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DIRECTIONS: From Crocker, Mo take U Hiway 5.5 miles and turn left on BB Hiway. Go 2.3 miles to Brooklyn Road (Old Keeth Road). Turn left and go 1.8 miles to the second bridge. From there, go .2 miles and stop.  The cemetery is 100 paces to the North, (or left) on a right angle to the gravel road and 15 paces to the left of a small pond bank. It is currently very hard to see because of brush around it. But the Major’s stone is standing errect and facing West.


Major Lee’s is the only stone identifiable in the cemetery.


LEE, John Andrew Jackson Major, Surgeon                 31 Jan 1818 to 4 May 1889

         CoE, 63rd MO. MIL.

LEE, Rachel (Hendrickson)                                          1822 to Unknown

LEE, Infant, ran over by a wagon                                  No Dates

Unidentified Woman, traveler nursed by Mrs Lee          No Dates


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