Pettis County, Missouri: Biographies

Pettis County, Missouri

Mostly extracts from The History of Pettis County, Missouri by Mark A. McGruder - 1919

ASBURY, R. P. : Mr. Asbury was born in Columbia, Boone County. He was the son of J. S. and Mary L. Waters Asbury both also natives of Boone County. J. S. Asbury was the son of Calvin Asbury, a native of Kentucky who came to Boone County in 1824. J. S. Asbury died January 31, 1917. R. P. Asbury married Miss Allie M. Hubbard and two daughters have been born to this union: Era Leone and Clara Louisa.

BARNETT, Paul : He was born August 15, 1888 in Pettis County. He was the son of George W. and Virginia Christy Barnett. George was born in the Licking River Valley, Kentucky. To George W. and Virginia Barnett were born seven children: Bruce; Irene, married Edwin Evans; Carl; George, Paul, Philip and Lawrence. Paul married Miss Letonia Leece in September, 1913. They have one daughter, Jane Christley Barnett.

BARTON, Ira Gilbert, D.D.S : born in Jackson, Jackson Co.,Ohio on December 7, 1874 son of Simon P. and Eliza Wells Barton. Simon and Eliza were the parents of the following: Charles H; Ira Gilbert; William Tullison; Mrs. Minnie Barton Ellis and B. H. Barton.

BENZ, Fred A. : was born on July 30, 1869 in Morgan County, Missouri. He was the son of August and Elizabeth Schnabel Benz, the former a native of Germany, the latter of Illinois. August came to America in 1854 and was married to Miss Elizabeth Schnabul in 1860 in St. Louis. August served in the 5th U.S. Cavalry and was later transferred to the 4th Missouri during the Civil War. August died June 10, 1902 in Lincoln, Missouri. August and Elizabeth were the parents of: Minnie E.; George F., Henry R., Fred A., Louis, William E., James A., and Samuel W. Fred A. m. Miss Susie M. Shively, a native of Pettis county and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Shively. Fred and Susie have one son, George.

BOHLING, John D. : Born in Morgan County, MO on September 30, 1857, the son of Cord and Anna Benke Bohling, both natives of Germany. Cord was born in Germany in 1823. He immigrated to Missouri in 1848, after his marriage to Anna. Cord died September 20, 1862, due to conditions during his Civil War service. Anna died in 1896 at the age of 71. Both are buried in the Henkin Cemetery, in Morgan County. Cord and Anna were the parents of: Sophia, died in infancy; Dr. Henry Bohling, died at the age of 34, near Stover,MO; Herman; John D; Louis; and Dr. Cord Bohling of Sedalia. John D. married Miss Annie Helmig on March 4, 1884. She was the daughter of William S and Catherine Meyer Helmig. John and Annie have one son, Walter Henry Bohling whom married Miss Lillie Earhart. Walter and Henry have two children, Walter Henry and Maria Vivian.

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CARD, J. H. : [History of Pettis Co., 1882] Post office, Houstonia, one of the prosperous farmers. Was born in Cooper County, Mo. on the 9th day of December, 1858. His father, J. D. Card, was one of the early settlers and a native of that county. His paternal grandfather, Josiah H. Card, was also a pioneer there, and was a native of Kentucky. Our subject, Mr. J. H. Card, came to this county, in March, 1880, and engaged in farming. He was married in August, 1881, to Miss Sally A. Howe of Cooper County, a lady of refinement. Mr. Card is now largely engaged in farming. He and his father and brother are conducting a farm of 400 acres and are doing a good business.

CASSIDY, E. G. : A native of Ireland, he came to America with his Father, M. S. Cassidy. In 1879 he married Miss. Kate Rilley, a native of Pettis County. She was the daughter of John Rilley. They had one daughter, Catherin who married John McGrath.

CHASNOFF, Joseph E. : Born August 8, 1889 at Grand Island, Nebraska, son of Moses and Mary Agrant Chasnoff of Sedalia. He died March 9, 1914 in a fire at the Missouri Athletic Club building in St. Louis, Missouri.

