Scott Co Mo Marriages Records 1902 & 1903

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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Records
1902 & 1903

Marriage License State of Missouri (1902 & 1903)

Submitted by Betty Long Poster-#-95-

Marriage License State of Missouri
1902 & 1903

1902 1903 Scott County
3/15/1903 Acord Hamilton M over 18 crowder GeorgeT Will bk7 pg418
Wisdom MrsSusie over 18 crowder Boston jp Bryeans
6/12/1903 ADAMS GEORGE W. over 18 jonesboro il   rolen benton bk7 pg 431
McCary ella under 18 illimois cannon jp
J L McCary father consents
12/30/1903 Ales Francis M over18 sikeston james brides bk7 pg 492
Fairfield Lou under 18 sikeston holland res
1/18/1903 Anderson Isaac N over18 carey W T HIS RES bk7 pg403
Lemley Emma over18 carey Huffstuler
1/24/1903 Anderson Albert over18 carey W C bk7 pg400
Edwards Agnes over18 carey Darby
12/12/19o3 Atkinson Archibald over 18 crowder rolen benton bk7 pg485
Huffstettler  Arabell over 18 morley cannon jp
2/22/1903 Barnes John E over18 oran rev Irvin ORAN bk7 pg 408
Allen Al;ice Della over18 oran B Manley
1/4/1903 Beegle George H OVER18 vanduser George T his res bl7 pg 396
Stokes Lillie M UNDER18 vanduser Boston jp
written consent of both parents
1/7/1903 Bendel Theodore over18 graysboro st marys bk7 pg395
Mathes Caroline over18 graysboro cape girar
12/24/1903 Biggs Walter W over 18 blodgett W C bk7 pg 488
Willis Mrs Pearl over 18 blodgett Darby
11/24/1903 Bisher Martin nHamberg over 18 C nHamburg bk7 pg480
Schlosser Mary benton over 18 Moeing
1/31/1903 Birchfield George W over18 sikeston A A sikeston bk7 pg402
Greer Hattie over18 sikeston Harrison jp
1/13/1903 Blattle Charles J over18 kelso rev  F kelso bk7 pg398
Pfefferkorn  Emma over18 kelso Klein
2/25/1903 Blocker James L over 18 oran rev W E bk7 pg411
Mears Nellie over 18 hayti Judy crathurvile
Mike W Witt attests to age
12/14/1903 Boussum E Boyd over 18 sikeston rolen benton bk7 pg 485
Riechert Rovina under 18 oran cannon jp
8/19/1903 Brockmeyer Henry over 18 perry co st c bk7 pg449
Schuemer Emma over 18 nHamburg lawrence moeing
11/19/1903 Brown S Moses under 18 vanduser George T vanduser bk7 pg476
Jenkins Mary Jane under 18 vanduser Boston
4/21/1903 Brucker Nick over 18 oran rev H oran bk7 pg419
Grasser Frances over 18 oran Helmbacher
5/9/1903 Brumitt ED over 18 blodgett rev thomas his res. bk7 pg 425
Dupree Maggie under 18 blodgett Boardman
joseph  h dupree father gives consent
4/22/1903 Boyer Joseph asdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa over18 graysboro Axel graysboro bk7 pg423
Ristig Lulu over18 graysboro Kizer jp
7/27/1903 Burke Edward t over 18 blodgett rev Irvin richwoods bk7 pg 443
Carpenter Emma over 18 sikeston Manley
1/17/1903 Byers Lawrence E over18 sikeston AA bk7 pg 398
Sisco Stella over18 sikeston Harrison jp
James Jones attests to age
5/25/1903 Eaker ALBERT F over 18 lutesville alex judge bk7pg 427
Jones OMEGA over 18 oran wright
