Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church was organized in 1857 as "West Providence United Baptist Church." J. W. Rowe, missionary, under the patronage of the Wyaconda Association, helped organize the church. This location was about one mile east of Gorin, Missouri. Rev. Rowe served as pastor until 1861. Pleasant Grove Baptist Church bequeathed burial lots in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery to Rev. and Mrs. Rowe, and it is there where they are buried. Rev. Rowe was an untiring worker and a pioneer to be noted. A stained glass window on the east side of the current church building was dedicated to Rev. Rowe.

Records of this congregation were irregular from 1861 to 1865.

In early 1865, the Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians worshipped in the Providence School building, a log school house at the location of the current Gorin school buildings. In June 1865, West Providence (the present-day congregation located in Gorin) and Middle Wyaconda united their congregations in Etna, Missouri. During this organization members asked that as a church they make application to the Wyaconda Association for membership. In June 1866, the partnership of the two churches, Middle Wyaconda and West Providence (together known as Etna Baptist Church), dissolved and each congregation returned to their own community. They met again in school houses, mainly Hayden and West Providence. In July 1866, they sent thanks to Presbyterian Brethern at Etna for use of their church for one year. At this time, the congregation from Gorin adopted the name Pleasant Grove. In 1870, Rev. Rowe was once again preaching at Pleasant Grove.

In December 1876, the church asked the clerk to request a number of churches to each send three delegates to a meeting to be held with Pleasant Grove Church on Saturday at 11 o'clock preceding First Sabbath in June, in order to consider organizing a new association within the bounds of Wyaconda.

In November 1886, the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church congregation purchased the Methodist Church South church building and two acres for $300, at the location of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery (also currently referred to as Gorin Cemetery).

The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church congregation purchased the property at their current location in 1898. On July 5, 1902, the current church building was dedicated.

by Janet (Ewing) Deaton
Extracted from Gorin Argus June 13, 1957 and from the Book Gorin 1889-1989

I. Pleasant Grove Baptist Association Annual Meeting Minutes These minutes are for several churches in the association. It appears that about half the member churches are from Scotland Co., and most of the remainder from Clark Co. Thanks to Crystal (cldingler at for the extractions. Generally, several members of each church attended the Association annual meetings and their names, together with pastors, church clerks, visitors, are included in the Minutes.

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