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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Page -006-

(Marriage License State of Missouri )

Submitted by Betty Long Poster-#-95-

Marriage License State of Missouri

County of Scott


LAST NAME FIRST NAME COUNTY STATE AGE Marriage date Minister or where
J.  P. residence
Boutwell J. W. scott co Mo. over   21
Frazer Nellie  M. scott co Mo. over      18 Sept.8 1897 C.  M. Cagle R.M.WATH
Burchard Charles  F. St. Louis Mo. over   21
Rasberry Clara     E. Scott co Mo. under    18 Aug.24 1897 John R.Gibbs A. C.
consent by A C. Rasberry father Rasberry
Beckman John Blodgett Scott Mo. over   21
Slagle Ada Cape Gir. cape co, under    18 Aug.22 1897 Ed shelley
consent by L. A. Hatcher
Bissell Lee Oran Mo. over   21 Joseph
McGlostim Ella   M. Oran Mo. over   18 May 23 1897 J. L. Hale jp Yates
consent by joe yates
Burman John Malden Mo. over   21 perkins
Irvin Sarah Ann Birds corn. Mo. over   18 May 27 1897 Jas.L.Bowling mo.
consent by WM. Irvin brother
Cox William  H. scott Mo. over   21
Tippy Florence G. scott Mo. under    18 Aug.7 1897 B. F. Earles Wm.Tippy
consent by Wm. Tippy
Capper John  S. Butler Mo. over   21
Moran Sarah  E, Scott Mo. Under    18 July 25 1897 J L.Hale jp Oran Mo.
consent by written by parents J. M. Moran
Church Robert  J. Diehlstat Mo. over   21
Spencer mrs.Emiline Diehlstat Mo. over   18 May 9 1897 Wm.Hunter Ralen Chr.
Casson F. W. P. Randolph Ill. over   21
Woolsey Mrs.Brirgett Benton Mo. over   18 April 15 1897 Charles A court house
Bonea Joe scott Mo over   21
Kanmp Emile scott Mo under    18 July 25 1897 Jacoby Penley
consent by Joe Kieffer and C,Valliant
Darnell Samele crossno miss. Mo over   21
Sherer Mrs.Mattie scott MO. over   18 May 3 1897 Wm Hunter
Dannenmueller Louis Kelso twp Mo over   21
Drury Mary  E. Kelso twp Mo over   18 May 3 1897   S.   Klain Kelso mo.
Edmonds Joseph W. Scott Mo. over   21 W. C. Darby
Jehlen Mollie C. Scott Mo. under    18 May 12 1897
consent by WM. Jehlen father
Ellis Albert N. commerce Mo over   21 L. Cole pastor
Beardsley Mamie commerce Mo over   18 April 27 1897 Commerce
Finley T.Frank scott Mo over   21
Moore Amelia scott Mo over   18 Aug. 22 1897 Rev. C M.Cagle
Finch Albert  L. Diehlstat Mo over   21 Rev.G.M.Brooksey
Golliher Maggie Diehlstat Mo over   18 May 9 1897
consent by Thos.B. Worrall attests to her being 22 years
Greenlee G  L. scott Mo over   21 WC Darby
Morrison Ida  M. scott Mo under    18 Sept.12 1897
consent by R  C Morrison father
Hunze Emil cape gir. Mo over  21 J Charle brides home
Sprenger Henretta scott Mo over   18 Sept.5 1897 Schrader kelso mo
consent by Louis Sprenger brother attests she is 22 years old
Henson George scott Mo over   21 W C Darby
Edmons Bettie scott Mo over   18 Sept 15 1897
consent by G  R Romine
Harris Robert Commerce  MO. over    21 L. E. Cole Macedonia
Spradlin Addie Scott Mo over    18 Aug.10 1897 church
consent by W.G. Spradlin brother
Harris S.  J. sikeston Mo over   21 A  J. Wright miss Mary
Pew Jennie sikeston Mo under   18 June 11 1897 Pew
Hunter John  J. Morley Mo over   21 Marvin T,Haw M.E.Church
McMullin Frannie scott Mo over   18 April 28 1897 Sikeston