CHASNOFF, M. : Born in Smolensk state, Russia October 15, 1862, the son of Misha B. Chasnoff, who died in Russia in 1911. His mother died when he was thirteen. Mr. and Mrs. Misha Chasnoff were the parents of: Dora R, who married H. Davidhoff and lives in Russia; David, died in Russia and his widow and children reside in Sedalia; Mrs. Rachel Safern; M. Chasnoff; Mrs. Anna S. Rosenthal, residing in Sedalia, married to H. E. Milton; Louis of Sedalia. M. Chasnoff came to America in 1882 and came to Sedalia in 1895. He married in Russia in 1882 to Miss Mary T. Agrant. They were the parents of: Jacob; Fannie, who married Morris Phillip; Harry, died at age one; Joseph E; died in St. Louis, March 9, 1914; David H, residing in Sedalia.

COUEY, Eugene W. : born November 30, 1866, son of Silas H. and Amaranda Jones Couey. Silas came to Sedalia from Illinois in 1865. To Silas and Amaranda were born the following children: Alfred, deceased; Minerva, wife of Russell McRarey, Trinidad, Colorado; Laura, wife of Joseph Shackleford, Saline Co.,Missouri; Rudolph, Trinidad, Colorado; Eugene W.; Nora, widow of John Clark, now principal of Columbia School, Trinidad, Colorado; William, Deming, New Mexico; Emory, Lexington, Missouri; Sallie, wife of Hugh Satterwhite, Rocky Ford, Oregon; Russell, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. On January 1, 1891 Eugene married Roza I. Goff, daughter of William and Nancy Goff of Warrensburg, Missouri. Eugene and Roza had four children: Tropha, wife of Norman Bockelman; Bernice, deceased; Edith and Lawrence. They also have a granddaughter, Dorothy Lorine Bockelman.

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DOW, Harvey D. : Born in Georgetown, Pettis County, the son of Alexander and Louisa Dill Dow.

ELMORE, Newton P. : Newton was born in Warsaw, Gallatin County, KY on January 4, 1859, the son of Oliver and Sallie M. Payne Elmore, both natives of Kentucky. Oliver and Sallie moved to Pettis County in 1872. They were the parents of: Newton P.; Bettie who married A. K. Haggard; J. E.; Emma who married James H. McCurdy; Frank B; Oliver; Susie who married O.D. Jenkins and Sallie who married Dr. J. E. Mitchel. Newton Elmore married Miss Mary B. Spears on May 15, 1894. She was the daughter of Dr. H. C. Spears. Newton and Mary had one son, Newton S. who married Mary Allen, daughter of Dr. Clay Allen. Mrs. Mary B. Elmore died January 12, 1918.

EVANS, Charles C. : He was born at Otterville, Cooper County, MO on October 11, 1861, a son of Edwin C. and Betty Joplin Evans. The father was a native of Washington, D.C. and the mother of Richmond, VA. They came to Pettis County in 1878. Charles C. Evans was married on June 25, 1889 to Miss Emma C. Crandell, daughter of O. A. Crandall. Three children have been born to Charles and Emma: Edwin C; Catherine who died at age three; and Clark S.

GIBSON, Judge William Clay : Mr. Gibson was born in Farquier County, VA in 1833 and died at his home near Houstonia in 1880. He was the son of Joseph and Marah Jenkins Gibson, both of whom were born and raised in Virginia. He married Miss Mollie H. Gregg on February 29, 1864. William and Mollie were the parents of Eugene C. Gibson; William Hall Gibson; and Mrs. Grace Mary McConnell, wife of Dr. C. T. McConnell. Miss Mollie H. Gregg was the daughter of Joseph G. Gregg. Joseph was born in April, 1821 in Loudoun County, Virginia the son of John Gregg. Joseph married Miss. M. A. Shephard, daughter of Humphrey Shephard , a native of Virginia who immigrated to Missouri in 1855. The following children were born to Joseph and Mary A. Gregg: Mrs. Mollie H. Gibson; John H., George W., Katie, Joseph J., and Oscar.

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HATTEN, Henry C. : Mr. Hatten was born in Boone County, Missouri on April 15, 1845. In September 1885 he married Mary S. Middleton, dau. of William E. and Amanda Shone Middleton who were natives of Kentucky. Mr. Middleton was born in 1828, died in 1904 and Amanda Shone was born December 21, 1834 and died June 12, 1916. The Middleton's were the parents of six children: Samuel; Mrs. Virginia Elizabeth Cushenberry; Mrs. Sallie N. Elliot; Mrs. Mary S. Hatten and William Trader Middleton. Henry C. Hatten died October 21, 1909.