11/17/1903 Clanbron Benjamin over 18 benton W T brides bk7 pg 490
McFadden Cora over 18 benton Huffman jp res
2/16/1903 Clymer Chester A over18 comerce charles comerce bk7 pg407
Matthews Amanda over18 comerce beattie jp
GeorgeHarrison attests to age
5/10/1903 Cagle William over 18 sikeston elder geo. sikeston bk7 pg 426
Jordan Minnie over 18 evans
6/25/1903 Constanto Albert over 18 morley B F morley bk7 pg 432
Stanley Mand under 18 morley Earles
Ben F Stanley father consents
10/1/1903 Coffman John Yancy over 18 comerce rev E J st louis bk 7 pg 463
Nall Birdy June over 18 st louis Rinkel
9/10/1903 Cox John P OVER 18 diehlstat J R diehlstat
Suter Minnie M OVER 18 diehlstat Kirkpatrick jp bk7 pg456
6/24/1903 Crannick William H. over 18 vanduser George t his res bk7 pg 435
Matthews Mollie over 18 crowder Boston jp
2/23/1903 Cresap James W OVER18 sikeston rev charles bk7 pg409
Lescher Nellie M OVER18 sikeston M  Clark sikeston
12/7/1903 Damon William F over 18 elklon ky R L st louis bk7 pg 484
Steck Lena over 18 benton Russell
6/18/1903 Davis Logan over 18 cary rev J W cary bk7 pg 432
Floyd Mollie over 18 cary Lemmon
7/14/1903 Davidson Richard M OVER 18 sikeston B F morley
Bizzell Sarah A UNDER 18 sikeston Earls bk7 pg440
joseph hobbs attests to ages
9/30/1903 Dempsey James H over 18 crowder Rolen benton bk7 pg 462
Edwards Goldie M under 18 crowder Cannon jp
3/3/1903 Derrington James H W over 18 sikeston rev J F sikeston bk7 pg411
Evans Viola over 18 sikeston Bolden
William E Ward attests to age
12/23/1903 Dewey Byron Lee over 18 graysboro Rolen benton bk7 pg 487
Hughes MrsAnnie over 18 graysboro Cannon jp
11/15/1903 DickersonJohn John F over 18 blodgett W C bk7 pg 476
Hopper Annie Marie over 18 benton Darby
8/8/1903 Dockery William C over 18 morehouse  Rolen benton bk7 pg447
Thompson Augusta graysboro Cannon jp
2/8/1903 Dunn Mark C over18 oran rev W M bk7 pg406
Thornton Dora over18 oran Rudolph oran
8/22/1903 Dupree William R under 18 blodgett revThomas brides bk7 pg 451
Masters Dora Ann under 18 blodgett Boardman res
10/11/1903 Dupree John R OVER 18 CARY W T cary bk7 pg 464
Bradshall Nancy A OVER 18 CARY Huffman jp
12/28/1903 Eaton Charles E under 18 crowder Rolen benton bk7 pg 489
Counselton Irtie C pver 18 crowder Cannon jp
2/22/1903 Edwards Eli over18 carey W T his res bk7 pg415
Davenport Susie over18 carey Huffstutler
7/19/1903 Eifert Daniel over 18 rev Henry manning bk7 pg 455
Will Pauline over 18 Lobeck
11/9/1903 Eldridge Elfred J over 18 oran George T brides bk7pg477
Gann MrsLurania over 18 oran Boston res
8/26/1903 Emory Charles A OVER 18 SIKESTON  revBenj. bk7 pg 450
Fisher Lula M OVER 18 sedalia Martin sedalia
8/30/1903 Eskew John H under 18 blodgett B F blodgett bk7 pg 474
Dickerson Elanora under 18 blodgett Earls
3/20/1903 Ervin Dennis over 18 perkins Robert bk7 pg 413
Rhine Mollie over 18 perkins Amos jp
William M Smith attests to age
10/18/1903 Estes Asa H over 18 oran William john Bass bk7 pg 468
Osborn Mattie over 18 oran Howell jp res.
