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Churches with cemeteries at their locations have the number of the cemetery from the cemetery list in ( )

  **** Unknown Location 

  1. Antioch Baptist; Saverton twp. 9-56-4 (With Cemetery #5)

  2. Ariel Christian; Saline twp. 6-55-6 (two known locations) (With Cemetery #6)

  3. Bethel Baptist or Baptist Church of Jesus at Bethel; 5-55-5 Spencer twp. (two known location and At lease three buildings) (With Cemetery)

  4. Bethel Christian; Spencer twp. 5-55-5 (building razed)

  5. Bethlehem Baptist; Saline twp. 34-56-7  (With Cemetery  #12)

  6. Big Creek Presbyterian or Presbyterian Church of Big Creek; Clay twp. 11-56-6 (two? Locations and two buildings) 

  7. Centenary Methodist; Saverton twp. 33-56-3 (With Cemetery #27)

  8. Center Baptist; Center twp., in Center city limits (Three locations and three buildings)

  9. Center Methodist; Center twp., In Center city limits (two buildings, first destroyed by fire)

  10. Christís Mission; Spencer twp. in New London city limits (No building) still active?

  11. Cincinnati M. E.; Saline twp. 8-55-6 (torn down 1922)

  12. Corinth Baptist; Salt River twp. 26-53-7 (razed 1978) (With Cemetery #30)

  13. Cross Road Assembly of God Church; 14-55-4 (destroyed by fire) 

  14. Cross Roads Methodist; 2-55-6 (raze 1959)

  15. De Moss Methodist; Saline twp. 33-56-7 (two buildings, both gone)  (With Cemetery #34)

  16. Dr. Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran church of Ilasco; Saverton twp. 11-56-4 (torn down by 1975)

  17. Elmwood Methodist; 34-56-4 (torn down about 1910) 

  18. Fern Chapel Methodist; 6-53-6 (torn down in the last few years. Ca 1999/2000)  (With Cemetery#44)

  19. Flint Hill Baptist; 28-56-4 (destroyed by fire) (With Cemetery #46)

  20. Greek Uniate Catholic; Saverton twp. 1-56-4 (torn down??)

  21. Greenlawn Methodist; Salt River twp. 9-54-7 (still standing)  (With Cemetery #58)

  22. Hassard Union; 10 or 15-56-7 Saline twp. (In village of Hassard, torn down)

  23. Hays Creek Christian; Jasper twp. 32-54-5 (still standing)  (With Cemetery #64)

  24. Holy Cross Catholic; Saverton twp. 2 or 11-56-4 Ilasco (still standing)

  25. Huntington Christian; 8-56-6

  26. Hydesburg M. E.; Clay twp. 4-56-5 (three buildings, last still standing)  (With Cemetery #69)

  27. Hydesburg Negro Church; Clay twp. 5-56-5  (razed, shown on 1904 Ralls Co. Atlas)

  28. Ilasco Methodist; Saverton twp. 11-56-4 (still standing?) see Saverton Methodist        

  29. Ilasco Nazarene; Saverton twp.? -56-4 (razed before 1975, church rebuilt in Marion Co., (still standing)

  30. Liberty Christian; Jasper twp. 22-53-6 (burned in 1937)

  31. Lick Creek Christian; Salt River twp. 34-54-7 (torn down in 1927. It was just south of Perry on present Lick Creek Cemetery. The congregation moved to Perry Christian) (With Cemetery #79)

  32. Lick Creek Presbyterian; Salt River twp. In Perry city limits  (two buildings, second still sanding. The first services were held in an old School house south of Perry, shared by Baptist, Presbyterian and Christian congregations)

  33. Little Brick School, Center twp. 2? -55-6 Christian Services; A subscription school also used as a Church. It was on the first hill south of Asher Bridge

  34. Madisonville Presbyterian; Jasper twp. 18-54-4(razed)

  35. Marble Creek; Saverton twp. 14-56-4; (razed?)

  36. Mt Hope Christian; Salt River twp. 27-55-7 (still standing) Norton Christian; Found in Deed Book C, when Otis Newell donated land near the old Norton School for the erection of a Christian Church. Also know as Mt Hope. NOT CONNECTED TO NORTON CEMETERY

