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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Page -001-

(1900 Marriage License State of Missouri )

Submitted by Betty Long Poster-#-95-

Marriage License State of Missouri

LAST NAME First name middle age county date married by where
Abbotts Plummer over 21 morley 1/11/1900 Rev.Walton morley
Silman Hannah over  18 morley McDonough
Abernathy Charles E. over 21 morley 1/3/1900 Rev.A W home of
Watkins Lela over  18 morley Lizen John Abernathy
Ancell James P. over 21 kelso
Joyce Nora over  18 kelso 12/26/1899 Rev,Joseph
Belk Alexander under 21 kelso
Mills Stella M. over  18 kelso 11/2/1899 Rolen benton
consent by Thomas G. Belk Cannan jp
Bradshaw Thomas M. over 21 Rolen
Griffith Lena (Mrs) over  18 1/2/1900 Cannen jp benton
Brant David J. over 21 graysboro jp
Nottingham Barbara S.(Mrs.) over 18 graysboro 11/12/1899
Bray Robert C. over 21 morley William J. morley
McGill Berta over 18 morley 10/18/1899 Greer jo
Coleman James W. over 21 vanburen Rolen
Richmond Nettie under 18 benton 12/26/1899 Canan jp benton
consent by W.M. Spalding father
Conran Henry over 21 benton J.D blodgett
Abbott Minnie over  18 blodgett 1/21/1900 Peal jp
Devos Charles over 21 RevS P brides home
King Hattie ( Mrs) over  18 1/2/1900 Carlisle
Dumey Joseph H under 21 kelso F. Klein kelso
Enderle Annie over 18 kelso 2/6/1900 (rector)
Alex Goins attests to ages
Davis Zachariah M. over 21 blodgett B.F.
Kunckles Cora (Mrs.) over 18 blodgett 9/12/1899 Earles morley
Daniels George W. over 21 NewHamburg  1/30/1900 Rolen benton
Shackles Dora under 18 Cannan jp
consent by W.M. Shackles father
Easterwood James W. over 21 Dyer Tn. baptist benton
Richmond Nettie over  18 oran 12/3/1899 minister
Estes Albert E. over 21 oran GeorgeW oran
Reed Biance (Mrs) over 18 oran 1/14/1900 Finley jp
Gibbs Samuel M. over 21 vanduser S.G. my
Holt Mollie S. over  18 vanduser 12/20/1899 Miller jp residence
Griffith William M. over 21 ColumbusKy. Rolen
Allen Mary L.(Mrs.) over 18 ColumbusKy. 1/16/1900 Cannan jp benton
Hamilton James M. over 21 oran Rolen
Spence Minnie over  18 oran 2/20/1900 Cannan jp benton
Heuring Frank J. over 21 NewHamburg F.Klein kelso
Hoefler Veronica over  18 Kelso 10/24/1899
Holloway Ulyssus G. over 21 W.C.
Anderson Della T. over  18 2/1/1900 Darby
Miller Fritz under 21 blodgett Robert benton
Sanders Ada under  18 benton 11/25/1899 Chome
consent by both parents
Kuehner Louis E. over 21 commerse Rolen
Wairich Mary over  18 st.louis 11/9/1899 Cannan jp benton
McLean Paisley A. over 21 blodgett Thomas M. brides res.
Husketh Nannie under 18 blodgett 10/28/1899 Boardman blodgett
Massey Edward over 21 oran G.W.
Ward Belle (Mrs.) over  18 oran 11/5/1899 Finley jp oran
McFarland Redit A. over 21 sikeston Rolen benton
Neil Dolly (Mrs.) over 18 sikeston 11/29/1899 Cannan jp
Nations Braxton over 21 morley B.F,Earles
Stanley Minnie over  18 morley 1/281900 morley
Perry Alexander over 21 crowder S.J.
Pridmore Druecilla (Mrs.) over  18 crowder 10/29/1899 Miller jp crowder
Sherer Charles S. over 21 blodgett Rev.G.W. G.W.Hilke
Hopper Nicy V. over  18 blodgett 12/12/1899 Brooks
Sullenger W.A over 21 commerse Rev.Wm. Ed
Kuehner Katie over  18 commerse 12/20/1899 Carpenter Kuehner
Slinkerd Giles over 21 sikeston morley
Bolden May over  18 12/15/1899
consent by Steve Pratt and James  Slinkerd
Sanders Allen over 21 benton
France Sarah (Mrs.) over  18 morley 11/28/1899
Reames Woodford W. over 21 blodgett L.L. blodgett
Marshall Agnes A. over  18 blodgett 11/26/1899 Pirmell
Simpson Daniel over 21 blodgett
Goins Minnie over  18 blodgett 10/31/1899
Tomlinson William D. over 21 morley W.R.Balls his res.
Black Nellie over  18 morley 2/1/1900 jp
Uhrhan Lawrence over 21 NewHamburg Rev.M
Geisner Katie under 18 oran 11/7/1899 Helmbacher
consent by Joseph Geisner father
Vines Ernest M. over 21 Ontario Canada Joseph B. commerse
Fulenmider Iva M. over  18 commerse 12/26/1899 Dodson
Williams Richard M. over 21 B.F.Earles
Cannon Ella over  18 11/30/1899
Walker John C. over 21 commerse John R. John C.
Rochelle Ida S. over  18 commerse 12/24/1899 Gibbs jp Walkers
Williams Louis M. over 21 blodgett sikeston
King Emma F. over  18 blodgett 12/3/1899
consent by Elmer King brother
Ward W.J. over 21 Rev.H.J. oran
Burris Emma (Mrs.) over  18 2/14/1900 La Tour
Winchester George W. over 21 oran G.W.
Stephens Gertie E. under 18 oran 9/26/1899 Finley jp oran
consent by T.A. Stephens father
Woodruff James M. over 21 blodgett Rev.G.M.
Kniten Leona over  18 blodgett 9/10/1899 Brooks
G.W. Miller witness

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