2/26/1903 Ferrel Luther over18 blodgett Rolen benton bk7 pg409
McDaniel Maggie over18 blodgett Cannon jp
11/12/1903 Fickas Shirley UNDER 18 SIKESTON  James F perkins bk7 pg 473
Coats Carry M UNDER 18 SIKESTON  Holland jp
10/4/1903 Finley Robert R over 18 benton W T his res bk7 pg 464
Morrow Victoria over 18 benton Huff jp
6/11/1903 FORD JOSEPH W over 18 sikeston Rolen benton bk 7 pg 430
SISKO Mrs.Addie HARDIN over 18 sikeston Cannon jp
11/9/1903 Gentry William E over 18 oran J L oran bk7 pg 470
Long Eva over 18 charleston Hale
4/12/1903 Gibbs Phillip J under 18 comerce Charles comerce bk7 pg418
Penn Laura C over 18 comerce Beattie jp
George Harrison attests to age
4/23/1903 Gibson James L over 18 sikeston Rolen benton bk7 pg420
Stafford MrsVixie over 18 sikeston Cannon jp
10/21/1903 Goodson Mat over 18 sikeston AA sikeston bk7 pg 465
Thompson MrsNancy over 18 sikeston Harrison jp
6/28/1903 Graham Clifton under 18 blodgett Thomas M his res, bk7 pg 436
James Rosa over 18 blodgett Boardman
7/6/1903 Greer Reuben over 18 sikeston rolen benton
Burton Effie over 18 sikeston cannon jp bk 7 pg 436
8/2/1903 Griffeth William H over 18 benton J E crossplain bk7 pg445
Gordon Eliza Jane over 18 benton Daniels church
12/8/1903 Hahs John F OVER 18 cypress il rolen bk7 pg 483
Baum Mary E OVER 18 comerce cannon jp benton
4/24/1903 Hardin George W over 18 sikeston rev G W brides res bk7 pg 422
Isaac Mina over 18 sikeston Blair
7/10/1903 Hager Charles over 18
Harrison Nannie under 18 oran revWilliam bk7 pg 439
11/18/1903 Hall Elbert over 18 comerce rolen benton bk7 pg 474
colored Broom Canzada over 18 comerce cannon jp
Boutwell oran
4/28/1903 Harrison Robert L OVER18 Morley elder Wm morley bk7 pg 422
Harris Ella P OVER18 Morley B North
3/29/1903 Harrison Charles over18 oran Wm bk7 pg416
McFarland Mary over18 oran Rudolph
W M Turner   attests to ages
9/23/1903 Heath William A over18 graysboro axel graysboro bk7 pg 459
Wilton Teeny over18 graysboro kyer jp
8/16/1903 Held David over 18 comerce revHenry cape girard
Sanders Amelia over 18 capeGirard Lobeck bk7 455
1/20/1903 Hickson Calvin over18 sikeston elder Geo. sikeston bk7 pg 401
Hale Laura under18 sikeston W Evans
both parents give consent
9/12/1903 Hodges William M over 18 oran J L Joseph bk7 pg456
Hager Sylvia over 18 oran Hale jp Hager res
10/26/1902 Hodges Charles D over18 oran Peter oran bk7 pg405
Underwood  Marcella under 18 oran Dirnberger jp
M C Underwood  father consents
12/7/1903 Hodges Luke over 18 arcadia rev J M oran bk7 pg 484
Caler May over 18 oran England
2/25/1903 Holder Bud Irvin over18 morehouse Rolen benton bk7 pg410
Atherton Alice over18 morly Cannon jp
3/16/1903 Holloway William R over18 vanduser Rolen benton bk7 pg413
McMullin Lillian over18 vanduser Cannon jp
John Dotson attests to age
5/3/1903 Holmes Adolphus F over18 blodgett J M Mr.Arch bk7 pg 424
Gentry Ollie M over18 blodgett Waters house
11/22/1903 Hopper Harvey M over 18 cary T F john bk7 pg 478
Vaughn Pearl over 18 cary Lowry dickirson
8/5/1903 Hopper Jack under 18 benton W J brides bk7 pg457
Denton Eva under 18 benton Huffstettler res
james hopper  consents as well as james denton
9/8/1903 Hornback Harvey over18 graysboro  lic returned bk7 pg 461
