 1883, born Ozark MO). All his children born in MO.


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