HEARD, John T. : born in Pettis county October 29, 1840 the son of George Heard and Amanda Gray, dau. of John Gray. Amanda was born January, 1910 in Lebanon, Washington County, Missouri. George Heard was born June 22, 1809 in Lancaster, Garrad Co.,KY. George and Amanda were the parents of: John T. and George C. Heard

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HENDERSON, Mel T. : born in Fayette County, West Virginia on June 1, 1861, the son of Thomas and Mary Gilliam Henderson, both of whom were natives of Virginia. They were the parents of seven children: Sydney, Estie and Julia, deceased; Martha E, wife of George Shorter; William, Granville and Mel T. On September 8, 1889 Mel married Miss Anna C. Porter of Houstonia, Missouri. She was the daughter of B. L. and Addie Porter. The children born to B. L. And Addie Porter were: Mrs. Anna C. Henderson; Maggie, wife of W. A. Block; Emma, wife of W. I. Dishman; Lila Beryl, wife of Henry Summers; Bessie and John died in infancy. Mel T. and Anna Henderson were the parents of: Mary, Sydney B., Melville S., deceased; Paul Y. and Robert Q. Anna Henderson died August 9, 1918.

JOHNS, Samuel Parks : Samuel was born in Prebel County, Ohio on September 1, 1835, the son of Stephen M and Sarah Parks Johns. Stephen was the son of John Johns, a native of Pennsylvania. John died in Parke County, Indiana at the age of 79. John was the son of James Johns who died in 1824 in Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio at the age of 82. James was a son of the first immigrant of the family who came from Wales to America in 1735 and was a Quaker who followed in the footsteps of William Penn. Stephen and Sarah were the parents of: Samuel; Catherine; John; Emanuel; Thomas; Martha, wife of Theodore Tunison; Robert; Owen; Stephen M.; Sarah Alice, wife of C. W. Wallace; and Joseph. Samuel married Margaret Ann White on February 1, 1850. Margaret was from Waveland, Indiana. Samuel and Margaret were the parents of Laura A 1863-1881; William M.; Samuel Parks Jr.; R. M. Johns; and Margaret, wife of E. C. Emmert.

JOHNSTON, Elijah E. : Born in Coles Co.,Illinois, the son of William B and Josephine Adams Johnston. William and Josephine were the parents of: John; Louise, wife of Rev. Amos Weeden; Hameline and Elijah E. On September 20, 1878, Elijah married Martha Jane Tinsman, daughter of Mrs. Martha Tinsman, a widow from Coles County, Illinois. Elijah and Martha were the parents of John; Hugh; Clarence; Josephine, wife of Frank E. Brown; and Thomas Wellington Johnston.

KAIN, Joseph : A native of Russia, he was born in 1875. He came to America in 1902. Mr. Kain married Miss Henrietta Chasnoff in his native land. To them have been born the following children: Ester, Dorothy, Ned, Louise, Phillip and Harold.

KELLY, C. C. : Born in Knob Noster,Missouri on July 20, 1873, the son of Samuel G and Belle Dodds Kelly. The father was born in Parkers Landing, PA and came to Knob Noster, Johnson Co.,MO after the Civil War. He died in April, 1908. Belle Dodds Kelly was born in Mason, Ohio. She died March 24, 1918. To Samuel and Belle were born the following children: Charles M, died 1900 aged 29 years; C.C ; George H; Dr. Samuel G., died at the age of 35; Jessie L, married Dr. W. E. Harral; and Ada Marie, a teacher of French at Sedalia High School. C.C Kelly married Miss Florence Scott on March 1, 1905. She was the daughter of H.B. Scott. They were the parents of: William D, who died at the age of six weeks; Robert C and Jane Scott.

