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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Page -002-

(1899 Marriage License State of Missouri )

Submitted by Betty Long Poster-#-95-

Marriage License State of Missouri
County of Scott

BIGGS JOHN scott over 21 blodgett B.F. B.U.
SHIRLEY MARTHA MRS. scott over  18 7/15/1899 morley Earles Wilsans
BOLIN JAMES H. bollinger over 21 marble hill W.M benton mo
FRIEND ANNIE M. scott over  18 8/21/1899 oran Reeder jud
BRIDGER MILFORD scott over 21 Rev.Geo.
ALLEY AMANDA MRS scott over  18 7/28/1899 Dunnahay
BRAY ROBERT C. scott over 21 morley William J. morley
McGILL BERTA scott over  18 10/19/1899 morley Greer jp
BLACKMAN  DILLARD scott over 21 commerce commerce col.
TROTTER AMANDA MRS scott over  18 10/29/1899 commerce
CLODFELTER WILLIAM J. scott under 21 sikeston HY sikeston
HEISLER LILLIE scott over 18 8/20/1899 sikeston H ussmann priest
CALHOUN WILLIAM A. scott over 21 sikeston Rev.A.W. benton mo
FRANCIS MARY A. MRS scott over  18 8/7/1899 sikeston Frizer
CONGLETON O.M. scott over 21 morley Rev Ulem
BOYER MANDIE scott over  18 10/26/1899 blodgett Holland
consent by parents Wml. NancyA. Boyer
DOHOGNE JOSEPH  J. scott over 21 oran Rev M. oran mo priest
CUSTER CLARA scott over  18 7/27/1899 oran Helmbacher
DARKEY JAMES W. scott over 21 sikeston RevJames sikeston
GREER HYDRA I. scott over  18 8/27/1899 sikeston Ule
EMERSON JAMES P. scott under 21 morley Rev C M vanduser mo.
JOYCE MARY ELLA scott over 18 8/13/1899 morley Cagle
consent by H.M. Emerson father
GIRARD FRANK scott over 21 morley B F Jasper
KOSSICTH JOSEPHINE MRS. scott over  18 7/11/1899 morley Earles Weebs
HOPPER THEODORE A. scott over 21 blodgett Rev G M
ESKRIDGE MARY G scott over  18 7/2/1899 blodgett Brooks
consent by W C Swope
HARPER W. FRANK McCracken over 21 Melber ky Rev JAS. morley
CLOARK FLORENCE scott over  18 6/26/1899 benton L.Howle
consent by Adolph Rahn
Harmon John F. scott over 21 Rev.Geo. malone
HOUSE EMMA MRS scott over  18 7/13/1899 Dunnahan schoolhouse
HODGE GEORGE G. scott over 21 sikeston Rev.S.P. sikeston mo
PHILLIPS ADA scott over  18 8/25/1899 sikeston Carlisle
HERRELL JAMES scott over 21 oran W.R. James
KNIGHT EMMA MRS scott over  18 9/16/1899 oran Bulls judge Herrell res.
HEDGER GEORGE W. scott over 21 morley William J morley
STIEGEL ANNIE MRS scott over  18 9/16/1899 morley Greer jp
WALKER MARY MRS. scott over 21 oran G W  oran mo
scott over 18 10/19/1899 oran Firsley jp
KEYS JAMES M. scott over 21 oran Alexander
PAINTER ALICE MRS scott over  18 10/2/1899 oran Wright jp oran mo
JOHNSON JOSEPH scott over 21 Rolen benton mo.
MASTERS EFFIE scott over  18 8/6/1899 Carman jp
KNIGHT WILLIAM C. scott over 21 sikeston Rev.S.P.
SHELTON ELIZABETH  A. scott over  18 8/24/1899 sikeston Carlisle sikeston mo
conseny by John  Michail
KELLY FRANK scott over 21 benton Rev Carter morley mo
KUEHNERT MARY MRS scott over  18 9/5/1899 benton M.Cagle
LEIST LAWRENCE scott over 21 commertce F.Klien priest
SPONHAUER MARY scott over  18 4/29/1899 kelso
LISHMAN THOMAS F. scott over 21 Bleda ROLEN benton mo
