Scott County Missouri Miscellaneous Marriages, Contributed by Janeth Hargis

Scott County, Missouri

Miscellaneous Scott County, MO Marriages

Contributed by: Janeth Hargis

        The following information was obtained at the Scott County Court House in Benton, Missouri upon one of our many visits. My husband was kind enough to write this down for me while I researched other marriages. These are miscellaneous marriages who are related to my family which I didn't copy at the time but recorded for future quick reference to obtain a copy of the license. Transcribed and Recorded by me Janeth Hargis.

Groom Bride Book# Page #
Daniel D. Adams to Angeline Strong 1 99
J. B. Austin to Elizabeth Oaks 2 224
Jesse A. Adams to Mary McIntosh 2 223
William H. Congleton to Maggie Austin 2 284
Charles Benefield to Elizabeth M. Lemley 2 95
James Marshall to Mollie Lennox 3 42
George E. Clark to Alice F. Semmes 4 61
James B. Loftin to Claude Crafton 5 10
Albert Adams to Susie E. Denton 5 336
James W. Adams to Florence Lee 6 215
Jesse M. Adams to Leda Daugherty 6 239
Lee W. Loftin to Melissa Ramsey 8 281
James Marshall to Nancy Wyatt A 52
To. C. Adams to Eliza Hayes A 79
Charles Marshall to Mary A. Brown A 151

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