Wooley Effie over18 graysboro cancelled
6/29/1903 Hornback Theodore H over 18 graysboro AXEL benton bk7 pg 435
Morrison Etta over 18 graysboro KJER JP
12/3/1903 Hudson John R over 18 camden ar.  rev A W bk7 pg 482
Daugherty Ruth over 18 morley Fizer
1/19/1903 Hudson Frederick over18 farmington rev M oran bk7 pg399
Koester Minnie under18 oran Helmbacher
August Koester father consents
1/3/1903 Hopper Patrick D OVER18 BENTON Rolrn benton bk7 pg395
Walters MrsMary E OVER18 BENTON Cannon jp
11/10/1903 House John R over 18 comerce F Klein kelso bk7 pg472
Ledore Annie over 18 comerce
11/4/1903 Huffman Thomas over 18 vanduser rolen benton bk7 pg468
Cosner Emiline over 18 vanduser cannon jp
1/29/1903 Hutton Joshua H over18 oran Rolen benton bk7 pg401
Yates MrsSarah C over18 oran Cannon jp
1/30/1903 Irvin William M over18 perkins rev Edward bell city
Wolff Birdie E over18 perkins E Burton bk7 pg401
William Wolff father consents
12/30/1903 Jenkins Isaac over18 blodgett rolen benton bk7 pg491
Berry Della May under 18 blodgett cannon jp
W D Berry father of della consents
9/27/1903 Jordan Lucien under 18 sikeston eld G W sikeston
Gray Birdie under 18 sikeston Evans bk7 pg463
james jordan father consents
9/28/1903 Jordan Rufus over 18 blodgett rev R P his res bk7 pg459
King Mrs Hettie over 18 blodgett Pearman
6/19/1903 Jones Estel over18 morley George T his res. bk7 pg434
Hurt Lucy over18 morley Boston jp
5/12/1903 Kenny Charles S over 18 cape gir. rev w m Oran bk7 pg 425
Rockwell Winiferd S over 18 oran Rudolph
L Rockwell father     consents
4/5/1903 Lambert John over18 comerce rev J W comerce bk7 pg417
colored Sewell Hattie over18 comerce Wiley
Tillman Alderman attests to age
4/28/1903 Lane William T over18 oran Rolen benton bk 7 pg 421
Vernondle MrsMollie over18 oran Cannon jp
11/25/1903 Lauck August over 18 kelso rev  F st bk7 pg 481
Ourth Mrs Frances over 18 kelso Klien augustine
11/4/1903 Lambert Johnson over 18 comerce rolen benton bk7 pg 469
Davenport Lucy under 18 comerce cannon jp
7/12/1903 Lancaster Alfred M OVER 18 morley B F
Merritt Ella M OVER 18 morley Earls morley bk7 pg 439
11/1/1903 Lee Harry C UNDER 18 martin Tn rev A W Wilson bk7 pg 471
Wilson Grace L OVER 18 morley fizer res
12/23/1903 Lemly Arthur over18 blodgett revT P brides home
Eskew Lizzie under18 blodgett Randol bk7 pg397
J M Eskew  father consents
7/2/1903 Lewis J W OVER 18 ST LOUIS J L oran bk7 pg 438
Dyers Elsie M OVER 18 ORAN Hale jp
11/28/1903 Lewis Robert L over18 sikeston elder G W sikeston bk7 pg402
Gordon MrsLillie over18 sikeston Chapman
11/17/1903 Lomax Raymond over 18 comerce rev J W comerce bk7 pg 475
colered Ellis Altha over 18 comerce Wiley
3/11/1903 Miller Dennis J over18 comerce Rolen benton bk7 pg 412
Tackett Annie over18 comerce Cannon jp
Mrs George Pitzer   mother  attests to age
4/20/1903 Minich George R over18 morley A W morley bk7 pg419
Minch MrsEmma over18 morley Fizer
1/5/1903 Mitchell Eugene over18 comerce rev JW bk7 pg 394
colored Broom Inez under18 comerce Wiley
Samuel Broom father consents
1/23/1903 Nosler William E over18 vanduser George T brides res bk7 pg420
Beaty Viola over18 vanduser Boston jp
12/23/1903 Madden James over 18 blodgett Rolen benton bk7 pg 486
Graham Annie over 18 blodgett Cannon jp