LYON JULIA MRS scott over  18 9/14/1899 oran Carman jp
MOODY HIRAM scott over 21 morley J.W. morley mo.
HICKSON FANNIE scott under 18 7/2/1899 Halley jp
McKinney John D.M. RIPLEY over 21 doniphan Rev.S.P. sikeston
GRANDON ROSELLA HOOD CARTER over  18 8/11/1899 Carlisle
consent by brother James P. Hood
Robinson GREEN T. SCOTT over 21 Rev.W. morley
HOLDER ELIZABETH A. SCOTT over  18 12/22/1898 McDonough
MENZ JOSEPH scott over 21 Rev M. oran mo priest
HALTER IDA M. scott over  18 8/10/1899 Helmbacher
PEAL ANNIE SCOTT OVER  18 9/3/1899 blodgett Tour blodgett
MERRITT JAMES scott over 21 vanduser A.J.
CALLOW MARY M. scott under 18 9/2/1899 vanduser Wright
consent by Sarah Roberson written mothers consent also William Harmon states
mothers consent
MORRIS JAMES N.Madrid over 21 morehouse Rolen benton
NATIONS FIRBIA scott over  18 7/15/1899 Carman jp
MOORE ALFRED J. scott over 21 sikeston Rev James
SHUMATE GRACE scott over  18 5/10/1899 sikeston J.Furlong priest
POBST MICHAEL scott over 21 Bleda Rev.M. oran
MENZ LOUISA A. scott over  18 7/25/1899 Bleda Helmbacher priest
REYNOLDS JAMES W. scott over 21 blodgett Rev. WM. brides res.
OLIVER FADIE scott under 18 9/6/1899 blodgett M.Holland
consent by Thomas Oliver
STANLEY THOMAS J. scott over 21 morley J.M.
BURKHEAD PARILEE MRS scott over  18 6/17/1899 morley Halley jp
SCHERER GEORGE scott over 21 new ham. C.
AUCH AMELIA scott over  18 9/12/1899 new ham. Moeing priest
SIMLER JOHN scott over 21 sikeston HY charleston
GOETZ TERESA scott over  18 10/5/1899 sikeston Hussemann priest
SLINKARD CHARLES scott over 21 oran Eld.M.D. eld. Res.
HOWELL MAUD M. scott over  18 7/18/1899 oran Maddox
SCHAEFER ADOLPH scott over 21 oran Rev.M. oran mo. priest
REAMES CORA scott over  18 7/11/1899 oran Helmbacher
SEHOEN MICHAEL scott over 21 benton A. new ham
GLAUS FRANCISKA scott over  18 5/4/1899 new ham Moeing priest
STEPHENS BEN F. scott over 21 sikeston Rev. J.H benny f.
Carpenter SARAH F. MRS. scott over  18 7/29/1899 sikeston Malene stephens
SMITH WILLIAM scott under 21 sikeston John
CONSHAUFF WILLIE MRS. scott over 18 7/9/1899 sikeston Smith res.
consent by John Smith father
TIDWELL THOS. W. scott over 21 commerce Rolen benton mo
ROBISON BERTIE scott under 18 8/9/1899 commerce Carman jp
consent by Z.T. Robison father
Vannoodstrand  John scott over 21 oran Rolen benton mo.
Hayden Addie Mrs scott over  18 10/25/1899 oran Carman jp
UTLEY JAMES A. scott over 21 AJ Wright benton, mo.
HENDERSON SARAH scott under 18 08/02/1899 Bedford Bryant
consent by  parents
WOODRUFF JAMES M. scott over 21 blodgett Rev.G.M. g m brooks 
KNITEN LEONER scott over  18 9/10/1899 blodgett Brooks res.
consent by G.W. Miller
WALKER WILLIAM scott over 21 A.A. sikeston
JONES Elizabeth MRS. scott over  18 9/15/1899 Harrison jp
WINCHESTER GEORGE W. scott over 21 oran G.W. oran mo
STEPHENS GERTIE scott under 18 9/26/1899 oran Finley jp
consent by T.A. STEPHENS father
WATSON WILLIAM H. scott under 21 blodgett
MACKLEY MARY scott under  18 10/18/1899 blodgett
consent by both parents of both parties

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