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Located on the original farm of William Jones Barnes. Another Barnes cemetery is near this one, the Martin Barnes Cemetery, which is located on the original Martin Barnes farm. William Jones Barnes (1850-1929) was the son of Samuel D. Barnes (born 1825 in Monroe Co KY, died during the Civil War abt. 1862 or 1863, believed to be at the Gratiot Prison), and Mary Adaline Scott (born abt. 1826, died abt. 1868, possibly on Jan. 1st). Samuel D. Barnes & Martin Alexander Barnes were brothers. After the early death of Samuel and his wife, Martin provided their children with a home.



From Birch Tree MO, take Hwy 99 south to Y highway, and turn left (east); go 3.5 miles, turn onto CR Y629 south, go 2 miles to CR 609 and turn left (east) and go 3.6 miles to CR 609C. Barnes Cemetery is 0.4 miles, on the left.


GPS Coordinates: GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.9178, Longitude: -91.3822




Barnes, Cora Jane     Oct. 20, 1881 - Mar. 18, 1963.      Daughter of Robert ‘Bob’ Jones & Nancy J. Alley.
Barnes, Jacob
Boston ‘Jake’     May 20, 1878 - Dec. 25, 1956.      Son of William Jones Barnes & Louiza Jane Greer Bockman.


Barnes, Donald Ray     Nov. 22, 1939 - Nov. 23, 1939.     'Our Baby'


Barnes, John W.     Aug. 25, 1881 - Dec. 6, 1900.     Son of William Jones Barnes & Louiza Jane Greer Bockman.


DOUBLE:    Married Jan. 17, 1868 at Birch Tree by Rev. Charles Bolton.
Barnes, William Jones     Jan. 21, 1850  -  Aug. 11, 1929.      Son of Sam Barnes & Adeline Jones. MO Death Cert.#29790: Born
Kentucky; died at Birch Tree. Informant Sam Barnes. Burial Aug. 12th. The owner of the land that this cemetery is on, son of Samuel D. Barnes and Mary Adline Scott.

Barnes, Louisa Jane Greer Bockman     May 10, 1850 -  Jun. 13, 1929.      Daughter of Christopher Bockman & Nancy Ann Fultz.  MO Death Cert.#23350: Has Louisa Green (Greer) Barnes, wife of William, daughter of Christopher Bockman and Unknown Pulse (Nancy Ann Fultz  -  some say Pulse). Gives age as ‘about 78’, and date of death is Jun. 20, 1929. Informant William Barnes, Birch Tree.  Burial Jun. 21, 1929.  Children:  Child Barnes (died as infant/young); Nancy Jane Buffington;  Mary Eviline/Emaline Garrett; Samuel Alexander 'Sam' Barnes; Frances Minerva 'Fanny' Greene; Jacob Boston 'Jake' Barnes; John Wesley Barnes; Permilia Melalie 'Neatie/Melis' Weaver; Louiza 'Lovie' Williams; William Thomas Barnes and Richard Bland 'Dick' Barnes.




Barnes, Leona B. Cooper     Jun. 8, 1910 - Aug. 11, 1997.      Obituary
Barnes, Richard Bland 'Dick'     May 6, 1895 - Aug. 6, 1986.     Son of William Jones Barnes & Louiza Jane Greer Bockman.


Barnes, Odus Minor     Aug. 20, 1911 - Nov. 4, 1951.     Son of Jacob 'Jake' Barnes & Cora Jane Jones. MO Death Cert.#44328: Born in Oregon Co MO; died at Birch Tree. Burial Nov. 7th.


Barnes, William Thomas     Jan. 24, 1891 - Nov. 20, 1900.     Son of William Jones Barnes & Louiza Jane Greer Bockman.


Crow, John F.     1834 - 1862.      Husband of Mary Ann Schooler. She and their infant son Johnny are buried at Bailey Cemetery.


Culp, Carl Franklin     Feb. 26, 1931 (Only date)      'A little bud of love to bloom with God above.'


Donley, G. T.     Partially buried stone, partial date looks like 1877.      MO Death Cert.#31585 has George Harrison Donley, born Jul. 8, 1878 in MO, died Oct. 1, 1945 at Bartlett. Son of George Donley; husband of Sarah Jane Donley. Died of suicide by drowning at Garrett Lake or Pond. Burial Oct. 3, 1945. 


Donley, Sarah     Hand carved, difficult to read, looks like 'Died 1947'.  No death certificate found.


Farris, C. E.     Jun. 4, 1855 (Only Date).      MO Death Cert.#15198: Charlie E. Farris, husband of Emma; born Jun. 1, 1855, died Mar. 4, 1920 at Pike Creek, Shannon Co MO. Son of George W. Farris and Theresa Carney. Informant L. C? Lowry, Winona; burial Mar. 6, 1920.


Farris, Lettie     Feb. 14, 1855 - Feb. 2, 1912.      MO Death Cert.#12038 has Mae Lottie Farris, born Feb. 15, 1856, died Feb. 2, 1912 at Winona. Daughter of (looks like) Hiram (or Epriam) Shelton? And Lutee or Lottee Lovel. Informant Charles E. Farris, Winona. Burial Feb. 3, 1912 at Rogers Cemetery. (NOTE: Was Rogers another name for Barnes?)


