Scott County, Missouri - Marriage Book 1 - 1840 - 1855

Scott County, Missouri

Marriage Records of Scott Co., Missouri
Book 1 - 1840 - 1855

Contributed by: Janeth Hargis


Archibald Austin m. Louisiana Reeders (bride of St. Genevieve Co.), Nov. 7, 1841, by Jesse Smith.

Calvin Adams m. Amanda Montgomery, June 24, 1847, by John Barnes J.P.

Jerusha Marshall m. Samuel Andrews, Aug. 8, 1847, by Green B. Greer J.P.

Hannah Andrews m. Peter Schaefer (Shaffer), April 14, 1844, by Morris Moore MG by consent of David Andrews.

Daniel D. Adams m. Angeline Strong, Sept. 30, 1847, by Madison Adams MG. M.E. so.

John J. Adams m. Delila Hardy, April 16, 1848, by Madison Adams MG. M.E. so.

Mrs. Angeline Adams m. David C. Allen, December 30, 1849, by John Barnes J.P.

Wm C. Bowman m. Catharine C. Montgomery, Feb. 20. 1851, by J. M. Proctor M.E. so.

Benjamin Carpenter m. Eliza Neely, February 18, 1841, by John Neely J.P., bride daughter of John Neely.

Sarah M. Carpenter m. Preston Moore, Sept. 10, 1844, by Benjamin Benefield J.P.

Sarah Carpenter m. Jonathan Morgan, Dec. 7, 1848, by Wm E. Bowman J.P.

Lucinda Welborn m. William Cassels, Jan. 5, 1840, by Uriel Haw M.E. Church.

James W. Childers m. Elenor Wright, June 25, 1841, by John Brown J.P.

William J. Carpenter m. Lucinda Gladden, Janurary 19, 1851, by Fletcher Sillman M.E. so.

John W. Carpenter m. Nancy Jane Neeley, Sept. 28, 1853, by Issac Hunter J.P.

Alonzo Clark m. Mary J. Ancell, Feb. 28, 1854, by Alexander Waugh J.P.

Elizabeth Adams m. William Foster, April 9, 1848, by Wm Hamilton J.P.

Araminta Rasberry m. Patrick Tobin, May 14, 1854, by George W. Taylor J.P.

John W. Marshall m. Rebecca Andrews, April 16, 1843, by Morris Moore MG

John Montgomery m. Mary Hardy, September 24, 1844, by Alexander Waugh J.P.

John Montgomery m Ruth Adams, August 9, 1846, by Alexander Waugh J.P.

Caroline Rasberry m. Andrew Jackson Meridith, May 21, 1848, by Wm E. Bowman J.P.

William Marshall m. Mary Mathews, March 13, 1853, by Isaac Hunter J.P.

Samuel Marshall m. Martha Turner, August 21, 1853, by Isaac Hunter J.P.

John Welbourn m. Frances Rasberry, March 23, 1843, by S. Applegate J.P.

John Welbourn m. Parmelia Babcock, Jan. 2, 1840, by John Brown J.P.

Lewis Norman m. Parmelia Welbourn, October 17, 1842, by Thos. W. Anderson MG Baptist.

Lucinda Rasberry m. John Silman, Nov. 19, 1843, by John Brown J.P.

Matilda Raspberry m. Daniel Payton, Dec. 23, 1850, by George Pettit J.P.

William Rasberry m. Mary A. Shaw, April 23, 1846, by Wm. Sheppard J.P.

Asa Rasberry m. Nancy Stringer, September 24, 1848, by Edward B. Kelso J.P.

Asa Rasberry m. Mrs. Mary Hughes, December 14 1852, by Isaac Hunter J.P.

Thomas Rasberry m. Catharine S. Woods, May 22, 1853, by John Barnes J.P.

James M. Oaks m. Elizabeth Owensby, December 29, 1853, by Thomas G. Rhodes J.P.

Malinda Adams m. Benjamin F. Payne, November 3, 1853, by John Barnes J.P.

William Andrews m. Mary Watkins, Sept. 17, 1854, by Isaac Hunter J.P.

Ephriam Lemley m. Margaret McDaniel, May 4, 1842, by John Barnes J.P.

Ephriam Lemley m. Nancy A. Pritchett, March 15, 1857, by Bartlett R. Conyers J.P.

Henderson Winchester m. Mary Ellis, May 29, 1842, by Edmund Branscumb MG Baptist

Henderson Winchester m. Rachel Boutwell, June 5, 1847, by Wm. E. Bowman J.P.

William Winchester m. Nancy Taylor, Aug. 12, 1841, by Melville Wiley MG

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