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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Page -001-

(1899 Marriage License State of Missouri )

Submitted by Betty Long Poster-#-95-

Marriage License State of Missouri
County of Scott

last name first&int. county age date town married by where marr.
Arnold Foster M. scott co. over 21 6/22/1899 commerce
Higgs Mary M. scott co. over 18 commerce
consent by Wm. Hunter
Batty Michael scott over 21 Graysboro Rolen benton
Willeford Rosa L. scott over 18 6/20/1899 Graysboro Cammane
Bean Joseph J. scott co over 21 sikeston J M. New
Rankin Anne Mrs scott co over 18 5/18/1899 sikeston Lee Madrid
Henry Lawrence
Bryant Richard scott over 21 2/15/1899 Blodgett Rev HW Blodgett
Reddick LillianLeona scott over 18 Jackson Bostwick
Cooksey Guy E. scott over 21 sikeston sikeston
Stephens Mary E. cape over 18 5/6/1899 sikeston
consent by B.F. Stephens oran
Cox George F. scott over 21 2/19/1899 Carlisle sikeston
Hopkins E.Myrtle scott under 18 sikeston
consent by W.A. Scarbrough
Cruse Leonard F. scott over 21 4/26/1899 new ham. Lee millwood
Wommack Ida lincoln over 18 millwood mo
Cross John W. scott over 21 oran J.Cruse oran mo.
Arterberry Arzona scott over 18 6/7/1899 oran
consent by Frank McGraw
Cruthhfield Andrew J. scott over 21 6/7/1899 Tour S.Woods
Taylor Matilda scott under 18
consent by Jos. Raney
Derens George scott over 21 5/11/1899 oran Cagle oran mo
Underwood Emma scott under 18 oran
consent by M.C Underwood
jp Geo.
Dannenmiller Louis scott over 21 4/18/1899 new.ham. W.Finley new.ham.
Pobst Louisa scott under 18 new.ham.
Dohogne Louis scott over 21 new.ham. C.C. kelso mo.
Schaeffer Mary Jose. scott over 18 4/11/1899 kelso Moeninz
Engle James E. scott over 21 oran F.Klien oran mo.
Rechuth Anna M. scott over 18 2/8/1899 oran
Foster John A. scott over 21 benton Geo.W. brides
Strayhorn Ettie A. scott over 18 2/1/1899 benton Finley jp home
consent by Lemuel Strayhorn
over 21 Rev J,L.
Denton Francis A. scott over 18 3/1/1899 sikeston Atwood brides
Smith Minnie scott parents states parents consent sikeston home
Gipson Luther S. scott over 21 morley Rev.S.P. morley mo.
Bryant Ida scott ? 1/1/1899 morley Carlisle
Hunt Cassie scott over 21 oran Rev.Carles brides
Burton Ella scott over 18 2/12/1899 oran M.Cagle home
consent by Spencer French
Hutton William(jr.) scott under 21 2/16/1899 oran Maddox oran mo.
Osborn Maggie scott over 18 oran
consent by written mother
Halter William scott over 21 5/9/1899 Bleda Finley jp
Rierhurt Mary scott under 18 Bleda oran mo.
consent by parents
Hofferer George scott over 21 4/18/1899 oran Helmbacher oran mo
Holder Annie scott under 18 oran
consent by Ed Holder
Hunter Wilbert scott over 21 4/16/1899 commerce Helmbacher commerce
Lavelly Belle scott under 18 commerce
Heisserer Frank L. scott over 21 oran Wm.G.
Goetz Sophia scott over 18 4/11/1899 oran Hunter jp oran mo
consent by Peter Dirnberger
Jaeger Adolph cape over 21 4/12/1899 jackson preist kelso mo
Dailey Ada scott under 18 mother's consent commerce
Livingston James R. scott over 21 benton F.K.lein near
Masters Dell Zona scott over 18 4/20/1899 benton benton mo.
Lawrence L.J. scott over 21 sikeston Rolen
Bradley Minnie scott under 18 5/14/1899 sikeston Carman jp sikeston
Lee William A. scott under 21 oran Rev.A.J.
