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Miscellaneous Scott County, MO Marriages

Various Contributors

        The following marriage information has been contributed by many Scott County researchers.  The name of each contributor is listed with the marriage information. 

Updated:   January 8, 2001

Marriage records are listed alphabetically by groom's last name.

Brown, Sartin Moses to Mary Jane Jenkins- November 19, 1903
Vanduser, Scott County, Missouri
Contributed by:  Donna L. Brown (9/13/99)

Cantree, Clifford L.   to Eliza Tate - April 24, 1936
(both of Sikeston)  (Book 14, Page 146)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Cantrell, Ephriam to Manth Daven - 16 Mar. 1848
Bk 1 page 103
Contributed by: JoAnn Cantrell

Cantrell, George to Eva Mary Vessels - 24 July 1908
Bk 8 page 352
Both lived Bledgett, Scott Co., MO
Eva Mary under age 18 dau.of J.V.Vessels
Contributed by: JoAnn Cantrell

Cantrell, John W. to Mollie Robertson - 30 June 1889
Bk. 5 page 206
Contributed by: JoAnn Cantrell

Cantrell or Cutrell, Lora H. (under age 18 dau of J.S.Cantrell) to Warren M. Conley - 22 Apr.1911
Bk 9, page 50
Contributed by: JoAnn Cantrell

Cantrell, Mrs. Mollie to Rodillus Y. Guthrie -12 Mar. 1905
Bk 8 page 1
Contributed by: JoAnn Cantrell

Cantrell, William C. to Ella Fraulklin -12 Dec. 1886
Bk 5, page 45

Contributed by: JoAnn Cantrell

Cantwell, Newton to Tillie Jackson - 9 Apr. 1862
Newton son of Mark Cantwell
Bk 2, page 20
Contributed by: JoAnn Cantrell

Clemons, William J. ,   Sikeston to Sarah Faye Price - Mar 15, 1947
(Book 17, Page 260)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Cline, Curtis H. to Marie R. Price - Nov 02, 1935
Married by C. F. Transue in Sikeston, Missouri (Book 14, Page 76)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Cline, Denton (Chaffee) to Ruth Perry (Bell City)- Jan 20, 1939
(Book 15, Page 11)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

CouchMelvin (Sikeston) to June Lott (Bertrand) - Aug 17, 1939
(Book 15, Page 117)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Couch, Otis (Sikeston) to Vivian M. Bunch (Sikeston) - Nov 1, 1941
(Book 15, Page 475)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Dark, Wesley  to Mary Ward (or Ware) - 25 July 1869
Contributed by:  Diane Provost (5/13/98)

Davenport,  Mr. Harrison C. to Miss Mary E. Taylor - March 10, 1867
Married--On the 10th of March, 1867, by John R. Swan, Esq., Mr. Harrison C. Davenport to Miss Mary E. Taylor, both of Scott County, MO.
Contributed by:  Commerce Historical Society  (3/11/98)

Davis, John F.  to Mrs. Charity F. Ware -10 Feb 1892
md-at Ira Taylor's
Contributed by:  Diane Provost (5/13/98)

Davis, Oliver to Mary Morris - 6 Apr 1901
Both of Scott Co, Missouri
Contributed by:  Mary Goldman (2/5/98)

Davis, Wilson W. to Mary Elizabeth Grantham – 17 January 1918
both 20 years of age, married by Ordained Preacher L. D. Nichol
in Benton, Scott County, MO; recorded by Deputy A. L. Marshall,
Recorder of Deeds Lee J. Welman; Book 9, page 288
Contributed by: Donna Falloon (9/1/99)

Doublin to Niew *Note this should be NEW - 29 November 1866
Marriage Records Scott County, MO, Page Page 107-108
State of Missouri
County of Scott
I do hereby certify that on the 29th day of  November 1866 I did join in Marriage Mr. William T. Doublin to Miss Polly Ann  Niew both of the County of Scott and State of Missouri.
Signed J.H. Norrid
Justice of the Peace
Contributed by: Bette (New) Sousa (1/30/00)

Dougherty, Mr. J. W. to Miss W. F. Price, both of Scott County - Feb 28, 1861
At the residence of the bride's father, T.H. Price, near Commerce, Scott County, Mo., by the Rev. A. Tucker
Contributed by: Commerce Historical Society   (2/25/98)

Edmonds, Will and Miss Emma Robertson - December 21, 1910
were married at Benton on the 21st ult. (December 1910).
Contributed by:  Commerce Historical Society  (3/11/98)

Greer, Lilbourne married Druzilla Louise Pratt - 8/9/1880
in Sikeston
Contributed by:  JoAnn Daniel  (4/17/98)

JamesMitchell Clay to Sadie Rettig - May 23, 1945
(Book 17, Page 07)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Jenkins, Francis Marion to Ada Belle Morris - 13 Mar 1895
Both of Scott Co, Missouri
Contributed by:  Mary Goldman (2/5/98)