LUCKETT, Thomas Rees : Born 19 Nov 1867 in Pettis County. He was the son of Luther J Luckett and Maria Rees Luckett, the former a native of KY and the latter from Pettis County. Luther died in Dresden in 1896. Maria died in 1914. Luther and Marie were the parents of the following children: Thomas Rees; William David; Sallie, wife of J.Will Smith; Jane Mitchell died at age 16; Susan, wife of Brig. General Rufus E. Longan; Catherine; Jewel, wife of Joseph R. Pile; and Samuel M. Thomas Rees Luckett married Miss Annie M. Gilmore, daughter of John H. and Jennie Quinn Gilmore. John H. and Jennie Gilmore were the parents of the following children: John H.; Mrs. Agnes Jones; Francis, wife of Major Robert Vickers. Thomas Rees and Annie Luckett were the parents of: Thomas G; Luther J; George; Jenny M; and Jonaphine.

MALONE, William Bennett : Born in Beloit, Wisconsin July 2, 1886, son of Judge Booth M. Malone, a native of Mississippi, and Alma Bennett. Alma was a native of Beloit. To Judge Booth and Alma were born the following children: Mrs. E. Lochridge; Mrs. E.G. Gaylord; Mrs. Paul R. Jones and William Bennett Malone. William married Miss Ada Goldsmith on June 22, 1916. Ada was from Wheaton, IL and the daughter of Alfred G and Ada Rowell Goldsmith. William and Ada have one son, Booth Goldsmith Malone.

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McCONNELL, Dr. Charles Talmange : Born May 4, 1874 In St. Louis. He was the son of John W. and Julia Mixer McConnell, the former of whom was a native of Pennsylvania and the latter a native of Montreal, Canada. Julia died in Sedalia in 1888 and John died at Booneville, MO in 1896. John and Julia were the parents of four children: George; Frank; Dr. Charles and one child of whom died in infancy. Charles married Miss Grace Mary Gibson on December 15, 1898. She was a native of Pettis County, the daughter of Judge William Clay Gibson. Charles and Grace were the parents of Eugene born December 15, 1900 and Charles Talmage born April 15, 1914.

MELTON, Thomas R. : Born in Morgan County in 1875, son of J. H. and Martha Baldwin Melton, both natives of Moniteau County. J. H. and Martha were the parents of sixteen children: Ellen R, wife of J. R. Allen; William, deceased; James E.; George A; Rosa, deceased; Thomas R.; Henry M.; Ira E.; W. Roy; Ernest M.; Grace, married J. A. Cordry; A. C.,; Goldie L., married R. L. Harris; Alta Pearl, married Jesse S. Hudson; Sidney K.; a son, died in infancy. Thomas married on October 5, 1898 to Miss Nora Lee Warren, daughter of Hedgman Warren and is one of the following children born to her parents: Elizabeth, married Luther Proctor; Nora Lee; Birdie H., married W. H. Finley. To Thomas and Nora were born the following children: Warren M and Birdie Elizabeth.

MITCHELL, Dr. James Dillard : Dr. Mitchell was born at Hughesville, Pettis County and was the son of James D. Mitchell and Mary K. Ellis Mitchell. James D. Mitchell, the father of Dr. Mitchellwas born in Cooper County in 1835 and died in 1908. He was the son of Fleming H. Mitchell, a native of Tennessee, who was a soldier in the War of 1812. Mary K. Ellis was a native of Georgetown, Pettis County and the daughter of William B. Ellis. She married James D. Mitchell in 1858. James died in 1908. Dr. James Dillard Mitchell married Miss Ruby E. Davis on June 3, 1908. Ruby was the daughter of Amos Pinkney and Sallie Williams Davis, both natives of Georgia. Amos was a Confederate veteran. His father was a U.S. Congressman from Georgia several terms.

MONROE, Frank : Born in Sedalia on September 22, 1873, the son of Col. Thomas and Adelia Stallard Monroe, the former a native of Tennessee, born in 1819 and died in January, 1881. Adelia was born in St. Charles County, Missouri in 1846. She was the daughter of Joseph Stallard. Joseph was the son of Lieutenant Randolph Stallard who served in the Revolutionary War. Frank Monroe married in 1898 to Miss Mollie Hansberger, daughter of W.F. Hansberger. W.F. was a confederate veteran of the Civil War, and served under Gen. Robert E. Lee in the army of Virginia. To Frank and Mollie has been born one son, Frank Monroe Jr.

