Ralls County Schools

Ralls County Schools

This is a going research of the history and locations of Ralls County Schools. Each update dated on end of document. 

Both active and historic Ralls Schools are listed. County school district number lists the first 72 and the rest are schools found in other sources. Also shown is the location by political township and by section-township-range

I have note some added some information articles and pictures in the listings what have in my files.

If you have any added information, articles or pictures on this school please e-mail Ron Leake [email protected] or contact a member of the Ralls County Historical Society.

  1. Ilasco; Saverton twp. 11-56-4 (also known as Marble Creek) Marble Creek; 11-56-4 Shown in Topozone.com and 1904 atlas just southeast of Ilasco school location and because part of that consolidated district. Hannibal “Courier-Post” clipping photo of Marble Creek 1925 or 1929 students, clipping date unknown.

  2. Mills Creek; Saverton twp. 8-56-4 (5-56-4 1913 map)

  3. Oakwood; A Fractional school with school in Oakwood (also known as Tilden #3)

  4. Hydesburg; Clay twp. 9-56-5 

  5. Rensseleaer; Clay twp.10/11-56-6 (also known as Big Creek) 5a. A small Big Creek log school built in 1827. 5b. After 1830 a replacement was built near the present Big Creek Cemetery. 5c. After 1849 a frame replacement was built near the second building. Van Renssleaer Academy a private school used later as a public school had three different buildings. The first built in 1852, second in 1866 and ca 1913.

  6. Huntington; Clay twp. Jasper twp. 8-56-6

  7. Hassard; Saline twp. 15-56-7 (Undated photo of School)

  8. Monroe City; A Fractional school with school in Monroe City, Monroe Co MO.)

  9. Hereford; Saline twp. 28-56-7 (Goldena Howard book  shows 29-56-7) 

  10. Gentry; Saline twp 26-56-7

  11. Sidney; Clay twp. 29-56-6. In a 1944 article it was “Brush Creek” and states that there were three schools. The first was built on the “George Whitecotton Farm” and the third was stone and standing in 1944.  First school burned, second was stone, Third[1](also spelled as Sydney and Sedney in some sources. It also called Brush Creek because of a creek and church near by.) (ca. 1916 photo of students and front of “stone” school

  12. Spalding; Clay twp. 25/26-56-6 (First school built in 1868 at “Spalding Park” ¼ east of last location. Last School completed in 1884[2] (photo 1881 and 1902 students. Hagood photo) History of “The Paragon” yearbook of Rensselaer High School. I have copies of the Hagood's file of students from ca 1882)

  13. Sunnydside; Clay twp. 29-56-5

  14. Watson; Clay twp. 23-56-5

  15. Ocean Wave;  Clay twp. 13-56-5

  16. Flint Hill; Saverton twp. 29-56-4 (“Hannibal Courier-Post” March 3, 1993, photo clipping of 1933 students)

  17. Oak Hill; Saverton twp. 26-56-4 Built in 1890, but burned down twin by “The Lost Hollow” people. Finally finished 1892. Expanded to two rooms in 1930’s. In 1958 consolidated with Ilasco[3]  (Oakridge in TopoZone.com. Also See Lost Hollow

  18. Saverton; Saverton twp. 19-56-3 (may be more than one locations) (pictures of the last three known different schools from Mrs. Eichenberger)

  19. Centenary; Saverton 33-56-3 (also shown as Fools Creek on 1904 atlas and school map)

  20. Bush; A fractional school with school in Pike Co.) (also found as Busch.)

  21. Barnard; Saverton twp. 5-55-3

  22. Salt River; Saverton twp. 1-55-4

  23. New London; Spencer twp. 23a. New London Academy also known as New London Male and Female Academy. Building later used as public grade school, 23b. New London public, built 1892 and still stands, 23c. Douglas; Negro school on south side of east forth street in New London)

