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Surnames beginning with "N"

Map# Township
Section Surname Given Name Acres Comment
16T64R1024 N. A. 10  
12T65R1014 N. D. 4  
8T66R103 N. W. G. 6  
2T67R1228 Nair Jno. 40  
2T67R1229 Nair Jno. 20  
13T64R133 Nair John 19.44  
13T64R1310 Nair John 28.42  
15T64R1133 Nauson Jas. S. 432  
11T65R1115 Neal R. 40  
11T65R1120 Neal W. 9 8/9  
6T66R1233 Needham L. 25  
11T65R1115 Neel W. 40  
11T65R1116 Neel W. 207 (Includes School)
14T64R1214 Neese A. 170  
14T64R1214 Neese J. 30  
14T64R1228 Neese Z. J. 80 School #2 located on SE corner.
4T67R1029 Neil A. 60  
15T64R1131 Nelson B.J. F. 105.77  
8T66R106 Newhouse Sarah 87.88  
1T67R1334 Newland Jno. 80  
10T65R1228 Newman J. H. 142.5  
11T65R1131 Nichols N. A. 50  
2T67R1231 Noble J. 40  
2T67R1232 Noble J. 80  
7T66R1128 Noble J. 40  
7T66R1129 Noble J. 40  
2T67R1232 Noble J. D. 40  
6T66R125 Noble J. D. 54.1  
7T66R1121 Noble Jno. 40  
7T66R1121 Noble T. W. 60  
7T66R1128 Noble W. & W. F. 20  
7T66R1121 Noble W. F. 60  
9T65R1334 North M. 40  
9T65R1315 North S. B. 40  
8T66R1031 Northcraft W. F. 20  
14T64R128 Northrup E. 40 Connected to tract in section 9.
14T64R129 Northrup E. 80 Connected to tract in section 8.
14T64R128 Northrup S. M. 40  
10T65R1234 Norton I. W. 160  
14T64R1217 Norton S. D. 20  
14T64R1230 Norton S. D. 100  
10T65R1212 Nuckols E. E. 80  
10T65R1213 Nuckols E. E. 80  
11T65R117 Nuckols E. E. 25 (incl. Cemetery)
13T64R131 Nuckols E. T. 24.55 Estate
10T65R1229 Nuckols E. T. 120 Estate
8T66R104 Nutter W. G. 160  
8T66R1011 Nutter W. G. 15  

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