11/23/1903 Marshall Peter C over 18 crowder W R J H bk7 pg 480
Ellis Decie Elvina under 18 crowder Batts judge Marshall
12/16/1903 Marshall Joseph C over 18 crowder A W bk7 pg 486
Harris Hettie over 18 morley Fizer morley
12/22/1903 Marshall C William over 18 crowder rev B F hickory bk7 pg487
Greer Fannie over 18 sikeston Manama grove
11/29/1903 Masters Frederick over 18 blodgett Thomas M  master's bk7 pg 482
Welch Mrs Mary over 18 blodgett Boardman res
4/4/1903 Medlock NICHOLAS R over18 morley T J clarkton bk7 pg417
Shannon MrsMelissa over18 clarkton Shaw
7/26/1903 McLean Clarence B over 18 oran J L res bk7 pg444
Terry Daisy over 18 oran Hale jp McLean
5/3/1903 McClanahan William over 18 oran rev WM. his res bk7 pg 423
Miller Oma over 18 oran Rudolph
J C Heifner  attests to  ages
5/20/1903 Maines John W over18 mcClure il. W T benton bk7 pg 426
Craig Hattie P over18 McClure il. Huffstutler jp
12/21/1903 Mansell Charles R under18 crowder George T his res bk7 pg 396
Hency Minnie over18 crowder Boston jp
7/14/1903 Metz Louis over 18 oran M oran
Key Lou over 18 cape girar Helmbacher bk7 pg 442
5/23/1903 Miles William S over 18 graysboro Rolen benton bk7 pg 428
Nation MrsEmma over 18 graysboro Cannon jp
10/21/1903 Minaro George W over 18 blodgett rolen benton bk7 pg 465
Kinsey Bettie over 18 blodgett cannon jp
7/7/1903 Moran Virgil over 18 oran rev Wm oran
Daniels Mrs Annie over 18 oran Boutwell bk7 pg 438
11/8/1903 Moran James M over 18 oran William oran bk7 pg 470
Morgan Mrs Mollie over 18 st louis Boutwell
9/9/1903 Morie Joe over 18 n hamburg  C st bk7 pg 454
Erichorn Alvina over 18 n hamburg Moeing lawrence
8/27/1903 Moxley William over 18 A A sikeston bk7 pg 453
Freeling Mrs Annie over 18 Harrison
2/26/1903 Murphy Thomas R under 18 benton Rolen benton bk7 pg410
Doty MrsKatie over 18 benton Cannon jp
8/3/1903 Myers Charles over 18 thomas m gen bk7 pg 446
Vinyard Bertha over 18 blodgett boardman baptist
9/7/1903 Nation Frank J over 18 graysboro rolen benton bk7 pg 453
Etler Annie over 18 graysboro cannon jp
7/11/1903 Nichols Edward over 18 oran rolen benton bk7 pg 440
Spear Mrs Lora over 18 oran cannon jp
2/17/1903 Nuxoll William J OVER18 GreenIdaho  revM oran bk7 pg407
Koester Mary C OVER18 oran Helmbacher
6/6/1903 Ozment Robert W over 18 sikeston Rolen benton bk 7 pg430
BYERS Ada B over 18 sikeston Cannon jp
11/15/1903 OdELL Ezra E under 18 graysboro B F morley bk7 pg 475
McCain mrs Freddie over 18 morley Earles
5/11/1903 Praul George F P C over 18 commerce rev o t bk7 pg 424
Rogers ETTIE J over 18 commerce rogers benton
7/15/1903 Potter DeSoto over 18 vanduser George T bk7 pg 441
Archer Lutie May over 18 crowder Boston vanduser
9/20/1903 Randles George over 18 comerce rev J W comerce bk7 pg 458
colored Lomax Earl over 18 comerce Wiley
9/15/1903 Randol Silas over 18 morley W M his res bk7 pg457
Turner Etta over 18 benton Huffstuttler
9/20/1903 Reid BENJAMIN  F over 18 oran W M
Wood Georgia over 18 oran Howell jp bleda bk7 pg 467
6/13/1903 Rhodes Harris Monroe over 18 morley REV B F morley bk7 pg 432
Wright Olive May under 18 morley Earles
C B Wright  father consents
12/28/1903 Roby Bebjamin over 18 sikeston james brides bk7 pg491
Shemell Bertha under 18 sikeston holland res.