King, D.H. to Mary Ann Forrest - Dec 13, 1860
Both of Scott County, married in Commerce, MO.
Contributed by: Commerce Historical Society   (2/25/98)

Leach, Oscar to Mary E. Scott - September 12, 1891
Oscar Leach of New Madrid who is over the age of twenty-one years and Mary E. Scott of Scott County, who is under the age of eighteen years, (the mother of said Mary E. Scott, Nancy D. Squires, giving her consent in writing to said marriage) did at Benton in said County on the 12th of September, 1891 unite in Marriage by Charles A. Leedy, Probate Judge.
Contributed by:  Dru West (2/5/98)

Marrs, Wm. P.  to Mre. E.A. Ware - 13 Sept. 1888
R-both of Deihlstadt, Scott Co., MO, Married at Deihlstadt
Contributed by:  Diane Provost (5/13/98)

McAllister, Roy to Nellie Cecelia Cornwell - 5 Mar 1921
Scott Co, Missouri
Contributed by:  Mary Goldman (2/5/98)

McCormick, John Robert to Phoebe Ann Morris - 21 Jun 1901
Both of Scott Co, Missouri
Contributed by:  Mary Goldman (2/5/98)

McDonough, Mr. Robert to Miss Letitia Buckener - March 21,1861
Married-at the Parrott House, in Benton, MO., on the 21st inst. (March 21,1861) by the Rev. A Rucker, Mr. Robert McDonough to Miss Letitia Buckener, both of Scott County, MO

Contributed by:  Commerce Historical Society  (3/11/98)

Morris,George Lafe to Hazel Belle Cornwell - 21 Nov 1925
Both of Morehouse, Missouri-Mary Cornwell, Mother of Bride Consents
Contributed by:  Mary Goldman (2/15/98)

Myrick, Bedford to Sarah Elizabeth Thomeson- 16 Apr 1876
Scott MO
Contributed by: GTaylor (2/00)

Parker, William to Eva Morris - 27 May 1911
Oran, Missouri-Scott Co--Growden Missouri
Contributed by:  Mary Goldman (2/5/98)

Phelps, Jeremiah J. to Miss Bettie (Martha E. Harmon) Harmon - 12 January 1875
Married at residence of bride's father William Harmon
S.O.Scofield,Wtn, John R.Gibbs, Andrew J. Greer.
Contributed by:  Mary Goldman (2/7/00)

Price, Dewey E. to Amy Sylvia Hime / Sikeston - 28 Feb 1948
He was 19, Mother of Groom was Lucille G. Price, she was ?, Mother of Bride was Myrtle Hime, they were married by J. W. Hoffert in the Nazarene Church in Sikeston.
(Book 17, Page 406)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Price, T. L. to Irene Bacher / Sikeston - 17 Dec 1947
He was 41 and she was 36, married by J. W. Hoffert in the Nazarene Church in Sikeston
(Book 17, Page 371)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Qualls, Ambrose to Bessie Epperson (Mary Anna "Bessie" Epperson) - September 16, 1888
In Scott County, Missouri at Mr. Epperson's by Rev.  S. H. Renfro, P.C.:Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder- John M.  Leftwich, Deputy-Charles Leedy.

Contributed by:  Barbara Bishop Stovall (3/29/98)

Stabler, Anton to Teresa Arnold - September 10, 1891
Anton Stabler of Scott County who is over the age of twenty-one years and Teresa Arnold of Scott County who is over the age of eighteen years did at Kelso, Missouri in said county on the 10th of September 1891 unite in marriage, by Rev. F. Klein.
Contributed by:  Dru West (2/5/98)

Tate, Robert Norman (19) to Emma Francis Johnson (25) - Dec 24, 1943
Charles Tate, father of groom gave consent. Married by Rev. Gale Jackson
(Book 16, Page 534)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

TetleyRobert E. (21) to Shirley Evans (16)/Sikeston - Jun 20, 1947
(Book 17, Page 306)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Wallace, Hubert (Sikeston) to Nellie Tate (Mathews) - Mar 22, 1924
(Book 11, Page 525)
Contributed by: Margaret Cline Harmon (2/22/98)

Ware, A.B. to Eliza A. Hodge -12 Feb 1888
R-both of Scott Co., MO
Ned Hodge, stepfather of bride gives consent
Contributed by:  Diane Provost (1/22/98)

Ware, Joseph William to Fannie Elizabeth Forrester Dec 1, 1910  
B-of Scott Co., MO
Md-in Perkins, Scott Co., MO
Contributed by:  Diane Provost (5/13/98)

Ware, Joshua  to Eliza A. Flankard - 11 Dec 1892
md-at Oak Grove School House, b-of Scott Co., MO,
Wit: C.P. Davis & J. W. Davis
Contributed by:  Diane Provost (5/13/98)

Wughes, George W.  to Ruth C. Ware - 29 Nov 1888
G-of Pulaski Co., IL. R-of Scott Co., MO
Md-at res. of J.Q. Delly, Parson
Contributed by:  Diane Provost (5/13/98)

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