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I started this page as a placeholder for Probate court records. At this time, it is not intended to be complete. If you have any comments concerning these materials please send e-mail to John Slavin at

1.  Probate Court Index. Click HERE for an index of names associated with Scotland County Probate Courts records. Kim Woodhouse kindly provided me with this transcription of the probate index for 1842-1892 which is from Salt Lake City LDS Film #1014535. There are no reference numbers on the index inself, but Kim said it best in her email to me, "I find sometimes that I wonder if my name is within an index, so I thought if people could see it, they would/or wouldn't order the index." Kim says she would love to hear from anyone that finds this index to be useful. She can be reached at

Before I created a live link to this index, I posted it to the Scotland County discussion list. The Scotland County Genealogical Society (SCGS) also has Probate Records and I wanted to see how this list compares. As a result of some comments on the list I can only conclude that there appears to be some errors in the index, but I am going to assume they are errors in the LDS index, not Kim's abstraction. One commentator on the list noted as follows: "Apparently the LDS microfilm was compiled from a different book or list than the one we have at SCGS. Our index has the file and case numbers for each case. Some of the names, especially the names of minors, are entered differently, but I don't see that as a big problem. The probate index should be a great help to researchers. If anyone sees a name they are interested in, I would be willing to post the file and case number so they could write for information. I can't see that the LDS film would be that helpful, except to find names. The case files are where all the information is found. Just one person's opinion. No, I don't know that the SCGS file is more accurate. I would say that the LDS index may have come from entries in the minute books. That would account for the difference in the way some of the names were recorded. The SCGS copy is not in computer form that I'm aware of, unless the Probate Office has a computer copy. The errors that I'm finding in the LDS index are probably due to difficulty reading the handwriting.Thanks. Joanne Aylward" If you'd like to ask Joanne for some help, I would suggest that you subscribe to the Scotland County Discussion list HERE.

As a result of the positive comments, I decided to go ahead and post this probate index. But as with most things in this area, take it with a wholesome grain of salt. It should not be the end all, but simply another source or lead that will need to be verified and tracked down.
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