  24. Doe Run;  Spencer twp. 3-55-5 (two different schools,  White & Negro)

  25. Bethel; Spencer twp. 5-55-5

  26. Webster; Center twp.2-55-6 (at least two locations) (photo 1919/20 students and front of school, “Ralls Co. Herald-Enterprise photo clipping of 1939 students, date of clipping unknown) also photo before torn down)

  27. Lindwood; Saline twp. 5-55-6 (also known as Ely and Log School both may have been in different locations)

  28. Rock Lick; Saline twp. 23-55-7 (Goldena Howard book shows 23-55-7) 

  29. Madden; Saline twp. 4-55-7

  30. Mount Pleasant; Saline twp. 16-55-7

  31. Yager;  Saline twp. 14-55-7 (also know as Yeagar)

  32. Johnson; Center twp. 20-55-6 (Goldena Howard book shows 2-55-6)  (picture of students and teacher. Note on back says, “Lill Coontz taught two terms of school at Johnson.  September 1906 and 1907. No other information

  33. Magnolia; Center twp. 24-55-6

  34. Prairie View; Spencer twp. 16-55-5

  35. Brush Creek; Spencer twp. 23-55-5

  36. Rock Point; Spencer twp. Spanish land grant #3076, lot #6-55-4 

  37. Haden; Spencer twp.14-55-4  “Ralls Co. Herald-Enterprise” July 24, 1997 clipping of photo from 1924, the school is shown as Hayden)

  38. Mud Lick; Spencer twp., 29-55-4 (also found as Mud Lake in some sources)

  39. Salem; Spencer twp. 28/33-55-5 (moved back and forth over line. The old church was used as a school)

  40. Center; Center twp. 40a. Two room frame later rooms added. 40b. early brick ca 1899. 40c. Old high and grade. 40d. Present grade over old high & Grade

  41. Frazer; Center twp. 33-55-6 (ca 1895 photo)

  42. St. Paul; Center twp.  Two locations: 31-55-6 and old school at 32-55-6 was at built 1857 16x15 ft. and1882 an 16 ½ x 16 ½ ft. additions was added. [4]. The old school was closed in 1919 and the newer was likely opened then. Old building was thrown down in December 1921. (A history of school in my files) (photo 1909/10, Alice Calhoun photo)

  43. Norton; Salt River twp. 27?-55-7 (in corner of 27, 27, 33 & 34 unsure of which)

  44. Mudd; (Factional School with Monroe Co. school in Monroe Co.)

  45. Greenlawn; Salt River twp. 9-54-7 (8-54-7 1878 atlas. It is believed to have been moved to Greenlawn later) (three photos of students ca 1916 and later. One of building just before torn down)

  46. Irvine; Salt twp. 23-54-7 (photos; ca 1900 Tom Biggers photo, 1906 photo of students and side of school my photo, 1911 photo of students & teacher, R. A Wells, my photo, 192? students. 

  47. Gatson; Salt River twp. 11-54-7 (photos ca 1924-26 of students)

  48. Orrwood; Jasper twp. 18-54-6 (Also known as Noonan) (1941 and 1942 photos of students and side of building.

  49. Oakdale; Center twp. 15-54-6 1885 clipping photo of 1885 students, clipping date unknown, photo sent by late Averil Beshears)

  50. Swell Head; Center twp. 1-54-6 (Goldena Howard book shows 1-54-6) 

  51. Madisonville; Jasper twp. 8-54-5 (A John Epperson was conducted and called school under the Hill.[5]

  52. Seely; Jasper twp. 10-54-5

  53. Scott; (Factional School with school in Pike Co.)

  54. Bridgewater;  Jasper twp. 28-54-5 (29-54-5 on 1904 atlas all other shows 28-54-5)

  55. Cross Lane; Jasper Twp. 25-54-6 (late photo)

  56. West Hartford; Jasper twp 32-54-6 (three photos ca. 1924 from Linda Sue Galloway)

  57. Perry; Salt River twp. 57a. An early school was at the west end of Main Street. 57b. An early school at present site St. Williams church (Picture on building and boy standing in front, Tom Biggers photo), 57c. School on the west side of town (more research needed) 57d Grade and High, 57e. Strother Institute (several photos) a private school in Perry. The building was used later as Public. 57f. Negro School north of Perry

