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Scott County Missouri
Marriages Page -002-

(Miscellaneous Scott County Marriages,)

    I would like these records to be posted. We recently made a trip to Scott Co. and wrote down some marriage records. Unfortunately we didn't record the dates. They are from some of the Index Book.
    BRYEANS, Miss Etta -MITCHELL, Edward F. Bk.10 pg 621
    BYREANS, Miss Ruth P.-GODDARD, Ruce G Bk 9 pg 283
    BURTON, Miss Mae- BROWNING, Nelson Bk 11, pg 67
    BURTON, Mrs. Mary Ellen- INMAN, James Bk 11
    BURTAN, Miss Jesse- HENSLEY, Esken Bk 11, Pg 266
    BURTAN, Juanita(col)-GOADIN, Luther(col) Bk 11 pg. 266
    BURTON, Eugene-STONE, Ressie Bk 12 pg 109
    BYREANS, E. Otis- O'CONNOR, Hazel Bk 12 pg 575
    BURTON, L.O. - HUGHES, Gracier L. Bk 13 pg 46
    BRYEANS, Jeff-WHITTINGTON, Elsie Bk 13 pg 59
    BURTON, L.B.-MILLER, Beulah bk 13 pg 201
    BURTAN, William Kemper-PRIESTER, Jane Bk 14 pg 74
    BUNTIN, Virginia- ROBINSON, E. Vincent Bk 14 pg 30
    BURTON, Beulah-COOK, Benjamin Bk 14 pg 317
    BURTON, Juanita-LEWIS, Charles Jr. Bk 15 pg 379
    DILLINGHAM, Miss Eunice-DAUME, Harry E. Bk 9 pg 483
    DILLINGHAM, Miss Luda-CRADER, Earl Bk 11 pg 174
    ESTES, William Edward- SLINKARD, Margaret Bk 9 pg 541
    ESTES, Miss Maudie- TANNER,Nathanal Bk 10 pg. 606
    ESTES, Mrs. Nellie-BURNS, T.J. Bk 9 pg 79
    ESTES, Kato L.-PIERCE, Rosco M. Bk 11 pr 420
    ESTES, Everett-WATSON, Elizabeth Bk 14 pg 44
    ESTAS, Clint Harald-HANEY, Anna Mae Bk 15 pg 588
    ESTES, Fannie Rea-THURSTAN, Harry Allen Bk 15 pg 524
    Submitted by Dona Burnett Poster-#-89-

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