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DIRECTIONS: Mayfield Cemetery is located on J highway, just off I-44. About 4-5 miles west on J-highway there is a road with a marker Mayfield Cemetery, the road is maintained by the National Forest Service. The road is graveled and goes back into Mark Twain national forest. The road is in bad condition and the Cemetery is over grown and in decay. The Cemetery is located about 5 miles down the gravel road, up and down hills, the cemetery probably has not been visited in many many years. It is not even marked when you arrive, on a hill.

Below are the recorded inscriptions.
There are quite a few that could not be read due to the mold that has collected over the years, but if someone had time to clean them, would be readable.



Bittick, Elizabeth A. 7 Sep 1830 28 Mar 1880 Wife of Wm. R.
Bittick, William R.      
Copeland, Alfred W. 17 Jan 1861 7 Jan 1882 Son of W.J. & Lucinda
Davis, Joshua   30 Aug 1879 Age: About 74 Y
Deer, Charles E.5 Mar 188616 Sep 1886Son of J.W. & L. V.
Deer, John W.1 Mar 18467 Aug 1892Husband of Louisa V.
Deer, Lennie E.31 Mar 188423 June 1891Daughter of J.W. & L.V. Deer
Deer, Louisa V.21 Apr 185029 Jul 1913Wife of John W.
Deer, Robert E.12 Feb 188021 Jun 1880Son of J.W. & L.V.
Deer, Sarah E.2 Mar 189210 Oct 1892Daughter of J. W. & L. V.
Deer, Willie E.30 Jan 1869 26 Jan 1883Son of J. W. & L. V.
Dotson, O.L. 20 Aug 1865 15 Feb 1883  
Lane, W.B.5 Jan 1877 9 July 1891Son of J.E. & M.A.
Logan, Mary 19 Dec 1839 3 Oct 1912 Beloved wife of J. H.
Mayfield, A.S. 22 Jan 1846 1 Dec 1906  
Mayfield, John J. 17 Sep 1881Age: 6Y 9M 10D; Son of A.S. & S.S.
Mayfield, Sarah L.  17 Sep 1881 Age 34Y 5M 29D; Wife of A.S.
Shultz, Christopher A. 18 Jan 1854 16 Apr 1894  
Shultz, William 18 Dec 1883 26 Dec 1884  

About a mile before you get to Mayfield Cemetery there is a single grave on the left side of the road:
Raised Grave built with flat rocks about 3 feet high, National forest service sign with the following:

Eliza Jane Thomas
Nee: Laycook
Wife of Henry Laycook
Died Ca. 1897

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