  37. Mt. Prairie Presbyterian; Salt River twp. 3? -53-7 one mile south of Perry Closed in the early or middle1800ís)

  38. Mt Sterling Cumberland Presbyterian; Spencer twp. (Spanish Land grant #3076 55-5) (was still standing a few years ago, but was in bad shape) (With Cemetery #93)

  39. New London Baptist #1; Spencer twp. in New London city limits. Formed early in the 1820ís. No information on building unknown at present. No connection to present Church #2)

  40. New London Baptist; Spencer twp. in New London city Limits. (Two building and locations, last still standing)

  41. New London Christian; (Spencer twp. in New London city limits. still Standing)

  42. New London First Christian: Spencer twp. in New London city limits (three buildings at same location, last still standing)

  43. New London Methodist; Spencer twp. in New London city limits (still standing)

  44. New London Second Baptist; Spencer twp. in New London city limits (two buildings)

  45. Oakland (New) Baptist; Saline twp. (With Cemetery #99)

  46. Oakland (Old) Saline twp. (two buildings and two locations, cemetery moved by Corp. of Engineers to new church and other locations (With Cemetery #98)

  47. Ocean Wave Christian: on Hannibal- New London road (razed and present Ocean Wave community building on location)

  48. Old School Flint Hill Baptist; Saverton twp. 28-56-4 (two building on same location)

  49. Olivet Christian; Center. Center twp. in Center city limits. See Sugar Creek (standing in Center)

  50. ****Christian Church; Center twp. There was Christian a church two mile southwest of Center, which is shown on the abstract books. See Howardís History of Ralls CO. page 180

  51. Pentecost Church or Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ;

  52. Perry Baptist; Salt River twp. in Perry city limits (two building on same location)

  53. Perry Christian; Salt River twp. in Perry city limits (two building on same location the last is still standing)

  54. Perry Presbyterian:  Salt River twp. in Perry city limits. (Two building on same location the last is still standing)

  55. Pleasant Grove Christian; Center twp.  35-55-7 (still stand, but converted to a house) (with cemetery #104)

  56. Prairie View Christian; 27-53-7 Salt River twp. (moved to Mexico by Audrain Co, Historical Society)

  57. Rensselaer African Methodist Episcopal; Clay twp. (building torn down in 1938)

  58. Rensselaer Christian; Clay twp. 3-56-6 (burned Aug. 8, 1941, replacement used by Solid Rock Baptist, still standing)

  59. St. Joseph Catholic; Spencer twp. in New London city limits. (Still standing, but not used as a church since the 1950ís)

  60. St. Paul Catholic; Center twp.  31-55-6 (three buildings in same location, last still standing) (With Cemetery #121)

  61. St. Peterís or Brush Creek Catholic; Saline twp.  30-56-6 (two building at same location, last still standing, but not used) (With Cemetery #19)

  62. St. Williams/Immaculate Conception; Salt River twp. in Perry city limits. In both are in Perry, Immaculate Conception built first and was replaced by St. Williams, both in same location

  63. Salem Baptist; Spencer twp. 3 mile east of Center. 28-55-55 (five building and three known locations in the same area) (With Cemetery #112)

  64. Salt Lick Baptist; Clay twp. 25-56-6 (still standing) (with a cemetery #115)

  65. Salt River Baptist; Clay twp. 28-56-6 (closed in 1848) (With Cemetery #139)

  66. Salt River Christian; Saverton twp.  35-56-4 (three buildings and locations) (second destroyed by fire February 5, 1996)

  67. ***Saverton Methodist; Saverton twp. Joined with Ilasco to form Ilasco-Saverton United Methodist

  68. Solid Rock Baptist; Saverton twp. Uses replacement building of Rensselaer Christian. (still standing)

  69. Spencer Creek Baptist; Jasper twp.  15-53-6 (still standing)

  70. ***Spencer Creek Christian; Center or Jasper twp. a log school with a black congregation, south of Center, near Madisonville. A white stone Church with a black congregation was on the present Weldon Ross farm south of Center may have been the second building of this church.

  71. Steward-Carter Temple, Church of God in Christ; Spencer twp. in New London twp. On depot street New London

  72. ***Sugar Creek Christian: Center twp. north of Center later became Olivet (three buildings and locations

  73. Trinity Lutheran; Center twp. 36-55-7

  74. Union Chapel Christian; Jasper twp. (With Cemetery #127)