Garrett, Unnamed     Born & died Jul. 26, 1934.      Daughter of Vernia Garrett.


Garrett, Mamie     Oct. 15, 1899 - Jun. 3, 1900.     'Gone to be an Angel'


Garrett, Mary Eviline/Emaline Barnes     Oct. 29, 1879 - Oct. 9, 1911.      'Wife of J. E. Garrett’     Daughter of William Jones Barnes & Louiza Jane Greer Bockman.  Married James E. Garrett, Dec. 19, 1889, Shannon Co MO. by R. T. Burns, MG. James was the son of William Garrett and Permelia B. Adams, born Dec. 19, 1864; died Dec. 25, 1919, and is buried at Dry Valley 'Poco Hollow' Cemetery, Carter Co MO.



Gosnell, Charley B.      Apr. 18, 1878 - Apr. 29, 1957.     Son of George B. Gosnell & Tennessee Boultine.

Gosnell, Lou Creesia E. Chance      May 1, 1880 - Dec. 7, 1919.      MO Death Cert.#38369: Daughter of John Chance and Evaline Green, born in Indiana. Died at Bartlett. Informant Charles Gosnell. Burial Dec. 9th.  


Gosnell, Minnie Ellen     Dec. 4, 1919 - Dec. 5, 1919.     MO Death Cert.#38367: Born and died Dec. 5, 1919 at Bartlett. Infant daughter of Charley B. Gosnell and Lou Chance. Burial Dec. 6th.



Harrod, George Washington     Feb. 14, 1848 - Jun. 11, 1928.     Son of William McKamey Harrod & Nancy Ellen Allison Peachee.

Harrod, Martha Ann Greer     Jun. 9, 1866 - Feb. 10, 1950.     Daughter of James Monroe Greer & Elizabeth Ann Denny. 



Martin, Jennie Margaret Whiteman       Dec. 22, 1865 - 1937.    Daughter of William Rapier Whiteman & Nancy Elizabeth Appleget. Born in Indiana.
Martin, Charles Albert       Dec. 16, 1857 – Apr. 30, 1934.      MO Death Cert.#15409: Son of Joseph C. Martin (KY) & Charlotte Camblin (IN). Informant Ray Martin,
Winona. Burial May 1st.


Martin, Charles Ray     Oct. 14, 1922 - Dec. 26, 1922.    Son of Walter Ray Martin & Hattie Blythe Deckard.  


Martin, Harold L.     Nov. 30, 1907 - Jan. 12, 1967.     Son of Charles Albert Martin & Jennie Margaret Whiteman.  ‘Pvt Co A 57 Signal BN WWII.’



Martin, Hattie Blythe Deckard     Jul. 30, 1899 - Dec. 25, 1993.     Daughter of Charley Melton Deckard & Sarah H. Stephenson. 

Martin, Walter Ray     Aug. 25, 1893 - Aug., 1975.    Son of Charles Albert Martin & Jennie Margaret Whiteman. Born at Hepler, Crawford Co KS. 'Cpl US Army WWI'

Martin, Howard Owen     Feb. 26, 1925 - May 25, 1991.    Son of Walter Ray Martin & Hattie Blythe Deckard. ‘PFC, US Army, WWII.’ 


Nicholson Infants     No dates.     FHM (Yarber Mortuary, Mtn. View MO) 


Smotherman, Martha     1938 – 1939.


Watkins, Eva     Nov. 20, 1859 - Dec. 4, 1919.     'Grandmother'      MO Death Cert.#38368: Evalin Watkins, born in Indiana Feb. 28, 1860, daughter of William Green and Sallie Chestnut, wife of Charles Watkins, Winona MO. Informant Charles Watkins. Burial Dec. 5, 1919.


Weaver, Parmelia (Permelia Melalie 'Neatie/Melis' Barnes)     Feb. 5 1884 - Sep 9 1908.     Died in childbirth.  Daughter of William Jones Barnes & Louiza Jane Greer Bockman.  Wife George H. Weaver.  She had one child, Samuel G. Weaver.


West, Theresa     Oct., 1883 - Oct. 5, 1906.    There is an inscription across the top of the stone that is mostly illegible, but some of it looks like 'Kindly' and the date '1847.'


Williams, Edgar Sylvester Jun. 23, 1927 - Oct. 18, 1927.     'Darling'       MO Death Cert.#32460  Died at Bartlett. Son of James Prinston Clyde Williams and Louisa Barnes. Burial October 19th. (James Prinston Clyde Williams was a son of Dr. Jacob Boston Williams & Eliza Jane Hensen. Louisa 'Lovie' Barnes was a daughter of William Jones Barnes & Louiza Jane Greet Bockman). 


Wood, Harlan Jefferson     1864 - 1937?    The question mark is on the stone).      MO Death Cert.#44827: Harlan Woods, born Kentucky, divorced from Charity Corbett; died Dec. 26, 1939 at Bartlett Shannon Co MO. Parents names unknown to informant William Woods of Bartlett.  Burial Dec. 27th.



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