Stubenranch Bertha A. scott under 18 5/3/1899 oran Green oran mo
Medcalf James L. scott over 21 crowder Geo.W.
Moody Judith A. scott over 18 4/20/1899 crowder Finley jp sikeston
Moore Thomas A. St.Fran. over 21 Farmington Rev.S.P. brides
Ashley Amanda scott over 18 5/9/1899 Carlisle home
McGates Frank scott over 21 blodgett Rev.T.P. local M.E.
Murphy JoeAnn scott over 18 5/2/1899 blodgett Randol Church
Harris John scott over 21 commerce Eld.G.M.
Ellis Emma scott over 18 3/29/1899 commerce Brooks
consent by father of james
Kisee John L. scott under 21 3/12/1899 blodgett Chandley
Shrum Mary scott over 18 blodgett
Menz John M. scott over 21 Bleda Rev.G.M. oran mo
Beckel Susannah scott over 18 4/11/1899 Bleda Brooks
McQuay James B. scott over 21 blodgett Rev.M.
York Eva scott over 18 2/12/1899 blodgett Helmbacher
consent by mother and father
Moore Brumfield C. scott over 21 2/7/1899 commerce Darby
Marshall Susie L. scott under 18 Martha York commerce commerce
consent by Joseph H. Moore
McCain JamesW. scott under 21 1/8/1899 morley Phillips morley mo
Brown L. Freddie scott over 18 morley
consent by John Johnson
Matthews Samuel J. scott over 21 2/12/1899 morley Halley jp James
Bennick Mattie scott under 18 of young lady attests to age also father WalterBrown morley Johnson
Nunn James V. scott over 21 sikeston Rev.Geo.R benton mo
Sanders Eugenia scott over 18 6/30/1899 sikeston Minnich
Oberly Victor scott over 21 crowder Rolen Thomas
Wood Ophelia scott over 18 3/21/1899 crowder Carmane jp Metcalf
Powell Charles D scott over 21 blodgett S.J.
Smith Nora L. scott over 18 3/26/1898 blodgett Miller jp
consent by mother Polly
Patton Henry W. scott over 21 12/26/1898 sikeston Darby
Boyd Martha mrs. scott under 18 sikeston
Page George W. scott over 21 crowder Rev.Albert Welber
Watkins Effie M. scott over 18 1/18/1899 morley J.Green Page
Pratt Walter scott over 21 Rev.G.R. brides
Ellis Mollie scott over 18 12/7/1898 Minnich parents hm.
consent by brides father
over 21 Rev.A.W.
Rose George scott under 18 4/6/1899 Thebes Il. Ligen
Smith Mary mrs. scott commerce
Raines William R. Scott over 21 Rolen
Abernathy Mary M. Scott over 18 3/19/1899 morley Cammane jp morley mo
Smith Albert A. scott over 21 commerce Rev.C.M. commerce
Rodgers Jennie scott over 18 5/14/1899 commerce Cagle
consent by W.C. Rodgers
over 21 O.H.
Scherer John M. scott over 18 5/16/1899 new.ham. Phillips oran mo
Stehr Mary scott new.ham.
Smith Worsley W. SCOTT over 21 commerce Rev,M. Thomas
Hawkins Delia A. SCOTT over 18 3/26/1899 commerce Helmbacher Hawkins
consent by Thomas Hawkins
Sanders Henry W. scott over 21 12/18/1898 commerce Phillips cape
Bruns Mary S. scott under 18 commerce girardeau
Tippy William scott over 21 blodgett Rev.Henry
Bonifield Mamie E. scott over 18 2/16/1899 blodgett Lobecke benton
Williams John scott over 21 morley Rolen morley mo
Morgan MariahC.mrs. scott over 18 6/26/1899 morley Cammane jp
consent by John Mayes
Worsley William J. scott over 21 5/23/1899 commerce Cagle
Randol Jennie scott over 18 commerce commerce
Williams Charles scott over 21 commerce O.H. benton
Malone Mary E. scott over 18 5/11/1899 commerce Phillips
consent by Lina Chandler
Walker James scott over 21 new.ham Rudn jp benton
Harris Emma L. scott under 18 1/23/1899 new.ham
consent by Amelia Harris mother
Camman jp

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