  58. Wommack; (Factional School with in Monroe Co.)

  59. Fagan; Salt River twp. 8-53-7 (Picture of old and new building ca. 1916, form Wayne Clark. “Twainland Herald-Enterprise” May 21, 1987 clipping of students, Two late photos also)

  60. Muldrow; Salt River twp. 11-53-7

  61. Lone Prairie; Jasper twp. 8-53-6 (district Organized in spring of 1892 and 1892-93 first classes. In 1922 vestibule removed from inside building. A front porch added in 1928. Remodeled in 1930’s, 1948) and electric lights 1953. Closed May 22, 1959[6]) 1907 photo of students and building at distant. 1922-23 photo also. A history in my files)

  62. Butler; Jasper twp. 11-53-6 (Also known as Fowler)

  63. Brice;  Jasper twp. 8-53-5

  64. Rose; (Factional School with school in Pike Co.)

  65. Prairie Lane; (Factional School with school in Pike Co.)                                                                 

  66. Round Grove; Jasper twp. 29-53-5

  67. Nadine;  (also known as Colvert 1914 soil map) (After being part of the Butler District in April 1882 formed a separate district and built a school[7]. Jasper twp. 27-53-6

  68. Bear Branch; Jasper 29-53-6

  69. Oak Grove; NO INFORMATION

  70. Hutchison; Jasper twp. 26-53-7 (1908 picture of students and front of building. My collection) 

  71. Neville; Jasper twp. 27-53-7

  72. Piddletown; Salt River twp. 29-53-7 (also known as Spratswell) (1890 photo of students and front of school)

  73. Cave Spring; Jasper (12-54-6)

  74. Ely; (Salt River 3-53-7) Linwood was also known as Ely (Ely#2)

  75. Lick Creek 1?; Tom Gallaher tells of two early schools in the Lick Creek area which later became Perry. More research needed)

  76. Lick Creek 2? (see above)

  77. Little Brick School; 11-55-6 An antebellum subscription school said to have been on a hill south of the Asher Bridge. It was use as late as 1889 for church meetings. Found in 1879 atlas but not in 1904. Mentioned a number of times and location shown in “Diary of Laura Effa Roland”

  78. Lost Hollow; An early log school, that was destroyed by a fire, a mile and half from Oak Hill school, which it replaced. Full page article and photos of history of school in October 10, 1992 Hannibal “Courier-Post”

  79. Medical School or College; Tom Gallaher’s articles tells of a school for Doctors south of Perry and a Gazette speaks of a college in western Ralls Co. It is unclear yet if this is two different schools or not.

  80. Cave Springs; An antebellum school that was said to have been used both as a church and school, probably log.

  81. Negro School; In the woods draining into School House Hollow at Spalding in Goldena Howard book  

  82. Negro School;  Saline twp. At Hassard near Spooner’s Corner

  83. Negro School; Clay twp.14-56-6 in 1904 atlas.

  84. Mark Twain High School; Center twp. 25-55-6

  85. Mt. Prairie; East of Perry, but have been in Monroe Co.

  86.  Dr. Ruby and wife came from Louisiana MO and built the house on the farm, which John Waterston sold to J. C. Berrey a few years ago. Mrs. Ruby conducted school in a log house adjoining their new residence. At the close of the was Dr. Ruby, who was undoubtedly a northern sympathizer, found himself most unpopular in a community intensely southern and Tom Cleaver, Reuben Underwood and James Fry were deputized to take Dr. Ruby and his wife back to Louisiana.[8] In  1946 Atlas J. C. Berry owned land 20-54-7.[9] 

  87. Cold Spring [10]

  88. A subscription school attended by Joshua Briggs circa 1847, about 2 ½ miles south of Center on a hill close to Drury Eads.[11] 

  89. Sugar Creek; Five miles north of Center as early as 1830 also used as a Christian church[12]



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07/24/2002 Ron Leake

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