MONSEES, Louis M. : Louis was born in Pettis County November 20, 1858. Son of John H. and Lucinda Momberg Monsees. John H. was born in Hanover German in 1836 and died in Canada in 1908. John and Lucinda had 11 children: Mrs. Catherine Myers, Mrs. Margaret Claggett, Martin A., Benjamin O., Mrs. Anna Glenn, George H., William C., Alonzo, Ira., and Mrs. Flora Robertson. Lucinda was born 1841 in Morgan County, MO, the daughter of Lewis Momberg, a native of Hanover, Germany. His father-in-law, Mr. Goetz, accompanied the Mombergs to this country. Louis married Miss Rickey Kastens, daughter of Richard and Christina Schultzhauer Kastens, natives of Hanover, Germany and Missouri, respectively, in 1880. Richard was born 1819 and died 1906, Christina was born 1828 and died 1871. Louis and Rickey had: Nicholas who married Mollie Hyatt and had 5 children, Vivian, Shelby, Louis Hyatt, Albert J., and George A; D.O. Monsees who married Ethel Shy and has three sons, David, Robert and Dan; Aundo Monsees died when four years old; Kalo Monsees born 1896.

MONTGOMERY, Lee : Born in Sedalia on August 23, 1869, the son of John and Maggie Sneed Montgomery. Maggie was the daughter of Judge John M. Sneed who came to Pettis County in 1858. John Montgomery was the son of Dr. Thomas J. and Emily Flourney Montgomery. Emily died during the Civil War. John and Maggie Montgomery were the parents of two son, Lee and George. Lee married Elizabeth Zimmerman, daughter of B. W. and Nellie Carr Zimmerman. Lee and Elizabeth were the parents of four children: Elizabeth, John Z., Elinor and Lee Jr.

O'BANNON, William Dillard : William was born March 29, 1884, the son of Thomas H. and Mary Elizabeth Dillard O'Bannon. Thomas was born near Georgetown, Missouri March 10, 1850. He was the son of Allen and Mary Bird O'Bannon. Allen was born in Pettis County near the old town of Pinhook which no longer exists as a town. Mary Elizabeth Dillard was born in Cooper County, MO, a daughter of William and Nancy Virginia Hughes Dillard. William Dillard was born in Cooper County, MO. Nancy Virginia Hughes was a native of Tennessee and came, with her parents, to Pettis County in 1830. Thomas and Mary Elizabeth O'Bannon were the parents of: William Dillard, Mary Ann, Allen, Nancy Lucinda who married Willis Barnes Combs, and Elizabeth who married Claude Wilkerson. By a former marriage, Thomas was the father of two sons: Fred W. and Thomas F. William Dillard O'Bannon married Miss Margaret Elaine May on November 20, 1907. She was the daughter of William May of Knob Noster, Missouri.

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PEHL, Peter : born in Bad Ems, Germany on July 22, 1855, the son of Michael and Elizabeth Wagner Pehl, both natives of Germany. Michael died in 1887 aged fifty-seven. Elizabeth died in 1905 aged sixty-four. They were the parents of five children: Peter; Karl; Mrs. Anna Recken; Wilhelm; and Mrs. Clara Bohn. Peter came to America at the age of eighteen, settling in Sedalia in 1874. On September 20, 1886 he married Augusta Bartel, daughter of Henry and Henrietta Bartal of Florence, Missouri. They were the parents of: Karl Peter Pehl and Otto B Pehl.

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QUINN, James P. : Born at Belvidere, IL, son of Cornelius and Bridget McGinley Quinn, both of whom were born and reared in Ireland. Cornelius and Bridget came to america in 1876 and were the parents of the following: James P.; John C.; Michael F.; Rev. Father William L., Cornelius A.; Francis W.; Mary and Johanna Quinn. James married in 1904 to Miss Mary Helen Younger, daughter of John and Ellen Younger.

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SCOTT, Wesley S. : Born in Houstonia, Pettis Co.,Missouri November 3, 1865 the son of Josiah and Mary A. Jones Scott. Josiah was born in Jefferson County, Ohio in 1835 and died February 8, 1895. In 1862 Josiah enlisted in the 7th Missouri Cavalry under Col. James F. Phillips. Two children were born to Josiah and Mary Scott; Wesley S. and Thomas L., who died March 6, 1906, at the age of thirty-six. Thomas was married to Mamie Robertson and had two children: Lewis C. and Margaret. Mrs. Mary S. Scott was born in 1837 and died January 28, 1900. Wesley S. Scott was married on May 5, 1887 to Minnie L. Wood, dau. of C.C. and Lizzie M. Austin Wood. To Mr. and Mrs. Wood were born four children: Rev. O. L. Wood, Mrs. Volette F. Glass, Ashby A. and Minnie L. Scott. To Wesley and Minnie Scott have been born two children: Edwin W. who married Ruth Dorsey and Lionel J.

