Scott Co Mo Marriages Records 1896 Scott County Marriages

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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Records

1896 Scott County Marriages

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1896 Scott County Marriages

Scott County Missouri
9/20/1896 Brashears Ed sikeston over 21 rev J Lee SIKESTON  bk6 pg 244
Madden Doley morley over 18
Samuel Madden Madden guardian consents
7/16/1896 Clark T L wickliffe ky  over 21 rev W C blodgett bk6 pg 231
Peal Lessie blodgett over 18 Enochs
7/18/1896 Clendenin John sikeston over 21 A A sikeston bk6 pg 232
Finley Ida sikeston over 18 Harrison jp
7/5/1896 Dunfield John comerce over 21 John A James C bk6 pg229
Justice Louisa Mrs. comerce over 18 Gibbs jp Clymer
12/24/1896 Edwin James KELSO over 21 rev P L bk6 pg 266
Johnson Harreitt e over 18 Smith
Johnson E C BROTHER consents
7/9/1896 Guthrie William scott over 21 J W morley bk6 pg 230
Cosner Nancy Mrs scott over18 Halley jp
7/8/1896 Gunion William blodgett over 21 J D blodgett bk6 pg 232
Bequette Ella blodgett under 18 Peal jp
MRS Eliza  Bequette written consent with marion childers
11/12/1896 Harlsey G W over 21 Charles A benton bk6 pg 249
Manlove Annie over 18 Leedy jp
12/12/1896 Herzog William benton over 21 bk6 pg 254
returned Merritt Louisa benton under 18
11/22/1896 Holland James sikeston over 21 rev J C L sikeston bk6 pg 250
Patterson Annie over 18 Boehm
7/6/1896 Jenkins James W morley over 21 rev J M brides res bk6 pg230
Strong Mary morley under 18 Winstead
James and Sarah Strong Sarah parents consent
7/5/1896 Keston John oran over 21 rev G R Sion bk6 pg 233
Landrum Harriett oran over 18 Minich Bray's res
12/24/1896 Keys Albert OVER 21 J L Rush bk6 pg 256
Randolph Mary E UNDER 18 Hale jp res.
12/9/1896 Kuehne Jacob over 21 Charles A benton bk6 pg 254
Rasberry Mariah MRS over 18 Leedy jp
7/24/1896 Lasswell Charles St.Louis over 21 charles A benton bk6 pg 234
Good Leda Delila Diehlstadt over 18 Leedy jp
12/26/1896 Price R H barlow ky over 21 charles A benton bk6 pg 257
Oliver Stella scott over 18 Leedy jp
William Loyd cousin Lettie  Oliver mother consents
6/8/1896 Russell Fred comerce over 21 rev W B comerce bk6 pg 233
Harris Seleste comerce over 18 Long
7/14/1896 Rush Ab oran over 21 rev L D brides res bk6 pg 231
Randolph Bettie Mrs oran over 18 Nutt
2/21/1896 Scherer William H over 21 Charles A benton bk6 pg234
Burkhart Mary Loretta under 18 Leedy jp
7/28/1896 Wilferth William D kelso over 21 Andrew his res bk6 pg 235
Stone Virginia kelso over 18 Schoen jp

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