10/25/1903 Rouch Daniel over 18 oran AA sikeston bk7 pg 466
Holland E Frances over 18 sikeston Harrison
6/30/1903 Rose Charles F over 18 graysboro axel graysboro
Stone Mamie over 18 graysboro kjer jp bk7 pg 437
8/17/1903 Rudder William C under 18 campbell rolen bk7 pg 448
Downs Willie over 18 campbell cannon benton
9/27/1903 Samuelson   Oscar OVER 18 SIKESTON  A A sikeston bk7 pg 460
Hinkle Jessie B OVER 18 SIKESTON Harrison
9/27/1903 Sander August H over 18 comerce revALF bk7 pg 460
Meinz Ida H over 18 comerce Fuehler manning
2/21/1903 Scott Edward over18 comerce Benj. J comerce bk7 pg408
colored Hunter Arizonia over18 comerce Ellis  jp
7/28/1903 Schott Emil over 18 oran rev M oran
Koeker Philmena under 18 oran Helmbacher bk7 pg444
2/10/1903 Scheppelman William over18 capeGirar William benton bk7 pg404
Lesley Mrs Mattie over18 harrisbur ill Reeder jp
4/28/1903 Schlosser August over18 n Hamburg C n hamburg  bk7 pg 421
Reminger Katie over18 n Hamburg Moenig
8/20/1903 Schaefer Adam C over 18 n hamburg C st bk7 pg 448
Halter Cora over 18 n hamburg Moeing Lawrence
11/24/1903 Schiveker Frank C over 18 kelso rev F bk7 pg 481
Meinz Mary over 18 kelso Klein kelso
10/18/1903 Scoggins Robert J over 18 blodgett G W suvanah bk 7 pg 483
Allen Mrs Delphina over 18 blodgett Chapman church
1/16/1903 Sherer George over18 n hamburg rev F kelso bk7 pg399
Heisserer Celestine over18 n hamburg Klein
9/16/1903 Sikes Alfred C over 18 sikeston revCharles sikeston bk7 pg 458
Kendall Leah over 18 sikeston m  Clark
11/12/1903 Sikes Louis OVER 18 comerce rev J W comerce
colored Hicks Carrie L OVER 18 comerce Wiley bk7 pg472
8/3/1903 Silvy Nick over 18 sikeston rev J F sikeston
Gray Sally over 18 sikeston Bolden bk7 pg446
5/31/1903 Sitzes Wade H over 18 sikeston rev Jm Henry Rice
Smith Niva over 18 sikeston Waters res. bk 7 pg 429
1/27/1903 Smith John S over18 sikeston revJames bk7 pg 403
Hodge Mrs Sallie over18 sikeston F  Holland sikeston
7/23/1903 Smith Frederick over 18 vanduser license bk7 pg 449
Hartle Myrtle May over 18 vanduser returned cancelled
3/26/1903 Smith James under18 sikeston revJames sikeston bk7 pg414
Martin Annie under18 sikeston Holland
both parents give written consent
8/23/1903 Snowden Hobs over 18 blodgett J L Finley bk7 pg452
Spicer Ola over 18 blodgett Alwood res
8/23/1903 Spaldlin David OVER 18 rockview L J rockview bk7 pg450
Gramenlick  MRS Martha   A OVER 18 rockview Dannenmuller
5/10/1903 Spradlin William F over 18 oran rev a j old school bk7pg427
Strayhorn Mrs Florence over 18 oran wright house
10/25/1903 Stanley Henry F over 18 blodgett rev W C Bleda bk7 pg 467
York Christine over 18 blodgett Darby
11/22/1903 Stevens James W under 18 scopus rev A W morley bk7 pg 479
Hutson Cornie I Jattie morley Fizer
12/20/1903 Strong Joseph over18 crowder George T his res bk7 pg 397
Mansell Maude MAY under18 crowder Boston jp
M M Mansell father consents
8/16/1903 Surlett George over 18 perkins J B perkins bk7 pg 447
Woff Hettie over 18 perkins Elfrank
6/25/1903 Sweney Del over 18 blodgett J D blodgett bk7 pg434
Church Annie over 18 blodgett Peal jp
12/23/1903 Swofford Thomas W over 18 crowder B F hickory bk7 pg 448