SHAIN, Hon. Hopkins B. : Born in Macon County, Missouri September 27, 1860 the son of Captain Ed C. and Emily Bristow Shain. Ed. C. Shain was the son of William T. and Elizabeth Smoot Shain. William was a native of VA who came to Missouri with his parents, Abraham and Martha Turpin Shain and served in the Blackhawk War. Abraham's father was a native of Ireland. Capt. Ed C. Shain was born in Macon Co.,MO in 1836. He served in the Civil War in the Union Army company K, 42nd Missouri Infantry. Emily Bristow Shain was a native of Macon County, MO and the daughter of Wesley and Sarah Cherry Bristow, both natives of Kentucky. Hopkins B. Shain married in 1887 to Miss Kate L. Hackensmith, a native of Macon Co.,MO. She was the daughter of Matson and Louisa McCoy Hackensmith., both natives of Kentucky. To Judge Shain and Mrs. Shain have been born seven children: Lucille E. married Captain William A. Beckemeyer; Ed C. Shain, served in the Union Army 122nd Field Artillery in Illinois; Matson Hackensmith Shain; Catherin L, died in infancy; Beatrice S; William D and Virginia. Judge Shain has one granddaughter, Marjorie Beckenmeyer.

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STANLEY, Anthony D. : Born in Cole County, Missouri in 1854, the son of Theodore and Martha Goode Stanley, the former a native of East Hartford, Connecticut and the latter of Richmond, VA. The father came to Missouri in the early 50's. They were the parents of three children: Mrs. B. C. Christopher, Anthony D. and Theodore. Anthony married Miss Alma Dewar, a native of Zanesville, Ohio, in 1876. They had three children: Laura, married George H. Trader, W. P. and Ada Inge.

SULLIVAN, John L. : John was born in Sedalia October 14, 1877, son of James and Bridgett Sullivan. He married Miss Mary Catherine Lennartz on June 24, 1908 and to that union there were four children: John L., Mary Catherine, Helen Elizabeth and James Joseph.

TRADER, Dr. Charles Bell : Son of Dr. John B. Trader who was born March 6, 1837 and was the son of Moses and Rebecca R. Wells Trader. Dr. John Trader married twice, his first wife being Miss Lucy A. W. Wyatt, daughter of Capt. John Wyatt. In 1867 he married Miss Tillie B. Batterton of Danville, KY. They had seven children: Hattie b. 1868 m. Dr. C.E. Fletcher; Dr. Charles Bell; Arthur Montgomery born 1872; John William b. 1875; George Henry b. 1877; Clara Matilda Hope b. 1879 m. Otto J. Schien; Randolph Foster b. 1882; Emmet Everett b. 1889. Dr. Charles Bell Trader married in 1902 Marian Tuck Batterton, dau of George D. and Hattie Williams Batterton. To this marriage has been born a daughter, Francis Ware Trader.

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WHITSEL, John I. : Born in Pettis County on April 1, 1862, the son of David C. and Margaret Smith Whitsel, both natives of Ross County, Ohio. They were married in Ross county and came to Missouri during the Civil War. They were the parents of five children: Jennie, deceased; a girl, died in infancy; Obed N., Knob Noster, Missouri; Clay S., Sedalia and John I. John I married on October 12, 1899 to Mary E. Payton, daughter of Louis O and Mattie A. McClung Payton. To Mr. and Mrs. Whitsel have been born two children: Martha and Clay, both of whom are deceased.

WILKERSON, Claude : He was born May 15, 1890 in Carthage, Jasper Co., MO, the son of James N. and Luzetta Butcher Wilkerson. James was born in Lafayette Co., MO, and Luzetta was born in Benton County. James was the son of John Wilkerson. John and Luzetta were the parents of three sons: Jesse, Claude and Otto. Claude married Miss Elizabeth O'Bannon of Sedalia on April 11, 1912. They have two children: Elizabeth and Mamie Lane.

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