Jordan Andrew Morley Mo over   21 J W Halley jp
Davis Nancy  E. Morley Mo over   18 June 9 1897 Morley
Lemly Arthur Blodgett Mo over  21 Ed S. Tetley
Hayton Anna Blodgett Mo under    18 July 3 1897 Blodgett
consent by  Alfred Hayton father
Larmore George Francis over 21 Charles A
Cotham Mollie   T. Sikeston Mo over  18 May  13 1897 Leedy Benton
Morrow James  R. scott Mo over 21 J  R.Deaton
Cruse Mary  A. scott Mo over  18 June 17 1897 Benton
McGill Neeson scott Mo over 21 B. Heathe Right
Denbow Mrs.Mary scott Mo over 18 Aug.24 1897 Carpenter
Mertz Otto Willard over 21 Wm.Hunter home of
Samples Ida commerce Mo under 18 Aug22 1897 Henry Samples
consent by H.  S. Samples father
Pixley Charles A. Blodgett Mo over 21 Ed S.Tetley
Stagner Queenie Bell Blodgett Mo under 18 May 20 1897 Blodgett
consent of written by parents
Rasberry Wm. Walter scott MO over 21 Charles A. Benton
Adams Mrs. Ollie ILL. under 18 Sept. 18 1897 Leedy  jp
Russell John scott MO over  21 E L.Hunter jp
Henderson Elizabeth  J. scott MO over 18 Aug.12 1897 brides home
Rouch Daniel Sikeston Mo over 21 John M. morley
Holland Ettie Sikeston Mo over 18 Aug 4 1897 Halley
Rodgers C. scott Mo over 21  Wm. P. A R Todd
Floyd Daisy Lee scott MO over18 July 18 1897 Turner
consent by J R. Donihow attests to Daisy being 19yrs old Aug 11 1897
Sanders David Kelso Mo over  21 Charles Lutheran
Eifert Annie Kelso Mo over 18 June 6 1897 Schrader Church
Schuette Henry scott Mo over 21 Charles home of
Vornfeldt Mary scott Mo under 18 Sept,5 1897 Schrader bride kelso
consent by Mrs.W Vornfeldt mother
Schott Nick scott Mo over  21 Rev.W. Oran
Witt Laura scott Mo over 18 Sept. 14 1897 Helmbacher
Sherry William S. sikeston Mo over 21 Charles A. Benton
Acord Dora E. scott Mo over 18 Aug 23 1897 Leedy j p
consent by Mrs. Elizabeth Reed parents
Sinnard Andy  J. scott Mo over  21 W C Darby Benton
Bowers Mrs  A. scott Mo over 18 Aug 23 1897 R.Cannon
Stagner James  H. Scott Mo over  21 Aug.12 1897 Ed S Tetley
Crafton Celeste Blodgett Mo over 18 Blodgett
Snider James scott Mo over 21 J  L Hale j p
Estes Emma scott Mo over 18 July 16 1897 Oran Mo
written consent by parents
Sherer C L. Blodgett Mo over 21 S P Carlisle brides home
Riley Minnie May Blodgett Mo over 18 April 25 1897
written consent of Sarah E. Riley mother
Welker Alexander scott Mo over 21 Rev.G M Blackwell
Blackwell Rhoda scott Mo under 18 Sept 15 1897 Brooks home
written consent of mother  Lucrey Blackwell
Watkins Joe Morley Mo E L morley
Lemmons L Josephine scott Mo over 18 Aug 8 1897 Ducham jp
Westrich Clemmons scott Mo over  21
Heisserer Rosina scott Mo over 18 July 27 1897 F Klain
Wright A J. Morley Mo over 21 WM H home of
Bryant Mrs Mary Morley Mo over 18 June 20 1897 Bugg j p Mrs.Bryant
Wilbur James H. Sikeston Mo over 21 Albert J
Russell Madaline Sikeston Mo over 18 June 27 1897 Green Sikeston
Williams E D commerce Mo over 21 Charles A Benton
Grantham F G commerce Mo over 18 June 10 1897 Leedy j p
Westrich Henry N.Hamburg Mo over 21 F Klain
Blattel Mary N.Hamburg Mo over  18 May 4 1897
consent by Tony Westrich states Mary was 20years old Sept.last

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