Hencey Liley over 18 benton Manama grove
10/25/1903 Thomas John E OVER18 SIKESTON A A sikeston bk7 pg 466
Rankin Katie R OVER18 SIKESTON Harrison
8/29/1903 Thompson Robert L over18 blodgett Rolen bk7 pg 452
Calbert Mrs Fannie over18 blodgett Cannon jp
3/26/1903 Thompson Alexander B over18 blodgett Rolen benton bk7 pg414
Rogers MrsParlina over18 blodgett Cannon jp
11/4/1903 Tinker James M under 18 DeLassus rolen bentob bk7 pg469
Shappo Isabel over 18 morley cannon jp
may edwards and carrie tinker mothers consents
3/29/1903 Turner William over18 oran J P comerce bk7 pg416
Harris Mrs addie over18 comerce McDonald
2/2/1903 Twinkler Edward under18 benton W T brides res bk7pg 405
Kemp Ertie over18 benton Huffstutler jp
E M Kemp father consents
8/25/1903 Twitty Lucien over 18 rev Edwin benton bk7 pg 450
Pratt Maggie over 18 E  Burton
8/26/1903 Utley WILLIAM Mc l over18 crowder George T bk7 pg 478
Spann Mattie over 18 vanduser Boston
5/25/1903 Vanopen Frank over 18 Gale Ill rev O T benton bk 7 pg 428
McDonald MrsLethe over 18 Gale Ill Rogers
1/24/1903 Vaughn Elisha over18 sikeston Rolen bk7 pg 400
Hildreth MrsElla over18 sikeston Cannon jp
5/31/1903 Wagner Barney over 18 oran john fredericktown
Balken Minnie over 18 fredericktown Rolhensteiner bk7 pg429
7/4/1903 Webb John S OVER 18 crowder B F crowder
Hensey EFFIE M UNDER 18 crowder McManama bk7 pg 437
11/22/1903 Venable Reese OVER18 CARY rev W C bk7 pg 479
Hopper Stella J OVER18 CARY Darby
7/12/1903 Venable George W over18 cary rev W C savanah bk7 pg441
Vandyke Nellie M over18 cary Darby church
9/29/1903 Ward Frederick E OVER18 Cairo il. rev EDWIN bk7 pg461
Handly Jessie B OVER18 Cairo il. Burton benton
11/15/1903 Warner Charles over 18 perkins J B pirkins bk7 pg 473
Hunt Mrs Georgia over 18 perkins Elfrank jp
6/16/1903 Weller Charles P. OVER 18 Caruthersvil    rolen benton bk7 pg431
Sanders LULU OVER 18 cannon jp
9/27/1903 Wheller Charles over 18 comerce rev js collins bk7 pg462
colored Harris Hattie over 18 cape girardeau comerce
6/23/1903 Willett Claude over 18 perkins J B perkins bk7 pg 433
Wolff Fannie over 18 perkins Elfrank
11/4/1903 Willis Benjamin F over 18 morley rev A W MORLEY bk7 pg 471
Watson MRS Victoria over 18 morley FIZER
3/29/1903 Wilson James W over18 benton J P benton bk7 pg415
Owenesby  Effie over18 benton McDonald
11/14/1903 Woodward  Leslie under 18 vanduser George T bk7 pg477
Clevenger Laura Del over 18 vanduser Boston vanduser
12/27/1903 Wright Charles over 18 oran rev    W M bk7 pg 489
Oden Maggie over 18 oran Rudolph oran
11/3/1903 Wright Tobe over 18 comerce W J bk7 pg 490
Clack Lela over 18 comerce Huff
3/15/1903 Wright Alexander over18 oran rev Irvin Cape bk7 pg412
Wise MrsAddie over18 st louis Manly B Girardeau
8/2/1903 Wylie J Claude over 18 oran rev W G brides bk7 pg 445
Hanis Adell under 18 morley Reeves res
9/9/1903 Wylie Charles M over18 comerce rev T E st.louis bk7 pg 454
Ross Fannie over18 comerce Shart mo
2/14/1903 York John A over18 crowder rev F S brides father
Matthews Jettie under 18 crowder Barger home bk7 pg406
John Matthews father consents

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